Aug 30th, 2019
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  1. Hair Transplant
  2. Hair loss is not strange to many individuals (both male and female) however, how different individuals react to this are different. Some individuals have come to embrace the fact that their hairlines are receding while some feel less confident because of it. The fact that hair loss affects the morale and confident level of some individuals is understandable because our look and the manner with which we present ourselves is impactful on individual social behaviour and personality.
  3. Your physical attributes can either make you feel good or bad about yourself. Your hair also plays a significant role in your physical appearance, this is a major reason why hair clinics have been thriving lately. A lot of people have decided to have hair transplant in order to regain their ‘good looks’ and feel more confident about themselves.
  4. Perhaps you are experiencing hair loss and you are contemplating on hair transplant, there are some things that should not be strange to you as regards hair transplant. Such things include;
  5. • It is a surgery
  6. Hair transplant is not the same as the random therapies for hair restoration, it is an operation technique in which hair follicles are removed from a body part (this part is called ‘donor site’) to the body part that is bald or in the process of being bald (this part of the body is also called ‘recipient site’). You can also restore beard hair, eyelashes, pubic hair, chest hair, and even cover up surgery or accident scars by undergoing hair transplant.
  7. • Hair transplant is not specific to any gender
  8. Do not fall for the myth that only men can have hair transplant. Hair transplant is not gender biased, people have been wrongly informed about this because men are the ones who experience baldness more compared to the women. Whether you are a man or a woman, you can have hair transplant.
  9. • The procedure is permanent
  10. Different methods have been devised to remedy baldness in male and female, hair transplant inclusive. However, it cannot be revoked so, it is advisable that you have a one-on-one conversation with your surgeon, settle things by asking any kind of question you may have in mind, know all the necessary things before concluding to have the surgery. Do not make your decision blindly.
  11. • Not everyone can have a hair transplant
  12. This point is not to invalidate the fact mentioned earlier that both genders can have a hair transplant because the selection made here is not gender based. The people who are exempted from the list of those eligible for hair transplant are women who have a scalp that is characterized by a pattern of hair loss all over, people with inadequate ‘donor site’ , people with keloid scars, and the individuals who their hair loss resulted from medications such as chemotherapy.
  13. Hair transplant is an expensive procedure, and how high the cost would be is dependent on how many your sessions would be, and the numerical strengths of hairs that is required.
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