Axe-Grinding Musclebeefhead x Unspeakable Monstrosity C

Mar 1st, 2013
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  1. [17:13:52] <Sylpi> It's in this moment that our manly man of a hero feels a mildly sharp clamping sensation on the top of his head, followed by a bit of gnawing.
  2. [17:13:59] <Sylpi> NOMF.
  3. [17:16:31] <Sylpi> "... Blech!" The clamp lets up and a fluttering noise rings behind him- a frenzied flutter like a bat having a flashlight shone on it. "That seemed like a stupid idea, she guesses, but sometimes Sylpi just can't help herself when she hears about food!"
  4. [17:17:30] <Haldis> (I can already tell Sylpi will cause me to fall to the dark side)
  5. [17:20:15] <Maximus_Waltrude_Hydromimus_IV> "Were you trying to eat me? Jeez, don't I feed you enough?" He sighs melodramatically, "My hair would stick in your throat, anyway, you should eat someone with shorter hair first, that's the smart way to go about it. A hero plans in advance, that's why he wins!"
  6. [17:21:39] <Maximus_Waltrude_Hydromimus_IV> He sort of looks around behind him despite knowing it's a midriff-baring dragon thing.
  7. [17:21:43] * Sylpi stands spitting out strands of hair onto the ground- a blue-haired girl who looks like she wouldn't belong on a battlefield if not for the wings growing out of her back. A couple streamers on her outfit blow behind her even when there's no wind, like the effect's being created manually. "Nyuck! Well maybe she wasn't even hungry anyway!"
  8. [17:23:34] <Sylpi> Yeah, Sylpi made a pretty big scene when joining the army, those the more reasonable folks probably just groaned and let the dragon help them because of how LOUD she is. "Sylpi just heard a lot of noise. Like a... 'CHEE, CHEE' sound," she imitates the noise of scraping metal poorly, "she hasn't heard in a long time. It's ANNOYING."
  9. [17:26:03] <Sylpi> Folding her wings behind her, the little girl puts her hands at her hips and stares in disapproval. Her eyes look really stupid up close, by the way, being mismatched and all. This isn't a sue world where that actually looks fashionable!
  10. [17:26:44] <Maximus_Waltrude_Hydromimus_IV> "Oh, sorry. That bit was me." He puts his axe aside, and pats her on the head, "That was the beating of my heart, overflowing with compassion for the common man." He smiles at her with complete and utter innocence, "No, just kidding. I was sharpening an axe. If my heart sounded that rough, why, that would just be uncouth."
  11. [17:28:07] <Sylpi> "Uh-huh." Sylpi's arms fold, wings stretching out and fluttering a bit at the pat. "Well just this once it's okay. HMPH. But Sylpi means it when she says she'll eat you if you do it too much!"
  12. [17:28:39] * Sylpi makes clawed hands and roars a tiny, childlike roar that sounds like a toddler trying to imitate a dragon moreso than an actual dragon. Probably because she looks closer to the former right now to begin with. "GWAR!"
  13. [17:28:58] <Maximus_Waltrude_Hydromimus_IV> He thinks her eyes look silly but doesn't say a thing about it because he's polite and you know it's probably cool how her eyes are so unique, and he just can't appreciate it.
  14. [17:29:30] <Sylpi> "... So where IS the roast?"
  15. [17:31:12] <Maximus_Waltrude_Hydromimus_IV> "I'll be sure to keep it in mind, and do it away from the camp next time. Ah, the roast? Right now, wandering free in the forest, its heart full of life and love. Remember this, Sylpi, people who only eat vegetables are wrong. Meat has strength in it, that's why it tastes good."
  16. [17:31:29] <Maximus_Waltrude_Hydromimus_IV> "We can go hunting, though. Just...don't scare the deer unless you can catch them, alright?"
  17. [17:33:11] <Sylpi> "How old do you THINK she is?" The dragongirl narrows her eyes and sticks her tongue out. Looks like a human tongue and not like a tongue with symbols on it that will eventually culminate in giant babies destroying the world or anything. "Nyeh! Sylpi knows all about meat! In fact, she's gonna go get a BIG animal and eat it by herself without sharing it with any big jerks RIGHT NOW!"
  18. [17:33:44] * Sylpi jumps back, wings fluttering, and then runs off in the opposite direction. One could probably make out her making an offensive gesture if it weren't so late in the night!
  19. [17:33:57] <Sylpi> As for what that gesture is, is a question for the ages.
  20. [17:41:21] <Maximus_Waltrude_Hydromimus_IV> "Oh, huh. That's good, I guess. More meat for me, if I go soon."
  21. [17:42:00] <Sylpi> All that's left is the silent whoosh of the wind. ... Guess it's not a whoosh if it's silent, huh?
  22. [17:44:39] <Maximus_Waltrude_Hydromimus_IV> (I'm still not sure, but I think a manakete just gave me the bird.)
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