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Moleman9000 victims collaborating on dA

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  1. Re: Sorry to trouble you
  2. from xX-DarkZaber-Xx
  3. to jevvs
  4. This is all wonderful! Thank you so much! We're both frankly scared by this whole mess. My friend is an abuse survivor and his attacks on her have triggered her PTSD so badly that she had to be admitted to a hospital for several hours from stress-related heart trouble and panic attacks. Its just gone way too far.
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  7. jevvs said the following:
  9. Oh wow, I'm so sorry that happened to you. Yeah, that's pretty fucking terrible of him. I don't know if my intel will help your case, but by all means it's worth trying.
  11. Here are two linkable death threats you can cite:
  12. http://comments.deviantart.com/1/397296198/3197765797
  13. http://comments.deviantart.com/4/14331513/3207907461 (moderated!)
  15. Here's a thread where he defends the death threats:
  16. http://comments.deviantart.com/4/14331513/3199256666
  18. Here's a deleted journal where he threatened to kill me and six others:
  19. http://moleman9000.deviantart.com/journal/Calling-Out-The-Worst-Of-The-Worst-383777757
  21. The staff should still be able to see that journal.
  23. In another journal, he calls himself a white supremacist who wants to murder people:
  24. http://moleman9000.deviantart.com/journal/Tagging-Response-314770650 (Fact #3)
  26. This isn't itself a death threat, but it legitimizes all of his threats by showing he wants to carry them out.
  28. While you can't cite screenshots because they could have been tampered, they can give you ideas for the ticket you're writing. Here's what others have collected:
  29. https://images.encyclopediadramatica.es/5/58/Moleman_DA_Journal_on_trolls.png (screenshot of the deleted journal I mentioned)
  30. https://images.encyclopediadramatica.es/3/37/Moleman9000_death_threat.png (screenshot of a comment thread where he says he would murder yet another deviant)
  32. You also can't use offsite sources for your report, but he came to The-dAIDF's IRC channel to say he wants to torture and kill everyone in the group. He's also made at least four death threats on Wikipedia and Wikia. There's also a "Ripoff Report" discussing art theft as well as death threats.
  34. If you want more citable on-site information, I think Mewcarion and Luke-The-Spook might be able to help you. I've been told that Moleman asked their group to send reinforcements for his crusade against "cyberbullies," but they didn't oblige him. Vegetableish can probably offer some help as well.
  36. If you want to get more content from deleted journals, I recommend finding them in Google Cache and saving the links to the comments. I've used that method to build cases against Moleman and others.
  38. Good luck closing your case!
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  41. xX-DarkZaber-Xx said the following:
  43. Ah well, I was involved as well, as I was a co-admin of the group in question. We had a bad feeling about him as his member submission was "You'd be honored to have me in your group" and that was a bit of a red flag right there. He then submitted these... retched nara-verse? things which didn't meet our submission standards or abide by our rules at all, so we declined each of his submissions. He kept sending them, however, and she eventually stepped up and politely pointed out that he hadn't read the rules, and to please stop submitting.
  45. He then went absolutely (pardon the language) batshit insane
  47. It was like he was high off his own perceived excellence or something, it was dreadful. He called her an assortment of horrific names and covered her profile page with offensive language and called her "retarded" and "subhuman scum" since my friend is not entirely white, like myself. (we are First Peoples, or Native Americans, and animist in nature)
  49. She blocked the comments on her profile page, so I cannot link, and the other comment string occurred on the deviantion submit page within the group, which I cannot show as its private to admins.
  51. Well, in desperation and fear we alerted groups he was part of that we were close with, warning them of his behavior. They swiftly kicked him out, and when he found out (someone along the grapevine gave usernames, sadly) he threatened to kill her for "leading a cyberbully attack" on him.
  53. He also attacked me via notes, but he's been blocked and reported. The admins asked if he has threatened anyone else, so I was poking around his page for any other examples. I've submitted my ticket, and she has submitted hers, so we're just gathering secondary evidence as of now.
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  56. jevvs said the following:
  58. I'm not sure if the threads I have will help you. They might not be relevant, and at least one of them has already been addressed by the dA staff. You might also have some trouble helping her if you weren't involved.
  60. Can you tell me a bit more about what happened between Moleman and your friend? I'm sympathetic to the issue since I'm in the same boat, but I don't know how useful I am in your case.
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  63. xX-DarkZaber-Xx said the following:
  65. Hello there. I know this is none of my business, but while I was gathering some evidence I happened to notice that you've had an unfortunate... run in with Moleman9000. I'm trying to compile a report to send in to the admins and was wondering if you have any comment strings of him threatening to hurt and/or kill other deviants?
  67. He personally targeted my friend and threatened to track down and kill her because she declined his work being submitted to her creature design group. I understand if you don't want to help, but I figured I would ask anyway.
  69. Have a good day!
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