Day 254 chat Captain & Teneo 1st sweep @ 6 mins

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  1. Day 254 chat Captain & Teneo 1st sweep @ 6 mins
  3. Live chat  
  5. Racheal Coutchman​oh
  7. meader635ncu​happy 4th
  8. liebebryanify​morning
  10. jen mccoy​Morning
  12. Sis Ann​Hi guys
  13. Sue Harrison​hello
  14. Kill The Beast 666​Hey Hey Hey!
  15. Carl G​hay
  16. Bill Vale​Darrell dragon
  17. Gary Shepard​hi
  18. Donna Summers​hi guys
  19. Elizabeth Burke​Been waiting for this all morning!!!!
  20. Anna Quintana​Good Monday Morning All...
  21. Bug​?
  22. Patty Morrissey​helloooop
  23. Rochelle Sevier​Good morning
  24. Pippi Elvesse Bernstein​Love did NOT keep them together apparently
  25. Steven G​Greetings!
  26. Angela ebert​Hi all!
  27. Merwin Abbott-Artist​SCRUNCHIES 😀
  28. Michelle Ruppert​yay!
  29. adventureshutterbug​Good one
  30. Jamie Moon​good morning
  31. VLeigh_111​Hi Y'all!! 🤠
  32. Pam Alderete​Greetings!
  33. Vova Chammonet​Dobre Utro vsem!
  34. John ch.​waiting with baited breath
  35. smspirate​LOVE will keep us TOGETHER!
  36. liebebryanify​click click
  37. Laurie P​Good morning everyone
  38. Carl G​that's a good tune
  39. baytown crippler​the truth will set you free
  40. Terry S​🎹🎹🎹Love Love will keep us together . . .
  41. Doug Atherton​good noon to u guys
  42. Bill Vale​Toni Tenille is hot
  43. Racheal Coutchman​what are we looking at?
  44. Bug​afternoon😛😝😎
  45. SnowBlind​Hey all
  46. Angela ebert​Whatever happened to captain & tennille (sp)?
  47. Jonatan​was this a butt-stream?
  48. Vova Chammonet​Jason got a screen with capt n Tenile and no voice
  49. VLeigh_111​Hi Guys!!!!
  50. Jason Goodman​sound ok everyone?
  51. Leisa Marie​hi guys
  52. smspirate​these broadcasts are getting pretty fancy, thanks to Jason.  Fun watching that AND the case develop!
  53. votezaktaylor​Look at his eyes under the glasses!!!!
  54. jen mccoy​Yes
  55. Jamie Moon​good
  56. RJ Ingmo​good
  57. Elizabeth Burke​Perfect
  58. Nikki M​Sound is good
  59. Rochelle Sevier​Sounds good
  60. Sis Ann​👍👍👍👍👍
  61. Jason Goodman​great
  62. Kab kar​present still trying to find accounted for. hi guys
  63. Merwin Abbott-Artist​yes
  64. Donna Summers​yep, everything good
  65. Michelle Ruppert​sound great
  66. Michael Zeedick​5X5
  67. J B​GA
  68. Vova Chammonet​Nice good sound!
  69. Judy Anderson​George isn't as loud as you, JASON.
  70. liebebryanify​seen it
  71. Gary Shepard​yep
  72. Racheal Coutchman​what's slow mode??
  73. Michele Dehn​sound and picture exce
  74. greg kyle​Good Monday morning fellas and truthers...,
  75. Bill Vale​matching shirts
  76. Al Martel​Hi Jason & George & Team CSTT
  77. RJ Ingmo​teneo holdings?
  78. Julia Metcalf​yes best online experience
  79. Larry Lane​[message retracted]
  80. James Holland​try to crank up George's audio
  81. Elizabeth Burke​HUMA
  82. Shill Gates​bleep
  83. Racheal Coutchman​Muslim brotherhood lady
  84. Doug Atherton​Rachael , slow mode , slows comment stream
  85. greg kyle​Ms. Rachael I'm getting the same notification...,
  86. Bug​whats withb the static
  87. Pam Alderete​Whoaaa...AweSome Jason!
  88. Rochelle Sevier​George's audio is low
  89. Jeremy Voissem​Hey Scrunchies...
  90. Angela ebert​It is staticky
  91. Jason Chan​@Rachael Coutchman it limits how often people can post. Hi @greg kyle so that the chat does not fly by
  92. Alline Bridget​No picture, no sound. Grrrrrrr
  93. James Tomich​Jason just raised the bar for Livestream Youtube. Pro
  94. Laurie P​I have static, too
  95. Julia Metcalf​praying for light
  96. Oma 05​keep getting calls to get to my social media I don't answer them
  97. Sidsel Skytte​Jason is Pro!
  98. Nudd McKucky​no sound
  99. Vova Chammonet​I believe Huma's mother is a writer/editor who speaks of female mutillation in glowing terms
  100. Henrik Wallin​Louder sound on George please! Jason sound is fine.
  101. Bug​ho's n blows
  102. SnowBlind​Democrats in congress are going insane
  103. Jeremy Voissem​@Jason Goodman fyi, you are mic'd. But I think that George's audio is being fed by your mic. Not his..?
  104. Jonatan​yes sound
  105. Say something... (slow mode is on)
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