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AOTW #5- Horror, -Leni,

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Jun 28th, 2020
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  1. "Scared Straight", an idiom meaning to frighten someone to such a degree that there is significant improvement in their behavior.
  4. Or, in my case, to replace freedom with obedience. Nevertheless I never pictured this situation. Usually, I'm under the beds of children, a dark figure standing outside windows of a rowdy teenage party. This case was different. A full grown adult sitting in their lounge, with the brightest blue eyes.
  5. Normally, I'd deny these requests.They usually consisted of petty fights and college pranks. I'd do the occasional cheater or pedo, but scaring an adult is less effective than children.This was different.
  6. Money talks, and this was a whole damn opera.
  7. The latch on the window was open, as if waiting for me. My instructions were clear, go in, move some things, get out. Do. Not. Get. Caught.
  9. I wasn't sure what was so scary about this man until my fourth night, when the windows were latched shut... after I'd entered the house.
  10. The furniture was rearranged, not in the way that I'd done it last week. On the table was a torn piece of parchment paper with the words 'You'll regret this' written in a bold font.
  11. This was not the first time this had happened.
  12. Four years ago I'd had some twenty-year-olds try to play a prank on me. I was 17 at the time. They'd left me a note on the counter with the word "Run", in what was probably raspberry juice. They had their doors locked, but unfortunately for them, they'd have to get a new door lock. I'd learnt my lesson then, so on repeat houses, I'd take a spare key.
  14. That was my plan, until the keys wouldn't turn.
  16. I tried to keep my composure as I looked for a way out. I was never one for property damage, but a non-ventilated house in mid winter with a maroon patterned wallpaper and dim lights became more eerie by the second. That's when I heard a thud from down the hallway, the scratch of a record player as a song started playing. I knew this one. I'd put it on when he wasn't home on week 2. So cliche.. but even as my mind protested, a shiver crawled up my spine.
  17. There was no turning back as I made my way toward the kitchen. I knew where this man kept his "master chef" array of knives. I now understand why they wanted me to move things. The house was laid out in a particular manner, and white outlines drew around the correct spot for all of the household items, almost like a crime scene. I'd only barely noticed it in the last few weeks.
  18. As I opened the draw and took out the leather case. All the knives had been blunted down to near-nothing. A poor choice on his part, blunt knives are more painful, but it got the message across. He was expecting this; and that was terrifying.
  19. My heart began to race as I made my way back to the living room. There had to be another way to leave.
  20. At that moment, I should have smashed the window and ran. I should have taken to the poorly decorated bathroom and crawled out the small window above the toilet. I should have rammed the front door down. Instead, I stood paralyzed as the music began to grow and multiply in my ears like a parasite. The sensation of fear wormed its way through my limbs, restraining me. His shadow cavorted back and forth down the hall. That was before it disappeared.
  22. I threw the knife in front of me as a wave of adrenaline hit, swinging it around viciously.I was far too late as the cold pang of silver hit my head, and the last thing I saw were his virile blue eyes.
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