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  1. - Field Repair.The skill of tank repair in combat conditions increases damage elimination rate, particularly tracks repair time.
  2. - Tank Driving. Tank driving skill affects driver's breaking reaction rate, as well as choosing necessary gear and its changing speed.
  3. - Targeting. The skill of gun targeting affects targeting speed and accuracy. An experienced gunner targets the gun both vertically and horizontally at once; an inexperienced one does it in turns — at first he rotates the turret and then fixes the angle of fire.
  4. - Rangefinding. Precision of target rangefinding afects long-range fire accuracy.
  5. - Leadership. Affects skills of other crew members.
  6. - Machine Gunnery. Accuracy of fire from coaxial machine gun.
  7. - Weapon Reloading. The skill of the loader increases the main weapon reloading rate.
  8. - Bow Machine Gun Fire. This skill affects accuracy of bow machine gun fire.
  9. - Bow Machine Gun Reloading. This skil affects bow machine gun reloading rate.
  10. - Radio Communication. This skill affects the rate of target assignement to the allies via radio.
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