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  1. Waxman Just Cannot Stop Sending Emails
  3. To:
  4. Subject: Re:
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  6. Date: Fri, 13 Jan 2012 09:49:42 -0500
  7. Judy:
  9. I am astonished that you have decided to jettison a good, working relationship with an attorney you have known for years. I can think of few attorneys who toss aside civility and collegiality with opposing counsel in order to assist a client who insists on making the litigation acrimonious and personal. Is your representation of Handrahan worth doing that?
  11. If we can’t speak on the phone with one another, then I really have very little to say to you. I am honestly amazed and disappointed that you would indicate a lack of trust in me in having a phone conversation . . . that you “do not want to have anything [you] say be misinterpreted.” Wow!! I can assure you that no other attorney in this State has ever said anything remotely similar to me. You are permitting yourself to become paranoid because your client is. Why?
  13. Michael
  15. ___________________________________________
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  18. Subject: Re:
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  20. Date: Fri, 13 Jan 2012 10:37:44 -0500
  21. Judy, what’s with the melodrama? “Absolutely horrible e-mails?” Honestly?
  23. Do you ever look at your client’s online posts? Accusing Dean Crocker of being Maine’s Jerry Sandusky? Accusing me and Maine officials of being involved in a “Kids for Cash” scheme? Claiming that I am buying and selling her child into a pedophile ring? Claiming her child is being held hostage? Trying to hijack the horrible story about Ayla Reynolds to get attention for herself? Claiming that there is evidence that Igor has raped his daughter and that DHHS, the Governor and the Office of the Ombudsman is willfully ignoring a horrendous crime?
  25. And you don’t like it when I point out to you that you are assisting your mentally ill and malicious client in perpetrating actionable defamation per se, of accusing all kinds of hard working people of being criminals?
  27. I think you are choosing to be willfully ignorant of what your client is doing. Do you think that if you don’t apprise yourself of her online shenanigans, you have plausible deniability? I do not think you do. Why do you not track her online postings? They are very relevant to all court proceedings, and I shall admit much of it in evidence at any and all court proceedings to demonstrate convincingly that your client is not emotionally stable.
  29. Michael
  31. Tags: ayla reynolds, Child Abuse, Child Abuse in Maine, Commissioner Mayhew, Corrupt Child Protection, Corrupt DHHS, Corrupt Judges, Cumberland County Courts, custodial interference, Dean Crocker, Governor LePage, Maine Children's Alliance, Moskowitz, Obstruction of Justice, Racketeering, Saving Mila. Mila in Maine, Spurwink
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