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  1. <style>
  2. html,body,#page,#main-content,#content{position:static!important;scrollbar-width: none;}
  3. #header, #postcards, #header-ban, #header-ban-main, #header-lrc, #header-rrc, #menu, #menu-right, #sidebar, #rightbg, #spacer, h2, #footer, #bookmarks, #pet_friends, #column_3, .pet_wco_info_date, .pet_age_info_date {display:none;}
  4. #content, #index, body, #page, #main-content, #rightbg {background-color:transparent;height:auto!important;}
  6. body {
  7. background: #005E67;
  8. background-image: url(, url(;
  9. background-repeat: no-repeat;
  10. }
  12. ::-webkit-scrollbar {
  13. width: 0px;
  14. height: 0px;
  15. background: transparent;
  16. }
  18. #pet_image {
  19. background-image: url(;
  20. width: 200px;
  21. height: 200px;
  22. position: absolute;
  23. left: 42px;
  24. top: 133px;
  25. }
  27. #column_1 {
  28. position: absolute;
  29. top: 772px;
  30. left: 570px;
  31. width: 110px;
  32. height: 120px;
  33. opacity: 0;
  34. padding: 0px;
  35. color: #005E67;
  36. font-size: 11px;
  37. background-color: #fff;
  38. text-align: center;
  39. overflow: hidden;
  40. border-radius: 10px 10px 10px 10px;
  41. box-shadow: 0 0 0 1px #AAE8EA;
  42. -webkit-transition: all 1s ease;
  43. -moz-transition: all 1s ease;
  44. -o-transition: all 1s ease;
  45. transition: all 1s ease;
  46. }
  48. #column_1:hover {
  49. opacity: 1;
  50. -webkit-transition: all 1s ease;
  51. -moz-transition: all 1s ease;
  52. -o-transition: all 1s ease;
  53. transition: all 1s ease;
  54. }
  56. #column_1 b {
  57. color: #AAE8EA !important;
  58. }
  61. #pet_minion img {
  62. background-color: #AAE8EA;
  63. padding: 1px;
  64. }
  66. #column_2 {
  67. color: #992e26;
  68. text-align: left;
  69. width: auto;
  70. }
  72. .pet_name {
  73. position: absolute;
  74. left: 443px;
  75. top: 60px;
  76. width: 572px;
  77. height: 110px;
  78. color: transparent;
  79. background-image: url(;
  80. background-repeat: no-repeat;
  81. z-index: 10;
  82. }
  84. .pet_color_info {
  85. position: absolute;
  86. left: 450px;
  87. top: 670px;
  88. font-family: trebuchet ms, verdana;
  89. font-size: 11px;
  90. color: #005E67;
  91. width: 573px;
  92. height: 87px;
  93. background-image: url(;
  94. background-repeat: no-repeat;
  95. padding-top: 25px;
  96. padding-left: 110px;
  97. z-index: 10;
  98. }
  100. .owner {
  101. position: absolute;
  102. left: 860px;
  103. top: 695px;
  104. font-family: trebuchet ms, verdana;
  105. font-size: 11px;
  106. color: #005E67;
  107. z-index: 20;
  108. }
  110. .pet_like {
  111. position: absolute;
  112. left: 455px;
  113. top: 758px;
  114. }
  116. #column_2 a, .pet_like a {
  117. font-family: trebuchet ms, verdana;
  118. font-size: 11px;
  119. color: #AAE8EA;
  120. }
  122. .pet_spotlight {
  123. position: absolute;
  124. top: 772px;
  125. left: 790px;
  126. width: 100px;
  127. height: 100px;
  128. opacity: 0;
  129. color: #005E67;
  130. font-size: 11px;
  131. background-color: #fff;
  132. text-align: center;
  133. padding-left: 10px;
  134. padding-right: 10px;
  135. padding-top: 5px;
  136. overflow: hidden;
  137. border-radius: 10px 10px 10px 10px;
  138. box-shadow: 0 0 0 1px #AAE8EA;
  139. -webkit-transition: all 1s ease;
  140. -moz-transition: all 1s ease;
  141. -o-transition: all 1s ease;
  142. transition: all 1s ease;
  143. }
  145. .pet_spotlight:hover {
  146. opacity: 1;
  147. }
  149. .pet_spotlight a {
  150. color: #fff !important;
  151. }
  153. #pet_treasure {
  154. position: absolute;
  155. top: 108px;
  156. left: 923px;
  157. width: 75px;
  158. height: 588px;
  159. overflow: auto;
  160. scrollbar-width: none;
  161. }
  163. .treasure_item {
  164. padding-bottom: 5px;
  165. }
  167. .treasure_item img {
  168. border-radius: 20%;
  169. padding: 1px;
  170. background-color: #005E67;
  171. transition-duration: 0.5s
  172. }
  174. .treasure_item img:hover {
  175. background-color: #AAE8EA;
  176. transition-duration: 0.5s
  177. }
  179. #pet_desc {
  180. position: absolute;
  181. top: 108px;
  182. left: 475px;
  183. height: 588px;
  184. width: 442px;
  185. text-align: justify;
  186. color: #005E67;
  187. font-family: trebuchet ms, verdana;
  188. font-size: 12px;
  189. overflow: auto;
  190. scrollbar-width: none;
  191. z-index: 1;
  192. }
  194. #pet_desc a,#pet_desc b,#pet_desc i {
  195. color: #24989D !important;
  196. }
  198. </style>
  199. <br><br><br><br>
  200. <i>My mother warned me to never stray too far from our den. I guess she was worried that I might get lost, especially since we lived so far away from everything else. I wish I would have listened to her...</i>
  202. <p>One day a young Anyu cub wandered away from her den while her mother was out hunting for food. She was a curious little thing and she wanted to explore the world around her. She didn't heed the lessons that she had been taught and she strayed too far. The snow quickly covered her tracks so she couldn't find her way back and there were no noticeable landmarks to guide her home.
  204. <p>It was easy to get lost. Everything looked the same!
  206. <p>Understood cried for her mother but only heard the howling wind in response. The day darkened and the temperature dropped. Ice clung to her fur and hunger gnawed at her stomach. She called for help multiple times as she wandered the seemingly endless polar landscape and the echo of her own voice answered her.
  208. <p>There was nothing else. She could find no food or shelter. Understood still stopped and tried to rest for the night though, which was a more difficult task than it should have been. The unnatural light from the aurora borealis kept waking her up. She didn't like feeling so open and exposed either. She desperately missed the protection and warmth of her den.
  210. <p>She continued on when day broke but the tundra was like a frigid wasteland; a maze with no beginning or end.
  212. <p>
  214. <p>There are rumors that a mystical source of water is hidden deep within the Polar Ice Fields and stories are told of its magical healing properties. Surely there must be a seed of truth to it all... But the only way to find out is to venture beyond Arctic Frost.
  216. <p>You aren't the first one to try. There have been others before you just as there will be others after you. Foolhardy adventurers who can't be swayed by the snow or icy wind... The benefits outweigh the risks and you move forth with the promise of treasure on your mind.
  218. <p>It's easy to get lost once you lose sight of town. Everything looks the same. It's like a maze except there aren't any walls or dead ends to guide you. It's just an open never-ending expanse of tundra. You thought that you had been properly prepared for your journey; however, the cold air bites right down to the bone. You then begin to panic as the day starts to darken and you have no idea where you are. Or how to get back.
  220. <p>The sun's position doesn't seem to help. The moon and stars also fail to provide you with much aide.
  222. <p>You start to wonder if this is how your story will end when you suddenly spot a young Anyu. Maybe your eyes are just playing tricks on you though because it looks half-frozen with bits of ice and snow clinging to its fur. There's also a soft blue ethereal sort of glow that surrounds the cub and it doesn't seem completely real somehow...
  224. <p><img src="" width="442px">
  226. <p>'Follow me.' She says.
  228. <p>Her voice sounds weird as if it's all just in your head, but something compels you to follow it anyway.
  230. <p>The relative darkness of night is broken by an aurora borealis that lights up the sky with a multitude of colors. You then notice that the Anyu cub in front of you isn't leaving any paw prints behind in the snow. You glance back to see your own tracks extending a short distance before disappearing into nothingness. Now you're more concerned. Is she some kind of specter leading you astray? Or is she trying to help?
  232. <p>"Where are we going?"
  234. <p>'Home.' She looks at you over her shoulder and her blue eyes are unusually bright; almost incandescent in an unnatural way. 'You don't want to be stuck out here for eternity, do you?'
  236. <p>So you continue to follow her. You begin to see the faint light of civilization just as the aurora borealis fades away and darkness returns. Happiness and gratitude overwhelm you. "Thank you..."
  238. <p>'It's what I do.'
  240. <p>You're freezing and your teeth chatter together when you speak. "I c-can't wa-wait to-to wa-warm up."
  242. <p>She sits down on her haunches in the snow, causing you to stop. The cold doesn't seem to bother her. Your eyes widen when a mug of hot cocoa just suddenly appears between the two of you. 'Here, drink this. It will help.'
  244. <p>You don't need to be told twice. You bend over and pick up the cup, wrapping your hands around it. You drink a small sip and immediately begin to feel warmth returning to your body. You don't know what to say. "How can I ever repay you?"
  246. <p>'Warn others... Never stray too far from home.'
  248. <p>You just nod and turn your attention back to your cocoa. She's gone by the time you're finished and no sign or trace of her remains except for the cooling mug in your hands. You clutch onto it and start walking back to town with fierce determination
  250. <p>
  251. credits: <br>
  252. Overlay: [user=alyssa]<br>
  253. Art: [user=Christ]<br>
  254. Story: [user=HalfBlood]<br>
  255. Profile by [user=Faber]<br>
  256. Background from [url=]pexels[/url]<br>
  257. Snow graphics from [url=]freepik[/url]
  258. <br><br><br>
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