Sep 15th, 2013
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  1. **** ULTRA HARD SURVIVAL 2.0.0-BETA5 **** Now With 75% More Evil ****
  3. This new pack takes the previous 1.0 release of UHS and then ramps it
  4. up a few notches. Torches are now unlit and require you to light them
  5. using lava, flint, other torches, tinderboxes, etc. Zombies will find
  6. you at a distance, smelling your blood if you are wounded. Light will
  7. also attract them and both zombies and skeletons may extinguish them.
  9. New to these realms, the alchemical wonders of Equivalent Exchange is
  10. now a reality. However, even these tools of joy have been crippled by
  11. the oppressive nature of ultra hard survival. Whilst still a boon, it
  12. will require management and thought before using. Not to mention, the
  13. need to face creatures to obtain the much needed shards.
  15. Railcraft has made the current beta as well, providing all your steel
  16. and transportation needs. Steam and Power is disabled, so the rolling
  17. machine (etc) will just run. Whilst a useful addition for single play
  18. with tanks and the like, it really shines when used on a server as it
  19. provides many railway options to link players together.
  21. Finally, even the weather is trying to destroy you and your home. The
  22. unprepared may discover their cobblestone & plank house strewn to the
  23. four corners of the world as a tornado rips through the landscape and
  24. your belongings. Cooked stone, smelted glass, bricks & hard materials
  25. will help you face the most destructive force in the game.
  27. Oh, and did I mention hats? Because, hats.
  29. =====================================================================
  31. - More than a few config tweaks, mostly for balance needs and to fix
  32. tornados ripping up 'processed' blocks.
  33. - Remvoed Recipeer and inserted MineTweaker. Changed some recipes to
  34. better balance the pack (golden bag of holding, bag, etc) and some
  35. changes to armour (metal chest armour requires TiC Plates). Also,
  36. Steel and Thaumcraft weapons/tools are now disabled.
  37. - Barrels Mod updated.
  38. - Server version working (97% sure), along with base config enabling
  39. Biomes O Plenty right off the first install/run.
  40. =====================================================================
  41. NOTE: This is a BETA pack. It may crash. Probably will. Whilst it may
  42. not set fire to your computer or pets, it is not yet a stable release
  43. =====================================================================
  44. If you are not comfortable with MultiMC, this is not the pack for you
  45. at this time. You can always play the current UHS release via the FTB
  46. Launcher, using the private pack code "UHS".
  47. =====================================================================
  49. GET THE CLIENT: http://bit.ly/UHS2Beta5Client
  51. GET THE SERVER: http://bit.ly/UHS2Beta5Server
  53. =====================================================================
  55. Client Installation Instructions:
  57. 01. Create an new 1.5.2 instance of Minecraft in MultiMC.
  59. 02. Name it 'UHS2 Beta5' and pick the Herobrine Icon for fun.
  61. 03. Run the instance to and set everything up, then Quit.
  63. 04. Rightclick icon, select Change LWJGL. Select 2.9.0
  65. 05. Rightclick icon, select Settings. Select the Java tab.
  66. You will want to ensure the JVM Argument contains:
  68. -XX:PermSize=128m
  70. For reference, here's my 'optimal' JVM Arguments:
  72. -XX:+UseConcMarkSweepGC -XX:+CMSIncrementalMode
  73. -XX:+AggressiveOpts -XX:+CMSClassUnloadingEnabled -XX:PermSize=128m
  75. 06. Rightclick icon, select View Folder. Extract the zip file into this
  76. folder.
  78. 07. Rightclick icon, select Edit Mods. Press the Refresh button & close.
  80. 08. Play game.
  82. 09. Create New World (Hardcore, of course), select More World Options.
  84. 10. Select world type of Biomes O'Plenty
  86. 11. Enter a seed of choice & press Create New World
  88. 12. Die.
  90. 13. Go to step 9.
  92. =====================================================================
  93. NOTE: This is a BETA pack. It may crash. Probably will. Whilst it may
  94. not set fire to your computer or pets, it is not yet a stable release
  95. =====================================================================
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