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Aug 14th, 2020 (edited)
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  1. ABOUT MUSIC (Part 1):
  2. - use bushi.4ccm
  3. - Rainmaker uses the default goalhorn button, so don't bother searching for his own goalhorn button if he scores.
  4. - there are 2 players that have shared goalhorns: The Ultimate EDM DJ shares her gh with AKB48 rejects and Are you fully devoted shares her gh with Punished Yurishii. This is already indicated in the 4ccm, but i'm writing it here too just incase.
  7. Prematch:
  8. -start p1
  9. -sub manually by condition non-medals, make sure the LB takes the left corner and the RB takes the right corner
  10. -if the team plays /mogra/ leave "The Ultimate EDM DJ" as the starting right SS. If the team plays any other team sub manually by condition the SS on the RIGHT (there's a bench SS). if both have the same condition leave it as is.
  11. - kit 2 vs /mogra/, any kit vs anyone else
  12. - stadium (if home): akihabara at winter (DONT use the summer setting)
  13. - remember to play chants sometimes pls ty
  15. Match instructions
  16. 1st half:
  17. - put gegen on/ddl off and +1 if the team conceded two goals in a row
  18. - go +1 if losing at/after 30'
  20. 2nd half:
  21. - gegen on/ddl off if losing
  22. - Subs @ 65'. Done this way:
  23. *go p3 and sub both OOP CBs for actual CBs and then sub the OOP CF for "The true Bandpill" (bench CF)
  24. - if not winning at 80' turn on centering targets
  26. ET/PKs
  27. If there's extra time, use the 4th sub at 90'. If the bench SS is in orange or red condition AND the team isn't playing vs /mogra/ sub her in for the SS on the RIGHT. Otherwise, sub the center-right CB (the second one from the right).
  28. If there are PKs, order the PK takers by ability.
  31. Victory anthems are on the victory.4ccm:
  32. - if the team beats /mogra/ play "the ultimate EDM DJ's" motm victory anthem
  33. - if the team beats any other team just play the victory anthem of whoever got the motm.
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