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  1. Object 'Disorder' is infused with your magic...
  2. It is a level 50 enchanted blasting weapon, weight 1.
  3. Locations it can be worn:  wield
  4. Special properties:  hum dark pkill loyal evil
  5. Alignments allowed:  evil neutral
  6. This weapon has a gold value of 100000.
  7. Damage is 3 to 63 (average 33).
  8. Affects mana by -150.
  9. Affects wisdom by -5.
  10. Affects armor class by -30.
  11. Affects hit roll by 12.
  12. Affects damage roll by 12.
  13. Affects hp by 110.
  14. Affects hit roll by 3.
  15. Affects damage roll by 3.
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