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  1. [12:53pm] You kicked W4R__ from the chat room. (W4R__)
  2. [12:53pm] Killerxxx: lol
  3. [12:53pm] Killerxxx: well, he is an annoying little twit
  4. [12:53pm] Killerxxx: :)
  5. [12:54pm] B}Ronald_Reagan: Mhm
  6. [1:02pm] LtG left the chat room. (Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.87 [Firefox 5.0.1/20110707182747])
  7. [1:05pm] _WAR__ joined the chat room.
  8. [1:05pm] _WAR__: Why the hell that guy kicked me out?
  9. [1:05pm] B}Ronald_Reagan: Which one?
  10. [1:06pm] B}Ronald_Reagan: Give me his name and I'll ban him
  11. [1:06pm] _WAR__: i don't remember
  12. [1:06pm] _WAR__: b}Regan or something
  13. [1:06pm] SubZ left the chat room. (Ping timeout)
  14. [1:06pm] B}Ronald_Reagan: Huh
  15. [1:06pm] _WAR__: LOL
  16. [1:06pm] B}Ronald_Reagan: I dont see him here
  17. [1:06pm] _WAR__: IT'S YOU
  18. [1:06pm] B}Ronald_Reagan: he might of left
  19. [1:06pm] _WAR__: OMFG
  20. [1:06pm] _WAR__: U kicked me man
  21. [1:06pm] _WAR__: i'm scared
  22. [1:07pm] _WAR__: ;(
  23. [1:07pm] B}Ronald_Reagan: Mhm :)
  24. [1:07pm] _WAR__: lmao
  25. [1:07pm] _WAR__: can i try ban u?
  26. [1:08pm] B}Ronald_Reagan: ok
  27. [1:08pm] B}Ronald_Reagan: Try
  28. [1:08pm] _WAR__: didn't work
  29. [1:08pm] _WAR__: ;(
  30. [1:08pm] B}Ronald_Reagan: :9
  31. [1:08pm] B}Ronald_Reagan: ok
  32. [1:08pm] B}Ronald_Reagan: lemme try
  33. [1:08pm] You kicked _WAR__ from the chat room. (B}Ronald_Reagan)
  34. [1:08pm] B}Ronald_Reagan: worked
  35. [1:08pm] DES|Anderson: use the force like!
  36. [1:09pm] You are now known as Doctor.
  37. [1:09pm] You are now known as Doctor|R.
  38. [1:09pm] Doctor|R: :D
  39. [1:09pm] Doctor|R: Most fun I have had in awhile
  40. [1:10pm] _W4R joined the chat room.
  41. [1:10pm] _W4R: ./mode #canal +b B}...!*@*.*.*.*
  42. [1:10pm] _W4R: where's B} something?
  43. [1:10pm] MCNNM|Jason left the chat room. (Quit: Page closed)
  44. [1:10pm] Doctor|R: He left
  45. [1:11pm] _W4R: Doctor|R?
  46. [1:11pm] Doctor|R: [1:06pm] B}Ronald_Reagan left the chat room. (Ping timeout)
  47. [1:11pm] _W4R: ... he changed name
  48. [1:11pm] Doctor|R: Yes?
  49. [1:11pm] _W4R: Nothing
  50. [1:11pm] _W4R: i meant
  51. [1:11pm] _W4R: Are you B}Ronald_Reagan?
  52. [1:12pm] _W4R: sure you are
  53. [1:12pm] Doctor|R: no?
  54. [1:12pm] Doctor|R: I'm not Ronald_Reagan
  55. [1:12pm] _W4R: you wrote this [1:06pm] B}Ronald_Reagan left the chat room. (Ping timeout)
  56. [1:12pm] Doctor|R: That is when he left
  57. [1:12pm] _W4R: ok...
  58. [1:12pm] Doctor|R: in my chat history
  59. [1:12pm] _W4R: 4get
  60. [1:12pm] Doctor|R: I copy and pasted that line
  61. [1:13pm] _W4R: [=ping time out]
  62. [1:13pm] Doctor|R: Huh?
  63. [1:13pm] _W4R: not (Ping timeout)
  64. [1:13pm] _W4R: you're a cheater...
  65. [1:13pm] Doctor|R: yes
  66. [1:13pm] Doctor|R: I am a cheater
  67. [1:13pm] _W4R: i know
  68. [1:13pm] _W4R: rolf
  69. [1:14pm] Doctor|R: But I paid to get the AssaultCube Premium membership
  70. [1:14pm] Doctor|R: back when it was only $40 a month
  71. [1:14pm] _W4R: you can't pay that
  72. [1:15pm] Doctor|R: I can
  73. [1:15pm] _W4R: becouse it's  don't exist
  74. [1:15pm] Doctor|R: It does though
  75. [1:15pm] Doctor|R: :P
  76. [1:15pm] _W4R: in here havo no places to Premiuns accounts
  77. [1:15pm] boeck joined the chat room.
  78. [1:15pm] _W4R: have no*
  79. [1:16pm] Doctor|R: What?
  80. [1:16pm] _W4R: but i didn't anwsered me yet
  81. [1:16pm] _W4R: why u kicked me?
  82. [1:16pm] _W4R: have no palces to get a premium account
  83. [1:16pm] `Rowan joined the chat room.
  84. [1:17pm] Doctor|R: I never kicked you?
  85. [1:17pm] JMKane was promoted to operator by you.
  86. [1:17pm] Doctor|R: He just paid to get the membership for a month
  87. [1:18pm] _W4R: You're Reagan
  88. [1:18pm] Doctor|R: I'm not reagan though?
  89. [1:18pm] Doctor|R: You're confused
  90. [1:18pm] SubZ joined the chat room.
  91. [1:18pm] SubZ left the chat room. (Registered)
  92. [1:18pm] SubZ joined the chat room.
  93. [1:18pm] _W4R: yh... maybe...
  94. [1:18pm] JMKane: o_O
  95. [1:19pm] Doctor|R: yes
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