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Fallout: Beyond Equestria, 42: Northern Blues (Part 25)

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  1. [2013-06-26 13:41:50] <Kkat> 3The doors to the Stable-Tec Visitor's Center slide open.  "Hello, eveyone!"  Pink-E cheerfully asks. "Miss me?   ...Hey, where are you guys?"
  2. [2013-06-26 13:41:57] <Kkat> 3Bookwright stands up, trying to avoid putting weight on his injured leg. "Okay, that was... exciting. My custom weapon is a lot less effective against these 'Heartless' than I'd like it to be, but that's more an issue of coherent light beams and their physiology than anything else." He walks over to examine the mortar.
  3. [2013-06-26 13:42:09] <Kkat> 3Shatara glide-limps after Bookwright, muttering about 'unfair' and 'cheaters'
  4. [2013-06-26 13:42:14] <Kkat> 3Kid huff puffs. Okay. Now her limbs are allowed to hate her. And hate, they do. As she looks ahead of her, she becomes very aware of why it's so disturbing that they... Fragment like that, since she got a front row seating this time. She also became very aware that there was a revolver in front of her. She examined it.
  5. [2013-06-26 13:42:21] <Kkat> 3The "mortar" turns out to be a 40mm grenade launcher, likely stripped from a robot or military vehicle, that the Heartless have modified to effectively lob its payload.  This is the second time you have seen the Heartless show ingenuity when it comes to weapons of destruction and war.
  6. [2013-06-26 13:42:26] <Kkat> 3Shatara looks over the device curiously. "Oh...interesting..."
  7. [2013-06-26 13:42:33] <Kkat> 3Bookwright marvels at it. "Wow... this is pretty neat. I want to keep it. Any objections?"
  8. [2013-06-26 13:42:40] <Kkat> 3Noble_Heart wheels about in the air and descends towards Pink-E, her shield falling from around her. "Our apologizes. Some of the locals wanted a word, and We felt it rude not to answer."
  9. [2013-06-26 13:42:45] <Kkat> 3Pink-E nods.  "Okie Dokie Lokie!"
  10. [2013-06-26 13:42:53] <Kkat> 3The other heartless' hunting revolver is in surprisingly good shape as well.
  11. [2013-06-26 13:42:58] <Kkat> 3Noble_Heart smiles a bit. "Are things within alright? We heard something was moving inside. We were concerned."
  12. [2013-06-26 13:43:03] <Kkat> 3Bookwright declares. "I'm keeping it. Oooh, this is nice. Yeah."
  13. [2013-06-26 13:43:08] <Kkat> 3Kid huffs as she gets up, picking up the revolver. Wow. It's... Quite shiny, actually. Yoink. She holds it in her mouth. It gave her much more confidence than her old revolver. Man, screw you Littlepip, this is where it's at.
  14. [2013-06-26 13:43:13] <Kkat> 3Bookwright finishes packing up his new toy and returns to the others. Addressing Shatara, "Now, I wanted to take a look at you and kid. I heard those bombs go off."
  15. [2013-06-26 13:43:16] <Kkat> 3Shatara nods. He has shrapnel cuts pretty much everywhere, but his head and hindleg look particularly ugly.
  16. [2013-06-26 13:43:23] <Kkat> 3Bookwright "Okay, hold still. I'm not a great healer, but I've got some power to burn." He begins casting spells on Shatara.
  17. [2013-06-26 13:43:28] <Kkat> 3Bookwright turns to Kid. "Okay, uh, kid. Lemme look atcha."
  18. [2013-06-26 13:43:33] <Kkat> 3Bookwright casts warm healing energy over Kid, restoring her body. If not her soul.
  19. [2013-06-26 13:43:39] <Kkat> 3Bookwright now turns inward, healing his own flesh with the power of his spirit. Mind over body, indeed.
  20. [2013-06-26 13:43:46] <Kkat> 3Kid 's body is considerably less... Well, churned up like butter, but it'll take a lot more than a spell and a few kind words to help her soul. But her spirit's a little higher, at least.
  21. [2013-06-26 13:44:14] <Kkat> 3Fallout: Beyond Equestria, Session Forty-Two: Northern Blues (Part Twenty-Five) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UH01FhqMdc8
  22. [2013-06-26 13:44:20] <Kkat> 3--- Session Begins ---
  23. [2013-06-26 13:48:34] <Kkat> 3 Behind Pink-E, indirect lighting flickers on, illuminating the foyer from behind wooden panels.  The Stable-Tec Visitor's Center is a rich delight of petrified wood paneling and golden trim.  A soft orange glow eminates from a still-functioning terminal on the curved greeting desk.  
  24. [2013-06-26 13:52:00] * Bookwright looks around. "So, uh, d'you think we should ring for service?"
  25. [2013-06-26 13:52:32] * Mitzi cracks her knuckles
  26. [2013-06-26 13:53:45] * Kid grumbles. Right, fuck this. It's loot time. Her legs looks rather swollen and bruised yet, a result of her body turning in a direction her legs weren't meant to follow when the explosion went off. But, she's still alive. Right. "Bookie, do your computer stuff on that terminal. I'mma take a look around." She began to look around the Visitor's Center for exits, someone's cap collection. A...
  27. [2013-06-26 13:53:47] * Kid ...hidden gun or box of ammo underneath a desk.
  28. [2013-06-26 13:54:14] * Shatara relaxes as the combat high melts away, following in and looking around.
  29. [2013-06-26 13:54:49] * Bookwright ambles around the desk and pokes the terminal. "Oh, well if you insist."
  30. [2013-06-26 13:58:22] <Kkat> 3There are couches and a bean bag chair in the room.  On one wall is a magazine dispenser.  Behind the desk, a tarnished Stable-Tec logo protrudes, back-lit, from the wall.
  31. [2013-06-26 13:58:28] * CopyCat emerges from a conveniently large piece of cover and looks at her injured friends with a guilty expression. "I'm so sorry, I wanted to help but I didn't know what to do."
  32. [2013-06-26 14:02:02] <Kkat> 3There is an odd metal disk embedded into the floor in the center of the room, and a device on the ceiling that the group recognize even before it activates: a hologram projector like the one through which they conversed with Doctor Amore.
  33. [2013-06-26 14:02:33] * Kid checks underneath the couch cushions and underneath the bean bag first before the image goes through.
  34. [2013-06-26 14:03:03] <Kkat> 3This one activates the moment Bookwright presses a button on the terminal, bringing it out of a sleep mode.
  35. [2013-06-26 14:03:10] * Shatara pokes curiously at the magazine dispeser.
  36. [2013-06-26 14:05:01] <Kkat> 3The magazine dispenser holds several "current" issues of popular business and technology magazines... all available for the cheap cost of 5 "Friendship Points".
  37. [2013-06-26 14:09:12] * CopyCat glances around. No one seemed to be blaming her so she took the opportunity to pretend that her not helping against the heartless never happened. She heads inside, planning to help look for goodies, when the hologram suddenly activates...
  38. [2013-06-26 14:17:32] * Shatara blinks in confusion. "...Friendship points?" The activating hologram distracts him from further pondering.
  39. [2013-06-26 14:21:40] <Kkat> 3A field of soft light shines down, and an image appears of a beautiful white unicorn mare with a curly mane of pink and purple.  She gives a winning smile.  "Hello, everypony!"  There is a pause.  "And every non-pony!  Welcome to the Crystal Empire branch of Stable-Tec.  We are making a lot of progress, and there is much to show you..."
  40. [2013-06-26 14:25:55] * CopyCat grins. The holograms here seemed much more friendly than the locals. "Hello to you too! We're taking the tour and our guide sadi we simply must visit Stable-Tec."
  41. [2013-06-26 14:27:33] * Kid wonders if this one interacts as well. "Hello. Who're you?" She asked cautiously. She hoped she wouldn't look like an idiot in front of these ponies. She would've wove her hooves in front of her face, but her hooves vetoed that decision with an overwhelming, sharp ache.
  42. [2013-06-26 14:31:23] <Kkat> 3The holographic mare smiles the kind of smile that could brighten the cloudiest day.  "My name is Sweetie Belle, and I'll be your guide for your visit."
  43. [2013-06-26 14:31:56] * Kid blinks. "Yer that singer, right?"
  44. [2013-06-26 14:32:19] * Bookwright bows courteously, "Good morning, Sweetie Belle."
  45. [2013-06-26 14:32:57] <Kkat> 3Holo-Sweetie continues to smile and raises a hoof.  "At Stable-Tec, we are constantly striving to provide and secure a better, friendlier and more stable future for all the people of Equestria.  Here at the Crystal Empire facility, our ponies are hard at work developing the future of computer technology."
  46. [2013-06-26 14:36:33] * CopyCat nods, paying complete attention. "That sounds wonderful. Oh, I can't wait, what do we get to see first?"
  47. [2013-06-26 14:38:23] <Kkat> 3Automated, a set of double doors open to the left.  "This way, please?" Holo-Sweetie bids, pointing towards the doors.  A moment later, the hologram dissipates in a burst of fuzz and a snapping sound that probably bids ill for the lifespan of the machinery.  Another hologram activates in the next room.
  48. [2013-06-26 14:39:17] <Kkat> 3Inside that room, Sweetie Belle waits ever everypony.  You can see displays set up along the walls.  The first ones are both models of terminals.
  49. [2013-06-26 14:39:53] * Bookwright is enjoying the tour already. She might be hundreds of years old and dead, but dang! She's even better in three-dee than in pictures!
  50. [2013-06-26 14:40:24] * CopyCat frowns at the popping sound before eagerly following the friendly hologram. "She seems like such a nice pony."
  51. [2013-06-26 14:40:25] * Bookwright steps inside the double doors, taking in the "informative" propaganda displays.
  52. [2013-06-26 14:41:00] * Shatara quietly follows.
  53. [2013-06-26 14:41:20] * Kid cautiously follows. The nerd stuff got a gloss over. She kind of hoped that she'd sing something at the end of the tour to make this whole thing worth while. "Not that we get t' know who she really is from a recording."
  54. [2013-06-26 14:46:05] * CopyCat glances at Kid. "I do hope she gives us a song. That would be wonderful."
  55. [2013-06-26 14:56:15] * Kid winces. She keeps on forgetting that there's a mind reader in the group. Friggin' mind readers. I mean, she can't hate her for it, if not for the fact that it's gotta suck being a crowd and hearing all that nonsense in two different ways.
  56. [2013-06-26 14:57:21] <Kkat> 3Holo-Sweetie points out the displays one-by-one.  "Equestrian Electronics was a leading innovator in computational sciences.  Here on your right, we have Equestrian Electronics' original Terminal design.  Next to it is the first model produced after Apple Tree Architecture absorbed Equestrian Electronics -- the first step in what would become Stable-Tec."
  57. [2013-06-26 14:58:22] * Bookwright tries something. "Do you have basic interaction protocols? Can we ask you questions? Or are you just a pre-recorded hologram, incapable of response?"
  58. [2013-06-26 14:59:25] <Kkat> 3"And here," she announces, "Is the second-generation of Terminals, produced wholey by Stable-Tec, based on advanced designs and modifications from our own President of the Company, Apple Bloom."
  59. [2013-06-26 15:00:05] <Kkat> 3The holographic Sweetie Belle pauses, the smiles.  "Please save your questions until the end of the tour."
  60. [2013-06-26 15:00:33] * Bookwright quiets down with a muttered "Shazbot".
  61. [2013-06-26 15:00:38] <Kkat> 3"I'll be happy to answer them then, to the best of my ability."
  62. [2013-06-26 15:02:07] * CopyCat shakes her head. "That's not how you ask out the pretty mare, Bookwright, you should at least introduce yourself first."
  63. [2013-06-26 15:05:55] * Kid is getting prepared to be so bored right now.
  64. [2013-06-26 15:06:51] * Bookwright gives Kid a little kick in the shin. He whispers, "Don't be rude. Museum tours are rare and valuable."
  65. [2013-06-26 15:08:30] <Kkat> 3The next display is a maneframe.  Holo-Sweetie introduces it, going into how it is capable of so much more, so much faster, than a terminal.  Then she moves on, showing off: "Now this display is a conceptual model of one of our star projects in development: the Personal Information Processor, or Pip! for short."
  66. [2013-06-26 15:09:14] * Kid rolls her eyes and huffs. "They're computers. I never had t' screw with 'em before an' I never prolly will be any good screwin' with 'em. So why are they-" Pip!, what? "What?"
  67. [2013-06-26 15:09:44] * Bookwright is loving every centimeter of this tour.
  68. [2013-06-26 15:09:47] * CopyCat tilts her head. "Pips? What sizes do they come in?"
  69. [2013-06-26 15:11:47] <Kkat> 3"As you can see, this will be a highly advanced piece of ArcanoTechnology, a blending the most advance Earth Pony and Unicorn technologies.  This conceptual model is designed to be worn around the neck like a collar, and was designed based on a famous fashion accessory favored by the heroic Big Macintosh!"  
  70. [2013-06-26 15:13:47] * Shatara tilts his head, glancing between the displayed model and the much smaller device on his wrist. "...Erf?"
  71. [2013-06-26 15:17:58] <Kkat> 3The design shown, to the best of Bookwright's knowledge, was never distributed -- possibly even never manufactured -- before the considerably more convenient PipBuck design was settled on.
  72. [2013-06-26 15:23:10] * Kid looks up at the machine monstrosity. "I call bullcrap on this, I ain't ever gon' fit in that thing."
  73. [2013-06-26 15:24:26] * Bookwright shakes his head, "I don't think that ever got made in any real quantity. It's certainly the predecessor to the PipBuck, but I've never heard of it."
  74. [2013-06-26 15:26:22] * CopyCat turns to Kid. "Well, maybe you couldn't wear it, but with some adjustments perhaps you could drive it instead."
  75. [2013-06-26 15:26:48] * Kid folds her forelegs. "I ain't that little."
  76. [2013-06-26 15:28:49] * CopyCat nods. "But those Pip-collars are that big."
  77. [2013-06-26 15:29:34] * Kid cocks her eye at CopyCat. "Are ya'll tryin' t' piss me off?"
  78. [2013-06-26 15:29:41] * Shatara ponders. "They're talking like this is bleeding edge stuff, though..."
  79. [2013-06-26 15:30:18] <Kkat> 3Holo-Sweetie again motions as another set of automated doors open.  "This way, please."
  80. [2013-06-26 15:31:07] * Bookwright eagerly goes through the newly opened doors. "This is So. Awesome!"
  81. [2013-06-26 15:31:45] * Kid keeps ambling on, looking for something interesting in what she now coined as "Bookie porn".
  82. [2013-06-26 15:33:37] <Kkat> 3The next room has multiple empty display stand.  As the party enters, more holograms flicker on from the ceiling above, creating virtual displays.  Two of the displays are laced with heavy static and one simply never comes on at all.
  83. [2013-06-26 15:34:11] * CopyCat smiles at Kid innocently and heads through the open doors.
  84. [2013-06-26 15:35:09] <Kkat> 3With a startling crackle, the hologram of Sweetie Belle shuts down, another turning on in the new room.  This image of Sweetie Belle occasionally fuzzes into mostly static before coming back into focus.
  85. [2013-06-26 15:42:44] * Kid jumps and nearly pulls out her shotgun. Well, now she's tempted to just have it slung around her side.
  86. [2013-06-26 15:43:50] * Bookwright browses the holo displays. "Too bad these are holograms instead of physical dioramas and models... this stuff is probably lost forever now."
  87. [2013-06-26 15:43:55] <Kkat> 3"Here you can see representations of some of our latest resear..."  The voice cuts out for almost a minute.   ...ject Clean Slate, in conjunction with Equestrian Robotics."  Sweetie Belle's hologram takes a somber expression.  "Tell me, have you ever lost a beloved pet.  Do you wish you could have her or him back?"
  88. [2013-06-26 15:44:43] * Kid is... Cautious. "No." She answered honestly.
  89. [2013-06-26 15:45:03] * CopyCat turns to Shatara. "Have I lost a beloved pet?"
  90. [2013-06-26 15:45:46] * Shatara blinks at stares at CopyCat. First sandwiches in relationships, and now this!?"
  91. [2013-06-26 15:46:08] * Kid was in a situation where food was tight enough that anything that could be considered a pet was more of a source of food.
  92. [2013-06-26 15:46:35] <Kkat> 3Holo-Sweetie smiles.  "With Clean Slate, you could have that beloved pet forever..."
  93. [2013-06-26 15:47:14] * Kid rose an eyebrow and looked at it. "How?"
  94. [2013-06-26 15:48:56] * Bookwright hushes Kid. "It'll tell us in a second. Ever seen a promotional advert before?":
  95. [2013-06-26 15:49:45] * Kid simply shook her head. "None that didn't come from the radio."
  96. [2013-06-26 15:51:40] * CopyCat tilts her head at Shatara in confusion. "A beloved relationship sandwich? I don't think I've lost one of them... wait, what were we talking about?"
  97. [2013-06-26 15:56:19] * Shatara wingtwitches uncomfortably. "I uhmm...shinyholothing!"
  98. [2013-06-26 15:56:55] <Kkat> 3"Here at Stable-Tec," Holo-Sweetie announces proudly, "Our ponies have been working on new and exciting ways to record the memories and thought processes of ponies.  Eventually, we hope this research will allow us to create a super-maneframe that can think and make decisions all on its own!"
  99. [2013-06-26 15:57:16] * CopyCat turns to the shiny holo thing, easily distracted. "Oooo..."
  100. [2013-06-26 16:00:47] * Kid frowns gravely. She was guessing that's what happened to those two. But she really, really hoped that it wasn't.
  101. [2013-06-26 16:01:02] <Kkat> 3Sweetie Belle notes, "Clean Slate is an ArcanoTech coding process that allows us to overlay the basic personality and thought processes onto a cloned, 'clean slate' brain."
  102. [2013-06-26 16:01:25] * Bookwright is thinking the same thoughts that Kid is thinking. Although probably not as well as CopyCat, who probably /was/ thinking the same thoughts Kid was thinking.
  103. [2013-06-26 16:01:58] * Shatara also observes disturbing similarities.
  104. [2013-06-26 16:05:37] * CopyCat nods sadly.
  105. [2013-06-26 16:08:09] <Kkat> 3The next display to light up is a holographic model, full-size, of a brainbot.  "The first round of successes has allowed our partners in Equestrian Robotics to offer a far more intelligent and capable home defense robot.  Already, Equestrian Robotics advanced guard robots have been but into service by companies such as Ironshod and Good Pony."
  106. [2013-06-26 16:09:06] <Kkat> 3"You can expect to see these darlings available for private home security within two years."  Sweetie Belle gives another winning smile.  "They also make great foalsitters!"
  107. [2013-06-26 16:10:37] * Kid decided that she didn't have a lot of sympathy for these ponies. She remembered trying to loot an old house over by Manetana on a caravan job and found that as a surprise that decided it was going to protect the husk of a house that it was.
  108. [2013-06-26 16:11:10] * Kid looks up. Robots, she meant. Maybe she did have a little sympathy left.
  109. [2013-06-26 16:11:32] * Bookwright is merely agape. "Well, we all know how well those things worked out."
  110. [2013-06-26 16:11:56] * CopyCat tries to smile at holo-Sweetie. "Well that sounds... nice."
  111. [2013-06-26 16:19:32] * Noble_Heart had remained silent during the tour, scowling slightly now and then at the news. Something was chewing on her inside, and she was doing a lousy job hiding it. But right now she didn't seem inclined to say what.
  112. [2013-06-26 16:24:15] <Kkat> 3The transparent image of Sweetie Belle smiles back.
  113. [2013-06-26 16:25:02] * Kid noted her expression. She didn't follow up on it. If she wasn't wanting to talk about it, it wasn't going to happen. Besides, for some reason, it seemed wrong to bring in such a personal conversation around Sweetie Belle.
  114. [2013-06-26 16:25:49] * Kkat 3then announces, "As a demonstration of our progress, this very tour is being guided by one of the first generation models of the Clean Slate process, with mind-coding provided by me."  She flashes a grin.
  115. [2013-06-26 16:26:47] <Kkat> 3Holo-Sweetie then announces, "As a demonstration of our progress, this very tour is being guided by one of the first generation models of the Clean Slate process, with mind-coding provided by me."  She flashes a grin.
  116. [2013-06-26 16:27:35] * Bookwright is in awe. "A living duplicate of Sweetie Belle, and she's... horribly damaged." He shakes his head sadly. "All the questions I had..."
  117. [2013-06-26 16:28:11] * Noble_Heart tilts her head to one side, sighing quietly. "A way to avoid ever losing anything, or anyone, you cared about." She looked to the ground and shook her head. "A noble effort. Dashed by the worst of times."
  118. [2013-06-26 16:31:08] * Bookwright "But... if Professors Amore and Paladin are Clean Slate duplicates, what happened to the originals? Can this Clean Slate duplicate even cast the spell, assuming we get the Crystal Heart back?"
  119. [2013-06-26 16:31:37] * CopyCat coughs."Well, um, you're doing a very good job. So... do you know of any other working examples of this technology? We heard something about Centurion? computer systems."
  120. [2013-06-26 16:32:26] * Kid paused for a moment. She remembered all the folks that died on her. "... Wouldn't be the same, anyway.  All it would do is keep y' from movin' on." After an awkward moment, she went back to Bookwright. "I dunno. I'm thinkin' if th' good Professoer don't wanna talk, then we talk about th' stuff that makes Amore get all hurt.
  121. [2013-06-26 16:33:23] * Noble_Heart taps her chin. "The voice of Fluttershy in the Ministry of Peace office. We suspect it is another functioning example."
  122. [2013-06-26 16:33:24] <Kkat> 3The holographic Sweetie Belle fuzzes out just as she begins to speak again.  The holomachine seems to die.  After an uncomfortable stretch of quiet, the next automated door opens, timed to points of a speech not being heard.
  123. [2013-06-26 16:33:40] * Noble_Heart moves on towards the next doors.
  124. [2013-06-26 16:33:52] * Bookwright wanders morosely onward with Noble_Heart.
  125. [2013-06-26 16:35:01] * Shatara follows.
  126. [2013-06-26 16:35:08] * Kid wanders onto the next potentially damn depressing two hundred year old advancement
  127. [2013-06-26 16:36:59] <Kkat> 3Another Holo-Sweetie appears in the next room.  This room shows a massive, curved maneframe circling a mechanical dias.  Atop the dias is a hemisphere of liquid encapsulating a brain.  Continuing were she didn't leave off, Sweetie Belle explains, "...But the cyberdog is not the final product of this marvelous technology."
  128. [2013-06-26 16:37:00] * CopyCat trots through the open doors in search of the next hologram.
  129. [2013-06-26 16:37:59] * Kid hung her head. She got a bad feeling about this one.
  130. [2013-06-26 16:38:49] <Kkat> 3"If everything works as we hope it will," she beams, "This will be the end result: the Paladin Maneframe!  An actual super-maneframe controlled by a pony-mind organic processing unit.  Or POPU! for short."
  131. [2013-06-26 16:39:53] * Bookwright stares in wonder at the dais. "That... Is that an operating prototype?"
  132. [2013-06-26 16:43:19] * Noble_Heart looks up at the device, shuddering slightly.
  133. [2013-06-26 16:44:46] * Kid recoils slightly. Nope. Nope, that's it. That's all she can deal with right now. She wanted to leave now. That potent instinctual fight-or-flight reflex was one unwanted twitch away from taking over. "I wanna leave now."
  134. [2013-06-26 16:47:28] * Bookwright turns to CopyCat. "Is... Is that brain there our Sweetie Belle guide?"
  135. [2013-06-26 16:47:37] * CopyCat follows Bookwright's gaze, and perhaps his train of thought. "Is... is that you, Sweetie Belle?"
  136. [2013-06-26 16:53:46] <Kkat> 3Sweetie Belle smiles for a while, then says, "I'm sorry.  This is not a functional prototype.  The brain you are seeing is foam.  As with all conceptual models, the final design may vary."
  137. [2013-06-26 16:54:09] * Bookwright releases a pent up sigh and tries not to be too loud about it.
  138. [2013-06-26 16:54:44] * Noble_Heart tilts her head to one side, looking up at the machine a few moments before looking back down. "Do you have an estimate on how long before these devices might be released..?"
  139. [2013-06-26 16:55:08] <Kkat> 3The hologram pauses again as a final set of doors open, returning you to the foyer from the opposite direction.  "Now, are there any questions?"
  140. [2013-06-26 16:55:35] * CopyCat flaps her wings and slowly hovers up to the machine- but stops when the hologram replies.
  141. [2013-06-26 16:56:05] <Kkat> 3Sweetie Belle pauses.  "That depends on testing.  We want to make sure, after all, that any technology we develop is perfectly safe and functions to the highest possible standards."
  142. [2013-06-26 16:57:12] <Kkat> 3Sweetie continues, "Unfortunately, I am not allowed to show you my brain.  Proprietary research."
  143. [2013-06-26 16:58:18] * Kid was very, very uncomfortable. She almost sprinted to the foyer. Boring stuff! She missed boring stuff! She tried to calm down a bit, if not to seem tough. Why the heck did that make her feel so uncomfortable? "Gift shop?" She managed to say in something resembling her normal tone.
  144. [2013-06-26 16:58:32] * Bookwright "Did any of you see any other doors we could take? I want to see if I can get a look around the back rooms and such."
  145. [2013-06-26 16:59:46] <Kkat> 3Sweetie Belle beams.  "Of course!   The Gift Shop is just this way.  And as a personal thank-you for taking this tour and being such wonderful guests, each of you have been granted twenty-five Friendship Points for use at the store.  Enjoy!"
  146. [2013-06-26 17:01:07] * Kid cocked an eye. Friendship points?
  147. [2013-06-26 17:01:58] * Shatara flutters. Yay, mystery solved!
  148. [2013-06-26 17:03:19] <Kkat> 3With that, another exit from the current room opens up, a short hallway leading to a large vestibule.  The Gift Shop was a circular satellite building connected to the Visitor's Center.  Over two-thirds of the walls were plate glass, giving a scenic view of the Stable-Tec facility and grounds, and Emerald Park not far beyond.  
  149. [2013-06-26 17:05:04] <Kkat> 3Now, very little of the glass remained intact, mostly jaggad sections still clinging to frames.  Generations of Crystal Empire weather, as mild as it was, has taken its toll on most of the merchandise.
  150. [2013-06-26 17:05:04] * Noble_Heart nods her head. "Thank you for the wonderful tour." She went past and onwards towards the gift shop.
  151. [2013-06-26 17:05:17] * Bookwright doesn't leave just yet. "Sweetie Belle, when was the last time you had a, er, visitor?"
  152. [2013-06-26 17:05:38] * CopyCat shakes her head at Bookwright. "I didn't see any other doors. I'd like to meet Sweetie Belle as well. She must be quite lonely."
  153. [2013-06-26 17:05:51] <Kkat> 3Holo-Sweetie begins to sing quietly to herself, humming mostly with the occasional lyrics thrown in.
  154. [2013-06-26 17:06:04] * Kid goes inside the gift shop. Right. Okay. Okay. Calm down. Time to look through stuff. She looked everywhere for something valuable. On the floor. On the shelves. Behind the counters.
  155. [2013-06-26 17:06:31] <Kkat> 3Sweetie Belle looks up.  "Oh, Pink-E comes by to chat almost every day."
  156. [2013-06-26 17:07:31] * Bookwright "Right. I meant a pony visitor."
  157. [2013-06-26 17:08:39] * CopyCat smiles. "Pink-E visits? Well that's nice at least."
  158. [2013-06-26 17:08:51] <Kkat> 3She pauses.  "I don't know.  It's been a while.  Last ponies who came by were hooligans who stole from our Gift Shop."
  159. [2013-06-26 17:09:53] * Noble_Heart tilted her head to the side slightly, nodding. "Do you get lonely?"
  160. [2013-06-26 17:11:32] * Bookwright frowns. "I... don't know why I'm doing this, but here goes: You're dead. Everyone you knew is dead. The end of the world, or at least the end of Equestria, happened. The Zebras bombed Equestria, and I can only presume Equestria returned fire in full and equal measure."
  161. [2013-06-26 17:12:53] <Kkat> 3"Sometimes."  She smiles.  "But I have Pink-E."  She thinks.  "I used to talk to Butterfly a lot, but she stopped talking.  I think we lost connection.  But Pink-E delivers messages sometimes, so I know she's okay."
  162. [2013-06-26 17:13:59] <Kkat> 3The holo-Sweetie pauses, then seems to freeze up.  The image goes static-y, then pops out of existance.
  163. [2013-06-26 17:14:12] * Noble_Heart frowns, looking to Bookwright. "We do not believe that was a wise choice."
  164. [2013-06-26 17:14:38] * Bookwright Shit. Shitshitshitshitshit. "I... Uh... I'm sorry, I don't know what came over me... I had to... I had to tell her. I had to!"
  165. [2013-06-26 17:14:38] * CopyCat nods. "Butterfly, she's at the Ministry of Peace facility isn't she?..." CC blinks at where the hologram used to be.
  166. [2013-06-26 17:15:19] * Shatara blinks. "Uhm...maybe Pink-E can see if she's okay...?"
  167. [2013-06-26 17:15:26] * Noble_Heart glares down at Bookwright. "You did not. She did not need to know of something she could do nothing to help with. She did not need a reason to be afraid. Nor to worry."
  168. [2013-06-26 17:15:27] <Kkat> 3A moment later, with a hiss, Sweetie Belle reappears.  "I'm sorry," she says, looking apologetic.  "I seem to have crashed.  But I'm back now.  What was your question?"
  169. [2013-06-26 17:16:09] * Shatara phews and relaxes. We didn't break it, yay!
  170. [2013-06-26 17:16:31] * Bookwright closes his mouth. "Right. Okay, I should have figured it wouldn't take much to upset the delicate balance."
  171. [2013-06-26 17:16:37] * Noble_Heart looks up to Sweetie then shook her head. "We are sorry. Our friend said something inappropriate. Butterfly is the controller of the Ministry of Peace hub? Are there any other... Clean Slate duplicates you speak to?"
  172. [2013-06-26 17:16:49] * CopyCat looks between Bookwright and the reappearing Sweetie Belle, a little stunned. "Err, Butterfly, Ministry of Peace?"
  173. [2013-06-26 17:19:08] * Bookwright wanders back through the tour rooms, looking for an employees only door or similar.
  174. [2013-06-26 17:21:13] * Kid still scopes out the Gift Store for anything useful.
  175. [2013-06-26 17:21:19] <Kkat> 3Sweetie Belle shakes her holo-head.  
  176. [2013-06-26 17:22:00] <Kkat> 3She thin nods, "Yes, Butterfly is the controller of the Equestrian Embassy.  Which is the Ministry of Peace."
  177. [2013-06-26 17:23:40] * Kid ponders for a moment. Or interesting. Whatever. Might actually be neat to have something from a gift shop to show her stupid brother when she finds him.
  178. [2013-06-26 17:24:16] <Kkat> 3She finishes with, "This concludes our tour.  This week only, there is a special five Friendship Point discount on..."  The hologram actually seems to blush, looking down a bit, "...bean-stuffed Sweetie Belle dolls!"
  179. [2013-06-26 17:24:28] * CopyCat smiles at the hologram. "We met her, she was very friendly."
  180. [2013-06-26 17:25:11] <Kkat> 3Holo-Sweetie nods to CopyCat.  Then smiles to everyone once more.  With that, the hologram disappears again.
  181. [2013-06-26 17:31:47] * Shatara ponders what a friendship point is an how one even uses them
  182. [2013-06-26 17:34:57] * Noble_Heart sighs quietly as the hologram vanishes, heading for the gift shop.
  183. [2013-06-26 17:38:39] * CopyCat shrugs. "Sweetie Belle seems quite happy. I think the best thing we could do for her would be to restore her connection to Butterfly, if at all possible."
  184. [2013-06-26 17:39:59] * Bookwright "I wonder... I wonder if it would be possible to take off some of the programming, to free the personality..."
  185. [2013-06-26 17:40:47] <Shatara> countless prey~
  186. [2013-06-26 17:41:34] * CopyCat looks at Shatara strangely. The griffin clearly had lunch on his mind.
  187. [2013-06-26 17:44:31] * Shatara 's eyes go all 6_9. What was I doing again?
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