TWEET TOS for buyers of sulium

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  1. By buying this item you accept terms of service :
  2. Witch are : 1. If you damage this item and something strange happened i am not responsible for that.
  3.                   2. I don't accept any returns , this is virtual item and by buying it you have to deal with no returns service.
  4.                   3. This item has no shipping, I advice everyone before trying to chargeback on PayPal or even open
  5.                      dispute on Ebay, you will lose anyway because this is virtual item.
  6.                   4.I don't provide refound's on any conditions,reasons and moments, onece you paid you can't get refound.
  9. Thank you for reading this TOS, i hope we have a smooth deal !
  10.                                                                                                                                -sulium
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