Xenos Hunters Session 20

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  1. Session Start: Sat Aug 20 15:55:42 2011
  2. Session Ident: #XenosHunters
  3. [03:55:42] * Now talking in #XenosHunters
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  7. [04:06:28] <antoine> You stand in the abandoned warehouse as your brother Anselm has just returned, the recriminations from a couple of your squad hanging in the air as Bellerophon's men watch for movement outside and the Inquisitorial cell wait for their fourth member to return so they can being their work in earnest. Speaking of the lithe acolyte, he is with your squad leader is in the city somewhere.
  8. [04:08:49] <Balmung> ++So who did you kill?++
  9. [04:08:56] * Omniel (Scoops@C4DCCC1F.38398BB5.9497697.IP) has joined #XenosHunters
  10. [04:11:05] <antoine> The moonlight of the two moons Quata and Qulon is cast down upon the surface of the planet so it is never truly dark. The sounds of distant residential and recreation districts occasionally find their way to your ears but for the most part the night is slow and silent.
  11. [04:11:40] * Anselm finds a place to sit and removes his personal sword from its scabard. "The spaceport's director was found wanting," he calls out aloud, unwilling to speak over vox.
  12. [04:12:18] <Balmung> ++Did you leave any traces you were there, was it a clean kill?++
  13. [04:13:08] <Cadmus> "You could have cleared that with the Team Leader before going off on your own Anselm."
  14. [04:13:19] * Anselm slides off his helmet, and glares up at the walls. "Clean isn't the word I would have used..."
  15. [04:13:44] <Anselm> "But no, there will be no tracing to us."
  16. [04:14:00] * Balmung grunts
  17. [04:15:05] <Balmung> "Did you scout the area while you were on your hunt?"
  18. [04:16:08] * Anselm leans back. "I assessed that it would have run the risk of detection to attempt that. However, I do know that the sewer systems run across a large area. They would make an optimal path for undetected travel."
  19. [04:16:58] * Balmung looks at the inquisitorial group
  20. [04:17:20] <Balmung> "The Tau are not stupid do they have the sewers guarded?"
  21. [04:19:19] <Anselm> "There is no Tau presence here," Anselm replies. "They're not trying to appear as invaders. They want to earn the locals' trust, and knowing that they roam the underground at night would get them in trouble."
  22. [04:19:51] <antoine> "They have kept to their encampments so far, they leave the security of the city to the locals" the woman constantly clutching a dataslate adds, nodding with Anselm's statement..
  23. [04:20:23] <Cadmus> "Then that means we can attack the xenos without risking injury to the humans here."
  24. [04:20:31] <Omniel> ++That simplifies our task greatly.++
  25. [04:20:54] * Balmung nods at Cadmus "I agree"
  26. [04:22:08] <antoine> The bark of rapid heavy bolter fire suddenly reaches your ears from the south, the high cyclic rate is unmistakably Bellerophon's. It is soon overlaid by the crack of lasguns, the zap of pulse and plasma weapons soon added to it, all the while punctuated by the loud explosions.
  27. [04:22:37] <antoine> by loud*
  28. [04:22:51] <Cadmus> ++Team Leader, what is going on?++
  29. [04:23:13] * Anselm uneasily glances about, then sighs.
  30. [04:23:46] <antoine> Dead silence meets your ears, his comms must have been turned off to prevent detection.
  31. [04:24:32] <Cadmus> "Whatever is happening there, i think Bell needs our support."
  32. [04:24:33] <antoine> In less than a minute the sound of battle dies down to nothing.
  33. [04:24:40] * Balmung looks at Anselm "Should we see what's going on?"
  34. [04:25:18] <Anselm> "Let him reap what he sows, I say."
  35. [04:26:17] * Balmung grunts "Just like you would have prefered us to sit on our hands if that was you out there?"
  36. [04:26:30] * Anselm stands up, and latches his helmet back in place. "Yes. Yes I would have preferred that."
  37. [04:26:50] <Omniel> ++One of our objectives was to remain undetected for as long as possible. Under the circumstances, it seems this was as long as possible.++
  38. [04:27:05] <Cadmus> "He is our Team Leader, Anselm. And i will ignore such traitorous words this time."
  39. [04:28:47] <Anselm> "Traitorous?" The Knight-Brother snorts. "In all likelihood he is facing off against petty traitor-PDF. They won't have anything at all resembling weaponry capable of harming him."
  40. [04:30:34] <Cadmus> "And if he's come up against an actual threat such as Tau armor?"
  41. [04:30:41] * Balmung grunts "Are you saying you'd rather sit here and twiddle your thumbs instead of slaying your foes?"
  42. [04:31:00] <Anselm> "Convince me," Anselm wheezes, "that his life is in actual danger. Then I will do something."
  43. [04:32:18] <Cadmus> "Fine then, sit here and bury your head in the sand. The rest of us will see what's going on."
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  49. [04:37:33] <Omniel> ++Brothers, I can hear Tau vehicles approaching rapidly. If our team leader does not already require backup, he certainly will in the near future.++
  50. [04:38:13] * Omniel prepares his missile launcher as he prepares to board the landspeeder.
  51. [04:38:24] <Balmung> ++Anselm stop being acting like a pup and come with us or I will knock out your teeth and drag you with us!++
  52. [04:38:43] <Cadmus> "There's your proof, Anselm. Still going to hide here?" Cadmus asks as he boards the speeder.
  53. [04:38:48] * Anselm sighs deeply. "It seems we are compromised, then."
  54. [04:38:50] * Omniel is double prepared.
  55. [04:39:53] * Anselm sheathes his sword. "From here-on out, I will demonstrate the full wrath of the Emperor to these heathens."
  56. [04:40:22] <Cadmus> "Hopefully while following orders this time."
  57. [04:40:31] * Sinbad throws his hands to the air
  58. [04:40:53] <Sinbad> ++How can we be compromised?!  After all the effort three of us spent to hide this place, it is lost to someone's lack of tact?++
  59. [04:41:19] <Anselm> ++Yes,++ Anselm gruffly says. ++That's how it always is.++
  60. [04:42:41] * Balmung readies his axe and plasma pistol
  61. [04:43:06] <Cadmus> "Anselm, hurry up and get in."
  62. [04:44:10] <Omniel> ++What's done is done, unfortunately. If we come to Brother Bellerephon's aid, the mission will be compomised. If we do not, then our honour will be compromised.++
  63. [04:44:17] * Anselm boards the Land Speeder from its pilot's seat.
  64. [04:44:54] <Anselm> ++Dishonor for not saving one without honor... an interesting paradox, that,++ Anselm notes, starting the vehicle.
  65. [04:46:25] <Sinbad> ++...Is no one staying to watch our base?  It is admittedly not pretty, but certainly worth protecting.++
  66. [04:47:00] <Anselm> ++Let the mortals stay. It's their job to cower in fear.++
  67. [04:47:05] <Omniel> ++Ah. Can our Throne agents not hold down the fort? We will not be gone for long.++
  68. [04:47:44] <Sinbad> ++They're still here?++
  69. [04:48:04] <Cadmus> "They are, now let us hurry."
  70. [04:49:00] <Sinbad> ++I shall lag behind a bit.  Patriclus and I will follow in due time.  Stay in vox contact if we are needed quickly, and we shall fly as quickly as possible.++
  71. [04:49:07] <antoine> The whine of the engines quickly reaches inner-ear rumbling height as they power up. The sliding main door is wheeled back and you lurch forward down the truck's ramp and out into the empty street outside.
  72. [04:49:48] <Cadmus> ++Understood Sinbad.++
  73. [04:50:08] <Sinbad> ++Good luck to you, Brothers.++
  74. [04:50:45] * Omniel slouches down a little in his seat and attempts to keep a low profile, as you do when you're stealthily flying around in a landspeeder.
  75. [04:51:58] * Balmung follows the landspeeder by bounding along with his jump pack
  76. [04:52:31] * Cadmus keeps the speeder's mounted heavy bolter sweeping for targets as they move.
  77. [04:59:37] <antoine> The Landspeeder Storm raises itself from the ground on it's ancient grav plates and heads south, keeping the main body hidden behind buildings where ever possible but allowing the driver and passengers a large field of view.
  78. [05:01:09] <antoine> skimming through the streets of the manufactorium district you soon reach the edge of the city
  79. [05:02:57] <Balmung> ++Brothers++
  80. [05:03:07] <Cadmus> ++Tau armor sighted Brothers. 2 tanks, 3 troop transports, and 4 speeders.++
  81. [05:03:25] <Balmung> ++Want me to break off and engage them?++
  82. [05:03:52] <Omniel> ++They have heavy armour inbound. I believe a standing battle would be a poor idea. I would suggest we extract Brother Bellerephon and make a tactical withdrawal.++
  83. [05:04:14] <Cadmus> ++We can't handle a force like that, so let us find Bell and do as Omniel says.++
  84. [05:05:38] <antoine> The open grassy fields open up before you, you catch the sight of charred earth between you and the tau expansionist colony. Tau and human warriors lie dead outside of the colony, drones and battlesuits sit burnt and disabled on the ground and on buildings while of the two turrets visible one is disabled and one is nothing more than a burning husk, smoke rising from what little is left of...
  85. [05:05:38] <Balmung> ++Alright++
  86. [05:05:39] <antoine> ...the structure.
  87. [05:07:43] <Anselm> ++I hope you understand the nature of your enemy. The Devastator deserves the taste of death for being so stupid as to tempt the Tau into ranged combat.++
  88. [05:08:45] <antoine> You do not see your battle brother anywhere in the open fields.
  89. [05:09:33] <Omniel> ++Can anyone locate Brother Bellerephon?++
  90. [05:09:41] <Cadmus> ++Please, we can handle anything these xenos can throw at us as long as they don't bring large amounts of armor against us.++
  91. [05:10:03] * Cadmus scans for any sign of Bell leaving the area.
  92. [05:10:24] * Anonymous (Anonymous@39F7EBEB.8E1DFCDD.158ED24.IP) has joined #XenosHunters
  93. [05:10:41] <Anselm> ++No. You can't.++
  94. [05:10:55] * Anonymous is now known as Balmung1
  95. [05:11:45] <Cadmus> ++So you;re not even going to try to fight the Tau then?++
  96. [05:11:50] * Balmung (Anonymous@39F7EBEB.8E1DFCDD.158ED24.IP) Quit (Ping timeout)
  97. [05:12:21] * Balmung1 is now known as Balmung
  98. [05:13:15] <Anselm> ++I never said that. But you will have to be more creative to fight them. I have seen enough dead Battle-Brothers scored by their weapons to know the folly of direct combat.++
  99. [05:13:49] * Balmung stops and raises his head
  100. [05:14:02] <Omniel> ++Brothers, far be it for me to interrupt your argument, but we have pressing matters at hand. Our very mission is at stake unless we can locate Brother Bellerephon.++
  101. [05:14:42] <Anselm> ++Our mission is already compromised,++ Anselm notes, maneuvering the speeder in a circle around the Space Wolf.
  102. [05:15:04] <Cadmus> ++But not failed.++
  103. [05:16:22] <Balmung> +Brothers quiet! I have found the tracks they lead back into the city but there is something wrong with his footprints++
  104. [05:16:40] * Balmung goes off following the footprints
  105. [05:18:06] * Anselm slows the vehicle and follows Balmung. ++Those reinforcements are bound to take note of us. We might be able to get the drop on them now... or, we can continue this malarkey...++
  106. [05:18:32] <Balmung> ++Cadmus you will come with me Belle is in need of medical attention++
  107. [05:19:07] <Balmung> ++How stilled are you with that landspeeder brother?++
  108. [05:19:20] <Balmung> skilled*
  109. [05:20:22] <Anselm> ++Any comment I give on my abilities would be boasting.++
  110. [05:20:38] * Cadmus hops off and follows Balmung with a silent nod, sweeping the surroundings with his weapon.
  111. [05:21:05] * Omniel remains in the back seat, readying his missile launcher in case it becomes necessary to provide covering fire.
  112. [05:21:23] <Balmung> ++Would you mind giving the xenos a tour of the city then?++
  113. [05:22:04] <Cadmus> ++Brothers, my rough guess is that Tau colony holds between 5,000-20,000 xenos.++
  114. [05:23:44] <Omniel> ++Are you requesting that we act as a decoy?++
  115. [05:24:03] <Anselm> ++Unwise.++
  116. [05:24:50] <Balmung> ++that is exactly what I'm requesting++
  117. [05:25:34] <Cadmus> ++You'd only be leading them away while we retrive Bell, Anselm.++
  118. [05:26:07] * Anselm snarls in impatience. ++This entire venture is idiotic.++
  119. [05:27:06] <Cadmus> ++Bell's life is at risk, so don't you dare call it idiotic!++
  120. [05:28:31] <antoine> Klaxons in the city of Carth start to wail as the news of the attack reaches their ears.
  121. [05:28:57] <Omniel> ++For once I am inclined to agree with Anselm. Brother Bellerephon has placed all of our lives at risk. Our first priority remains to retrieve him, but not at the cost of our mission.++
  122. [05:29:42] <Cadmus> ++I will not leave without either him or his geneseed.++
  123. [05:29:59] * Balmung snarls through the vox ++That was not a suggestion it was an order!++
  124. [05:30:25] <Cadmus> ++You are not in charge of me, only Bell is. Remember that Anselm.++
  125. [05:31:02] <Cadmus> "Have you found Bell, Balmung?" Cadmus whispers as he follows the Wolf.
  126. [05:31:39] <Anselm> ++Wrong again. The Brother-Captain Oeris is in charge of you. As he is of me. And he ordered us to avoid detection,++ Anselm pounds against the dashboard in frustration, ++specifically because this sort of behavior would result in the death of all of us!++
  127. [05:33:12] <Omniel> ++Bickering gets us nowhere. Perhaps Brother Balmung and Brother Cadmus can continue in tracking Brother Bellerephon, whilst we take the more conspicuous Landspeeder back to the manufactorum. It serves us no good here. If you require pickup, you may use the vox to request it. Does that meet with everyone's approval?++
  128. [05:33:33] <Balmung> ++It does++
  129. [05:33:47] <Cadmus> ++Agreed.++
  130. [05:34:00] * Balmung (Anonymous@39F7EBEB.8E1DFCDD.158ED24.IP) Quit (Connection reset by peer)
  131. [05:34:23] * Anselm vents a sigh. ++Yes,++ he says, and flies back into the city. ++Be warned, the mortal whores to the Tau are going to be on watch for you.++
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  134. [05:35:37] * Cadmus rushes straight to where Balmung is.
  135. [05:49:26] <antoine> The Landspeeder goes low and reduces speed to avoid detection while makes several random turns while on it's way back to the warehouse. Not long after Balmung and Cadmus return to the Warehouse, an unconscious ultramarine with a melted stump where a left foot should be being carried on the shoulders of the Space Wolf.
  136. [05:50:06] <Cadmus> "Put him in the infirmary i set up in the back Balmung. I'll get to work on him there."
  137. [05:50:26] <Balmung> "Alright"
  138. [05:50:50] * Balmung carries the injured devistator to the infirmary
  139. [05:51:23] * Cadmus follows and beginsthe long process of treating Bell.
  140. [05:52:06] <Cadmus> ++Omniel, Bell has lost a foot, i will need your assistance in attaching a bionic prostetic when the time comes.++
  141. [05:52:21] * Sinbad wanders about carrying some boiling water and some clean rags between the stove and Cadmus' infirmary
  142. [05:52:35] <Omniel> ++Understood. I have some experience with such things.++
  143. [05:54:43] * Anselm covers the Land Speeder over with the tarpauline.
  144. [05:54:57] * Omniel assists Anselm with that
  145. [05:56:05] <antoine> glitch in the system so he becomes thumper from Bambi
  146. [05:56:39] <antoine> retcon previous
  147. [05:59:59] * Balmung (Anonymous@39F7EBEB.8E1DFCDD.158ED24.IP) Quit (Ping timeout)
  148. [06:02:08] <antoine> Cadmus manages to clean and disinfect the wound while cutting away dead tissue. Eventually he separates the melted flesh from the ultramarines leg armour but it will eventually require a bionic to return full functionality.
  149. [06:02:15] * Anonymous (Anonymous@39F7EBEB.8E1DFCDD.158ED24.IP) has joined #XenosHunters
  150. [06:02:31] * Anonymous is now known as Balmung
  151. [06:03:25] * Sinbad pokes in from the door, watching in morbid curiosity
  152. [06:03:31] * Anselm returns back inside once the work is done. "So what, pray-tell, became of his little platoon?"
  153. [06:04:32] * Omniel examines the ruined leg armour solemnly, shaking his head.
  154. [06:05:11] * Sinbad looks over to Omniel
  155. [06:05:27] * Anselm reactively puts a hand to his sword. ++Contacts. Make ready.++
  156. [06:05:29] <Sinbad> "That /certainly/ won't be fixed with some repair cement.  Were you able to recover the leg?"
  157. [06:06:03] * Sinbad pulls up his bolter, and makes a jump to the second floor window
  158. [06:06:06] <Sinbad> "Moving now."
  159. [06:06:35] * Anselm "Where is my jump pack?!" the Knight-Brother howls. "Where is the rest of our equipment?"
  160. [06:06:39] * Balmung cocks his head to the side
  161. [06:11:01] <Cadmus> ++Where did you put your jump pack?++
  162. [06:11:52] <Cadmus> ++It does not look like the drone hasn oticed us.++
  163. [06:11:57] <antoine> The whistle of wind is heard directly overhead.
  164. [06:12:14] * Anselm stops, and stares up at the ceiling.
  165. [06:12:37] * Omniel readies his missile launcher, looking for some cover to crouch behind.
  166. [06:17:05] <antoine> After a while the sounds dissipate with an uneasy silence left behind in the darkness of the night on Carthoga.
  167. [06:17:25] <Omniel> ++...That was too close for comfort.++
  168. [06:17:37] <Cadmus> "Agreed."
  169. [06:18:10] * Anselm goes about again. "Did you not offload the equipment from..."
  170. [06:18:23] * Anselm slowly turns around and looks back in the direction of the hidden Land Speeder. "The... vehicle..."
  171. [06:18:56] <Cadmus> "You are responsible for your gear, Anselm."
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  175. [06:23:12] <Sinbad> "Brother Anselm, remember not to go too far away from the building or you'll lose it.  ...Where is the Land speeder?  I saw you drive it here."
  176. [06:25:18] <Omniel> ++I wish we could know what exactly prompted Brother Bellerephon to go off like that...++
  177. [06:25:45] * Anselm moves to Sinbad. "Brother," he greets. "What are your thoughts on moving back into the city? You were on-foot, you surely have some knowledge of Carth's current level of security."
  178. [06:26:20] <Sinbad> "I have not actually ventured into the city proper, Brother. ...I know you have."
  179. [06:26:49] * Anselm shakes his head. "I did everything in my power to avoid detection. I was not in the city proper, but the sewers."
  180. [06:27:17] <Cadmus> ++When he wakes up, that is the first thing i will ask him Omniel.++
  181. [06:27:34] <Sinbad> "Hmm.  I have a contact given to me for Patriclus.  Perhaps I will attempt to find this man later."
  182. [06:29:46] <antoine> The lithe acolyte slips in through the back door, holstering his pistols as he does so, he seems somewhat breathless, "Tau scouts and drones out on patrol in this district."
  183. [06:30:05] <Balmung> "How many?"
  184. [06:30:27] <Sinbad> "Then it would be safe for you all to leave and report back to your master.  It would not do for you to be caught here amongst us."
  185. [06:30:45] <Cadmus> "Perhaps we should lay low until the drones and scouts leave."
  186. [06:30:48] <antoine> "I saw five drones, several small squads of the scouts. Damn they were stealthy, there may well be many more."
  187. [06:31:28] <Omniel> "I agree. It would be foolish to go on the move tonight. Perhaps our less conspicuous agents could continue to do reconaissance, while we formulate a proper first strike?"
  188. [06:33:27] <Cadmus> "I would have suggested that Tau colony, but Bell beat us to it."
  189. [06:33:38] <Sinbad> "...Shall I lead them away?"
  190. [06:34:00] <Sinbad> "I can move faster than they can track, possibly.  And I have the sense to remain hidden."
  191. [06:36:56] <Cadmus> "Hmm, they may not have been able to transmit that it was an astartes that hit their colony, so we don't want to give them a second chance to confirm it."
  192. [06:37:33] <Sinbad> "Understood."
  193. [06:37:56] <Omniel> "Perhaps we could use some of this time to map out the sewers? They could prove useful as a means of remaining hidden."
  194. [06:38:32] <Sinbad> "Good idea.  Does this facility have access to them?  There's probably some way for water waste to exit, since this was a lasgun manufactorium."
  195. [06:39:41] <antoine> There is a sewer drain between this manufactorium and its neighbor outside, the ground sloping down to facilitate draining.
  196. [06:40:20] * fleur ( Quit (Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.87 [Firefox 6.0/20110811165603])
  197. [06:47:29] * Anselm finds a place to rest, kneels with his back to the wall, and begins mumbling prayers to himself.
  198. [06:50:18] * Omniel keeps a watch through the night, remaining alert.
  199. [06:51:52] <antoine> Night turns to day and day turns to night once more. The sounds of Tau scouts are soon replaced by full combat squads flying around on patrol in the rear of their transports. The Tau seem intimidated by Bellerophon's attack.
  200. [06:52:37] * Balmung whispers "I think the son of Ultramar has scared them."
  201. [06:52:54] <antoine> un-intimidated*
  202. [06:52:57] <antoine> herp
  203. [06:53:42] <Sinbad> "Did anyone find his leg?  His armor's machines spirits are going to very angry they lost their leg."
  204. [06:53:53] <Omniel> "And now our mission becomes all the more complicated. Brothers, would anyone like to join me in exploring the sewers?"
  205. [06:54:16] <Balmung> "Cadmus and I were more worried about his safety than his machine spirit's happiness"
  206. [06:54:58] <Sinbad> "I'd like to see how far the sewers go.  Since this is not a hive, we won't be bogged down by giant mutant creatures, Throne-willing."
  207. [06:55:49] * Anselm growls. "Oh, revered Kaiser von Salen, forgive me for not addressing insult with condemnation; for not addressing endangerment with punishment; for not following your greatest example. Thy sword struck true, let mine follow thy example and cleanse the unworthy..."
  208. [06:55:49] <Omniel> "They should not be dangerous. However, vox communication may be difficult underground, depending on their construction."
  209. [06:55:51] <Balmung> "I think I will join you Omniel"
  210. [06:55:54] * Anselm stands.
  211. [06:56:19] <Anselm> "I will measure the use of the sewers," he announces.
  212. [06:56:48] <Sinbad> "My stummers have finished charging, and I am ready.  Patriclus, are you ready?"
  213. [06:57:29] <antoine> "I am my Lord."
  214. [06:58:24] * Omniel retrieves his meltagun, stowing the missile launcher away, assuming it will be of little use in the sewers.
  215. [06:58:53] * Balmung (Anonymous@39F7EBEB.8E1DFCDD.158ED24.IP) Quit (Ping timeout)
  216. [06:59:04] * Sinbad bids the Throne agents good luck on their route back to the city, and goes with his Brothers to the sewer grate
  217. [07:00:45] * Omniel looks around, then descends first, using his servo-arm to assist.
  218. [07:01:26] * Anonymous (Anonymous@39F7EBEB.8E1DFCDD.158ED24.IP) has joined #XenosHunters
  219. [07:02:06] * Anselm follows Omniel in. ++Best that I be first in rank. I can withstand the hit. And I must repent...++
  220. [07:02:35] <Omniel> ++Very well then, Brother.++
  221. [07:03:22] * Anonymous554 (Anonymous@39F7EBEB.8E1DFCDD.158ED24.IP) has joined #XenosHunters
  222. [07:03:56] * Anonymous554 is now known as Balmung
  223. [07:04:32] * Anonymous (Anonymous@39F7EBEB.8E1DFCDD.158ED24.IP) Quit (Ping timeout)
  224. [07:06:45] <antoine> You enter a large sewer with ledges for you to stand on running along the sides to keep you out of the muck. After a little searching you find a map with a plan of the sewer system. It runs under most of the city, the more recent residential developments on the edge of the city where the poor live missing out.
  225. [07:10:50] * Omniel studies the map intently, consulting with his cartograph.
  226. [07:12:41] <Sinbad> ++Company.  Some xenos footsoldier is hidden in stealth, with a compact weapon.  His comrades are probably nearby.++
  227. [07:12:57] <Sinbad> ++He does not seem to have spotted us yet.++
  228. [07:13:05] <Omniel> ++Xenos? In the sewers?++
  229. [07:13:16] <Sinbad> ++It's where they belong, if they're not dead.++
  230. [07:13:21] * Sinbad shrugs
  231. [07:14:39] * Balmung chuckles
  232. [07:14:52] * Anselm Anselm pulls out his stummer, and thumbs it on. ++Stay put.++
  233. [07:14:58] <Omniel> ++Understood.++
  234. [07:15:12] <Omniel> ++Vox us if you require backup.++
  235. [07:15:35] <Sinbad> ++Handle this carefully.  I do not wish to let them know we are here, and that we have access to the sewers.  Stalk him first.++
  236. [07:16:31] <Anselm> ++They see us.++
  237. [07:17:46] * Sinbad draws his Stalker and lets off a shot into the alien
  238. [07:19:16] <antoine> The Tau is pitched backwards into the sewer muck with a splash.
  239. [07:19:30] <Sinbad> ++Quickly.  someone grab the body.++
  240. [07:19:48] * Omniel advances, using his servo-arm to try and retrieve the downed Xeno.
  241. [07:23:00] * antoine changes topic to 'Sinbad, Balmung, Omniel, NPC's'
  242. [07:23:05] * antoine changes topic to 'Sinbad, Balmung, Omniel, Anselm, NPC's'
  243. [07:23:56] * Sinbad jets over to the downed Tau warrior, and shoots him to finish him if necessary
  244. [07:24:12] <Sinbad> ++Sorry, Brothers.  Even the blessed Stalker is too loud down here.++
  245. [07:24:42] <antoine> the round echos with a crack and the helmet of the downed warrior is pulverized.
  246. [07:25:10] * Anselm thumbs off his stummer. ++Describe the helmet to me.++
  247. [07:25:35] <Sinbad> ++Broken.++
  248. [07:26:22] <Omniel> ++Are there more contacts, Brothers?++
  249. [07:29:11] <antoine> Balmung spins the axe over in his hand and thumbs the trigger for his grenade launcher, sending a frag down past Sinbad and exploding at the end of the tunnel.
  250. [07:29:26] <Sinbad> ++Was there something there?!++
  251. [07:29:36] <Sinbad> ++My thanks, Brother!++
  252. [07:30:02] <antoine> a few muffled cries can be heard
  253. [07:30:20] * Balmung chuckles
  254. [07:35:35] * Omniel draws his bolter, aiming at the junction. ++Brothers, I shall provide covering fire.++
  255. [07:36:50] * Anselm thumbs his stummer back on, and moves to follow up on Omniel and Sinbad's path.
  256. [07:41:52] <antoine> From behind the corners two little objects are hurled into view, one bounces off the wall and explodes in a blinding flash in front of you the other bounces back the way in came in a cruel twist of fate.
  257. [07:45:34] <antoine> 3 xenos move into view, red dots appear on your chests as they turn the corner.
  258. [07:45:57] * Balmung looks down at the dots then back up and snarls
  259. [07:47:04] <Sinbad> ++What is this heretical xenos red-dot doing on my armor?!++
  260. [07:48:19] * Omniel opens up immediately, sending a spray of bolter rounds towards the tunnel entrance. ++Foul Xenos!++
  261. [07:48:28] <Balmung> ++Trying to kill you I think++
  262. [07:48:33] <antoine> The first one explodes from Omniel's bolter fire while the two others duck, their small frames allowing them to dodge the shots.
  263. [07:49:06] <Sinbad> ++Why are they trying to kill me?  I am being nice to them!++
  264. [07:49:18] <Omniel> ++I am not.++
  265. [07:49:19] <Sinbad> ++I am ending their existence as non-humans!++
  266. [07:52:36] <antoine> The two in front of you miss with their shots before three high pitched whine suddenly smash the sound barrier and a round smacks Omniel in the back.
  267. [07:53:41] * Omniel staggers, looking back over his shoulder. ++This is unfair. They barely outnumber us at all.++
  268. [07:54:56] <Balmung> ++Never underestamate your enemy brother++
  269. [07:55:07] <Anselm> ++I must repent, for in letting you try to save that imbecile I have doomed us all.++
  270. [07:55:10] * Sinbad raises his Stalker, takes aim at one of the tiny Tau, and fires
  271. [07:55:34] <Sinbad> ++Lazy cowards should fire with their eyes, instead of their heretical machines!++
  272. [07:55:48] <antoine> The Tau takes the finely crafted bolter round to the chest and is thrown backward into the sewerage.
  273. [08:00:58] * antoine changes topic to 'Sinbad, Balmung, CadmusOmniel, Anselm, NPC's'
  274. [08:01:02] * antoine changes topic to 'Sinbad, Balmung, Cadmus, Omniel, Anselm, NPC's'
  275. [08:04:28] * Balmung charges at the Tau and cleaves his axe into them
  276. [08:05:47] <antoine> The scout is decapitated by the clean strike.
  277. [08:06:20] <antoine> The sound of footfalls and splashes behind you announces Cadmus' presence behind the flanking enemy force.
  278. [08:06:21] * Balmung growls and turns to the other Tau
  279. [08:09:27] <Cadmus> "TASTE DEATH XENOS SCUM!" Cadmus calls in the Tau tongue as he opens fire on the flanking group.
  280. [08:09:41] <Omniel> ++Excellent timing, Brother!++
  281. [08:11:16] <antoine> The three tau with the long rifles are shredded by the heavy bolter fire.
  282. [08:11:37] <Sinbad> ++Brother Apothecary!  Our thanks!++
  283. [08:12:00] <Cadmus> "Ahhahah, i love the smell of gibbed xenos in the evening."
  284. [08:16:24] * Omniel looks around suspiciously, then concentrates, focusing his sensors. ++Brothers, there are 2 more. One in each tunnel there.++ He indicates with hand signals.
  285. [08:16:53] <Balmung> ++I have them right here++
  286. [08:17:13] * Cadmus indicates he'll take the once closer to him with signals.
  287. [08:23:37] * Mark|Out is now known as Bellerophon
  288. [08:27:05] * Anselm steps out from around the corner to appear before the Tau, and stands with his power sword lit and his eye lenses glowing red in his best impression of a nightmarish creature.
  289. [08:29:24] <antoine> One of the Tau shakes in fear before you as the other runs in panic.
  290. [08:29:37] <Sinbad> ++Are they cowering?++
  291. [08:29:42] <Balmung> ++Want me to take the runner?++
  292. [08:29:48] * Sinbad voxes from down the other tunnel
  293. [08:30:07] <Anselm> "KNEEL!" Anselm commands. "Kneel before my might!"
  294. [08:31:57] <antoine> You hear the sound of engines over head and several crashes coinciding with the screech of twisted metal and a battlesuit drops down through a large grill covering the four way junctions. in the tunnel the tau is fleeing in there is a mighty boom and rubble is strewn across the sewer floor. Tau warriors with long rifles jump down into the sewer and raise their guns.
  295. [08:33:12] * antoine changes topic to 'Sinbad, Balmung, Cadmus, Omniel, NPC, Anselm, NPC's'
  296. [08:33:36] * Balmung growls through his external vox
  297. [08:33:52] <Sinbad> ++I am going to be very angry later at our Brother Leader.++
  298. [08:34:01] <Omniel> ++I am going to be very angry at him right now.++
  299. [08:34:20] <Balmung> ++Pretend they're brother leader++
  300. [08:34:53] <Sinbad> ++...But he's not orange.  I cannot pretend that well.++
  301. [08:35:22] <Balmung> ++I've heard tau blood is blue-ish purple though++
  302. [08:35:58] <Sinbad> ++Oh!  So I have to make it bleed first!++
  303. [08:36:13] <Balmung> ++Yes exactly!++
  304. [08:36:28] <Omniel> ++Brother Cadmus, have you had occasion to vivisect a Tau? We may put this to the test.++
  305. [08:36:30] <Sinbad> ++IT'S BRILLIANT!++
  306. [08:36:55] <antoine> The tau warriors fire a ripple of shots at anselm as he towers over the pathfinder.
  307. [08:37:42] <antoine> The Tau battlesuit however targets the hulking metal form of Omniel, obviously the only real threat.
  308. [08:42:33] <antoine> Omniel spins around and fires a shot that the suit dodges before it sends a fusillade of plasma and missile shots back at the Techmarine, only a single snub nosed missile hits him.
  309. [08:45:01] * Sinbad flies over to where Anselm is, and lets loose a flamer gout with his left hand
  310. [08:45:11] <Sinbad> "I AM THE FURY--!"
  311. [08:45:15] <Sinbad> "Of the Emperor."
  312. [08:47:55] <antoine> Sinbad burns almost half the squad of Tau warriors, the wash of promethium dissolving their armour and bones in seconds.
  313. [08:53:18] * Balmung charges the battlesuit and swings his axe into the suit
  314. [08:53:36] <antoine> The axe bites into the suit's armour but it remains standing.
  315. [08:54:14] <Balmung> "Don't worry you're head will be featured in the 4th great company's mead hall!"
  316. [08:56:42] <Cadmus> "I call an arm for display in the Rock's Hall of Glories!" Cadmus calls as he opens up on the suit's back.
  317. [08:59:55] * Bellerophon snaps awake, the pain suppressants slowing down his cognitive functions still
  318. [09:00:10] * Bellerophon tries to vox his killteam
  319. [09:00:49] * Bellerophon looks down at his (missing) foot
  320. [09:00:54] > ++Where did my foot go?++
  321. [09:01:01] > ++I was sure I had it with me this morning...+
  322. [09:01:08] <antoine> Cadmus hits the rear armour sending sparks everywhere as the rounds chew through the thick armour before the suit falls forward with a crash. The sewerage seeps into the rent in it's armour. The spray also catches his fellow marines in the tight corridor.
  323. [09:01:12] <Omniel> ++That is a good question. We're not quite sure either.++
  324. [09:01:31] * Anonymous (Anonymous@39F7EBEB.8E1DFCDD.158ED24.IP) has joined #XenosHunters
  325. [09:01:40] * Anonymous is now known as Balmung1
  326. [09:01:50] * Bellerophon tries to sit up
  327. [09:01:56] > ++Where am I?++
  328. [09:03:07] * Balmung (Anonymous@39F7EBEB.8E1DFCDD.158ED24.IP) Quit (Ping timeout)
  329. [09:08:47] <Cadmus> ++My apologies Brothers, i'll heal you as soon as we finish these xenos.++
  330. [09:10:01] > ++I don't need that second foot.++
  331. [09:10:19] > ++Where am I?  My heavy bolter has ammo yet.++
  332. [09:10:35] * Omniel moves up towards the Fire Warriors, snapping off a poorly aimed shot in their general direction. ++They are nearly vanquished, Brothers!++
  333. [09:10:38] <Sinbad> ++We're going shopping to find you a new leg.++
  334. [09:10:47] > +I only need a new foot.++
  335. [09:10:48] <Sinbad> ++The sounds you're hearing is of the bazaar.++
  336. [09:11:04] * Balmung1 snorts and laughs
  337. [09:11:19] <Sinbad> ++"Brother, he says he needs a new foot.  Tell the merchant that.  We don't need to pay for the whole haunch."++
  338. [09:11:41] <Cadmus> ++"Yes, we want the grox foot."++
  339. [09:11:45] <Balmung1> ++Yes right away++
  340. [09:12:28] <antoine> The sounds of gunfire echo from your fellow marines shots through the vox, perhaps the marines are engaged with someone who employs aggressive bargaining?
  341. [09:12:50] * Anselm charges upon what little remains of the Fire Warriors, howling like a daemon.
  342. [09:13:04] > ++Apothecary, am I able to move?++
  343. [09:13:50] <Cadmus> ++No, you're still in very bad shape, so do not attempt to move.++
  344. [09:15:33] > ++Are you sure?++
  345. [09:16:36] <Cadmus> ++Positive. You can use the downtime to reflect upon the importance of calling for backup when you assault a Tau colony.++
  346. [09:16:50] > ++It isn't a colony anymore.++
  347. [09:16:51] <antoine> Anselm cuts down several of the warriors who flee from the combat and clamber up the side of the strewn rubble into the back of a troop transport.
  348. [09:17:19] > ++The pictcorder saw everything.  Did you view it?++
  349. [09:17:58] <Balmung1> ++Didn't have time your little escapade put the Tau on high alert we've been trying to hide for the past few days++
  350. [09:18:09] <Cadmus> ++No, i was too busy making sure you were stable and your recovery started.++
  351. [09:20:35] * Cadmus moves over to Balmung and the others and quickly treats the wounds he unfortunatetly made.
  352. [09:20:40] > ++I killed three of their crisis suits in six seconds.++
  353. [09:20:44] > ++That was my favorite part.++
  354. [09:21:31] <Cadmus> ++And they have hundreds more likely.++
  355. [09:21:39] * Anselm quietly contains his anger, yet visibly shakes.
  356. [09:22:08] > ++I still have both arms.  Put me in the Land Speeder and I will cut that number down.++
  357. [09:22:13] * Sinbad stows his weapons and grabs some downed Tau corpses from Anselm's wake
  358. [09:22:18] * Sinbad taps Anselm
  359. [09:22:30] <Anselm> "Not. Now," Anselm growls.
  360. [09:22:39] <Sinbad> "We need to get out of here.  The Xenos will be upon us all soon, brothers!"
  361. [09:22:44] * Omniel moves to examine the downed battlesuit, paying attention to the feet.
  362. [09:22:54] * Anselm hops into the muck, and begins prying open the Crisis Suit, ignoring the Techmarine.
  363. [09:23:04] <Cadmus> ++Not going to happen until you heal. Keep pushing and i'll put you in a medically-induced coma until you heal.++
  364. [09:23:22] * Bellerophon goes silent over the vox
  365. [09:23:44] * Anonymous (Anonymous@39F7EBEB.8E1DFCDD.158ED24.IP) has joined #XenosHunters
  366. [09:24:16] * Balmung1 (Anonymous@39F7EBEB.8E1DFCDD.158ED24.IP) Quit (Ping timeout)
  367. [09:24:25] * Anonymous is now known as Balmung
  368. [09:25:05] <antoine> With a screech of twisting , sheering and bending metal Anselm bends back the suit's cockpit, revealing a Tau covered in blue blood mixed with the suit's lubricants.
  369. [09:25:33] * Anselm rips the Tau out by the throat, uncaring whether he is alive or not.
  370. [09:25:46] * Sinbad watches the exchange after removing his helmet, and absentmindely taking his combat knife to a Tau's skull
  371. [09:26:17] * Balmung looks into the suits head
  372. [09:26:18] <antoine> The slack body is pulled out, dislocating its limbs as they are still in their locked-in position for use of the walker.
  373. [09:26:32] * Omniel brings the drill in to bear, hoping to get a clean leg off of the suit.
  374. [09:26:33] <Balmung> "Do you think they record their missions like we do?
  375. [09:26:40] <Balmung> wait
  376. [09:26:44] <Balmung> "Wait*"
  377. [09:26:56] <Anselm> "I don't care."
  378. [09:27:09] <Balmung> "We could send them a message"
  379. [09:27:16] * Balmung smirks under his helm
  380. [09:27:56] <Cadmus> "They do know we're here now. Why not send them a message that terrifies them?"
  381. [09:28:05] <Balmung> "Exactly
  382. [09:28:18] * Sinbad comes over with a Tau head, skullcap removed
  383. [09:28:22] <Sinbad> "I have one."
  384. [09:28:23] * Balmung looks down at the head and removes his helmet"
  385. [09:28:35] * Anselm holds the body by the head, digging his fingers into its eye sockets and taking a quick hack with his blade to its neck, making sure the head of the Crisis Suit can see.
  386. [09:28:36] * Sinbad stands in front with Balmung, and absentmindedly looks down as he eats out of the skull
  387. [09:28:46] * Sinbad then goes off to search the tunnel
  388. [09:28:57] * Omniel examines one rather mistreated foot critically, then shrugs, placing it on his harness.
  389. [09:29:22] <Balmung> "I am Balmung wolfguard of the 4th great company and my companions and I shall whipe all of your kind from this planet!"
  390. [09:29:44] * Cadmus helpfully translates the message into Tau.
  391. [09:30:16] * Balmung smiles broadly and then removes the head of the suit with his axe
  392. [09:32:09] <Anselm> ++We should return to base. We need to relocate.++
  393. [09:32:17] <Balmung> ++Indeed++
  394. [09:32:20] <Cadmus> ++Agreed.++
  395. [09:32:34] <Omniel> ++Agreed. Allow me one moment. I must collect an example of their weaponry, for closer study.++
  396. [09:32:51] * Omniel goes to pick through the downed warriors.
  397. [09:32:59] * Cadmus grabs some dna samples as well.
  398. [09:33:04] * Sinbad comes out of the tunnel, bearing some xenos weapons
  399. [09:33:24] <Sinbad> "While foraging through the spoils of battle is enjoyable, should we not leave before they send more reinforcements?
  400. [09:33:27] <Omniel> ++Ah, excellent Brother. Their study will advance our cause immensely, I assure.++
  401. [09:34:07] > ++I cut down many of their riflemen earlier.  No doubt they're still there.++
  402. [09:34:11] * Anselm uncaringly returns in advance of his Brothers.
  403. [09:34:26] <Sinbad> "Sated your bloodrage, Brother?"
  404. [09:34:50] * Omniel carries a few weapons as well, heading back down the tunnel.
  405. [09:35:03] * Cadmus follows the others back
  406. [09:36:53] <Sinbad> "We must go back as soon as we can.  I shall attempt to hide our entrance into the sewers."
  407. [09:36:56] * Balmung (Anonymous@39F7EBEB.8E1DFCDD.158ED24.IP) Quit (Ping timeout)
  408. [09:37:58] * Balmung1 (Anonymous@39F7EBEB.8E1DFCDD.158ED24.IP) has joined #XenosHunters
  409. [09:38:07] <antoine> You start to head back, keeping an eye out for more ambushes.
  410. [09:42:19] <Sinbad> ++Brothers...I digested that Tau's brain.  ...What I learned was not good.++
  411. [09:42:43] <Sinbad> ++They're going everywhere in order to find us.  Many, many more than I imagined they had the manpower to do so with.++
  412. [09:42:57] <Cadmus> ++Not good.++
  413. [09:43:07] <Sinbad> ++They seem to be honing on us, but that was all I could learn.++
  414. [09:43:18] <Omniel> ++That's strange. I can't imagine what might have notified them of our presence here.++
  415. [09:43:31] <antoine> The sound of engines overhead grows louder as you talk.
  416. [09:43:45] <Cadmus> ++That traitor that tried to blow us up.++
  417. [09:43:46] * Balmung1 grunts
  418. [09:43:59] <antoine> the echo of hoof foot falls are coming from the distance behind you.
  419. [09:44:09] * Sinbad sighs
  420. [09:44:17] * Balmung1 reloads his grenade axe
  421. [09:44:18] <Sinbad> ++It seems we may have taken too long.++
  422. [09:45:40] <Sinbad> ++...Brothers.  Go.  I shall mislead them.  Go.  Let the Brother Leader know that shall I die in these tunnels to these wretches, it is on his honor.++
  423. [09:46:05] <Omniel> ++Nonsense, Brother Sinbad. We must secure the Landspeeder and make a withdrawal from the city.++
  424. [09:46:28] <Sinbad> ++Tch.  After we spent all that effort to prepare our base, it is lost like this?!++
  425. [09:46:42] <Cadmus> ++It happens Sinbad.++
  426. [09:46:56] * Omniel breaks into a sprint. ++It is a minor setback!++
  427. [09:47:05] * Cadmus does as well
  428. [09:47:05] <Sinbad> ++...You are correct.  I shall continue, then.  They know who we are, and soon, where we shall live.++
  429. [09:47:29] * Sinbad follows with loping strides
  430. [09:47:49] <Sinbad> ++If we can go fast enough, we can at least bide our time some more and hide our entrance into the sewers.++
  431. [09:48:34] <Balmung1> ++Omniel could you rig some boobie traps?++
  432. [09:48:55] <Omniel> ++Perhaps if we had more time...++
  433. [09:49:26] <Sinbad> ++Best we can do right now is hide our entrance.  We shall leave traps once we relocate as a going-away gift.++
  434. [09:49:38] <Sinbad> ++May I borrow the camo-tarp used on the land speeder?++
  435. [09:49:42] * Sinbad continues moving along
  436. [09:49:48] <Cadmus> "A Perfect opportunity to use the mines i have."
  437. [09:49:54] <Omniel> ++Of course. I brought several, actually.++
  438. [09:50:03] <Balmung1> ++Use them++
  439. [09:50:44] * Omniel passes them to Brother Sinbad as they move.
  440. [09:50:49] * Anselm stomps out of the hospice.
  441. [09:50:57] * Cadmus offers his to Sinbad as well.
  442. [09:51:03] <Sinbad> ++My thanks, Brothers.  Together, we shall rectify this mistake and bring the Light of Terra back.++
  443. [09:51:12] <antoine> You enter the Warehouse, the sounds of a struggle and shouting briefly meets your ears before you move into the old manufactorium.
  444. [09:51:22] * Sinbad goes to hide their entrance to the tunnel
  445. [09:51:45] * Cadmus moves to help Bell into the speeder.
  446. [09:51:45] <Sinbad> ++Can two of you aid me?  Whatever's going on, it probably isn't an army bearing down on us.++
  447. [09:51:58] <Omniel> ++Of course, Brother.++
  448. [09:52:05] <Omniel> me assists Sinbad with the tarps
  449. [09:52:10] * Omniel assists Sinbad with the tarps
  450. [09:52:21] <Cadmus> ++I need to help Bell move into the landspeeder.
  451. [09:52:22] <Cadmus> ++
  452. [09:53:25] > ++Verily.  I have just been abused by our erstwhile Brother-Assault Marine.++
  453. [09:53:31] > ++His bedside manner left me wanting.++
  454. [09:54:13] <Sinbad> ++Your battle manner has left us wanting.++
  455. [09:54:24] <Sinbad> ++There is a damn xenos force bearing down on us!++
  456. [09:54:29] * Anselm examines the Land Speeder.
  457. [09:54:33] <Cadmus> "I see. I won't forget that." Cadmus says, his voice trembling with anger as he helps Bell move.
  458. [09:54:43] * Sinbad continues his work on the entrance with Omniel
  459. [09:55:09] <Omniel> ++Brothers, shall we make our retreat now?++
  460. [09:55:42] * Anselm glances off towards the entry-points and considers the mine-rack mounted to his backpack.
  461. [09:55:53] > ++I know.  I was there.++
  462. [09:56:01] > ++Had I not been dragged back here I could be engaging them.++
  463. [09:56:14] > ++Two of their gunships!++
  464. [09:56:24] > ++It will bring me much honor when I destroy them.++
  465. [09:56:54] <Cadmus> ++Worry about that when you've healed.++
  466. [09:57:06] <Sinbad> ++We're going to have to!  There, in the sky!  The xenos drones have seen us!++
  467. [09:57:30] <Omniel> ++Then let us make haste. Brother Cadmus, do you still require assistance with Brother Bellerephon?++
  468. [09:57:33] * Anonymous (Anonymous@39F7EBEB.8E1DFCDD.158ED24.IP) has joined #XenosHunters
  469. [09:57:48] <Cadmus> ++No, he's in the speeder.++
  470. [09:57:52] * Balmung1 (Anonymous@39F7EBEB.8E1DFCDD.158ED24.IP) Quit (Ping timeout)
  471. [09:58:10] * Bellerophon is getting comfy in the gunner's position
  472. [09:58:17] > ++Remove this heavy bolter.++
  473. [09:58:17] <Omniel> ++Then we should embark as soon as possible. Is everything loaded? We cannot stand to leave any equipment behind.++
  474. [09:58:21] * Anonymous is now known as Balmung
  475. [09:58:23] * Anselm beats a fist against the Land Speeder's hull. "Imperator noster, qui es in caelis, anctificetur nomen tuum..."
  476. [09:58:25] > ++It was...unsuitable for the task ahead.++
  477. [09:58:36] > ++And ensure I have an adequate supply of ammunition.++
  478. [09:59:15] * Anselm points at the Ultramarine. "Be thankful you are not abandoned and make due with the machine's armaments!"
  479. [09:59:17] * Sinbad flies into the the manufactorium, and drives out the Doop with him and Patriclus riding it
  480. [09:59:30] * Omniel loads up the tarps, as well as the salvaged Crisit Suit foot, before climbing abord as well and readying his missile launcher.
  481. [09:59:32] <antoine> The human guards return from their posts, "What about us? You are taking us with you? Yes your are aren't you?" The Sergeant says to Bellerophon.
  482. [09:59:44] <antoine> The throne acolytes are no where to be seen.
  483. [09:59:58] <Sinbad> ++Damn, damn, damn!  What of the guardsmen?!  You've gotten them into jeopardy as well, Devastator!++
  484. [09:59:59] <antoine> Yes you*
  485. [09:59:59] <Anselm> ++Sinbad!++ the Knight-Brother snaps. ++You need to either leave that creature or take some other path!++
  486. [10:00:10] * Anselm glares down at the soldiers.
  487. [10:00:32] <Sinbad> ++What choice is that of yours, Brother?!  This mount has served me since my bloodright, and it shall serve me further!++
  488. [10:00:41] * Sinbad drives off into the distance
  489. [10:00:44] <Cadmus> Brother Anselm, i will be reporting your attack against a wounded brother to Oeris.++
  490. [10:01:01] <Balmung> ++Sinbad might you and I lead the guardsmen and your mount to safety?++
  491. [10:01:17] > ++There is no vehicle for you, Seargeant, or your men.  Those brave enough can attempt to mount a grapnel, or march.++
  492. [10:01:30] > ++Attempting to procure a vehicle might be possible as well.++
  493. [10:01:37] > ++We are in the capitol.++
  494. [10:01:42] <Sinbad> ++If they can run, Brother Balmung!++
  495. [10:01:48] <Sinbad> "Damn it!
  496. [10:01:54] <Sinbad> "Patriclus!"
  497. [10:02:19] <Balmung> ++We could see them to safety then meet up with the rest of the squad when they are secure++
  498. [10:02:19] > ++Brother-Omniel has volunteered to allow a select few to sit in his lap.++
  499. [10:02:45] <Omniel> ++There is a spare seat, I believe. It will be an uncomfortable flight.++
  500. [10:03:04] * antoine ( Quit (Ping timeout)
  501. [10:03:18] * antoine ( has joined #XenosHunters
  502. [10:07:01] <antoine> Patriclus moves over to the men, gathering them around him.
  503. [10:07:16] * Sinbad aids Patriclus, saying something about dinner
  504. [10:07:44] * Omniel tosses down a camo tarp to Sinbad
  505. [10:07:49] <Sinbad> ++My thanks!++
  506. [10:08:20] * Anselm grunts and snarls as he powers the Speeder up. "Why must I be the only one with the aptitude to pilot...
  507. [10:08:20] <Omniel> ++Thank me by surviving, Brother.++
  508. [10:09:17] <antoine> The guardsmen nod in unison as they realize they cannot escape safely by running. They follow Patriclus as he leads them to a rear room.
  509. [10:09:23] * Bellerophon ensures it's his heavy bolter he's currently manning in the gunner's seat
  510. [10:09:28] * Sinbad rides in and conceals them
  511. [10:09:51] * Omniel readies his launcher once more.
  512. [10:09:54] <Sinbad> ++Brothers...go.  Draw them away.  I shall hide myself here and draw the bulk of their forces away as diversion.  I shall return at nightfall to retrieve the men.++
  513. [10:10:14] > ++It seems unlikely they have us located to the block so quickly.++
  514. [10:10:33] <Balmung> ++Primarchs protect you brother++
  516. [10:10:46] * Sinbad hisses at great volume into the vox network
  517. [10:10:50] > ++Have I been bleeding?++
  518. [10:11:07] > ++The shot that did my foot in was one of their suit's rifle weapons.++
  519. [10:11:07] <Cadmus> ++No, i made sure you weren
  520. [10:11:26] <Omniel> ++Brothers, do not fight amongst each other. It only serves to aid our enemy.++
  521. [10:11:46] > ++Then worry not, Brother.++
  522. [10:11:54] > ++I will ensure there is no tau left to find us.++
  523. [10:12:14] <Anselm> ++Brother Sinbad!++ Anselm says, looking off to where he last saw the Storm Crusader.
  524. [10:12:26] <Anselm> ++I would join you were I able, I promise you I would!++
  525. [10:13:15] <Sinbad> ++Take no heed, Brother!  I shall be fine.  Go in honor, and the Grace of the Holy go with, Brothers.++
  526. [10:13:26] * Sinbad takes his place in the factory, nearby where he hid the men, and conceals himself
  527. [10:13:38] * Cadmus is now known as Derek58
  528. [10:13:39] * Balmung (Anonymous@39F7EBEB.8E1DFCDD.158ED24.IP) Quit (Ping timeout)
  529. [10:13:50] * Bellerophon is now known as Marklon_Wahlberg
  530. [10:14:05] * Anselm is now known as Staffen
  531. [10:14:07] * Sinbad is now known as Mir
  532. [10:14:19] * Omniel is now known as Scoops
  533. [10:18:24] * Marklon_Wahlberg is now known as Mark
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