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  1. Apple products are some of the best of the best products for every day use especially by students, not only within the class room but outside of it to! Imagine everyday being able to wake up and put in your headphones and listen to your iPod as you get ready for the day, then realize that you had one song you really wanted to get and put on your iPod. So you sit down real quick, turn on your Mac, and almost as quickly as you get the song, it is on your iPod ready to go.
  3. Also with the OS X instead of having to browse through multiple windows just to get to a single program, the OS X has a unique feature that not only has been around since the Mac OS X Developer Preview 3, but has yet to be used in Windows; And that is the Dock. The OS X Dock allows you quick access to all your favorite programs, with the ability to add programs and just as easily take them off the dock.
  5. OS X also gives the user more space by eliminating the individual Toolbar at the top of every program, and instead has one toolbar that changes it's options depending on the active program. That isn't the only way that the OS X has made the user experience a lot easier, with the new OS X Lion, we see an amazing feature that allows us to swap between programs with something as small as a swipe, all thanks to Apple's use of multitouch.
  7. Of course this is something that can be utilized in and out of the classroom, but how does the Mac help someone with schoolwork? There are so many ways a Mac can help you with schoolwork, but one of the best features I want to talk about on this topic is found in the new OS X Lion which is not only the AutoSave but the Version History. Remember that time when you were writing so much and you never noticed your battery was so low? Well not only would this not happen with the Mac thanks to it's warning notice and pop up that tells you of lack of battery power, but even if you were to ignore this and the battery ended up dieing, what happens if you forgot to save? Nothing! Once you plug up your Mac again you will see that it had automatically autosaved that long essay you were writing. A lot of Digital Art majors have had this problem as well: You are sitting there working on a picture and you finally get done, you've saved it, and it's ready to go for tomorrow. The next day you get up and show it to your teacher and she tells you that you mistakenly did something completely different from the assignment, though some of it was right.
  9. The problem is that you don't have a Photoshop history that you can go back to and restore it to it's previous stages. That's where OS X Lion's awesome feature comes. OS X Lion supports a Version History so even if the program itself doesn't keep a history, you still have a way to go back to a files previous state!
  11. These are just a few ways that Apple products can help students in and out of the classroom, and with so many more it would be easy for students to see why any of Apple's products are the product of choice.
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