Giantree Dream Diary Collection: 2013-2014

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  1. January 6, 2013
  2. [03:08:44] <Biglewd> I'll tell you what's funny
  3. [03:08:47] <Biglewd> YOUR FACE
  4. [03:09:09] <~castfromhp> I can do the Jackie Chan face
  5. [03:09:13] <~castfromhp> Therefore my face is funny
  6. [03:09:15] <~castfromhp> So thank you
  7. [03:09:29] <Biglewd> that's actually pretty funny
  8. [03:09:44] <Biglewd> I had a dream the other day that you were streaming your face all over the internet and making a popular internet face
  9. [03:09:47] <Biglewd> but I forgot which one it was
  10. [03:09:50] <Biglewd> or what it looked like
  11. [03:09:54] <Biglewd> definitely wasn't that one though
  12. [03:09:56] <Biglewd> shit was weird
  14. January 16, 2013
  15. [07:36:46] <Giantree> Just getting up for a second to let you know that AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA I JUST HAD A DREAM ABOUT HALF-FAE CATBOYS FUCK YOU
  16. [08:48:24] <Agata> What were they doing~?
  17. [08:50:42] <Giantree> Just one actually.  It was about some dudes from space who landed on a mostly-uninhabited planet because they were investigating... something, I think, and suddenly they found out that they couldn't get back to their ship because there was some wind that would always push them away.  So like, a bunch of people came down to help them because they couldn't get back without knowing that they trapped themselves down there too, and the first one was a 12-year-old-looking catboy who was like "I was told to assist you" and for some reason the two protags couldn't stand him.
  18. [08:52:22] <Agata> I see.
  19. [08:52:34] <Agata> What were his hair and ear/tail colors?
  20. [08:54:18] <Giantree> Black and... not sure on his ears/tail, either they were white or some kind of gray.
  21. [08:54:50] <Agata> It is usually the other way around: gray or white hair, black ears and tail.
  22. [08:55:22] <Agata> 3>for some reason the two protags couldn't stand him.
  23. [08:55:27] <Agata> Was it because they were from /tg/?
  24. [08:56:47] <Giantree> I just remember a bunch of scenes where the two of them would like, huddle together and try to plan ways to get away from him.
  25. [08:56:58] <Agata> They were from /tg/.
  26. [08:56:59] <Giantree> And yeah but I'm 100% sure this catboy had black hair
  27. [08:57:07] <Giantree> They may very well have been from /tg/
  28. [08:57:36] <Giantree> One for some reason looked exactly like Bacchus from Star Ocean 4 (my fault for playing that trash) despite not acting anything remotely like him, not as sure on the other.
  30. January 28, 2013
  31. [17:29:48] <Lorelei> I think I remembered that I was having a dream about criticizing drawings or something?
  32. [17:29:51] <Lorelei> I sure as hell forgot it now
  34. February 7, 2013
  35. [18:36:01] <Giantree> oh, I thought I responded to that
  36. [18:36:16] <Giantree> I'm pretty sure what happened was I read that, fell asleep, and had a dream where I responded to it
  37. [18:36:17] <Giantree> what a me
  39. February 11, 2013
  40. [04:47:02] <Giantree> I
  41. [04:47:06] <Giantree> had a dream about sleeping through this
  42. [04:47:10] <Giantree> and thought it was real
  44. February 12, 2013
  45. [07:08:12] <@Giantree> I just had a dream about playing Dork Souls
  46. [07:08:45] <@Giantree> about being convinced by some group of griefers to start playing it
  47. [07:09:08] <@Giantree> also one of the players owned a cat with red & blue fur
  48. [07:09:38] <@Giantree> (s?)he would sharpen his/her claws on me, it was weird
  50. February 16, 2013
  52. [11:59:41] <@Giantree> So I just had a dream that I was in a group of something playing as a loli centaur who was obsessed with carrying things on her back, or giving people rides, or something.
  53. [12:00:01] <@Giantree> And whoever the GM was and the rest of the group got like, super mad that I would carry EVERYTHING all the time
  54. [12:00:50] <Botherer> But that's cute.
  55. [12:01:11] <@Giantree> So the last thing I remember was a situation where there was some guy who got injured and apparently we were intended to talk to him or do something that involves NOT carrying him to safety, because I got the death glare as soon as it was first mentioned.
  56. [12:01:39] <@Giantree> Thus, to apparently remedy that, in the scene immediately before that my lolitaur's legs got slightly injured or something and she was riding piggyback on ANOTHER group member
  57. [12:01:53] <@Giantree> I think what happened was that I decided to do it anyway and then woke up.
  59. [20:54:56] <@Giantree> OH SHITTING ASS BRANCH HEY SHOOKIE
  60. [20:55:00] <@Giantree> I JUST REMEMBERED SOMETHING
  61. [20:55:11] <Shuku> WHAT
  62. [20:55:23] <@Giantree> Part of the dream I had this morning about being a loli centaur getting leg injured was like... fuck it might not have even been the same dream
  63. [20:55:29] <@Giantree> but I remember playing 7th Dragon 2021
  64. [20:55:38] <Shuku> Was it good
  65. [20:55:40] <@Giantree> and, like the trailer of it that was released not long ago
  66. [20:55:49] <@Giantree> it had A Very Long Time Ago as the battle theme again
  67. [20:55:53] <@Giantree> only not remixed at all
  68. [20:55:57] <@Giantree> and everything was identical
  69. [20:56:00] <@Giantree> NOTHING WAS ORIGINAL
  70. [20:56:02] <@Giantree> I think I cried
  71. [20:56:11] <@Giantree> then I became a centaur and later woke up
  72. (this actually happened 2 months later)
  74. (clarification from months in the future)
  75. [16:51:31] <Moeiel> I preferred the one about the centaur loli. That was one of your dreams, right?
  76. [16:51:39] <oak> yeah that was one of my dreams
  77. [16:51:51] <oak> I feel like they're all good in their own ways
  78. [16:52:50] <oak> maybe I should like, stalk Populungeons&Populagons games, specifically Popularfinder, to see if I could subtly excuse playing that very same centaur loli without coming off like THF
  79. [16:52:53] <oak> (probably not)
  80. [16:53:32] <oak> I'm not sure if she was strictly animu uguu moeblob loli, though, so much as like... some kind of squire or something and just 'pretty young for an adventurer'
  81. [16:53:46] <oak> and also optimized for being able to carry things
  82. [16:53:52] <oak> to the extreme
  83. [17:00:29] <@Mons> so basically no distinction from an average treegirl
  84. [17:01:09] <oak> (correct)
  85. [17:01:12] <@Mons> not that i don't respect your oracular powers of dreaming things that end up happening in games because you told us about the dream
  86. [17:06:59] <@Mons> man
  87. [17:07:04] <@Mons> Now you're making me wonder
  88. [17:07:11] <@Mons> how big would this kawaii-ass centaur be
  89. [17:07:29] <@Mons> and can i do like, a hobbit or gnome or dwarf something knight that rides here
  90. [17:08:32] <oak> well the specificness of the dream is just that like
  91. [17:08:35] <oak> I was a loli centaur
  92. [17:08:45] <oak> and would piss off my GM something fierce by picking up and carrying EVERYTHING
  93. [17:08:50] <@Mons> you said squire. this can be ran with. RAN WITH LIKE THE HORSE YOU ARE
  94. [17:09:24] <oak> and apparently in whatever system I was in I was just MINMAXED to hell and back for being able to carry everything somehow
  95. [17:09:33] <oak> so I just like
  96. [17:09:39] <oak> threw giant-ass bags of equipment on the horse back
  97. [17:09:41] <oak> and gave no fucks
  98. [17:09:52] <oak> the end of the dream was the GM flipping his shit because there was some dying soldier or something
  99. [17:10:11] <oak> and I knew, and everyone knew, and he knew that I was going to just put him on my back and carry him to safety
  100. [17:10:20] <oak> but the GM was a railroader and was trying to have him give a death speech
  101. [17:10:34] <@Mons> you can do that from horseback
  102. [17:10:38] <oak> halfway through said death speech though I picked him up anyway and trampled off with the GM glaring at me
  103. [17:10:40] <oak> yeah exactly
  104. [17:10:43] <oak> but he was mad as fuq
  105. [17:10:46] <oak> and I woke up
  107. February 18, 2013
  108. [18:40:14] <Giantree> ARNNNNGGGGH I just lied down for barely half an hour and ALREADY had dreams of selfcest
  109. [18:40:18] <Giantree> maximum mind-in-gutter
  111. February 25, 2013
  112. [06:33:20] <Giantree> I had a dream
  113. [06:33:26] <Giantree> where my mother bought two pizzas on impulse
  114. [06:33:32] <Giantree> and I woke up craving pizza
  116. February 28, 2013
  117. [21:18:08] <Kleha> onnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnng actually I was just having a dream about not being able to wake up
  118. [21:18:19] <@Anise> I
  119. [21:18:20] <@Anise> what
  120. [21:18:27] <Kleha> yeah
  121. [21:18:32] <Kleha> I was having this dream
  122. [21:18:41] <Kleha> where I was aware I couldn't wake up
  123. [21:18:44] <Kleha> but kepy dreaming
  124. [21:18:51] <Kleha> and then the highlight was loud enough and I got up
  125. [21:18:57] <Kleha> ... s'all gone now
  127. March 3, 2013
  128. [08:04:13] <Giantree> oh, I just realized a few hours ago I had a dream about fighting a boss and getting 3 exp from it
  129. [08:04:22] <Giantree> and we all hit level 8 so suddenly that nobody noticed we were level 8 yet
  130. [08:04:37] <Giantree> so I had to go around reminding everybody that we were and they were all like "oh I didn't even know"
  132. March 4, 2013
  133. [08:00:01] <BrobdingnagianBirch> I had a dream about high school
  134. [08:00:13] <BrobdingnagianBirch> wherein I was more of a delinquent than I actually was
  135. [08:00:39] <BrobdingnagianBirch> and I would literally skip months of school at a time, then go to the principal's office and ask if they remembered what my class schedule was because I forgot
  136. [08:01:36] <BrobdingnagianBirch> ... Actually I'm a little creeped that I vividly remember this but it goes on
  137. [08:02:12] <BrobdingnagianBirch> I went to my locker room to put in my password, which was like... the last 4 digits of my home phone number, but instead of typical lockers these were like high-tech safes with digital number inputs.
  138. [08:02:44] <BrobdingnagianBirch> HOWEVER there was also a little screen for cute hangman-esque minigames when you were putting them in, and if you failed 3 times in a row you'd watch something horrible happen like a character getting eaten or something
  139. [08:03:18] <BrobdingnagianBirch> So I went to do that and it suddenly turned out the number combinations had changed from 4 digits to 3 digits, meaning my password was reset and I didn't know what to do
  140. [08:03:35] <BrobdingnagianBirch> and the 'minigame' was some 8-bit rendering of a little girl escaping a maze full of snakes or something
  141. [08:04:30] <BrobdingnagianBirch> so I couldn't get it right and watched her get swallowed by snakes and then dissolved inside of them as the snakes' skin fell off and they were all skeleton snakes I don't even know how that works
  142. [08:04:52] <BrobdingnagianBirch> Yeah, it actually changed from there into a completely different dream
  143. [08:05:22] <BrobdingnagianBirch> Like, the whole locker room thing stopped existing at all and it became a story about a town where there were rumors of dangerous snakes who ate people, and children had gone missing trying to explore it or something?
  144. [08:05:50] <BrobdingnagianBirch> And there was a protag going on a whole JRPG adventure, where the BBEG wore full armor and was a lot like the BBEG of Tales of Innocence I think
  145. [08:06:30] <BrobdingnagianBirch> The protag had a best friend who was a bro named 'Kirgard,' GEE I WONDER WHERE THAT'S FROM HUH KAIN, and he was actually in love with the person who was secretly the BBEG
  146. [08:06:54] <BrobdingnagianBirch> and the next few hours were an adventure about him sneaking off to this snake temple to wait for her and then getting petrified or something
  147. [08:06:56] <BrobdingnagianBirch> fuck it was weird
  149. (convincing faggots to play PSO)
  150. [08:55:37] <BrobdingnagianBirch> you know, I feel now that I think about it
  151. [08:55:46] <BrobdingnagianBirch> the reason I was having a dream about skipping classes in high school
  152. [08:55:50] <BrobdingnagianBirch> was prophetic
  153. [08:56:12] <BrobdingnagianBirch> because in my junior year I got some bros and was just like
  154. [08:56:17] <BrobdingnagianBirch> "let's skip class to play pso today"
  155. [08:56:27] <BrobdingnagianBirch> and they were like "sure"
  156. [08:56:29] <BrobdingnagianBirch> and we all did
  158. March 11, 2013
  159. [16:54:18] <Giantree> Oh, weird, I had one of those this morning too, where something happened and in the dream I was like "no, that's too silly" and rewinded to do it again
  160. [16:54:24] <Giantree> can't remember what it actually was though
  161. [16:59:54] <Giantree> I feel like there's something really common and obvious that could spark memory of what I dreamed about
  162. [17:00:00] <Giantree> but eh can't find it OH WHOOPS NOPE I GOT IT
  163. [17:00:12] <Giantree> it was about a giant crow
  164. [17:00:13] <Giantree> raven?
  165. [17:00:16] <Giantree> giant black bird
  167. March 21, 2013
  168. [10:17:32] <Giantree> so I had a dream about what would happen if [DRAMAQUEEN SUBHUMAN WHO WILL NOT BE NAMED] jumped on the bandwagon and actually did his 'opinions on adventuring companions' section on his sheet like everybody else
  169. [10:17:45] <Giantree> it was pretty simple but they all had some 'relation:' section on them
  170. [10:18:06] <Giantree> all I remember is that Lenore's was just "rabu" and Nat's was "he DOES mirrors"
  172. March 29, 2013
  173. [18:28:05] <Giantree> anyway uh what was I dreaming about
  174. [18:28:08] <Giantree> I think
  175. [18:28:13] <Giantree> it was about being unable to sleep
  176. [18:28:38] <Giantree> but then I heard highlight and woke up and realized that I wasn't unable to sleep at all, I was actually asleep and dreaming about not being able to sleep
  177. [18:28:39] <Giantree> it was a RUSE
  178. [18:28:42] <Giantree> so I blame wizards
  180. March 31, 2013
  181. [05:49:53] <Giantree> ... but I was having THOSE kinds of dreams where they were like super long and it felt like they were so lengthy that I woke up and was like "fuck yeah it must be close to 12 by now"
  182. [05:49:56] <Giantree> and it was 12
  183. [05:49:58] <Giantree> ... am
  184. [05:50:11] <Giantree> but the dream itself was like uh
  185. [05:50:20] <Giantree> kainy decided at the last second that he wanted to be a PC instead of running
  186. [05:50:25] <Giantree> ohgodwhat
  187. [05:50:35] <Giantree> so he made [DRAMAQUEEN SUBHUMAN WHO WILL NOT BE NAMED] run this session for him
  188. [05:50:36] <Giantree> and uh
  189. [05:50:41] <Giantree> I don't remember what happened after that
  191. April 9, 2013
  192. [12:24:43] <Bigwood> huh, so I just had a dream about THF
  193. [12:24:45] <BlendedSolosis> huh, what the...
  194. [12:24:56] <Bigwood> I said I had a dream about THF blendy
  195. [12:25:05] <Bigwood> don't interrupt me
  196. [12:25:06] <Bigwood> jerk
  197. [12:25:32] <Bigwood> it was so specific that I remember he made a post on /tg/ and I went out of my way to pm him correcting a typo
  198. [12:25:39] <Bigwood> and I told him which paragraph it was on
  199. [12:25:42] <Bigwood> (the third)
  200. [12:26:12] <Bigwood> and he asked me if it was a certain word that wasn't even a misspelling, it was just some slang term, and I told him not that one
  201. [12:26:21] <Bigwood> and told him which one it was
  202. [12:26:27] <Bigwood> then he stopped responding to me
  203. [12:26:49] <Bigwood> ... and then it turned into something else like it always does and I think it was magical girls fighting death or something
  205. April 12, 2013
  206. [12:27:53] <@Natalie> fun fact I've been setting my alarm for every hour anyway
  207. [12:28:12] <@Natalie> and my dreams are kawaii like you wouldn't BELIEVE
  208. [12:28:29] <~castfromhp> How kawaii?
  209. [12:29:11] <@Natalie> Well, one was inspired from visiwa and that talk about being sleepy in oversized clothing
  210. [12:29:21] <~castfromhp> kyaaa
  211. [12:31:05] <@Natalie> like if you want specifics the dream was about being some blonde chick fitting that description in what was apparently like, some really vivid VR MMO or something
  212. [12:31:33] <@Natalie> ... That was actually yesterday though, today's was more
  213. [12:31:35] <@Natalie> I don't know
  214. [12:31:46] <@Natalie> embarrassing and funny at the same time?
  215. [12:32:01] <@Natalie> it was like, there was some family-run arcade in my hometown
  216. [12:32:14] <@Natalie> and I hadn't been there for years, but I knew they closed at 10
  217. [12:32:40] <@Natalie> so I went there and was the only customer, constantly putting quarters in the same machine
  218. [12:32:49] <@Natalie> that was a lot like a home computer
  219. [12:33:06] <@Natalie> then there was a power outage and the machine booted up and it WAS just a PC
  220. [12:33:30] <@Natalie> and it was then that some kid who worked there came up and told me "by the way we close at 5"
  221. [12:33:32] <@Natalie> when it was like
  222. [12:33:33] <@Natalie> 9
  223. [12:34:11] <@Natalie> and then he gave me cookies equal to the amount of quarters I put in the machine
  224. [12:34:19] <@Natalie> and I went home like "wow I am a fuckup"
  225. [12:34:21] <@Natalie> and then woke up
  226. [12:35:31] <~castfromhp> Hey, cookies are good.
  227. [12:36:10] <@Kill-It-Kain> that's a shitload of cookies
  228. [12:37:07] <@Natalie> actually it was only 3 cookies
  229. [12:37:20] <@Natalie> because I just put that many quarters in when getting shooed out
  230. [12:37:26] <@Natalie> but had been eating cookies the entire time I was there
  231. [12:37:32] <@Natalie> it was pretty fucking bizarro
  233. April 17, 2013
  234. [20:17:20] <Giantree> I had a dream
  235. [20:17:26] <Giantree> about playing Star Fox 64
  236. [20:17:33] <Giantree> and I actually haven't played it
  237. [20:17:38] <Giantree> so I'm going to play it
  238. [20:17:39] <Giantree> right now
  240. April 22, 2013
  241. [02:27:32] <Giantree> oh that reminds me I just had a dream about screamers
  242. [02:27:33] <Giantree> Huh.
  244. April 23, 2013
  245. [06:50:37] <Giantree> IIIIIIIIIIIII just uh
  246. [06:50:43] <Giantree> had a dream
  247. [06:50:59] <Giantree> about this campaign with webmetz in it
  248. [06:51:14] <Giantree> and it was exactly as bad as it sounds
  249. [13:27:50] <TheSnailishInquisition> oooh do tell
  250. [13:27:59] <TheSnailishInquisition> tell me your story giantree
  251. [13:28:06] <Giantree> k
  252. [13:28:42] <Giantree> basically he wasn't there from the beginning or anything, he was playing the character he'd blog about all the time who surrounds themselves in rank 1 eidolons
  253. [13:28:58] <Giantree> so in the middle of a session we teleported into some library or something
  254. [13:29:00] <Giantree> and he was there
  255. [13:29:35] <Giantree> and he started speaking in 4r7a3i6n12b13o4w text
  256. [13:30:27] <Giantree> and he was calling Carbuncle by name as soon as we showed up
  257. [13:30:40] <Giantree> everybody was OOC bitching at once HOW WOULD HE KNOW, SHE'S IN HUMANFORM
  258. [13:30:45] <Giantree> and he typed it in rainbow text too
  259. [13:30:56] <Giantree> so he corrected it to 3Carb4u3ncle immediately after he did
  260. [13:31:03] <Giantree> this is my dream about webmetz
  261. [13:31:29] <Giantree> I mentioned it as soon as I got up but now it's been long enough that I forgot all of it but that
  262. [13:31:32] <Giantree> I think we all like
  263. [13:31:36] <Giantree> shied away from him
  264. [13:31:49] <Giantree> and everybody was bitching at kain for letting him in obviously
  265. [13:32:21] <TheSnailishInquisition> that's a story
  267. April 28, 2013
  268. [08:27:50] <Giantree> >dream about looking at a clock and it's like 11:53 AM
  269. [08:27:54] <Giantree> >struggle to wake up
  270. [08:27:57] <Giantree> >it isn't
  271. [08:28:00] <Giantree> fucking subconscious
  273. May 6, 2013
  274. [19:25:27] <Natalie> so I wasn't going to mention this due to the fact that I know nobody will understand it
  275. [19:25:28] <Natalie> but
  276. [19:25:32] <Natalie> what the hell might as well anyway
  277. [19:25:43] <Natalie> this morning I had a dream about endgame
  278. [19:25:47] <Natalie> this campaign's, of course
  279. [19:26:01] <Natalie> but it was in vidya-style, and somehow everything was a JSRPG
  280. [19:26:06] <Natalie> in fact it was literally Shining Force
  281. [19:26:15] <Natalie> with 16-bit graphics and all
  282. [19:26:29] <Natalie> Celina came back, and her class was changed to 'Summoner'
  283. [19:26:42] <Natalie> (think it might've been 'SMNR' if it was true SF style)
  284. [19:27:03] <Natalie> and her role was to do the exact same thing the Chaos Breaker did in Shining Force 1, right down to being the exact same scene
  285. [19:27:13] <Natalie> where you use it on the world map and it makes the final boss castle appear
  286. [19:27:32] <Natalie> everybody else had fancy unit titles and sprites but I can't remember those
  287. [19:27:55] <Rosetta> Tonberry Knight? :D
  288. [19:28:50] <Natalie> yeah maybe, I just remember that they were all unique sprites
  289. [19:29:05] <@Chase> huuuh
  290. [19:29:06] <@Chase> that's neat
  291. [19:29:23] <Natalie> and that we were in a final dungeon, that looked a lot like... actually it was kind of weird
  292. [19:29:40] <Natalie> because the tiles were in the style of the ancient castle in shining force, but the actual map wasn't
  294. May 8, 2013
  295. [05:17:16] <Bigwood> holy shit you just made me realize
  296. [05:17:25] <Bigwood> that yesterday, I had a dream about my teeth getting ripped out
  297. [05:17:39] <Bigwood> another part of the same dream involved being covered in ticks
  298. [05:17:43] <Bigwood> fucking horrifying
  300. May 10, 2013
  301. [06:14:53] <Giantree> Also re:sleep for blogging's sake, I remember I was having a dream and it was apparently a good one
  302. [06:14:58] <Giantree> just not the entire details about it
  303. [06:15:10] <Giantree> I THINK some new PSP JRPG came out and it was like, Falcom-tier best thing ever
  304. [06:15:22] <Giantree> And I lived in a house with #mans people or something?
  305. [06:15:37] <Giantree> But of everybody to blog about it to while I was playing it, I apparently chose Gents
  306. [06:15:46] <Giantree> and he just gave passive responses or disappeared whenever I did
  307. [06:16:17] <Giantree> All I remember about the game itself is that there was like... some android guy who made really dumb jokes
  308. [06:25:39] <Giantree> Further context, in the JRPG I was playing in the dream I had, it was like some trailer park in a city that was being invaded by aliens or zombies or something with Martial Law blasting and the dumb joke-cracking android had just joined.  And the jokes he'd crack were while running around on the field, like skits.
  309. [06:26:01] <Giantree> it was just the protag and him at that point though, I don't remember anything before it
  310. [06:26:06] <Giantree> which is a shame because it sounded awesome
  311. [06:26:40] <Giantree> (May not have actually been Martial Law, but it sure had the vibe at least and Martial Law has been stuck in my head since I woke up)
  312. [06:28:47] <Giantree> There were also conveyor belts for some reason, and the whole 'dungeon' had really narrow passageways.  Like, you were apparently supposed to go inside the trailers for treasure and shit but the conveyors were RIGHT next to them.  Apparently in my dream my PSP's analog was just as fucked up as my real one's is so when I was trying to enter one I accidentally moved over too far and stepped on a conveyor going back to the entrance instead, AND there was a random encounter (they were of the show-up-on-the-field) sort on the conveyor too.  Which of course I promptly had to fight.
  313. [06:29:04] <Giantree> I woke right up at that point but I remembered the random battles in that place were really bullshit because I was underleveled as fuck
  314. [06:29:05] <Giantree> go figure
  316. May 13, 2013
  317. [04:27:58] <Giantree> So nobody's awake right?
  318. [04:28:15] <Giantree> I am going to just flood this channel with walls from my YUME NIKKI =^-^=
  319. [04:28:56] <Giantree> Basically I had a hugeass series of dreams that were apparently about what this game would have been if the GM were completely wacky 100% of the time instead of occasionally a sensible person.
  320. [04:29:02] <Giantree> and it's slipping fast
  321. [04:30:41] <Giantree> Well I'll do the first one later because it's mostly gone, in the SECOND one though a session was playing and I was really hungry
  322. [04:31:03] <Giantree> so I decided to get some toast and smear jelly on it abnormally slowly (note: I never eat toast)
  323. [04:31:32] <Giantree> I was gone for like 20 minutes without announcing it, and when I came back
  324. [04:31:50] <Giantree> It turned out Kainy had totally called a break to the scene anyway and started some pseudo-ATE
  325. [04:34:20] <Giantree> ONLY
  326. [04:34:26] <Giantree> instead of being really ATE-like
  327. [04:35:18] <Giantree> He, in text, wrote the entire... like, message modern vidyas give you when you load them up right after installing DLC, and it was like this big block explaining "Loading Downloadable Content..." and a bunch of made-up filenames
  328. [04:36:07] <Break_> >_>
  329. [04:36:59] <Giantree> shh daddy's telling a story
  330. [04:37:11] <Giantree> and he suddenly went into this whole scene by himself
  331. [04:37:16] <Giantree> about a voice talking to itself
  332. [04:37:46] <Giantree> Only, it was also talking in caveman-style, for a reason that seemed to make no sense
  333. [04:37:59] <Giantree> and all of a sudden it started talking in third-person and using feminine pronouns for itself
  334. [04:38:05] <Giantree> lol no dudes in gaia
  335. [04:38:22] <Giantree> but it was still like... a ball floating over a body of water
  336. [04:38:35] <Giantree> Oh, yeah, I remember now there was a sign somewhere that said "LAKE CORONA"
  337. [04:39:09] <Giantree> I guess my subconscious was desperate for a pokeymans crossover but forgot which game was which and inserted Asteri instead?
  338. [04:39:11] <Giantree> I don't even know
  339. [04:39:26] <Giantree> anyway this only took like 5 minutes and he said there was a naming screen
  340. [04:39:33] <Giantree> but only I could do it
  341. [04:39:43] <Giantree> and he was like "Treeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee input name pls" or something
  342. [04:39:52] <Giantree> important was the "Treeeeeeeeeeeeeeee" part because it didn't highlight me
  343. [04:39:55] <Giantree> so I had no idea
  344. [04:40:01] <Giantree> and was just slathering my toast
  345. [04:40:24] <Giantree> so I got back to find out everything had completely paused for 15 minutes waiting for me
  346. [04:40:30] <Giantree> and I think there was an aori quit message there too
  347. [04:40:31] <Giantree> so
  348. [04:40:33] <Giantree> everyone left
  349. [04:40:39] <Giantree> it was sad
  350. [04:42:32] <Giantree> The one BEFORE that though
  351. [04:42:43] <Giantree> uhh is missing a lot of detail because it mostly all disappeared
  352. [04:46:17] <Break_> I am so very, very lost.
  353. [04:48:43] <Giantree> So the first one was like, us coming into Treno or something?
  354. [04:49:04] <Giantree> And then suddenly Ammy was getting a headvoice in the middle of things trying to communicate
  355. [04:49:27] <Giantree> and I think it was supposed to be in her æther realm so I don't know why a giant parentheses argument didn't start about her not being to go there
  356. [04:49:32] <Giantree> while doing things
  357. [04:49:36] <Giantree> but it didn't and things went on
  358. [04:50:03] <Giantree> and the voice was like, "I tried to talk to your friend but she was rude and told me to go away"
  359. [04:50:20] <Giantree> even though I hadn't been contacted at all doing this
  360. [04:50:36] <Giantree> and within a few seconds I realized what was being implied as having happened
  361. [04:50:38] <Giantree> and it was silly
  362. [04:50:44] <Giantree> and uhhhh yeah forgot everything after that
  363. [04:51:03] <Giantree> there was a third segment to all of this that was like completely ridiculous gainax-tier
  364. [04:51:16] <Giantree> but it wasn't really related to this anymore
  365. [04:54:28] <Giantree> I'll spoil that the next part involved time travel, reincarnations, curses, and metaphorical applications of feelings to cause impossible things
  367. May 18, 2013
  368. [16:08:58] <Kain> Let's talk about
  369. [16:09:01] <Kain> mutants and masterminds
  370. [16:09:03] <Kain> or something
  371. [16:09:06] <Giantree> besides, aren't you grinding?
  372. [16:09:08] <Giantree> nah
  373. [16:09:11] <Giantree> you want to talk to bothy about that
  374. [16:09:19] <Giantree> literally all I know about it is "it's a system"
  375. [16:08:24] <Giantree> I think it's high-powered and intended for superheroes or something?
  376. [16:08:33] <Giantree> I had a dream about playing it the other day, if that's the case
  377. [16:08:40] <Kain> that in itself means there's stuff to talk about
  378. [16:08:44] <Kain> also I'm done grinding
  379. [16:08:56] <Giantree> though all I really remember is that I had one of those weirdass dreams where I was playing tabletop but I saw it all acted out
  380. [16:08:59] <Giantree> like it was a LARP or something
  381. [16:09:13] <Giantree> and at the end I was telling somebody that it was "the best superhero campaign I'd ever played in"
  382. [16:09:18] <Giantree> and I still remember it being really good
  383. [16:09:24] <Giantree> I just... don't remember anything ABOUT it
  384. [16:09:51] <Giantree> Other than that there was a guy who joined partway through it and didn't quite fit in with the theme the rest of the group had going, but still ended up being some kind of mega badass
  385. [16:09:53] <Giantree> he had a car
  386. [16:09:59] <Giantree> That's it though
  387. [16:10:20] <Giantree> The day after that, yesterday, I had a dream that my babysitter from when I was like 4 was still around
  388. [16:10:25] <Giantree> ... and she was running FFd6
  389. [16:10:37] <Giantree> specifically, a campaign in FFd6 about 1,1hairstylists
  390. [16:10:44] <Giantree> I don't even know how the fuck
  391. [16:10:48] <Giantree> or what the fuck
  392. [16:10:54] <Giantree> my subconscious was trying to tell me here
  393. [16:11:08] <Kain> You must go find her and fuck her hair
  394. [16:11:11] <Giantree> But I like, disguised myself so she wouldn't know who I was or something
  395. [16:11:12] <Giantree> what
  396. [16:11:19] <Giantree> and I joined it as like
  397. [16:11:24] <Giantree> a lizardperson or something?
  398. [16:11:28] <Giantree> obviously, somebody who didn't have hair
  399. [16:11:32] <Giantree> and it got okayed
  400. [16:11:38] <Giantree> then suddenly the world morphed into irc
  401. [16:11:41] <Giantree> and I was looking at logs
  402. [16:11:44] <Giantree> from the future
  403. [16:11:53] <Giantree> and I saw the first session of this campaign running
  404. [16:11:56] <Giantree> but I wasn't there
  405. [16:12:02] <Giantree> so I was like "oh shit, I slept through it"
  406. [16:12:07] <Giantree> and set off on a quest to change the future
  407. [16:12:14] <Giantree> and something something something
  408. [16:12:15] <Giantree> it was weird
  409. [16:12:24] <Kain> your dreams are p. good
  410. [16:12:26] <Giantree> I'm pretty sure my subconscious is telling me to get a new hobby though
  411. [16:12:29] <Giantree> I agree with it
  413. May 21, 2013
  414. [16:45:42] <oak> YO SHOOKIE
  415. [16:45:52] <oak> I just had a dream where I like
  416. [16:45:55] <oak> fuck what did I do
  417. [16:46:03] <Haiiro-Honoo> YOU HAD A DREAM, TODAY
  418. [16:46:06] <oak> I think I went into your 2hu freeform and challenged you
  419. [16:46:18] <oak> and instead of being 2hu everything was DBZ
  420. [16:46:28] <oak> and things did damage numbers
  421. [16:46:39] <oak> so the thing I challenged you to specifically was "who would do 600 damage first"
  422. [16:46:56] <oak> and suddenly while we were in the middle of it some guy dropped in out of nowhere
  423. [16:47:05] <oak> apparently he was ranked 3rd highest powerlevel in the world
  424. [16:47:08] <oak> and somehow we knew that
  425. [16:47:21] <oak> and he gets offended by my sick shittalk
  426. [16:47:26] <oak> and challenges ME instead
  427. [16:47:29] <oak> and I'm like "sure"
  428. [16:47:47] <oak> so he gets his combat shit prepped and then I initiate 1,1a chocobo race
  429. [16:48:00] <oak> and somehow I beat him easily
  430. [16:48:11] <oak> then I wake up and am like "well that was weird"
  431. [16:48:12] <oak> the end
  433. [17:01:34] <oak> man, I had one about something kain did yesterday
  434. [17:01:39] <oak> I just completely forgot what it was
  435. [17:01:53] <oak> maybe by that logic I've accidentally doomed him by not remembering it
  437. May 24, 2013
  438. [14:09:25] <Giantree> ... By the way I had a dream about a pen with a button on it that could automatically flip the pages of a physical sketchbook.
  439. [14:09:28] <Giantree> man that was weird
  441. May 31, 2013
  442. [19:31:11] <Giantree> I had a dream
  443. [19:31:23] <Giantree> about wind waker I think?
  444. [19:31:32] <Giantree> where during the ending, apparently there's some dialogue
  445. [19:32:57] <Giantree> anyway, there was dialogue that suggested someone - smile orange - wanted to have sex with link
  446. [19:33:04] <Giantree> and apparently I had like 12yo humor
  447. [19:33:09] <Giantree> so I found that hilarious my sweet love
  448. [19:33:13] <Giantree> and shared it with everybody
  449. [19:33:22] <Giantree> until I got to my 6th grade teacher it's happy
  450. [19:33:30] <Giantree> whom was a great friend and I dearly miss her
  451. [19:33:37] <Giantree> and she just shook her head
  452. [19:33:41] <Giantree> and was like "grow up" or something
  453. [19:33:48] <Giantree> then highlight
  454. [19:33:57] <Giantree> and I was spared from whatever may have come next
  455. [19:34:10] <@SumDumD00d> cool
  456. [19:34:14] <@SumDumD00d> i interrupted a dream
  458. June 6, 2013
  459. [07:27:58] <Giantree> ... WOW I just noticed something weird
  460. [07:28:09] <Giantree> I had a dream that Bothy got on here and was talking like normal last night
  461. [07:28:17] <Giantree> and didn't realize it didn't actually happen until just now
  463. June 28, 2013
  464. [02:51:01] <Giantree> ... Funny you mention it though, I think I had dreams about Charm
  466. June 29, 2013
  467. [09:12:09] <Giantree> I'll tell you, I had a dream about Charm
  468. [09:12:37] <Giantree> I had a dream wherein Charm saved kainland
  469. [09:13:13] <Giantree> Specifically, I was talking to him for some reason about how, unlike Rocket, there was no agreed-upon BBEG and shit was all over the place, so Charm was like "I'll play the BBEG" and then he went and played the BBEG
  470. [09:14:23] <Giantree> I woke up after that so no clue how it went, but I imagine Charm was a better BBEG than "no BBEG"
  471. [09:14:47] <Giantree> Also apparently I was playing in something else as a character named 'Liselotte,' the details of whom elude me
  472. [09:15:08] <Giantree> 1,1but I know I only had that because I reread Æri's flashback every single day ;-;
  474. July 15, 2013
  475. [16:29:24] <Giantree> aw jeezer fuck hey shookie you up?  I just had a wacky nightmare
  476. [16:29:32] <Giantree> hold on still shivering
  477. [16:32:18] <Giantree> okay you're not I'll channel botherer anyway here
  478. [16:34:15] <Giantree> So, I dreamed that Gents decided to reboot Atelier and I guess he announced it in public or something instead of at #Karak, or maybe I was at #Karak for some reason or something, but, I tried to politely decline because I knew the world of unholy nightmare I would be in for this time and he somehow managed to guilt me into rejoining by saying.... uhh I think his words were "well that sounds mad and you're a mad," which apparently in the dreamworld was a logical defense for him.
  479. [16:34:24] <Giantree> and then I woke up on that ominous note
  480. [16:35:51] <Aori_Radidjiu> pffffffffffffffffffffffffffff
  481. [16:36:15] <Aori_Radidjiu> Maybe someday there'll be a good game for you to recycle Ulphia for.
  482. [16:36:20] <Giantree> lol
  483. [16:37:33] <Giantree> I think before he said that I was already pepping up and asking him questions about chargen or something before being like "oh shit wait I should really say no," so, I'm convinced I was probably mind controlled too
  485. July 21, 2013
  486. [06:43:31] <Soft> What I'll instead do is I'll tell this dead channel the story of the dream I just had, which is wack as fuck
  487. [06:44:31] <Soft> Well maybe not as wack as they normally are, as it was basically about some PvP MMO about little girls who become Magical Girl Dragoons and fight each other
  488. [06:44:54] <Soft> like I just finished LoD so I guess it's to be expected
  489. [06:46:26] <Soft> But even though I was only dreaming it the korean-ness seeped in; there were like... three or four different characters that were playable?  And they were all little girls of course.  And each one had a storyline you were forced to complete before you could actually do anything, which 100% of the time involved going to a grocery store, picking up a cheap bag of pasta, and falling into a coma to have a dream about becoming a Dragoon.
  490. [06:46:29] <Soft> and then, tutorial
  491. [06:48:38] <Soft> and I don't even know what it was supposed to be after that, like a dumbass I made three different characters and got exactly that far instead of actually doing things
  492. [06:48:47] <Soft> because I wanted to compare their stats, like an autist
  493. [06:49:07] <Soft> and sure enough there was one with stats absurdly higher than everybody else for no real reason
  494. [06:49:30] <Soft> like, it was less base stats and more starting equipment
  495. [06:49:58] <Soft> I want to say it also kind of felt like cosmic break with less robots and more dragoons (and even more loli), but fuck cosmic break
  496. [06:50:06] <Soft> it was a good idea, I think I'll mail it to korea and get money
  497. [06:55:38] <Kain> which korea
  498. [06:56:19] <Soft> the one that makes mmos
  500. [07:23:00] <Soft> regardless, the dream I had never explained why the loli dragoons were fighting each other
  501. [07:23:21] <Soft> just that they had dragoon powers, and they had weapons, and they flew around
  502. [07:24:42] <Darcius> so, you mean it wasn't an mmo
  503. [07:24:44] <Darcius> but a fighting game?
  504. [07:25:10] <Soft> I think it was a pvp mmo, since you saw other players walking around
  505. [07:25:14] <Soft> in like
  506. [07:25:17] <Soft> lobbies or something?
  507. [07:26:07] <Soft> but I never found out if the pvp was 1on1 or what
  508. [07:26:29] <Soft> well, support existed and it was possible to play FS so I guess it wasn't 1on1
  510. August 21, 2013
  511. [19:22:03] <Giantree> Well I just had one of the strangest dreams in a while that started out as a WWB one, including but not limited to: Becoming all the PCs amalgamated into one AND ALSO A ROBOT, all handlers being part of a corrupt government plan to force-industrialize the world and destroy all nature, and at the very end 1,1suddenly it was all in the pokémon world all along
  512. [19:22:30] <Haiiro-Honoo> ...
  513. [19:22:32] <Giantree> more details when I get back from taking a very long piss wherein I ponder about how what I'd just experienced may be some kind of sign
  514. [19:27:31] <Giantree> OKAY
  515. [19:27:46] <Giantree> Like all dreams do, it's fading fast, but I shall now begin with what I remember
  516. [19:27:51] <Giantree> because what the fuck
  517. [19:28:28] <Giantree> It started out very clearly in WWBland - most dreams shut up - and seemed to operate by that world's rulers, and much as if I wasn't dreaming at all, it began with a new handler showing up.
  518. [19:30:18] <Giantree> But instead of there being a whole group of us or even a manor at all, it was ALREADY kind of weird in that we were just one person with the traits and powers of the WWBs; most of our powers didn't get used so I've no clue how much of those we had but we definitely had Lily's obsession with nature, that one I'm 100% of.  And it became apparent very quickly that we were a robot.
  519. [19:31:05] <Giantree> In fact it was also apparent very quickly that it wasn't WW or B at all, it was just some weird town with the word 'handler' being thrown around.  Well, the new handler and the old one were both nice at first but gradually started becoming total jerks, and- oh mother FUCKER I know what happened
  520. [19:31:32] <Giantree> I was reading articles on how N64 Mother 3 got cancelled, what would happen next is pretty much a straight rip of Mother 3's plot
  521. [19:31:36] <Giantree> dick sandwich
  522. [19:32:43] <Giantree> The handlers - who were suddenly mayors of the town or some crazy shit - started pushing a plan to tear down everything in and outside the town and rebuild it with more robots, but the protagonist, despite being aware of being a robot, would have none of this and kept staging secret plans to sabotage them every time.  They didn't find out for a WHILE who was doing it.
  523. [19:34:00] <Giantree> Eventually they did, and kicked the protag out of town, something something this part's mostly gone already, but I know that the protag started snooping around and DIGGING (using some sort of magical robot powers no less)... like, literally digging inside the walls to sneak into town, and accidentally snuck into just the perfect place to overhear the handlers talking and plotting with a 4,1mysterious person who was clearly evil and clearly the BBEG.
  524. [19:34:31] <Giantree> So the protag gets caught snooping but uses magical robot powers to beat up the handlers and two others who mysteriously appeared out of nowhere, calling them the 1,1Elite 4
  525. [19:35:03] <Giantree> It turned out that it was being narrated by the protagonist the whole time, and I just hadn't been listening/paying attention
  526. [19:35:52] <Giantree> They go on, in the very last moment, to define who the Elite 4 were and point out the mysterious person, the champion, their rival, and how his name was "Bolts."  They're also like "He was my brother - yeah, that means my name is actually 'Nuts.'"
  527. [19:36:14] <Giantree> and in that moment, immediately before the climactic battle, my suspension of disbelief exploded and I woke up like 'WHAT'
  528. [19:36:15] <Giantree> the end
  530. [20:56:36] <Giantree> oh yeah I actually slept through the afternoon+evening
  531. [20:56:58] <Giantree> had a weird dream involving robots and everything turning out to have actually been in the pokémon setting at the last second
  532. [20:57:09] <Giantree> baffled by the fact that I still remember it
  534. August 22, 2013
  535. [16:56:20] <Giantree> ALSO I feel that I should probably mention that I had a dream about meeting Blax and hanging out in-person, turns out he was actually hardcore as fuck
  536. [16:57:37] <Giantree> Apparently he was some sort of megatechnogod who lived in a house filled with computers, all of which were set to stream things or something?  And while we were dicking around he got a phone call or.. did SOMETHING that led to him finding out that one of those computers exploded.
  537. [16:58:02] <Giantree> And I thought he was using the term 'exploded' as a joke and it had a BSoD or something, but no, he quickly clarified that it literally exploded.
  538. [16:58:23] <Giantree> And he was like "The fire's not a big deal, [the other computers] can handle it"
  539. [17:00:29] <Giantree> Oh, yeah, I never did find out why it exploded
  540. [17:00:33] <Giantree> so it was probably wizards
  541. [17:08:44] <@Oxford> "The fire's not a big deal, the other computers can handle it" <-excellent
  542. [17:09:03] <Giantree> I actually forget how exactly he phrased it in dreamworld
  543. [17:09:08] <Giantree> but I know it involved a fire being mentioned
  544. [17:09:19] <Giantree> and him just givingnofucks through it
  545. [17:09:36] <Giantree> oh, he also wore sunglasses
  546. [17:09:41] <Giantree> and never took them off
  548. [06:38:21] <Blaxploitation> Giantree
  549. [06:38:23] <Blaxploitation> I need you for a moment
  550. [06:38:28] <Blaxploitation> i'm going to be installing a new OS
  551. [06:38:36] <Blaxploitation> But, I am incredibly worried about my computer exploding
  552. [06:38:39] <Blaxploitation> like that dream of yours
  553. [06:38:51] <Blaxploitation> so if that does happen, please tell everyone in Suptg what has happened
  554. [06:38:56] <Blaxploitation> I.E if i'm not around by like...monday
  555. [06:39:07] <Blaxploitation> Can you do that for me?
  557. [16:14:13] * Blaxploitation ( has joined #magicalburst
  558. [16:14:20] <&Giantree> o gud
  559. [16:14:24] <&Giantree> he didn't explode
  560. [16:14:26] <&Giantree> yet
  561. [16:15:13] <Blaxploitation> I did explode
  562. [16:15:21] <Blaxploitation> but I fixed it
  563. [16:15:33] <Blaxploitation> just as your prophetic dream fortold
  564. [16:15:39] <Blaxploitation> My other computers could handle it B)
  565. [16:15:41] <&Giantree> I am definitely a wizard
  566. [16:15:53] <&Giantree> clairvoyance is my true superpower
  567. [16:15:54] <Blaxploitation> yeah it broke so I had to borrow my dad's laptop
  568. [16:15:55] <&Giantree> thx 4 believing
  569. [16:15:57] <Blaxploitation> to get back on mIRC
  570. [16:15:59] <Blaxploitation> to fix it
  571. [16:16:01] <Blaxploitation> with help
  572. [16:16:22] <Blaxploitation> but yeah
  573. [16:16:24] <Blaxploitation> it was totally exploded
  574. [16:16:25] <Blaxploitation> like
  575. [16:16:31] <Blaxploitation> "HDD stuck with no OS"
  576. [16:16:32] <Blaxploitation> exploded
  578. August 28, 2013
  579. [17:06:31] <&Giantree> btw I had a dream about bridget
  580. [17:06:32] <&Giantree> but
  581. [17:06:35] <&Giantree> that's all I remember
  583. September 1, 2013
  584. [21:20:21] <&Giantree> Nah man, I've played almost every JRPG and Final Fantasy has a higher % of successful apocalypses than every other JRPG
  585. [21:20:46] <&Giantree> ... I'm including "when they made FF13" as an apocalypse though
  586. [21:22:50] <&Giantree> I had a dream about playing it last night, actually
  587. [21:23:03] <&Giantree> it was really weird because I woke up spending a few hours convinced that I'd actually played through all of it
  588. [21:23:09] <&Giantree> but then realized I didn't play it
  590. September 21, 2013
  591. [12:32:13] <Giantree> Speaking of railroady GMs I just remembered that I had this weird dream a few minutes ago where I met with some teacher... my first debate coach from high school I think?  And ran some sort of 1on1 campaign, I don't think it had rules or anything so it was probably freeform but it was about a psychologist or something, I remember his name was Arthur, that I was playing as a GMPC who was monitoring some crazy and both of us kept fully-filled-out diaries for them because they went through every single wacky day.  And then somehow I ended up recruiting more people for it, it got a huge following on /tg/ with posts about which characters are anon's favorites like it was an anime or something, and it ended up with this HUGE final boss fight inside a spaceship with this pretentious creator-of-the-universe thing or something.
  592. [12:32:20] <Giantree> I think I shed a tear as I woke up.
  593. [12:32:52] <Anise> you know it's a dream because /tg/ would be too busy telling you to fuck the crazy to actually do anythingn else
  594. [12:33:08] <Giantree> yeah that's true too
  596. October 30, 2013
  597. [07:07:29] <Giantree> Wow geez maybe thanks to you I just almost sleep-pissed
  598. [07:07:37] <Giantree> or maybe it was just total coincidence
  599. [07:08:06] <Giantree> but I had one of those dreams - I'd hesitate to say 'wet dream' because it wasn't like, erotic or anything - where doing something in the dream was apparently key for pissing
  600. [07:08:20] <Giantree> and in this one, it was casting some spell in an MMO
  601. [07:08:33] <Giantree> because I was playing an MMO (with japs, go figure) as some kind of healer class
  602. [07:08:49] <Giantree> and I got this SUPER NEAT spell where I could make clones of myself or something
  603. [07:09:13] <Giantree> right when I was casting it some pub showed up, though, and was like "NO DON'T CAST THAT"
  604. [07:09:25] <Giantree> and right at the same time I started to feel the sensation and woke up, unpissed
  605. [07:09:32] <Giantree> and was like
  606. [07:09:34] <Giantree> wow that was close
  607. [07:09:36] <Giantree> & weird
  608. [07:10:16] <Giantree> I'm not even going to question why my body associates spellcasting and urinating with one another
  610. November 5, 2013
  611. [13:09:45] <Soft> btw I had a dream about PSO
  613. [20:19:41] <Soft> btw speaking of games where buffs are a huge fucking deal, I just realized I forgot to tell the story of that pso dream I had
  614. [20:19:43] <Soft> because it was
  615. [20:19:43] <Soft> odd
  616. [20:19:50] <@SumDumD00d> oh right
  617. [20:20:05] <Soft> I think it took place in some bizarroverse where my parents played MMOs
  618. [20:20:10] <Soft> because I guess they were in my party
  619. [20:20:17] <Soft> not that they really did anything
  620. [20:20:19] <Soft> but they were
  621. [20:20:23] <Soft> so it was basically like
  622. [20:20:25] <Soft> first-person
  623. [20:20:28] <@SumDumD00d> ha
  624. [20:20:28] <Soft> VR or something
  625. [20:20:50] <Soft> I was in the perspective of my qt3.14 fomarl fighting... uhh what was the ultimate version of de rol le called
  626. [20:20:52] <Soft> da ral lie?
  627. [20:21:08] <@SumDumD00d> dunno
  628. [20:21:11] <@SumDumD00d> sounds close
  629. [20:21:16] <Soft> only it was a really weird arena, instead of being on one platform
  630. [20:21:18] <Soft> it was like
  631. [20:21:22] <Soft> rectangular uhhh
  632. [20:21:25] <Soft> ledges?
  633. [20:21:35] <Soft> it was like a catwalk, or whatever the word for that is
  634. [20:21:41] <Soft> and he was swimming in the middle
  635. [20:22:01] <Soft> but he still did the normal things he always does, like jumping up on platforms and shit
  636. [20:22:06] <Soft> so for some fucking reason
  637. [20:22:10] <Soft> I was using ZONDE
  638. [20:22:12] <Soft> not even
  639. [20:22:16] <Soft> good spells
  640. [20:22:22] <Soft> not even rafoie which I always spam on him
  641. [20:22:25] <Soft> wait was it gifoie?
  642. [20:22:26] <@SumDumD00d> zonde is useful as shit though
  643. [20:22:37] <Soft> not on him though, it's just one hit
  644. [20:22:39] <@SumDumD00d> gifoie is the two fireballs
  645. [20:22:42] <@SumDumD00d> that loop
  646. [20:22:43] <Soft> yeah it was ra then
  647. [20:22:51] <Soft> I know the gi/ra zondes are good
  648. [20:22:54] <Soft> especially against him
  649. [20:23:01] <@SumDumD00d> just saying
  650. [20:23:04] <@SumDumD00d> i love zonde
  651. [20:23:10] <Soft> but I spent like a whole minute doing not-much-damage
  652. [20:23:10] <@SumDumD00d> because its targeting
  653. [20:23:12] <@SumDumD00d> no directions
  654. [20:23:13] <Soft> zonde is good on robots
  655. [20:23:19] <@SumDumD00d> it will flip you around
  656. [20:23:22] <@SumDumD00d> 180 degrees
  657. [20:23:25] <Soft> lol
  658. [20:23:30] <@SumDumD00d> so you can get something faster than you can turn
  659. [20:23:39] <Soft> and eventually I went "fuck this" and started using rafoie
  660. [20:23:39] <@SumDumD00d> and face it to do melee
  661. [20:23:41] <@SumDumD00d> or better spells
  662. [20:23:49] <@SumDumD00d> rafoei looks cool
  663. [20:23:53] <Soft> that actually is neat
  664. [20:23:54] <@SumDumD00d> and SOUNDS COOL
  665. [20:23:57] <Soft> I swear I did somethingYES
  666. [20:23:59] <Soft> IT DOES
  667. [20:24:06] <Soft> I never get tired of it
  668. [20:24:14] <Soft> that's actually all I ever did in that game for the most part
  669. [20:24:20] <@SumDumD00d> rock too
  670. [20:24:26] <Soft> used rafoie?
  671. [20:24:28] <Soft> fuck yeah
  672. [20:24:29] <@SumDumD00d> yeah
  673. [20:24:39] <Soft> but, as soon as I started using it
  674. [20:24:41] <Soft> in the dream
  675. [20:24:44] <Soft> something happened like
  676. [20:24:49] <Soft> the arena was flooding or something?
  677. [20:24:56] <Soft> and I couldn't even get close enough to target him
  678. [20:25:03] <Soft> so my "party members" directed me
  679. [20:25:05] <Soft> to these like
  680. [20:25:06] <Soft> tiny boats
  681. [20:25:09] <Soft> tiny foot-sized boats
  682. [20:25:14] <Soft> just floating in the toxic water
  683. [20:25:27] <Soft> and they stood on top of the boats and chased after him
  684. [20:25:31] <Soft> and I got some boats too
  685. [20:25:41] <Soft> it was fucking terrifying, they constantly felt like they were going to sink
  686. [20:25:44] <Soft> but then came back up
  687. [20:26:06] <Soft> so anyway we fought some more all riding these tiny toy boats like water skis or something
  688. [20:26:32] <Soft> and suddenly my boats sunk again, and I expected them to come back up
  689. [20:26:34] <Soft> but they didn't
  690. [20:26:48] <Soft> and I sunk down into... whatever it was
  691. [20:27:01] <Soft> totally conscious while going down so deep I can't even explain it
  692. [20:27:09] <Soft> and THEN drowned
  693. [20:27:15] <Soft> it was k. morbid
  694. [20:27:20] <Soft> but it was also fucking awesome
  695. [20:27:44] <@SumDumD00d> k.?
  696. [20:27:49] <Soft> 'kinda'
  698. [20:29:56] <Soft> oh
  699. [20:29:59] <Soft> also goes without saying
  700. [20:30:02] <Soft> another thing present in that dream
  701. [20:30:07] <Soft> was 'running while wearing robes'
  702. [20:30:15] <Soft> fuck that
  704. December 8, 2013
  705. [20:37:31] <Giantree> I had a dream about unicorns
  706. [20:37:39] <Giantree> how is that relevant to anything, you ask?
  707. [20:37:40] <Giantree> it isn't
  708. [20:37:43] <@SumDumD00d> with or without wings
  709. [20:37:49] <Giantree> but it's stuck in my head because it's weird as fuck
  710. [20:37:54] <Giantree> both actually, let me explain
  711. [20:37:59] <Giantree> I think what I was doing
  712. [20:38:08] <Giantree> was I was playing kirby or something, definitely on a game boy either way
  713. [20:38:14] <Giantree> but over time it just kind of transformed
  714. [20:38:19] <Giantree> and then it was a barbie game instead
  715. [20:38:29] <Giantree> so unicorns appeared out of nowhere
  716. [20:38:50] <Giantree> and the protagonist - who I guess was supposed to be barbie by now - was able to go up to them
  717. [20:38:52] <Giantree> and a menu showed up
  718. [20:38:57] <Giantree> with things like "true friendship"
  719. [20:39:18] <Giantree> and I think somewhere along the line I read something about it, some bullshit about pure maidens like in many unicorn myths
  720. [20:39:25] <Giantree> so I picked "pure friendship"
  721. [20:39:32] <Giantree> and the unicorn, which I'm pretty sure didn't have wings
  722. [20:39:47] <Giantree> morphed into this demonic version of itself, with scales instead of feathers and demon wings
  723. [20:39:54] <Giantree> because barbie wasn't a pure enough maiden
  724. [20:40:17] <Giantree> and there was some message meant to make me feel bad like "it's just going to get killed now"
  725. [20:40:22] <Giantree> but it looked awesome
  727. December 11, 2013
  728. [23:46:45] <Giantree> I had a dream about it being wednesday
  729. [23:46:51] <Giantree> because the update on the one thing came out
  730. [23:46:54] <Giantree> but for some reason
  731. [23:46:57] <Giantree> I was still in school
  732. [23:47:02] <Giantree> so I had to open the client and let it patch
  733. [23:47:05] <Giantree> while I went to school
  734. [23:47:15] <Giantree> on my way to school, though, I decided I wanted to get a pumpkin
  735. [23:47:26] <Giantree> so I drove on a road the opposite direction of the school
  736. [23:47:28] <@SumDumD00d> was it tough enough
  737. [23:47:29] <Giantree> and got some pumpkins
  738. [23:47:33] <Giantree> no because I dropped it
  739. [23:47:37] <Giantree> and inside was an orange
  740. [23:47:37] <Giantree> like
  741. [23:47:39] <Giantree> not a whole orange
  742. [23:47:44] <Giantree> but the pumpkin had orange fruit
  743. [23:47:45] <Giantree> inside
  744. [23:47:55] <@SumDumD00d> sounds better than a normal pumpkin
  745. [23:47:58] <Giantree> and that's all I remember
  746. [23:48:02] <Giantree> yeah I fucking hate pumpkins
  747. [23:48:08] <Giantree> so I'd eat the fuck out of an orangekin
  749. December 23, 2013
  750. [01:14:05] <Soft> I am having so much fun composing jesus christ I actually had dreams about doing it all night- heh
  752. January 8, 2014
  753. [10:10:32] <Giantree> yeah, laf crashed my shit so hard that I had to restart
  754. [10:10:50] <Giantree> but instead of restarting I was just like "fuck I was going to bed in a minute anyway, I can request storytime later" and collapsed
  755. [10:11:08] <Giantree> then I had some bizarre-ass dreams
  756. [10:11:44] <Giantree> Like, one where I woke up from a dream to find out I slept in my car that was out in the middle of my backyard
  757. [10:12:02] <Giantree> then when I started it to pull back in I woke up again
  758. [10:12:09] <SweetLafs> ...
  759. [10:12:18] <Giantree> ellipsis indeed
  760. [10:12:19] <SweetLafs> wait you slept in your car?
  761. [10:12:31] <Giantree> I had a dream that I slept in my car, lrn2readingcomprehension
  762. [10:12:49] <Giantree> but I had a dream that I had a dream while sleeping in my car, I guess
  763. [10:12:51] <Giantree> weird shit
  765. January 9, 2014
  766. [02:56:11] <Soft> yeah I just had like a billion dreams in a row
  767. [02:56:15] <Soft> and none of them made any sense
  768. [02:56:56] <Soft> except for the last one at 2:49 before my alarm went off, where my cousin sent me an image telling me how funny it was
  769. [02:56:59] <Soft> er
  770. [02:57:01] <Soft> a text with
  771. [02:57:02] <Soft> that
  772. [02:57:08] <Soft> and it was just full of smaller images
  773. [02:57:16] <Soft> and because it was on my phone I couldn't see what was funny about it
  774. [02:57:33] <Soft> then I woke up and was about to reply to him when I realized it didn't actually happen
  776. [03:02:52] <Soft> wow shit one of those dreams was about playing valkyrie profile too apparently
  777. [03:03:02] <Soft> fry hi
  778. [03:03:03] <Soft> WAIT
  779. [03:03:03] <Soft> NO
  780. [03:03:09] <Soft> I was LARPing as valkyrie
  781. [03:03:10] <Soft> wow
  782. [03:03:12] <Soft> that was weird
  783. [03:03:15] <Soft> yeah forget that one please
  785. February 4, 2014
  786. (context: ghost trick)
  787. [09:46:49] <Giantree> holy nigger I crashed before finishing and ended up having a dream of a perfectly interactive, perfectly playable next chapter
  788. [09:47:07] <Giantree> and played through all of it, I don't think I even noticed it was a dream until after I woke up
  789. [09:47:21] <Giantree> it was in a graveyard or something too, totes believable
  791. (context: mabinogi)
  792. [15:29:14] <Giantree> I remember not even long ago, I had a dream where I hung out with people who played it
  793. [15:29:20] <Giantree> and "korean runescape" was like actually its name
  794. [15:29:23] <Giantree> everybody called it that
  796. February 21, 2014
  797. [04:01:25] <Bigwood> Actually, I just had a dream about the future wherein twitchémon's popularity caused "twitch plays"es to be as abundant as let's plays
  798. [04:01:50] <Bigwood> And I was talking to some guy who asked me if I'd been following twitch plays x or something, and I told him "Nah, I only watched the original one"
  799. [04:01:59] <Bigwood> then at the realization that I was mainstream, I jolted awake
  801. February 26, 2014
  802. [14:57:20] <Bigwood> I just had a dream
  803. [14:57:23] <Bigwood> that I gave you my wings
  804. [14:57:26] <Bigwood> and got new ones of my own
  805. [14:57:41] <Bigwood> but then I found out that mine actually weren't rare at all and everyone had them for super cheap
  806. [14:57:47] <Bigwood> but I was 2tmd to ask for my old ones back
  808. February 28, 2014
  809. [18:26:53] <Giantree> I had a dream last night
  810. [18:26:58] <Giantree> where I reminded myself to turn autojoin on
  811. [18:27:05] <Giantree> because I predicted this would happen
  812. [18:27:08] <Giantree> and then I forgot to anyway
  814. March 7, 2014
  815. [17:08:26] <Giantree> I just had a dream
  816. [17:08:30] <Giantree> about opening the freezer
  817. [17:08:35] <Giantree> and there was a fedora in the freezer
  818. [17:08:38] <@SumDumD00d> wow
  819. [17:08:53] <Giantree> with a post-it note attached to it
  820. [17:09:02] <Giantree> with the number of the guy who put the fedora in there apparently
  821. [17:09:04] <Giantree> sticky note?
  822. [17:09:10] <Giantree> too asleep to remember what they're called
  824. March 12, 2014
  825. [06:26:33] <Giantree> AH FUCK I DIDN'T CRANK UP MY VOLUME HIGH ENOUGH
  826. [06:26:49] <Giantree> I thought I could get away with the lazy alarm instead of a real one
  827. [06:26:52] <Giantree> guess not
  828. [06:27:30] <Giantree> I guess to substitute it I had a BIZARRE-ASS dream instead, which I'm still trying to make sense of
  829. [06:28:17] <Giantree> In it, the group I have with the one guy and used to be a bunch of others years ago (which is just called 'The Dojo' because hurr fighting games) was actually like... an orphanage or something?
  830. [06:28:32] <Giantree> and that was how we knew each other, ff8-style, we were all orphan kids who'd get together
  831. [06:28:44] <Giantree> well turned out one of us was actually a Belmont
  832. [06:29:15] <Giantree> and he was a fuckin' weirdo who would always tell everybody there that they were going to be his kids
  833. [06:29:27] <Giantree> which actually eventually made sense(!)
  834. [06:29:37] <Giantree> so friend-
  835. [06:29:41] <Giantree> actually
  836. [06:29:48] <Giantree> so level 80 guy and I, that makes it easier
  837. [06:30:06] <Giantree> were just going back there at our current ages to see what went down with that place
  838. [06:30:34] <Giantree> and we found furry weeaboo, like, the dude I'd always tell stories ago, being fat and doing furry myspace roleplaying as usual
  839. [06:31:12] <Giantree> but this time it was different, because he wanted to run tabletop instead, and I was apparently much more daring than I actually am and wanted to join on impulse to see how bad it really was
  840. [06:31:20] <Giantree> so that was what it was SUPPOSED to be
  841. [06:31:28] <Giantree> but in the dream apparently it played just like a fighting game
  842. [06:31:36] <Giantree> except furry weeaboo was still "GMing" it somehow
  843. [06:31:41] <Giantree> my character?
  844. [06:31:46] <Giantree> My character was Shaggy.
  845. [06:31:51] <Giantree> Like, Scooby-Doo Shaggy
  846. [06:32:15] <Giantree> and since he's a furry that pissed him off; I think lv80 was playing Scooby too to make it even more hilarious
  847. [06:32:21] <Giantree> but he was too beta to tell us to leave
  848. [06:33:03] <Giantree> so we did that every week while we dug through some sort of metaspace that was like "logfiles" of that place, I guess we were using a computer or something?
  849. [06:33:42] <Giantree> but we could also visually see junk piled everywhere and were walking down a really really long corridor when we did it, like some kind of crazy-ass VR
  850. [06:34:15] <Giantree> we did it though, because spoilers our mission now that we were grown up was to find the heir to the Belmont family
  851. [06:34:21] <Giantree> because crazy Belmont guy disappeared
  852. [06:34:53] <Giantree> and we were hinging on discovering a TWEEST when I heard the coffee maker beep go off and I jolted awake like "OH SHIT I SLEPT THROUGH GOASTHAM"
  853. [06:35:04] <Giantree> tl;dr my bad
  854. [06:35:12] <Giantree> but maybe don't actually tl;dr because that was a fun dream
  855. [06:37:25] <Giantree> Shaggy was great to play btw, while Furry Weeaboo was going on about the super srs furry planet setting or whatever I was doing Shaggy's moves like it was training mode; he had a rekka series where it was that thing in the shows where he comically runs in place before running away, and each input of it would make him run in place faster
  856. [06:37:34] <Giantree> it was ridic
  857. [06:46:19] <Giantree> and he had another one where he'd hide
  858. [06:46:22] <Giantree> that's it
  859. [06:46:24] <Giantree> he just
  860. [06:46:28] <Giantree> dives behind any nearby object
  861. [06:46:41] <Giantree> might've shouted "yikes" I'm not sure
  862. [06:46:46] <Giantree> top tier
  864. March 19, 2014
  865. [04:24:49] <Bigwood> I just uh
  866. [04:24:57] <Bigwood> had a dream about nathan graves in 3d
  867. [04:25:10] <@SumDumD00d> was he handsome
  868. [04:25:15] <Bigwood> he was beautiful
  869. [04:25:26] <@SumDumD00d> not as handsome as juste probably
  870. [04:25:37] <@SumDumD00d> i want juste to give me a hug
  871. [04:25:40] <@SumDumD00d> and then i'd smell his hair
  872. [04:25:51] <Bigwood> that's perfectly understandable
  873. [04:25:54] <Bigwood> juste was TOO fabulous
  874. [04:25:57] <Bigwood> but
  875. [04:25:58] <Bigwood> no
  876. [04:26:00] <Bigwood> he had like
  877. [04:26:02] <Bigwood> too many moves
  878. [04:26:08] <Bigwood> and that's all I remember
  879. [04:26:11] <@SumDumD00d> he does have a lot of moves
  880. [04:26:15] <@SumDumD00d> can he even
  881. [04:26:17] <@SumDumD00d> backdash though
  882. [04:26:18] <Bigwood> yeah but he had MORE moves
  883. [04:26:21] <@SumDumD00d> or can he only normal dash
  884. [04:26:24] <@SumDumD00d> or well
  885. [04:26:26] <Bigwood> well he backrolls
  886. [04:26:30] <@SumDumD00d> abnormal for castlevania dash
  887. [04:26:38] <Bigwood> in this he had like
  888. [04:26:39] <@SumDumD00d> uh
  889. [04:26:41] <Bigwood> grappling moves?
  891. [11:13:31] <Giantree> Trolls aside, YO I just had a dream
  892. [11:13:36] <Giantree> about manaketes
  893. [11:13:43] <Giantree> guess who made an appearance
  894. [11:13:47] * Giantree shiver
  895. [11:13:53] <Genshuku> oh
  896. [11:13:55] <Genshuku> oh
  897. [11:13:56] <Giantree> yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah
  898. [11:14:00] <Giantree> it was
  899. [11:14:02] <Giantree> too accurate
  900. [11:14:06] <Giantree> my subconscious is terrifying
  901. [11:14:19] <Giantree> It seemed like a cool idea, it was like a bunch of people on a road trip
  902. [11:14:27] <Giantree> and they each had their own manakete uhh, 'connected' to them I guess?
  903. [11:14:35] <Giantree> but mine just HAD to be you-know-whom
  904. [11:14:37] <Giantree> jesus
  905. [11:15:00] <Giantree> they were just chillin' in a big van
  906. [11:15:02] <Giantree> wings out and all
  907. [11:15:04] <Giantree> it was cute
  908. [11:15:07] <Giantree> that's all I remember though
  910. March 29, 2014
  911. [02:46:08] <Bigwood> I will confess
  912. [02:46:15] <Bigwood> I had a very ghost trick-inspired dream yesterday
  913. [02:46:21] <Bigwood> where there was a guy
  914. [02:46:21] <@SumDumD00d> did you
  915. [02:46:31] <Bigwood> who was apparently like, someone who didn't like me or vice versa
  916. [02:46:37] <Bigwood> because he was villainous in the dream
  917. [02:46:43] <Bigwood> but he had the whole possession power
  918. [02:46:50] <Bigwood> and he possessed everyone and everything to fuck around
  919. [02:47:01] <Bigwood> and especially to ruin my life and everything I tried to do
  920. [02:47:03] <Bigwood> for some reason
  921. [02:47:15] <Bigwood> the only point I remember is when I woke up and he was a cat on my bed
  922. [02:47:21] <Bigwood> and he tried to imply that he raped me in my sleep
  923. [02:47:22] <Bigwood> as a cat
  924. [02:47:36] <Bigwood> and I couldn't tell if he meant it or if he was joking
  925. [02:47:42] <Bigwood> I STILL can't tell
  926. [02:47:47] <Bigwood> it haunts me, even when awake
  927. [02:48:02] <Bigwood> ... oh and he still managed to talk when he was a cat
  928. [02:48:04] <Bigwood> that was weird too
  929. [02:48:18] <Bigwood> and somehow I knew his "original" form
  930. [02:48:20] <Bigwood> was inferno cop
  931. [02:48:22] <Bigwood> he was inferno cop
  932. [02:48:32] <Bigwood> *dreams*
  934. April 26, 2014
  935. [17:32:13] <@SDD> Giantree
  936. [17:32:23] <@SDD> xpress
  937. [17:32:26] <@SDD> don't be late
  938. [17:32:41] <Giantree> oh, thank you
  939. [17:32:41] <@SDD> gogogo
  940. [17:32:46] <Giantree> I was having dreams about being highlighted
  941. [17:32:46] <@SDD> gogo
  942. [17:32:48] <@SDD> imagination
  943. [17:32:49] <Giantree> and they weren't real
  945. May 2, 2014
  946. [04:33:31] <Soft> I was having one ofthose really long dreams about something
  947. [04:33:59] <Soft> dunno what
  948. [04:34:01] <Soft> lost it
  950. May 13, 2014
  951. [16:13:57] <Giantree> ah man I just realized I actually had a dream about DFO last night, clearly I am a prophet
  952. [16:14:16] <Giantree> it had something to do with the controls making no sense, like they were touchscreen controls or involved some bizarro hand movements or something
  953. [16:14:26] <Giantree> and I spent forever trying to figure out how to do EX full swing
  954. [16:14:27] <Shuku> >touchscreen controls
  955. [16:14:31] <Shuku> please don't be a prophet
  956. [16:14:32] <Shuku> ;_;
  957. [16:14:33] <Giantree> then eventually I did do EX full swing
  958. [16:14:36] <Giantree> and then I woke up
  959. [16:14:57] <Giantree> if there's one thing I hope to be a prophet of, it's that I get to do EX full swing again
  960. [16:15:01] <Giantree> god DAMN do I miss EX full swing
  961. [16:26:06] <Giantree> no wait, it wasn't touchscreen controls, because I remember trying to manually activate mana shield
  962. [16:26:10] <Giantree> and I was definitely doing it on a d-pad
  964. May 23, 2014
  965. [10:27:37] <@SumDumD00d> giantree
  966. [10:28:08] <Soft> thanks
  967. [10:28:17] <Soft> I kept waking up by dreamign up imaginary highlights
  968. [10:28:19] <Soft> it was awful
  970. May 24, 2014
  971. [22:32:31] <Giantree> as expected I had a fucking bizarre-ass dream
  972. [22:32:59] <Giantree> I was playing some SRW game, but since my subconscious doesn't know very much about giant robots or characters in mecha shows it apparently made them all up itself
  973. [22:33:58] <Giantree> Somewhere near what seemed to be the game's halfway point, at chapter 8, it suddenly went to a flashback without warning where a bunch of dudes similar to the protagonists fought some priest-looking guy named 'Meteor' and the latter's giant robot punched another giant robot SO HARD that it caused a big bang and reset the universe
  974. [22:34:13] <Giantree> it definitely sounds like something I'd write, that's for sure
  976. May 26, 2014
  977. [23:17:16] <Giantree> I just had like 3 dreams in a row while I was grinding
  978. [23:18:11] <Giantree> One wherein the one dude who'd been ditching me for two weeks and continually ignoring my recent calls/texts revealed that he was actually grinding too and had been leveling with someone else to hit cap and surprise me or something
  979. [23:18:29] <Giantree> but I know people aren't really like that and my subconscious is delusional
  981. May 27, 2014
  982. [05:36:36] <Giantree> Alright so I dreamt I was a qt college grill romancing Darcius
  983. [05:36:42] <Giantree> and woke up half-confused half-aroused
  984. [05:36:43] <Giantree> just gonna
  985. [05:36:45] <Giantree> leave that there
  986. [06:41:18] <xxsaznpride> >romancing darcius
  987. [06:41:39] <xxsaznpride> but he seems like the type who'd rather stick his finger in an electrical socket than interact with females
  988. [06:42:24] <Giantree> yeah that's partially why it was so weird
  989. [06:42:29] <Giantree> he was INCREDIBLY HOT in it though
  990. [06:42:38] <Giantree> and was also like, a mysterious transfer student or something
  991. [06:48:35] <xxsaznpride> was he also in the MC seat?
  992. [06:49:05] <Giantree> I woke up before we got to any classes
  993. [06:49:08] <Giantree> perhaps fortunately
  995. June 1, 2014
  996. [09:48:02] <Giantree> Wow now that I've woken up, I've gained awareness that the dream I just had was actually a dream I had, because it doesn't seem like something my subconscious would've come up with at all
  997. [09:48:16] <Giantree> Apparently I was playing Half-Life 2, which is something I know fuckall about
  998. [09:48:23] <Giantree> other than /v/ bitches about 3 being delayed or something?
  999. [09:49:03] <Giantree> So it took that and stretched it, because after playing for a couple minutes suddenly the plot of the game was to find Gabe Newell and kill him because he was the sole force causing the delay
  1000. [09:49:20] <Giantree> and it was in generic fps first-person as I went around doing fps things
  1001. [09:49:43] <Giantree> eventually I got to gaben and killed him and blew up a helicopter in this climactic boss fight I think
  1002. [09:49:59] <Adviceowl> MORGAN FREEMAN
  1003. [09:49:59] <Giantree> and got a cutscene with a "the princess is in another castle"-esque message and apparently that wasn't really him
  1004. [09:50:14] <Giantree> so I had to go to these SUPER DANGEROUS places
  1005. [09:50:16] <Giantree> and there was like
  1006. [09:50:22] <Giantree> a million cutscenes of exposition that I don't remember
  1007. [09:50:34] <Giantree> btw I remember the whole thing looking like it took place in a convention center or something
  1008. [09:50:43] <Giantree> because the next part was definitely in a huge stadium with bleachers
  1009. [09:50:49] <Giantree> so I went to a huge stadium with bleachers
  1010. [09:50:51] <Giantree> to do something
  1011. [09:50:56] <Giantree> and I had a bunch of allies by now
  1012. [09:51:09] <Giantree> and yeah I still haven't seen myself yet
  1013. [09:51:11] <Giantree> all first-person
  1014. [09:51:22] <Giantree> so something happens and I get hit by a sniper I think
  1015. [09:51:27] <Giantree> but instead of getting killed
  1016. [09:51:29] <Giantree> I just get captured
  1017. [09:51:34] <Giantree> and it turns out the sniper is the little girl
  1018. [09:51:35] <Giantree> like
  1019. [09:51:38] <Giantree> DFO mage little girl
  1020. [09:51:39] <Giantree> go figure
  1021. [09:51:50] <Giantree> and things finally stop being third-person
  1022. [09:51:55] <Giantree> and it turns out I too am the little girl
  1023. [09:52:04] <Giantree> and by getting captured I'm dragged into this
  1024. [09:52:08] <Giantree> loli dominatrix ring or something
  1025. [09:52:10] <Giantree> then I wake up
  1026. [09:52:21] <Giantree> fin
  1028. June 3, 2014
  1029. [10:31:18] <Giantree> man, I had a dream about playing a horror game
  1030. [10:31:33] <Giantree> where there was some loli who ran away and got trapped in a room with a killer
  1031. [10:31:38] <Giantree> and I couldn't save her
  1032. [10:31:44] <Giantree> so I reloaded a savestate and tried again
  1033. [10:31:46] <Giantree> hundreds of times
  1034. [10:31:50] <Giantree> and that's what the dream was about
  1035. [10:31:52] <Giantree> it was wack
  1036. [10:32:10] <AdviceSheik> Your dreams are shit
  1037. [10:32:15] <AdviceSheik> Loli deserved it
  1038. [10:32:17] <Giantree> nah I actually like them
  1039. [10:32:28] <AdviceSheik> Also could have been worse
  1040. [10:32:29] <Giantree> she did though, she was a bitch
  1041. [10:32:36] <Giantree> who hated my guts for some reason
  1042. [10:32:40] <AdviceSheik> Could have been a room with a Magister
  1043. [10:32:44] <Giantree> and the only way to get her to do anything was to lure her with candy
  1044. [10:32:57] <Giantree> yeah I actually used candy to try to save a kid from a serial killer
  1045. [10:33:10] <Giantree> I'm not sure who is worse in that scenario
  1046. [10:33:11] <AdviceSheik> Did it have a underwater loli escort mission?
  1047. [10:33:24] <Giantree> if it was underwater I'd never have known because it was all inside a building
  1048. [10:33:36] <Giantree> but at least we didn't have a breath meter or anything so nah it wasn't that bad
  1049. [10:33:40] <Giantree> no underwater controls either
  1050. [10:33:47] <AdviceSheik> I bet she got a breath meter
  1051. [10:33:51] <AdviceSheik> WHEN SHE SUCKED YOUR DICK
  1052. [10:33:53] <AdviceSheik> OOOOOOOOOOOH
  1053. [10:34:00] <Giantree> oh I was like her sister or something in that dream too btw
  1054. [10:34:12] <AdviceSheik> inb4 bitch too
  1055. [10:34:22] <Giantree> no I think I was actually a strong-willed female protagonist
  1056. [10:34:43] <Giantree> who was just a little on-edge because bitchy imouto not taking fucking candy and sitting down instead of putting herself in danger
  1057. [10:34:47] <Giantree> fuck little sisters
  1058. [10:35:40] <Giantree> I still think the one with gaben and the loli dominatrix ring was a little more fun
  1059. [10:35:43] <Giantree> but they were both good
  1060. [10:36:04] <AdviceSheik> >Not Gaben Dominiatrix with game developer loli
  1061. [10:36:15] <Giantree> if I stayed asleep it probs would've turned into that
  1063. June 17, 2014
  1064. [04:06:52] <Giantree> I've been having increasingly wack dreams lately
  1065. [04:07:11] <Giantree> mainly when I take sleeping pills
  1066. [04:07:19] <Giantree> like last night I popped one and had a bunch about bayonetta
  1067. [04:07:31] <Giantree> one about being a witch and then another one about being apprenticed to a witch
  1068. [04:07:39] <Giantree> and I guess the witch was bayonetta because who else would it be
  1069. [04:07:47] <Giantree> and then just a bunch in a row of the same thing and I can't remember any of them
  1070. [04:07:52] <Giantree> other than it was like EXTREME BAYONETTA
  1071. [04:07:57] <Giantree> fucking subconscious
  1073. June 30, 2014
  1074. [14:32:06] <Giantree> ... suddenly I'm reminded that I had a dream about playing a launcher
  1075. [14:32:17] <James> they're plenty fun
  1076. [14:32:27] <Giantree> playing a launcher while being trapped together in a house with my high school sweetheart
  1077. [14:32:35] <James> oh
  1078. [14:32:41] <Giantree> while we were attacked by ghosts by something, and I think the only way I could defeat them was by opening up dfo
  1079. [14:32:48] <Giantree> and playing through a stage to fight them all
  1080. [14:32:52] <Giantree> .. as a flauncher
  1081. [14:33:00] <James> at least it's the good one
  1082. [14:33:10] <Giantree> actually I'm p. sure mlauncher is way better
  1083. [14:33:33] <Giantree> from what I read and saw during the alpha when this lawnchair from my guild helped out during the 70 grind
  1084. [14:33:37] <James> you could make mlauncher 1hit the entire dungeon
  1085. [14:33:37] <Giantree> well, rather, I helped him
  1086. [14:33:47] <Giantree> yeah something like that
  1087. [14:33:50] <James> but as long as flauncher still says "BIG MAMA" flauncher will still be better
  1088. [14:33:56] <Giantree> fair
  1089. [14:33:57] <Giantree> enough
  1090. [14:34:03] <Giantree> that's especially what I remember dreaming about
  1091. [14:34:19] <Giantree> I think muscle memory was involved too, I was probably moving my fingers to hit the L2 button in my sleep
  1093. July 19, 2014
  1094. [18:59:08] <Giantree> it's the one where it was all gibberish
  1095. [18:59:12] <Giantree> it looked GODLIKE
  1096. [18:59:27] <Giantree> I was really tired when watching it, so I couldn't tell if I was like
  1097. [18:59:29] <Giantree> dreaming it or what
  1098. [18:59:32] <Giantree> but I think it actually happened
  1099. [19:00:54] <Giantree> ok
  1100. [19:00:55] <Giantree> so
  1101. [19:00:59] <Giantree> it turns out I actually did dream it
  1102. [19:01:29] <Giantree> I dreamed that in place of a preview was like, 30 seconds of dialogue in a language that doesn't exist
  1103. [19:01:33] <Giantree> with lots of bizarre imagery
  1105. July 20, 2014
  1106. [10:46:18] <Giantree> oh yeah I forgot most of it by now, but I'd also like to detail how I DID have a wack dream this fine morning
  1107. [10:46:46] <Giantree> what I remember about it, it was about purizumu but it had the cards eyecuts has for like, outfit parts and such
  1108. [10:46:57] <Giantree> and somehow it was possible to steal those or something
  1109. [10:47:30] <Giantree> so instead of being about idols singing, the whole thing was about dickass teenage girls tricking and betraying each other to steal their clothes
  1110. [10:48:22] <Giantree> there was actually, like, characters and a plot, and I think the dream went on for so long that it was like 13+-episode-anime length, but all I really recall about it is that premise
  1111. [10:48:34] <Giantree> and the fact that that shabadoobie song from eyecuts was playing the ENTIRE time
  1112. [10:48:48] <Giantree> uhhh
  1113. [10:48:53] <Giantree> dance in the rain, that's what it was
  1114. [10:49:39] <Giantree> it was both obnoxious and adorable
  1115. [10:49:45] <Giantree> (fin)
  1117. July 25, 2014
  1118. [04:32:19] <Giantree> yeah i had a dream about the highlightg noise
  1119. [04:32:21] <Giantree> being
  1120. [04:32:26] <Giantree> a thing that wasn't a highlight noies
  1122. August 14, 2014
  1123. [03:58:48] <Giantree> didn't help that I just had a dream about waking up and coming here, only to actually wake up immediately after and realize I wasn't already here
  1125. August 25, 2014
  1126. [03:36:57] <@SumDumD00d> i'd say you can lay down and try to think about what you're going to play tomorrow but that's like the opposite of something that would get your mind inactive enough to sleep
  1127. [03:37:47] <Giantree> Yeah I SORT OF did that, but what happened more is that I basically started dreaming while thinking about a thing and ended up getting sucked into the last videogame I played
  1128. [03:39:22] <@SumDumD00d> so wait
  1129. [03:39:28] <@SumDumD00d> your dream was videogame
  1130. [03:39:33] <@SumDumD00d> or you got up and played videogame
  1131. [03:39:40] <Giantree> other way around
  1132. [03:39:41] <Giantree> or
  1133. [03:39:47] <Giantree> well I guess there was no getting up since it was before I sleeped
  1134. [03:40:16] <Giantree> but I lied down while focusing on the ending and I guess I ended up dreaming about being a bounty hunter
  1135. [03:40:32] <Giantree> which i am totally ok with because plots about bounty hunters are the best
  1137. August 30, 2014
  1138. [03:44:14] <@SumDumD00d> this season sure is going out with a wimper
  1139. [11:24:41] <Giantree> 1) whimper
  1140. [11:24:57] <Giantree> 2) shiggle I forgot to mention earlier, thanks to crashing right after pripara I had a fucked up dream
  1141. [11:25:11] <Giantree> wherein I could go into the priparaverse through my pc monitor and become a moeblob
  1142. [11:25:18] <Giantree> my dog came too, and he turned into a pomeranian
  1143. [11:25:32] <Giantree> that's all I got though, I don't remember what kind of nightmarish songs I sang
  1144. [11:25:36] <Giantree> just that there was a lot of pink
  1146. [22:01:17] <@SumDumD00d> Giantree warning highlight
  1147. [22:03:06] <Giantree> oh good thing i checked
  1148. [22:04:06] <Giantree> man, doublegood because i was having a horror dream
  1149. [22:04:08] <Giantree> not like
  1150. [22:04:09] <Giantree> a nightmare
  1151. [22:04:20] <Giantree> but it took place in some sort of horror movie/game/story/etc
  1152. [22:05:48] <Giantree> something about some guy who did nerd shit and he told a story about doing a thing where he drove a monster truck on a murder rampage only to get attacked by demons that lived in ceilings
  1153. [22:06:08] <Giantree> and his dm like, made a puppet that looked like the thing and attached it to his actual ceiling when he slept
  1154. [22:06:15] <Giantree> then showed upa t his house and made him fight it?
  1155. [22:06:31] <Giantree> and i was fucking horrified of ceiling demons so i kept body armor with me all the time
  1156. [22:06:35] <Giantree> i dont even knwo what tehfuck
  1157. [22:07:31] <@SumDumD00d> that's a weird one
  1158. [22:08:15] <Giantree> yeah i heard the highlight when it hit a point where i was back in high school for some reason and I was checking my locker to get my armor out
  1159. [22:08:19] <Giantree> but the combination wouldn't work
  1160. [22:08:24] <Giantree> and i knew the ceiling demons were coming
  1161. [22:08:33] <Giantree> so slightly saved
  1162. [22:08:38] <@SumDumD00d> hooray
  1163. [22:08:47] <Giantree> then i sat in bed for a few minutes like "it's just darcius, i'll go back to sleep"
  1164. [22:08:50] <Giantree> should've used the other one
  1165. [22:09:01] <Giantree> checked anyway out of curiosity though
  1166. [22:26:28] <@SumDumD00d> bring it
  1168. September 4, 2014
  1169. [04:29:40] <Giantree> oh yeah so I had a dream about being even more NEET than usual
  1170. [04:29:59] <Giantree> where I got employed by what the dream referred to as "the guys who made kirby"
  1171. [04:30:01] <Giantree> HAL labs I guess
  1172. [04:30:12] <Giantree> and I soon found out your tragic backstory
  1173. [04:30:23] <Giantree> was the whole reason you became NEET was - beeps - because you worked there
  1174. [04:30:26] <Giantree> and made kirby's adventure
  1175. [04:30:30] <@SumDumD00d> it's true
  1176. [04:30:34] <Giantree> and then got fired and they stole all your money or something
  1177. [04:30:40] <@SumDumD00d> also true
  1178. [04:30:59] <Giantree> all the rest is like
  1179. [04:31:00] <Giantree> shattered
  1180. [04:31:03] <Giantree> that's all I can remember
  1181. [04:31:12] <Giantree> it was one of those super long saga dreams though
  1183. September 5, 2014
  1184. [09:22:40] <Giantree> that said I'm up for good, so what I'll do is record the dream I had here just in case I forget it in the future
  1185. [09:23:04] <Giantree> Okay, so someone makes a post on 4chan with a screencap, right?
  1186. [09:23:08] <Giantree> a screencap of a 4chan post obvs
  1187. [09:23:28] <Giantree> the screencap, though, is from the future, and all of its dates are like, 2015+
  1188. [09:23:39] <Giantree> and it's of a bunch of really long posts like one of those /tg/ stories
  1189. [09:24:04] <Giantree> so it gets posted and there are a lot of reaction images and some compliments on OP's photoshop work and etc
  1190. [09:24:14] <Giantree> but it soon fades into obscurity
  1191. [09:24:46] <Giantree> Then, the date in the screencap comes, and at the exact time in the image somebody makes a post with the exact same text as in the cap
  1192. [09:25:00] <Giantree> and everything goes exactly as was in it, even the anon replies
  1193. [09:25:19] <Giantree> and for some reason nobody jumps in to combo breaker it or anything... or maybe, they can't
  1194. [09:25:36] <Giantree> I woke up spooked and had a massive anal evacuation
  1195. [09:25:53] <Giantree> fin
  1197. September 14, 2014
  1198. [12:03:27] <Giantree> I know I had a dream about being trapped in an mmo where if you die in the game, you die for real
  1199. [12:03:30] <Giantree> but that's all I remember
  1201. October 1, 2014
  1202. [07:47:06] <Soft> damn, I got nord SO hard that I had a dream where he responded instead and had dreamt about one long conversation with him that entire time
  1203. [07:47:09] <Soft> BIZARRO
  1205. October 17, 2014
  1206. [07:30:32] <Soft> mother of FUCK I just had like the most cruel nightmare ever
  1207. [07:30:57] <Soft> so it was about some sort of gang war in a train, and you'd think that'd be the central conflict
  1208. [07:31:24] <Soft> but no, after that part the like... train staff apologized or something and for some reason all the gang members(?) took a bath in this like
  1209. [07:31:28] <Soft> huge public bath place
  1210. [07:31:52] <Soft> suddenly though, while I was in there, I looked up
  1211. [07:32:06] <Soft> and there was this thing that looked it was either a large spider or a small scorpion on the ceiling
  1212. [07:32:18] <Soft> so I'd move, but every time I moved it'd move with me at exactly the same speed
  1213. [07:32:30] <Soft> and it never dropped down or anything, just kept sitting there until I moved
  1214. [07:32:47] <Soft> somehow I instinctually knew that if I tried to get out, it'd immediately drop down
  1215. [07:32:57] <Soft> so I just spent hours stirring in terror of that thing
  1216. [07:33:16] <Soft> and after waking up I can't even lie down without constantly looking up at the ceiling and fearing that it's there
  1217. [07:33:26] <Soft> jesus h christ subconscious what the fuck did I ever do to you
  1218. [07:33:27] <Soft> yeesh
  1220. [18:48:23] <Giantree> finally managed to brave the bed, only to have ANOTHER awful dream
  1221. [18:48:36] <Giantree> this one wasn't as bad though, just about getting beat up or something
  1222. [18:49:39] <Giantree> god damn I can still FEEL that thing being above my head
  1224. October 20, 2014
  1225. [04:30:53] <Giantree> I THINK
  1226. [04:30:55] <Giantree> recently
  1227. [04:30:58] <Giantree> I had a dream or something
  1228. [04:31:02] <Giantree> about the ability to float
  1229. [04:31:12] <Giantree> and just casually floating while sitting injun style instead of walking
  1230. [04:31:23] <@SDD> that's the best float pose
  1231. [04:31:28] <Giantree> and I remember the sensation of doing that, just floating around instead of walking
  1232. [04:31:32] <@SDD> unless you have a robe maybe
  1233. [04:31:34] <@SDD> i want to see
  1234. [04:31:37] <Giantree> and belittling all the plebeians who still walk
  1235. [04:31:41] <@SDD> injun style with elegant robe
  1236. [04:31:45] <@SDD> levitation
  1237. [04:31:47] <Giantree> you can totes do it in a robe
  1238. [04:31:53] <@SDD> yeah you can but
  1239. [04:31:58] <@SDD> it's gonna look like you have knee boobs
  1240. [04:31:59] <@SDD> or something
  1241. [04:32:04] <@SDD> crazy ones
  1242. [04:32:06] <Giantree> goofy
  1244. October 24, 2014
  1245. [04:30:02] <Giantree> yeah I dreamt about nerd shit
  1246. [04:30:03] <Giantree> but
  1247. [04:30:07] <Giantree> I was running scooby doo
  1248. [04:30:17] <Giantree> and the people from the group I do the d&ds with
  1249. [04:30:18] <Giantree> were like
  1250. [04:30:22] <Giantree> arranged and dressed in such a way
  1251. [04:30:27] <@SumDumD00d> dude
  1252. [04:30:29] <Giantree> that they looked exactly like scooby doo characters
  1253. [04:30:31] <@SumDumD00d> have you heard
  1254. [04:30:35] <@SumDumD00d> about the mike tyson show
  1255. [04:30:36] <Giantree> I was playing scooby
  1256. [04:30:39] <Giantree> but I was dming
  1257. [04:30:47] <Giantree> so it was about scooby getting ~kidnapped~
  1258. [04:30:53] <Giantree> also no
  1259. [04:30:58] <@SumDumD00d> there is gonna be
  1260. [04:31:03] <@SumDumD00d> a mike tyson voiced show
  1261. [04:31:05] <@SumDumD00d> on adult swim
  1262. [04:31:11] <@SumDumD00d> themed as scooby doo pretty much
  1263. [04:31:13] <@SumDumD00d> not exactly
  1264. [04:31:21] <@SumDumD00d> but 'mike tyson mysteries'
  1265. [04:31:27] <@SumDumD00d> in similar to scooby doo style
  1266. [04:31:28] <@SumDumD00d> it looks
  1267. [04:31:29] <@SumDumD00d> AMAZE
  1268. [04:31:37] <Giantree> tl;dr it ended up with everybody getting distracted and never doing anything, like the guy playing fred(?) was a huge jock and went around like
  1269. [04:31:46] <Giantree> accidentally knocking a huge wall of paintings
  1270. [04:31:48] <Giantree> off the wall
  1271. [04:32:04] <Giantree> so we had to spend hours picking it up
  1272. [04:32:09] <Giantree> and we never got to finish
  1273. [04:32:12] <Giantree> I woke up sad
  1274. [04:32:19] <Giantree> because that's how real nerd shit actually goes
  1275. [04:32:21] <Giantree> fucking subconscious
  1277. October 26, 2014
  1278. [11:00:26] <Giantree> like i'm p. pissed at my subconscious lately because i spent one day reading logs and suddenly started having FUCKING CONSTANT dreams about the dramaqueens and going back to them
  1279. [11:00:34] <Giantree> and they're not even angry dreams, they're like
  1280. [11:00:44] <Giantree> really happy and everyone's getting past their differences and having a good time
  1281. [11:00:56] <Giantree> like my subconscious is being like "stop being so angry you dumbass"
  1282. [11:01:14] <Giantree> it's full of shit obvs
  1283. [11:01:23] <Giantree> man, one of them
  1284. [11:01:42] <Giantree> one of them was about actually meeting one of the guys from there and just like1[11:01:45] <Giantree> running away from home
  1285. [11:01:50] <Giantree> walking on a field of infinite grass
  1286. [11:02:01] <Giantree> I think we had random encounters with robots along the way or something too
  1287. [11:02:05] <Giantree> but I'm sure that's normal
  1289. November 3, 2014
  1290. [15:18:31] <Soft> also I had a dream that my doge got his skin torn off and he was like a half-skellington
  1291. [15:18:45] <Soft> but he just acted like normal and didn't give a fuck, even though half his internal organs were missing
  1293. November 6, 2014
  1294. [18:03:48] <Giantree> Also man Shooky whenever you next pay attention to this channel I wanna say, I just had a weird-ass alt reality dream: In it, the reason Spehss failed was not because of bratty dramaqueens disappearing but rather, because we had our own private PSO2 server with a big lobby that we'd use exclusively for roleplaying in the ship that the campaign took place in, and when we did missions we'd move to IRC or whatever.  And eventually people just got too lazy to log onto that just to be in the lobby so it... ended the same way the real one did actually.
  1295. [18:04:06] <Giantree> But MAN I still remember vividly what the dreamship looked like for some reason, it was fuckin' coolio
  1297. November 13, 2014
  1298. [03:35:21] <Giantree> I had a dream about paca
  1299. [03:35:22] <@SumDumD00d> the dog?
  1300. [03:35:26] <@SumDumD00d> oh
  1301. [03:35:27] <@SumDumD00d> really
  1302. [03:35:29] <Giantree> not the one in the show, but MY paca
  1303. [03:35:31] <Giantree> like
  1304. [03:35:39] <Giantree> I was picking her up and throwing her as a weapon or something
  1305. [03:35:42] <Giantree> but that's all I remember
  1307. November 20, 2014
  1308. [20:44:31] <@SumDumD00d> nilla wafers suck now
  1309. [20:44:52] <Giantree> did they not always
  1310. [20:45:05] <@SumDumD00d> they used to be okay
  1311. [20:45:07] <@SumDumD00d> but now it's
  1312. [20:45:09] <@SumDumD00d> p gross
  1313. [20:45:21] <Giantree> when was the last time you had one
  1314. [20:45:25] <Giantree> because I could say something SORT OF similar
  1315. [20:45:30] <Giantree> but
  1316. [20:45:34] <Giantree> when I enjoyed them was 'as a toddler'
  1317. [20:45:39] <Giantree> 'before developing an actual sense of taste'
  1318. [20:46:09] <Giantree> actually i specifically remember eating them at my grandmother's house
  1319. [20:46:13] <Giantree> she stocked those and fruit gushers
  1320. [20:46:24] <Giantree> and nobody else, not even my even-more-toddler cousin, cared about them
  1321. [20:46:29] <Giantree> so they'd just sit there forever until I came to visit
  1322. [20:46:43] <Giantree> I just had a dream about her and that general topic, which is why I'm recounting it
  1323. [20:46:51] <Giantree> don't remember the details, but it definitely involved that somehow
  1324. [20:46:54] <Giantree> and the wafers
  1326. November 21, 2014
  1327. [03:18:56] <Giantree> a few hours ago
  1328. [03:19:04] <Giantree> I was dreaming the most autistic dream I'd ever dreamt
  1329. [03:19:20] <Giantree> because I'd been binging on fire emblems and shining forces and whatnot, surely I brought this on myself, but
  1330. [03:19:26] <Giantree> it was about playing some kind of JSRPG
  1331. [03:19:30] <Giantree> but it wasn't like
  1332. [03:19:32] <Giantree> abstracted
  1333. [03:19:41] <Giantree> like "I knew I was playing a game in the dream but didn't actually play it"
  1334. [03:19:45] <Giantree> I remember going over
  1335. [03:19:47] <Giantree> every single detail
  1336. [03:19:52] <Giantree> every single unit had stats
  1337. [03:19:59] <Giantree> and I was playing out entire maps
  1338. [03:20:12] <Giantree> I don't know if I was even wholly asleep, I could feel the sleep paralysis
  1339. [03:20:14] <Giantree> but it just kept going
  1340. [03:20:17] <Giantree> it was kind of horrifying
  1341. [03:20:54] <Giantree> especially since instead of having clever designs and cute portraits, the units were all purple spheres with designs on them
  1342. [03:20:57] <Giantree> so it was like
  1343. [03:21:01] <Giantree> literally a game an autist would play
  1344. [03:21:05] <Giantree> that would be made by an autist
  1345. [03:21:07] <Giantree> for autists
  1346. [03:21:13] <Giantree> my mind may have been invaded by a psychic autist
  1347. [03:21:17] <Giantree> that could've been what happened
  1348. [03:21:19] <Giantree> p. freaky
  1350. [12:20:16] <FUCKUIMABOT> 03 _\|/_ WEED ALARM _\|/_ hell yeah its 4:20 in Saipan, Northern Mariana Islands!!!!! _\|/_ smoke weed _\|/_ ( .__.) . o O ( weed )
  1351. [12:20:26] <Giantree> shit hold that thought weedbot
  1352. [12:20:28] <Giantree> I just
  1353. [12:20:30] <Giantree> had a dream about you
  1354. [12:20:32] <Giantree> I know I did
  1355. [12:20:38] <Giantree> but I thought I lost all the details until you did that
  1356. [12:20:43] <Giantree> MAN what was it about
  1357. [12:23:51] <Giantree> ok sorry weedbot I can't remember, I just know that it had something to do with telling somebody that there was a bot who'd say that it was 4:20 all the time, even when it wasn't 4:20
  1358. [12:23:59] <Giantree> please find it in your bot heart to forgive me
  1359. [12:25:02] <Giantree> I DO remember that right after that I had another dream that was much more interesting: In it, I had a little sister (she was supes qt too) and for some reason my whole family was raiding abandoned houses like we were paranormal investigators or something, only instead of investigating ghosts we just stole shit and took it home because these places had lots of money & shit left in them
  1360. [12:25:48] <Giantree> It was really detailed and well-played-out, in that everything was written like a horror game or something, and there weren't even any ghosts or monsters, just spooky atmosphere through the whole place and hella loot
  1361. [12:26:26] <Giantree> at the end, I was so spooked that I decided it was time to head back and asked my mother where my father is, and then she growled and started attacking
  1362. [12:26:31] <Giantree> boo we were possessed by the ghosts all along
  1363. [12:26:40] <Giantree> it was p. well written, I wish I could do that consciously
  1364. [12:26:42] <Giantree> I'd make millions
  1365. [12:27:21] <Giantree> I didn't wake up until just the imouto & I ran back to the entrance and I blacked out right before she could leave
  1366. [12:27:27] <Giantree> ~2spooky~
  1368. November 22, 2014
  1369. [16:56:55] <Giantree> man
  1370. [16:56:56] <Giantree> i had
  1371. [16:56:58] <Giantree> a dream about pso2
  1372. [16:56:59] <Giantree> actually
  1373. [16:57:15] <Giantree> like i downloaded it and my dad joined me in character making
  1374. [16:57:23] <ThatRockGuy> i dreamed of it a lot
  1375. [16:57:28] <ThatRockGuy> mostly just launcher use
  1376. [16:57:33] <Giantree> and he did the whole "son, i am disappoint" routine as i spent hours on a little girl
  1377. [16:57:35] <ThatRockGuy> cus launcher use is fun
  1378. [16:57:40] <Giantree> though
  1379. [16:57:46] <Giantree> like 200 of the hair options
  1380. [16:57:48] <Giantree> all had pirate hats
  1381. [16:57:49] <Giantree> it was weird
  1383. December 3, 2014
  1384. [07:51:26] <Giantree> I will, however,
  1385. [07:52:03] <Giantree> detail a dream I had for funmusement because I know the shook is one of those rare few who scrolls up to read backlogs sometimes and there's something about this one that says I need to write it down
  1386. [07:52:25] <Giantree> So somehow I ended up in this big house full of orphans and runaways, right
  1387. [07:52:31] <Giantree> and it turns out that all they do
  1388. [07:52:35] <Giantree> is they just play FATE all the time
  1389. [07:53:02] <Giantree> so I joined them and played the fuck out of that, but I wasn't GMing so I was like
  1390. [07:53:22] <Giantree> playing some sort of sanic fast loli rogue/spellcaster hybrid doing parkour all over some city
  1391. [07:53:25] <Giantree> 1,1so the usual
  1392. [07:53:58] <Giantree> However, no doubt a parody of the obnoxious-ass magic toolkit that Core has, apparently in this dreamverse the rules for casting spells were super bullshit
  1393. [07:54:17] <Giantree> like, so super bullshit that in order to cast one to run up a wall I had to draw from a deck of cards and also play bingo or something
  1394. [07:54:35] <Giantree> and it took 3 hours to resolve that one thing happening
  1395. [07:54:42] <Giantree> it's BRILLIANT I'm mailing it to evil hat right now
  1397. December 4, 2014
  1398. [03:03:31] <Giantree> i just had a dream that was like
  1399. [03:04:02] <Giantree> apparently my subconscious knew that i was so pissed about living with parents who constantly throw my shit away for no reason and move things around to where it takes forever to find them
  1400. [03:04:37] <@SDD> weird
  1401. [03:04:42] <Giantree> that it was a dream about how i ended up in this house full of like, orphans or something and they had a rule where they all just left shit around and hi music and i'm not awake enough to type all this
  1402. [03:04:44] <Giantree> i'll do it later
  1403. [03:05:10] <Giantree> but the realization that everyone did exactly what i do was when it became clear that it was a dream
  1404. [03:07:11] <Giantree> yeah i thinik the dream was more about the 'moving things around to where they're impossible to find' side of it
  1405. [03:07:28] <Giantree> oh and also using things in suboptimal ways because lazy
  1407. December 5, 2014
  1408. [03:31:01] <Giantree> so I will instead detail a dream i had
  1409. [03:31:06] <@SumDumD00d> ok
  1410. [03:31:16] <Giantree> it was a wish fulfillment dream much like lasterday's
  1411. [03:31:22] <Giantree> but
  1412. [03:31:38] <Giantree> it involved meeting minime and going around meeting people i went to high school with
  1413. [03:31:43] <Giantree> and it turned out he was SUPER CUTE
  1414. [03:31:58] <@SumDumD00d> gay
  1415. [03:31:59] <Giantree> he wore women's clothing and nobody even batted an eye at it because he was so adorable
  1416. [03:32:00] <Giantree> yeah it was
  1417. [03:32:02] <Giantree> odd
  1418. [03:32:06] <Giantree> to be dreaming about that
  1419. [03:32:08] <Giantree> i'll never tell him
  1420. [03:32:20] <@SumDumD00d> i will for you
  1421. [03:32:26] <Giantree> shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit
  1422. [03:32:32] <@SumDumD00d> spoilers: i won't
  1423. [03:32:36] <Giantree> (i know)
  1425. December 6, 2014
  1426. [04:27:50] <Giantree> on limey mentioning snow music, i think my prophetic dreams kicked in again
  1427. [04:27:56] <Giantree> becsuse i had a dream about snow music
  1428. [04:27:59] <Giantree> specifically,
  1429. [04:28:11] <Giantree> the grindfest i  still occasionally play every now and then
  1430. [04:28:16] <Giantree> has a snow place, right
  1431. [04:28:18] <Giantree> actually
  1432. [04:28:22] <Giantree> it has this whole bigass continent
  1433. [04:28:26] <Giantree> that's supposed to be like
  1434. [04:28:30] <Giantree> i dunno africa-sized or something
  1435. [04:28:45] <Giantree> but it's so hugenormous that they just never bothered composing any music for the whole continent
  1436. [04:28:58] <Giantree> so it's like this big place where you're supposed to explore and find caves and treasure and shit
  1437. [04:29:02] <Giantree> but it's silent all the time
  1438. [04:29:13] <Giantree> the silence is SORT OF appropriate, but it makes it really boring
  1439. [04:29:33] <Giantree> so in the dream i had, there was a patch and the snow part of that place was given this really upbeat, synthy korean music
  1440. [04:29:59] <Giantree> and i was really upset to find out it was a dream, because it sounded like the rest of the music that composer did and was REALLY GOOD
  1441. [04:30:16] <Giantree> i want to download it and blast it in my car
  1442. [04:30:20] <Giantree> alas, i cannot, as it doesn't exist
  1444. [18:02:51] <Giantree> I HAD A SEXY DREAM ABOUT YOU THE OTHER DAY
  1445. [18:03:00] <Giantree> I apologize on my subconscious' behalf
  1446. [18:03:03] <Cille_Lund> Kyaaaaaa
  1447. [18:03:22] <Giantree> no it wasn't really all that kyaaaa it was really awkward and i woke up feeling weird
  1448. [18:03:29] <Giantree> ... ok maybe a little kyaaaa
  1450. December 12, 2014
  1451. [07:50:06] <Giantree> I WILL SAY at least i was having a dream about ghosts that wh ole time too
  1452. [07:50:17] <Giantree> not the same kind of ghosts or anything though
  1453. [07:50:34] <Giantree> JRPG ghosts
  1454. [07:50:44] <Giantree> I'll minitaletell since i need to waste like 10 minutes anyway
  1455. [07:51:01] <Giantree> this is a feel i obviously haven't felt in many years, but apparently my subconscious still remembers it
  1456. [07:51:41] <Giantree> because i was playing a jrpg (it was modeled after ao no kiseki or "trails in the cops" as limey calls it, that really good one i played a few months back) and some guy who i guess was my friend comes over to my house
  1457. [07:51:54] <Giantree> and starts like, making idle conversation because he clearly doesn't care about the game
  1458. [07:51:59] <Giantree> so i have trouble focusing on it
  1459. [07:52:18] <Giantree> and just kind of autopilot through these puzzles in this dungeon that takes place immediately after a really hard boss
  1460. [07:53:03] <Giantree> very soon, i do a bunch of obnoxious switch puzzles and finally unlock the boss room, which is the SAME boss as the really hard one, which i can beat pretty easily because i've ground
  1461. [07:53:11] <Giantree> and then i think there's a harder boss immediately after it?
  1462. [07:53:26] <Giantree> either way i beat them and start to go back
  1463. [07:53:32] <Giantree> ah shit i might need visual aides for this part
  1464. [07:55:18] <Giantree> ok is the only image i can find that has her model on it
  1465. [07:55:30] <Giantree> but anyway this qt3.14 (her name's Tio, this is important) was my onscreen
  1466. [07:55:31] <Giantree> actually
  1467. [07:55:50] <Giantree> the kisekis do that jrpg thing i love where ALL your party members are onscreen following you around
  1468. [07:56:21] <Giantree> and sometimes that'll cause the ones in the back to whip into monsters and get you into random encounters that end up being back attacks because of it and you die because you're on nightmare and they're twice your level
  1469. [07:56:23] <Giantree> fun series
  1470. [07:56:30] <Giantree> so i guess technically she was 'in front'
  1471. [07:56:40] <Giantree> but i don't remember anyone else being there in the dream so i guess it was just onscreen
  1472. [07:56:41] <Giantree> whatevs
  1473. [07:56:59] <Giantree> so i had her in front and then, on my way back, in the middle of one of the rooms is her sprite again
  1474. [07:57:02] <Giantree> or model whatever
  1475. [07:57:11] <Giantree> i think it's more a model than a sprite but it looks kind of spritey
  1476. [07:57:15] <Giantree> and it's like
  1477. [07:57:19] <Giantree> stuck in the middle of a run animation
  1478. [07:57:31] <Giantree> so, confused, i walk into it, and then the battle transition happens
  1479. [07:57:47] <Giantree> and instead of being combat it's just a bunch of glitched colors and pictures of tio screaming
  1480. [07:57:48] <Giantree> and I go
  1482. [07:57:54] <Giantree> out loud
  1483. [07:58:05] <Giantree> while the dude next to me is still talking and not noticing what's happening
  1484. [07:58:16] <Giantree> so the game is glitched to hell and i can't do fuck
  1485. [07:58:19] <Giantree> and am really sad
  1486. [07:58:27] <Giantree> and sometime during this the dude just gets up and leaves
  1487. [07:58:35] <Giantree> what an asshole i'm glad i don't actually have "friends" like him
  1488. [07:58:53] <Giantree> so i give in and restart, only to find out i didn't save at all until right before going into this dungeon
  1489. [07:59:03] <Giantree> so i'm like "ok, i did the puzzles before, can't be that hard"
  1490. [07:59:09] <Giantree> and i go in
  1491. [07:59:14] <Giantree> and the puzzles are NIGHTMARE HARD
  1492. [07:59:16] <Giantree> like
  1493. [07:59:32] <Giantree> it switches to first-person and i have to put on socks from a drawer in a certain order
  1494. [07:59:34] <Giantree> which is ?????????
  1495. [07:59:56] <Giantree> but after each puzzle room, there are ghosts that are just floating around
  1496. [08:00:04] <Giantree> and when you solve the puzzles they materialize and fight you
  1497. [08:00:05] <Giantree> that's all
  1498. [08:00:10] <Giantree> that's all the ghost there was
  1499. [08:00:13] <Giantree> sorry to disappoint
  1500. [08:00:31] <Giantree> one of the puzzles (actually the one i just mentioned) was so impossibly hard to solve that i just woke up in the middle of it
  1501. [08:00:41] <Giantree> and i STILL have no idea how my dreamself solved it before
  1502. [08:00:43] <Giantree> fucking dream logic
  1503. [08:00:46] <Giantree> ok that's it bye
  1505. December 25, 2014
  1506. [01:54:26] <Bigwood> mcfat's
  1507. [01:54:31] <Bigwood> is doing triple cheeseburgers again
  1508. [01:54:34] <Bigwood> and those were my shit in like
  1509. [01:54:36] <Bigwood> high school?
  1510. [01:54:43] <@SumDumD00d> i used to eat them
  1511. [01:54:43] <Bigwood> so my mother told me about it
  1512. [01:54:47] <Bigwood> and i had a dream
  1513. [01:54:52] <Bigwood> that it was $4
  1514. [01:54:56] <Bigwood> per cheeseburger
  1515. [01:54:58] <Bigwood> just the burger
  1516. [01:55:01] <Bigwood> not a meal or anything
  1517. [01:55:08] <Bigwood> and i was really mad
  1518. [01:55:10] <Bigwood> but got one anyway
  1519. [01:55:18] <Bigwood> i went there yesterday and actually got one though
  1520. [01:55:21] <Bigwood> and they were only $2
  1521. [01:55:24] <Bigwood> the relief was extreme
  1522. [01:55:34] <Bigwood> angriest mcfat's employees i've ever been served by though
  1524. December 31, 2014
  1525. [21:49:23] <Bigwood> ok shookie, sing to me now the progress you've made while I had dreams about you being more assertive and less silent
  1526. [21:49:36] <Bigwood> I wish I was kidding, but there were like 4 of those in a row
  1527. [21:49:55] <SweetPea> Tree tell us more.
  1528. [21:50:28] <Bigwood> I just had dreams about coming onto irc and shookie was telling me about thing he's been doing and blogging in the same way that I had been
  1529. [21:50:45] <Bigwood> and then I woke up and was like "oh it was just a dream, I wish things were actually like that for real"
  1530. [21:51:00] <Bigwood> and I got on irc and suddenly shookie started being more assertive and blogging a lot and I was really happy
  1531. [21:51:08] <Bigwood> and then I woke up and etc
  1532. [21:51:14] <Bigwood> that happened like 4 times before I woke up for real
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