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  1. <Button id="start" fx:id="start" layoutX="43.0" layoutY="310.0" mnemonicParsing="false" onAction="#startBot" prefHeight="25.0" prefWidth="60.0" style="-fx-background-color: #4fff4f;" text="Start" />
  2.       <Button id="restart" fx:id="restart" layoutX="109.0" layoutY="310.0" mnemonicParsing="false" onAction="#restartBot" prefHeight="25.0" prefWidth="60.0" style="-fx-background-color: #fff457;" text="Restart" />
  3.       <Button id="stop" fx:id="stop" layoutX="176.0" layoutY="310.0" mnemonicParsing="false" onAction="#stopBot" prefHeight="25.0" prefWidth="60.0" style="-fx-background-color: #f24949;" text="Stop" />
  4.       <PasswordField id="bottoken" fx:id="bottoken" layoutX="43.0" layoutY="78.0" prefHeight="25.0" prefWidth="250.0" promptText="Paste Bot Token Here" />
  5.       <TextField id="url" fx:id="url" layoutX="43.0" layoutY="113.0" prefHeight="25.0" prefWidth="96.0" promptText="DB URL / IP" />
  6.       <TextField id="port" fx:id="port" layoutX="148.0" layoutY="113.0" prefHeight="25.0" prefWidth="50.0" promptText="DB Port" text="27017" />
  7.       <TextField id="authdb" fx:id="authdb" layoutX="206.0" layoutY="113.0" prefHeight="25.0" prefWidth="87.0" promptText="Auth DB" text="admin" />
  8.       <TextField id="username" fx:id="username" layoutX="43.0" layoutY="148.0" prefHeight="25.0" prefWidth="120.0" promptText="DB Username" />
  9.       <PasswordField id="password" fx:id="password" layoutX="173.0" layoutY="148.0" prefHeight="25.0" prefWidth="120.0" promptText="DB Passphrase" />
  10.       <Button id="testdb" fx:id="testdb" layoutX="43.0" layoutY="184.0" mnemonicParsing="false" onAction="#testDB" prefHeight="25.0" prefWidth="250.0" text="Test Database Connection" />
  11.       <TextField id="defaultprefix" fx:id="defaultprefix" layoutX="43.0" layoutY="220.0" prefHeight="25.0" prefWidth="87.0" promptText="Default Prefix" text="Q!" />
  12.       <TextField layoutX="213.0" layoutY="220.0" prefHeight="25.0" prefWidth="80.0" promptText="Shard Count" text="-1" />
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