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  1. title: Hijack legit RDP session to move laterally  
  2. status: experimental
  3. description: Detects the usage of tsclient share to place a backdoor on the RDP source machine's startup folder
  4. date: 2019/02/21
  5. author: Samir Bousseaden
  6. logsource:
  7.     product: windows
  8.     service: sysmon
  9. detection:
  10.     selection:
  11.         EventID: 11
  12.         Image: '*\mstsc.exe'
  13.         TargetFileName: '*\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Startup\*'
  14.     condition: selection
  15. falsepositives:
  16.     - unknown
  17. level: high
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