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  1. [21:45] +Shuu Tsukiyama: Hey how come you forfeited?
  2. [21:45] Krytocon: I’m running fire and grass moves lol
  3. [21:45] +Shuu Tsukiyama: Grass moves on Zard Y?
  4. [21:45] Krytocon: Yeah
  5. [21:45] +Shuu Tsukiyama: Besides Solar Beam.
  6. [21:45] +Shuu Tsukiyama: ?
  7. [21:45] Krytocon: Solar beam
  8. [21:45] +Shuu Tsukiyama: Oh wait you're running 3 fire moves?
  9. [21:46] Krytocon: Fcharge, willo, bburn
  10. [21:46] +Shuu Tsukiyama: ooo will-o-wisp...
  11. [21:46] +Shuu Tsukiyama: Does that ever come in handy?
  12. [21:46] +Shuu Tsukiyama: Also does Flame Charge come in handy? Mine has that but I've neveru sed it.
  13. [21:46] Krytocon: It beats gyara
  14. [21:46] Krytocon: and fcharge helps with pluff
  15. [21:46] +Shuu Tsukiyama: Zard Y beats Gyarados anyway.
  16. [21:46] +Shuu Tsukiyama: Well.
  17. [21:46] Krytocon: Not necessarily
  18. [21:46] +Shuu Tsukiyama: ~50% of the time.
  19. [21:47] +Shuu Tsukiyama: Mine has Air Slash.
  20. [21:47] +Shuu Tsukiyama: FCharge, Air Slash, Blast Burn, Solar Beam.
  21. [21:47] +Shuu Tsukiyama: How does Flame Charge help against Jumpluff? I'm new to the meta, only played like 28 games.
  22. [21:48] Krytocon: You break their sub and orsoeed
  23. [21:48] Krytocon: outpseed*
  24. [21:49] Krytocon: The whole set on my zard is designed to beat mgyara 100%
  25. [21:49] +Shuu Tsukiyama: I fucking hate versing Mega Gyarados haha.
  26. [21:49] Krytocon: Yeah its one of the best in the tier
  27. [21:49] +Shuu Tsukiyama: Hmm so I'm reading the set for Jumpluff...
  28. [21:49] +Shuu Tsukiyama: You need to Flame charge on the turn you wake up yeah?
  29. [21:49] Krytocon: Yeah its a sleep leech seed staller
  30. [21:49] Krytocon: Yeah
  31. [21:50] +Shuu Tsukiyama: Ahh OK that's helpful.
  32. [21:50] +Shuu Tsukiyama: Though I haven't versed one yet.
  33. [21:50] +Shuu Tsukiyama: According to the stats Jumpluff is #40.
  34. [21:50] +Shuu Tsukiyama: Maybe it's better to use WoW instead.
  35. [21:50] Krytocon: Yeah its pretty used
  36. [21:50] Krytocon: wow is only used in the mgyara matchup
  37. [21:51] Krytocon: I can grab the set that 100% beats gyara
  38. [21:51] +Shuu Tsukiyama: Yeah but Jumpluff is used 1.8% of the time vs. 14% of MGyarados.
  39. [21:51] +Shuu Tsukiyama: Sure!
  40. [21:51] Krytocon: Its also evd for greninja which is another common threat
  41. [21:51] +Shuu Tsukiyama: Oh sweet, I was actually planning to EV for that sothis is helpful.
  42. [21:52] Krytocon:
  43. [21:52] Krytocon: Swap out flame charge for air slash depending on the team
  44. [21:52] +Shuu Tsukiyama:
  45. [21:52] +Shuu Tsukiyama: This is the current team
  46. [21:53] Krytocon: Yeah id say run air slash over flame charge on that team
  47. [21:54] +Shuu Tsukiyama: OK cool.
  48. [21:54] +Shuu Tsukiyama: Wow
  49. [21:54] +Shuu Tsukiyama: you've played 15000 games.
  50. [21:54] Krytocon: Since you have 4x se ice shard for pluff
  51. [21:54] Krytocon: wait
  52. [21:54] Krytocon: ok I’m addicted to 1v1 xd
  53. [21:55] +Shuu Tsukiyama: Yeah can tell huh :P
  54. [21:55] +Shuu Tsukiyama: We'll be spending the next month in the Wi-Fi room doing 1v1 for all our Tours (battling) stuff so I figured I might try to learn the meta.
  55. [21:55] +Shuu Tsukiyama: It's quite interesting.
  56. [21:56] Krytocon: Yeah we got a decent meta in 1v1
  57. [21:56] Krytocon: the best thing is everything can be viable
  58. [21:56] +Shuu Tsukiyama: Yes I really like stuff like that.
  59. [21:56] +Shuu Tsukiyama: Off-meta viable stuff is always really awesome to me.
  60. [21:56] Krytocon: So like for example i use sylveon to great effect
  61. [21:57] Krytocon: and it actually works
  62. [21:57] +Shuu Tsukiyama: Oh really?
  63. [21:57] Krytocon: Yeah
  64. [21:58] Krytocon: Theres a ridiculous amount of stuff you can do and it just works
  65. [21:58] +Shuu Tsukiyama: Cool cool...
  66. [21:59] +Shuu Tsukiyama: See I won our VGC tournaments last year because of shit like
  67. [21:59] +Shuu Tsukiyama: Psych Up Lunala and Ally Switch Stakataka.
  68. [21:59] Krytocon: So our meta is really interesting
  69. [21:59] +Shuu Tsukiyama: So cool stuff like that is my favourite.
  70. [21:59] Krytocon: bc you see literally anything
  71. [21:59] Krytocon: yeah stuff that you don’t expect to work but does
  72. [21:59] +Shuu Tsukiyama: Yeah.
  73. [22:00] +Shuu Tsukiyama: Do you mind if I ask another question?
  74. [22:00] Krytocon: Sure
  75. [22:00] +Shuu Tsukiyama: I literally have only played today so I know little (literally 28 matches), but this Jirachi unban.
  76. [22:00] +Shuu Tsukiyama: Jirachi sounds cancerous, but is it really that big of a deal?
  77. [22:01] Krytocon: The whole thing is about uncompetitiveness rather than the fact is actually broken
  78. [22:02] Krytocon: And the fact we have a suspect rn is bc it was suspected before and voted to not be banned but then council banned it
  79. [22:02] +Shuu Tsukiyama: Oh so the vote you guys had didn't even matter in the end?
  80. [22:03] Krytocon: Well we voted very closely but i wasnt actually round at the time so youd be better asking someone who was
  81. [22:03] +Shuu Tsukiyama: Ohh OK.
  82. [22:03] +Shuu Tsukiyama: So basically, it's kind of scummy to use, and that's why it was banned?
  83. [22:04] Krytocon: Yeah. Like z detect it basically brings in a luck factor thats too large to reliably beat
  84. [22:04] +Shuu Tsukiyama: So why would it be considered for an unban then?
  85. [22:04] +Shuu Tsukiyama: Too easy to beat?
  86. [22:05] Krytocon: I believe its being considered for unban because council was very hasty in banning it even when suspect showed we didnt want it banned
  87. [22:07] +Shuu Tsukiyama: I see OK.
  88. [22:07] +Shuu Tsukiyama: What are your thoughts on it?
  89. [22:07] Krytocon: I think it should probably stay banned because it brings the whole matchup down to luck not skill
  90. [22:08] +Shuu Tsukiyama: Would the counter-argument be what Kaif☆彡Plays is saying?
  91. [22:09] Krytocon: Yeah pretty much and that there are solid 100% counters to it like inner focus/just being faster
  92. [22:13] Krytocon: But being forced to run a rachi counter just so you don’t have to rely on luck to win also restricts teambuilding
  93. [22:13] +Shuu Tsukiyama: Yeah I don't like stuff like that.
  94. [22:13] Krytocon: Yeah
  95. [22:14] +Shuu Tsukiyama: Hmm. I don't really have an opinion.
  96. [22:14] +Shuu Tsukiyama: But it's interesting to think about.
  97. [22:14] +Shuu Tsukiyama: Thanks for the help btw. Maybe I'll hit you up later? :D
  98. [22:14] Krytocon: Yeah since you’re pretty new to the meta
  99. [22:15] Krytocon: yeah I’m always happy to help with teambuilding or anything if I’m online
  100. [22:15] +Shuu Tsukiyama: Awesome thank you. Have a good one.
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