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Pirates IRC APR'19 Changelog

mruno Apr 30th, 2019 31 Never
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  1. Pirates IRC - http://tiny.cc/PiratesIRC
  2. Apr 2019 Changelog
  4. Changes:
  5. Moved The Elite to rizon network and The Revenge (bot ship) to OFTC network
  6. Added an offline message saver that will notify players if they have messages that were to them while offline
  7. The use of Memoserv has been disabled
  8. After a player has become Captain from a mutiny, duel (during 'Psycho Saturday' event), or the 'Rob the Captain' event, it is publicly messaged when the richest player is Captain again
  9. Players who change nicknames (/nick) will have private messages (or notices) sent to their new nickname
  10. Added !P Skill Forget
  12. Fixes:
  13. No actions to perform when 9 or more players are active during a storm
  14. Message being truncated when changing (IRC) nicknames
  15. Players always getting a +1 power bonus when there was no bonus power (null bonus power)
  16. Ability to teleport during raids, monster attacks, etc (should have been disabled)
  17. Incorrect price for teleport stone
  18. Man overboard fixes
  19. Unable to use a brothel's services when out of stamina
  20. Soldier and cannon count inconsistencies when arriving at a port and then raiding it
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