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  3. KibaDeSilva: Come sit between us
  4. Guest_shysubgfxo: Before I say anything... I just want you both to know how sorry I am...
  5. MysticaStarFyre: well now what is it you have to tell me
  6. KibaDeSilva: How about i start
  7. MysticaStarFyre: alright
  8. KibaDeSilva: Okay.
  9. KibaDeSilva: Leah, You have put mixed impressions on me. You have been great with everyone around you, All of our family, In turn showing you to be a lovely person as you have treated everyone with respect.. Helly is one of our members also and believe me.. Us pulling you aside isnt us against you. I spoke to Helly on Thursday, Telling him off in a one to one and putting him in his place.. Hes acted the fool, But that is for me and my sister decide and act on.. We cant allow you to come in talking about him in any bad way, Not that you have.. You need to level with me, I have respect for my members, We over see everything.. Understand if you are hurt, But we really need to address how you act with that pain
  10. KibaDeSilva: You are our family as is Helly, We cant have you showing your saddness everytime by leaving and running away.
  11. KibaDeSilva: You need to control that and we will help you.. Okay
  12. Guest_shysubgfxo: ... thank you...
  13. Guest_shysubgfxo: A-am I aloud to tell you what happened?
  14. MysticaStarFyre: It was rather embarrassing last night at the ball as he was with his bride
  15. KibaDeSilva: You showing sadness, Allows helly to win in some form.. I dont want that, So im going to help you
  16. MysticaStarFyre: Neither will I allow it
  17. KibaDeSilva: Please tell us
  18. MysticaStarFyre: Please share
  19. KibaDeSilva: None of what i said had anything to do with the ball
  20. KibaDeSilva: I didnt know what happened last night..
  21. Guest_shysubgfxo: ... I had been informed that Helly had done the same to Aira. I don’t know full details but he had really upset me by just out of the blue saying that. I understand what I did was wrong and I need to control the way I react and I can’t always push everything out of my life. My... dearest apologies
  22. Guest_shysubgfxo: If it makes anything better, I will send a sorry note to everybody who was at the Ball last night
  23. MysticaStarFyre: I believe it wen't unnoticed by most
  24. Guest_shysubgfxo: I’m sorry... it won’t happen again...
  25. KibaDeSilva: No.. Fuck that, You dont need to apolgise to anyone
  26. MysticaStarFyre: Helly was trying to figure out his role as much as you were at the first. Four days isn't enough to classify as being involved, Leah
  27. KibaDeSilva: We will defend Helly, Its our jobs as good leaders to do so.. But if he acted badly to you, We defends you all the same
  28. MysticaStarFyre: Precisely.
  29. MysticaStarFyre: You had been asked prior to his showing interest in Aira's other character what your feelings for him was.
  30. MysticaStarFyre: I know this as I was the one to enquire out of concern.
  31. Guest_shysubgfxo: And that is what I said to him. 4 days isn’t enough time to get into something like that. Its proven that woman develop feelings very early on. I understand that I didn’t understand these feelings and wanted to go slow. But it isn’t fair the fact I hop on the next day and he’s married. I understand again, that he was letting me down slowly but you can’t do that to someone. It isn’t right. But I understand... again. It won’t happen anymore
  32. KibaDeSilva  > MysticaStarFyre: Stop telling her off and follow my lead here  
  33. Guest_shysubgfxo: I will keep quiet from now on... to make things easier
  34. MysticaStarFyre  whispers: I wasn't telling her off I was letting her know that I had asked her about that prior to his calling things off
  35. KibaDeSilva  > MysticaStarFyre: Me and you are not here to explain how things went down.. Its not our jobs and not needed. Plus, You come across as if you are defending Helly.  
  36. MysticaStarFyre  whispers: I wasn't  
  37. KibaDeSilva  > MysticaStarFyre: Me and you see helly different, I know that.. but Leah is actually young irl.. We go soft from here, Okay ?
  38. Guest_shysubgfxo: I’m sorry to cut things short, but it’s 1:16am and I really need sleep for college tomorrow... sorry 💗 I’ll make it up to all of you
  39. MysticaStarFyre  whispers: How young do you think she is?
  40. KibaDeSilva: Wait
  41. KibaDeSilva: Give me 2 mins
  42. KibaDeSilva: Okay ?
  43. Guest_shysubgfxo: Ok :)
  44. KibaDeSilva: Right, Helly isnt in our good books right now.. I really told him off. There is alot going on behind the lines that you dont see.. Us two defending you and doing it as we should.. You need to take my advise and really take it in... Me and my sister are the best allys you can have, There are always things going on behind the line.... Remember that. The one thing you need to now do, To regain the love a respect you deserve.. Push past this Helly thing, You got us, You have family and we are more important...
  45. KibaDeSilva: No more leaving when hes around... No more making a big deal about him...
  46. KibaDeSilva: Okay ? I get you liked him.. Maybe you thought because he was head guard, You had a bit of a crush on him... In a roleplay fight i will eat him alive infront of everyone.. My sister can always roleplay circles around him
  47. KibaDeSilva: Time to push past that crush and listen to the better strong roleplayers that actually care about having you around
  48. KibaDeSilva: keeping you happy
  49. MysticaStarFyre: Precisely. He got demoted over his actions. I was quite displeased by the fact that he started to persue you as you are a child and your character a minor. I wasn't asked to start with and neither was your uncle.
  50. MysticaStarFyre: I actually chewed him for it
  51. Guest_shysubgfxo: (I’m actually crying btw) thank you... thank you so much...
  52. KibaDeSilva: Hes fucked with me, By going for my daughter.. Hes not in anyones good books
  53. MysticaStarFyre: I had asked your rpc age
  54. KibaDeSilva: We want to love you.. But you need to stop acting up and just be our family
  55. MysticaStarFyre: I didn't have an issue with you sitting in his lap as that was in there so we could hold little ones
  56. Guest_shysubgfxo: I understand. I’m getting therapy soon for my really bad anxiety.. so it should help.
  57. KibaDeSilva: (You are so very welcome.. Take my words in.. You have a personal guard, But even i offered be to be your personal guard because i saw you was upset)
  58. MysticaStarFyre: Precisely, bbg. That is why I assigned Lily to be your guard
  59. Guest_shysubgfxo: And the only reason I sat on his lap was because I like to sit on laps? ... I sit on mother’s lap too
  60. KibaDeSilva: (That should show the level or love and respect i have for everyone..)
  61. MysticaStarFyre: Yes, we understand that, but he saw it as if you were flirting
  62. Guest_shysubgfxo: ... thank you Kiba. In future I will come to you and Mother 💗
  63. KibaDeSilva: You come to us any time.. Add me as a friend.
  64. MysticaStarFyre: Some males go into rooms wanting a mate in that rp for that rp only
  65. KibaDeSilva: If anyone is bothering you, You come to me or your mum
  66. KibaDeSilva: You can sit on your uncles lap anytime also
  67. MysticaStarFyre: and I realized that a bit after his being sweet acting on you
  68. Guest_shysubgfxo: Ok 🤗 thank you ..
  69. MysticaStarFyre: Lily will also be around so if you can't get me or Kiba or Aira tell her
  70. MysticaStarFyre: *Hugs*
  71. Guest_shysubgfxo: Ok ✨
  72. KibaDeSilva: Aira is a very good person to go too
  73. Guest_shysubgfxo: *hugs you both, tightly* ... I will never ever forget about you too.
  74. KibaDeSilva: She is my daughter, Shes high in our kingdom
  75. KibaDeSilva: Good
  76. KibaDeSilva: You go get to sleep
  77. MysticaStarFyre: We love you and want what is best
  78. Guest_shysubgfxo: T-thank you! Have a great day/night xx love you both so much! Sweet dreams 💗💗💗
  79. MysticaStarFyre: I removed that pose cause it wasn't needed
  80. KibaDeSilva: Remember this chat.. Its important, No more getting upset.. If you are upset, You Pc me and i will sort it
  81. KibaDeSilva: No more leaving
  82. KibaDeSilva: No more drama
  83. KibaDeSilva: Promise me
  84. MysticaStarFyre: Understand?
  85. KibaDeSilva: She gone i think
  86. MysticaStarFyre: no vanishing cause of someone and no drama
  87. KibaDeSilva: She was on phone
  88. MysticaStarFyre: yes
  89. Guest_shysubgfxo: I, Leah. Princess of Angelia Promise both Kiba and Queen Mystica I will never ever do it again
  90. Guest_shysubgfxo: 💗
  91. KibaDeSilva: 1Okay good
  92. MysticaStarFyre: Good
  93. KibaDeSilva: Go to sleep
  94. KibaDeSilva: Good night Leah <3
  95. MysticaStarFyre: good night, daughter
  96. Guest_shysubgfxo: Good night <3
  97. Guest_shysubgfxo has left the chat
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