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  1. <align="center">Hello! Welcome to Final Destination: SCP! </align>
  4. <align="center">Any questions, Click <color=#00ff00><link="">HERE</link></color> to join our discord.
  5. 1. No racism or racial slurs in any context.
  6. 2. Mic Spamming/Voice Changers/Soundboards: Mic spamming (as well as playing music) beyond use of the intercom is not allowed (this is at the discretion of the staff). Voice changers and soundboards are not allowed AT ALL!
  7. 3. No team killing.
  8. 4. Refer to Cross-Team Guidelines.
  9. 5. 5 minute nukes may result in a very short ban. Upon continuation, the result will be a longer ban.
  10. 6. Meta gaming may result in an hour ban. Upon continuation, the outcome will be a longer ban.</align>
  12. <color=#adff2f>Cross-Team Guidelines</color>
  13. -D-Class may team with Scientists only against the SCP but not against NTF/CI
  14. -Teaming to get out of a locked room is allowed. Once out, continue normal rules.
  15. -CI and NTF MAY team for mutual benefits(killing the SCP) but once that is over, resume the normal conflicts.
  17. Appeal bans in the discord. Pm @Sixes...#6666
  19. -No Friendly Fire
  20. -Upgrade Classes With 914
  22. If you would like to donate, click <color=#ffd700><link=""> HERE </link></color>
  24. <align="center"><color=#ff0000>Disclaimer - It is not our fault if you do not read the rules.</color></align>
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