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Could Mike Perry be mistakenly accused?

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Nov 1st, 2011
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  1. Conversation with Mike Perry on IRC. He was accused by anonymous to be involved with the shameful Freedom Hosting who deny their obligation to stop the exploitation of children occurring on their server.
  3. #opdarknet focus on the real Freedom Hosting operator.
  6. [17:15] <mikeperry> you guys are incredible. I really can't believe this. you really don't care about the truth at all, do you?
  7. [17:15] <mikeperry> did you even see this:
  8. [17:15] <mikeperry> what is your agenda? why are you trying to destroy tor?
  9. [17:16] <mikeperry> I mean, what the hell. you pick someone at random because they are trying to live a private life, call them a pedo inj public, attack their servers.. find evidence against them, and keep at it
  10. [17:16] <mikeperry> I mean, what the fuck?
  11. [17:16] <mikeperry> why don't you just leave me alone already?
  12. [17:18] <mikeperry> I spend my life working on a network for anonymity and privacy, I have nothing to do with your witch hunt, but you drag me up in it anyway and make my life hell for 3 days while I am trying to improve the very network you use to attack me
  13. [17:18] <mikeperry> seriously, I'd kind of like an explaination
  14. [17:19] <mikeperry> you get up at the same time each day, even on the weekends. is someone paying you to smear us?
  15. [17:19] <mikeperry> or are you trying to fragment us into infighting?
  16. [17:19] <mikeperry> all of this smells just like the same false flag bullshit the cypherpunk community has dealt with for decades
  17. [17:20] <mikeperry> we like privacy. that doesn't make us pedos, or terrorists, or drug dealers.
  18. 01[17:21] <********> So just to clarify, you have no involvement with Freedom Hosting at all?
  19. [17:22] <mikeperry> oh my god, no.
  20. 01[17:22] <********> How is it possible that you can maintain all those tor exit nodes, where is the money coming from?
  21. [17:22] <mikeperry> I've never even used the fucking site.. but why do I have to prove my innocence to you?
  22. [17:22] <mikeperry> you're a fucking vigilante asshole
  23. [17:23] <mikeperry> none of your fuckig business
  24. 01[17:23] <********> 10k a month in costs has to come from somewhere
  25. [17:23] <mikeperry> it's not 10k
  26. [17:24] <mikeperry> see for an example of the model
  27. [17:24] <mikeperry> also
  28. [17:24] <mikeperry> I helped create that model. my llc was the prototype for the 501c3
  29. [17:26] <mikeperry> you really have no idea what the fuck you're doing, do you?
  30. [17:26] <mikeperry> and you've damaged my name, and damaged the tor network
  31. [17:26] <mikeperry> which you use
  32. [17:26] <mikeperry> you know why I didn't reply to you for 2 days on irc?
  33. [17:26] <mikeperry> cause I was busting my ass working for a deadline today
  34. [17:26] <mikeperry> that you guys almost made me miss
  35. [17:27] <mikeperry>
  36. [17:27] <mikeperry> improving the load balancing of the network you used to DDoS my website
  37. [17:28] <mikeperry> you see this:
  38. [17:28] <mikeperry> your DDoS probably caused that
  39. [17:29] <mikeperry> you guys, I swear to god... find some better way to waste your lives that doesn't involve fucking up the hard work of innocent people
  40. [17:29] <mikeperry> or at least gather more evidence, for christ sake
  41. [17:29] <mikeperry> you're on a fucking witch hunt
  42. c
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