A Temple in Space

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  1. Whilst the Dryad was casting a defensive spell against a horde of enemies, she suddenly found herself teleported to a temple, she chose to investigate the relatively suspicious place. The building was made of the same "brick" as the Dungeon which housed the Skeletron, this seemed suspicious at first but soon after the Dryad found a group of cultists chanting, their clothing looked similar to the ones Lunatic Cultist wore, once she had seen the cultists, she was sure of it, this was a separate dungeon created by the followers of Cthulhu. The Dryad panicked and chose to hide until she could figure out what was going on. A few minutes had passed, the Dryad had calmed down and chose to continue her investigation. To her surprise the temple was not attached to any surface, all she was able to see was the sky, but after closer inspection she realized that the temple itself was in space. With the newfound information dryad decided to return to the World of terraria. (using the same method all NPC use to return to their housing, no one knows how they do it)
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