ASOIAF Logic Puzzle: Solution

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  1. 1. Starting with Cersei in A1, we learn that there are four queens in the quiz, each in a corner. The 'smirking whore from Highgarden' is what Cersei calls Margaery. Since she's a queen and in Cersei's column, Margaery must be in A6.
  3. 2. The only two spots in Row 2 Margaery can 'see' are A2 and E2, so Renly and Joffrey must occupy those squares. Cersei can't 'see' either of her sons, so Joffrey can't be in A2. Therefore, Renly is in A2 and Joffrey is in E2.
  5. 3. Renly can 'see' Stannis and his wife, Selyse. Since Selyse is a queen, she must be in a corner. The only corner Renly can 'see' is E6, so Selyse must go there. Meanwhile, Joffrey's clue gives us a lot of information. We can't fill in any squares just yet, but knowing Joff is adjacent to both Arya and Sansa, but they can't 'see' each other and neither is a queen, Sansa and Arya must occupy D1 and E3 (though it's unclear which is which).
  7. 4. Selyse can 'see' Robb and Sansa. We know Sansa must go in D1 or E3. Selyse can only see E3 of these two options, so Sansa must go there. Consequently, Arya must go in D1.
  9. 5. Robb is adjacent to Sansa, and Selyse 'sees' him. The only spot that fulfills both requirements is E4.
  11. 6. Roose is Robb's killer, so he must go in E5, while Davos Seaworth occupies C1.
  13. 7. Davos tells us that Stannis is in the A Column. Using Renly's hint from earlier, we can determine that Stannis is in A3, the only open spot adjacent to Renly.
  15. 8. Stannis is adjacent to Robert, who Renly can't see. Therefore, Robert must be in B4. Robert then tells Catelyn is directly to his right, in C4.
  17. 9. Now that we know where Arya, Sansa, and Catelyn are, we can finish up with Joffrey's clue. There is only one spot Joffrey can 'see' that none of the women can, which is B2. So Ned must go there. Piggybacking off of this, we can now use Roose's clue, which tells us that Cersei is adjacent to her favorite brother (obviously Jaime). The only unoccupied spot adjacent to Cersei is B1, so Jaime must go there.
  19. 10. Catelyn and Sansa both say they're adjacent to Jon. There are two spaces adjacent to them both, but Sansa tells us everyone in her row has a name that begins with S, so that leaves only D4.
  21. 11. If Dany is in the quiz, she must occupy the last open corner, E1. Meanwhile, the only unoccupied square adjacent to Jaime is C2, so Bran must go there.
  23. 12. Jon tells us he shares a row with Theon, so he must go in the only empty spot left in the row, A4.
  25. 13. Looking at Dany's clue, we see she shares a diagonal with Jorah and Barristan. Jorah is 'exiled' to the farthest possible square in this diagonal, A5. The two remaining squares are C3 and D2, but Sansa tells us everyone in Row 2 has a name beginning with S. Therefore, Barristan occupies D2.
  27. 14. You're getting there now! Barristan's clue tells us his replacement in the Kingsguard is in C3--Sandor Clegane (whose name begins with S!). Theon's clue told us Asha is adjacent to him. She can't be in Row 3 because her name doesn't begin with S, so she must be in B5. Meanwhile, Jorah's clue tells us Tyrion (the Lannister he kidnapped) must be in B6, the only available space adjacent to him.
  29. 15. Sandor's clue tells us there's a 'fat crow' on his left and an 'ugly princess' on his right. While the characters he's referencing are likely obvious, we get additional confirmation from Sansa's clue. 'Samwell' (B3) and 'Shireen' (D3) both start with S.
  31. 16. Arya's clue tells us there are two animals in the quiz, and Shireen's clue places both animals in Column D. She sees a black (dire)wolf and a black cat. Jon's clue said that he was adjacent to a direwolf that wasn't his own, so the direwolf must be in D5, which relegates the cat to D6. Shaggydog is the only black direwolf in the litter, so he must go in D5. Sam's clue said the cat had a name like a knight. So, out of Tommen's three kittens, the one that appears in D6 must be Ser Pounce.
  33. 17. From Arya's clue, we know that the two final spaces must contain Tommen and Rickon. Robert's clue indicates he sees his 'son', so Tommen must be in C5 while Rickon is in C6.
  35. Thanks for playing! I hope you enjoyed the quiz.
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