A Divine Taste (Kitsune/Tanuki)

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  1. Tags (subject to change): kitsune, male bondage, alcohol/drinking, kinda femdom, and technicaly yuri
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  4.     “There’s no doubt about it,” said a vulpine figure, a voluminous tail swaying as she leaned over a wooden barrel to immerse herself in the smell of its contents, “It’s sake from Konshiko Shrine.”
  6. Lanterns illuminated the occupants of a sparse wooden room; two red-haired kitsune in shrine maiden garb surrounding a lone man in tattered clothes on his knees, wrists bound to a spar behind his back with rope. His dark eyes glanced towards another fox-tailed woman standing across a table from him.
  8. The difference between her and her subordinates was readily apparent. She had with five plumes of silver fluff sprouting from her back, compared to the single tail from each twin. The kitsune ahead was more shapely in contrast to the young maidens that had captured him, an ample amount of bust and hips discernible through her outfit.
  10.     “It was quite rude to steal from us, Dorobo-san,” she approached his side, a slender hand tugging his brown hair to face her scarlet eyes, “For you see, this spirit wasn’t meant for human lips.”
  12. Stories of Konshiko’s divine drink circulated long before the man was born. It was only produced at their temple in small batches during the winter months, using finely milled rice and water from untouched magical springs hidden deep within the surrounding forest, before being locked away in the mountains until the kitsune deemed it worthy enough for the gods themselves to partake.
  14. The rumored nectar was just an arm’s reach behind the man’s feet, yet it felt further than a world away to him.
  16.     “How would you have us punish this thief, Hikari-sama?” one of the miko pair said with a hand on his opposite shoulder. He could feel a stare and sharp nails digging into his skin.
  18. The shrine’s keeper paced the room with her eyes, the corners of her mouth curling into a smile as a worthy punishment started to come to mind, “Seeing as our guest fouled an offering to the gods with his actions, it’s only prudent of us as their servants to dispose of it properly.”
  20. As she brought her hands together with a clap, no less than a dozen foxes scampered into the room with cushions along their backs. The room was furnished for reception before the man had a chance to speak, and just as swiftly as they were called to service, the animal familiars of Konshiko Shrine disappeared.
  22. The head priestess opened an ornate box that had been resting under the table, revealing a stack of earthenware cups shaped like saucers inside.
  24.     “You were bold enough to steal kitsune sake from right under our noses, Dorobo-san,” she said, moving across the table before lowering herself to sit proper, “Surely you aren’t opposed to a drinking contest with one?”
  26. The miko pair then gently hoisted the waist-high barrel towards their mistress, setting it down and pulling the lid off with a cautious touch before disappearing from the room. An intoxicating aroma filled the room, notes of herbs and fruits dancing on the man’s nose. If the flavor was anything like the scents filling his mind, this was truly the sake his village had sought.
  28.     “The rules are quite simple. Once the girls untie you, I will take the first drink to guarantee its safety, and then you will follow.”
  30. Hikari pulled her silver hair back, tying it in a ponytail behind her up-pointed ears, “If you drink even a single cup more than me I will permit you to leave with what remains in that cask.”
  32.     “And if I cannot?” he said, wary of such an enticing offer as she was presenting.
  34.     “If you cannot, I will have you sealed within it to offer your life to the gods along with the sake you defiled.” she said curtly, sending chills down the man’s spine.
  36. The young foxes returned with a large bottle and a scoop, moving the cask’s contents to the smaller vessel before setting a full saucer for both their mistress and the captive respectively. They then dutifully stood beside the table as Hikari raised her first drink, as an unseen hand slashed at the bindings covering the man’s back.
  38. One of the maidens then exchanged as she met his glance, a dour expression on her youthful face that told him there was no chance of escape.
  40.     “Before we start I would like to hear Dorobo-san’s real name.”
  42. The man looked at the saucer as he stretched his arms, reddened from tight ropes that bound him to a wooden splint. “It’s Tozai Kyo.”
  44.     “Let us thank the gods for this wonderful land, and all of the spirits upon it.” she said.
  46.     “Thank you gods, for this wonderful land, and all of the spirits upon it.” he replied, raising the cup as Hikari tipped the cup to her lips, taking a mindful sip with a poise befitting someone of her status.
  48. It was natural for Kyo to assume that the maidens of the shrine had spent lifetimes devoted to the very spirit they produced, and despite her labeling it a ‘contest’, this was one of many ceremonies Hikari had practiced tirelessly to become the head of the shrine.
  50.     “Go on, Tozai-san,” the kitsune beckoned, “Tell me if our sake agrees with the human palate.”
  52. A sweet scent of rice filled the nose as Kyo tilted the translucent nectar into his mouth. The notes of fruits he had caught by smell were more so present in the spirit’s flavor, unknown spices standing out as its complexities slowly unraveled on his tongue. Yet the most obvious sensation took the longest for him to realize as it flowed down his throat.
  54.     “It’s been magically chilled.” he stated in surprise, setting his saucer down. The host fox chuckled as her subordinates prepared another round.
  56.     “As cold as the moment it left the cellar,” she replied with a boastful tone, “It’s the only way to appreciate Konshiko sake.”
  58. The twins looked on silently as Hikari took her cup in full.
  60.     “I’m honored.” Kyo said, following suit.
  64. The authoritative presence that sat across the table wavered as their competition continued, the silver-haired fox becoming more of a drinking partner than his executioner as each round passed. The red shrine maidens, meanwhile, continued their silent table-side duties.
  66.     “You’re quite hardy for a human...” Hikari remarked, swaying in posture as her servings began to catch up to her.
  68. Kyo was seemingly better composed, which stirred at the same miko that had bound him angrily.
  70.     “I’m well-practiced,” he said, setting down another empty cup. The man and the kitsune were at an even score, with more than half of the cask poured between them.
  72.     “Well you’re mistaken if you think you can out-drink me, Dorobo-san.” she retorted before swigging down more of the cold sake.
  74. The maidens began refilling the saucers from the cask one round after the other, struggling to keep up with their over-sized bottle.
  76.     “It’s my life on the line!” Kyo said aloud, knocking his saucer back.
  78. They were approaching a dead heat, the gentle drinking atmosphere replaced with a frantic rush to see who would come out on top. The twins backed away from a side of their master they were unacquainted with, until she called them by name.
  80.     “Hanako, Suzuna, bring us another bottle!” she said belligerently. The maidens ran off without further delay.
  82.     “I’m more than happy to leave the rest-” Kyo made an attempt to withdraw, before the intoxicated fox reached over the table to grab the collar of his linen top.
  84.     “That won’t do, Kyo...” Hikari chuckled under her breath, “You wanted kitsune sake enough to steal it, so you should be grateful I’m indulging you here with both.”
  86. It was in that moment that Kyo realized his life was at stake once again, though in a different context than it was before. Hikari’s red eyes were set on him like an eager predator as she pulled his linens to reveal a toned chest.
  88.     “You look very well for a thief.” she said, leaning forward with a haze of sake coming off of her breath. Her composure as a head priestess had melted.
  90.     “I-i’m flattered, really...” the man said falling onto his back, bare torso exposed.
  92. Hikari moved in to straddle the man as the sound of footsteps approached, the junior foxes returning to a steamy spectacle with another earthenware bottle.
  94.     “H-h-hikari-sama!” one of them stammered, the other covering her flustered expression.
  96.     “Fill it to the last drop,” she ordered while mounting Kyo’s lap, “I’ll demonstrate how to settle things with a man.”
  100. It was considered an enviable situation by some, to be straddled by a drunken kitsune priestess. An escapade for rare spirits resulted in a chain of events that few would believe, were it not for those that witnessed it.
  102. Hikari was holding a decorative bottle with her clothes unfastened, pouring its contents into both her mouth, and the mouth of a man that tried to steal sake from her temple.
  104. As their competition drew to a near-close, the last gulp of Kyo’s prize swished inside the earthenware vessel, but the silver fox had no intention of letting him claim it without a price.
  106.     “You’re impressive, Kyo… but this your defeat,” she rambled while swaying on his lap, “I’ve the last round.”
  108. The young maidens looked on nervously as their master took the last round into her mouth in a far less dignified manner than when she began, her cheeks full with the sparkling liquor.
  110. More nervous than they, however, was the man pinned between the head priestess’ thighs. To be sealed inside of an empty cask was a fate he saw approaching, and acted in the moment before he could think… for the difference between life and death was sloshing inside of his captor’s mouth.
  112. Before Hikari could gulp her victory, she felt herself snatched into a thief’s deft hands, pulled to the floor with their faces touching.
  114. Her retainers stood speechlessly at the sight before them, as what was secretly Hikari’s first kiss was stolen by Kyo’s immaculate lips, drenched with sake she was too startled to swig.
  116. He opened his eyes to a fiery glare, and a well-endowed chest pressing against his.
  118.     “You...” she muttered out of her junior’s earshot.
  120. Kyo was silent, as if caught in the mouth of a wolf.
  122.     “You...” she repeated, placing a hand flat on his chest.
  124. A sense of dread froze Kyo in place as tears started to trickle off of the silver-haired fox’s face.
  126.     “YOU WILL TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR THIS.” she shouted, sinking a hand under her legs to reach for Kyo’s manhood.
  128.     “H-hikari let’s talk about this.” he stuttered, trying to keep her from reaching between his legs.
  130. The kitsune rifled through his underclothes despite protests, but what she thought was just drunken confusion kept her from feeling anything resembling her goal. It wasn’t until Hikari felt a paper-thin strip tucked into his clothes that she realized not all was as it seemed.
  132.     “What the hell is this?!” she yelled, yanking the object to reveal a single leaf the length of her palm.
  134. Before she knew it, Hikari fell back as the man beneath her disappeared, and the room filled with a puff of smoke.
  136.     “WHERE ARE YOU, KYO?!” Hikari screamed, supporting herself on the table.
  138. The smoke cleared shortly after, a tattered linen kimono laying on the floor. The kitsunes ran to the temple courtyard where their true culprit was making their escape...
  140. Yet it was not a man whose hind they saw storming off the grounds, but that of a woman with a bushy striped tail.
  142. It was in that moment that Hikari remembered something very important. Tozai was the name a village, not too far from Konshiko Temple, that was inhabited solely by tanuki.
  144.     “What would you have us do, Hikari-sama?” one of the maidens said dutifully.
  146. The head priestess readjusted her clothes, and turned towards the shrine room after taking a deep breath.
  148.     “Let’s not speak of this night ever again,” she nodded sagely, leading the red-haired mikos back to their duties.
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