Welcome to the Source Chapter 3

May 7th, 2013
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  1. The steam of the water became visible. Vapor into the air as it reaches the pass above the kitchen and higher in the air. The metal pot place on the burner, you take the pot and pour the water into a cup. Placing the tea bags right in, swirling them inside, and seeping in the tea’s ingredients. You weren’t sure what to expect now. It’s only been a few minutes as he tells you to get him a tea. You were sure that it is an excuse for him to be by himself. He doesn’t want anyone to be in there. Least from his first reaction, you assume.
  2. You weren’t sure you want to be in there. There have probably only been a mere few who have seen something like this. A man changing into an equine, a smaller equine than most. Not to mention his voice sounding like a woman. It isn’t really endearing when you sound like you’re aren’t on the right team. You check a few drawers to find a few straws. You take one out and place it in the cup. If he can’t use his hands, then it might just be easier for him to just carry it and sip. You grab the handle and walk towards his room.
  3. You face the white door once again, his room showing what lies between normalcy and a new world… a place where anything can happen. You’re breathing a slight more. You are going in head first. Opening the door, seeing all the familiar posters of video games and football players you’ve seen many times before. The blue color of this room does give back memories, as well as the full-size bed in front of you. A black blanket covers up his body, hiding himself from you.
  4. You place the cup of tea on the nightstand. You sigh, “Alexander you can’t hide under there all day.”
  5. Alexander did not say anything; he shifts his body to the other side, a protruding mark from his head shift from the one side to the other. With the size of the blanket, you could tell where the head is and where his legs are. He doesn’t have any feet…those were not his legs. They were hooves? “Alexander, get out of there.”
  6. He continues his silence, not moving an inch. His breath, shallow the darkness being his only friend he wants. You sit down on the bed, not saying a word to him. He was afraid; the protruding cone object was still showing. You were sure it was…
  7. “Alexander, if you don’t come out of there, I’ll just take off sheets.” You reply.
  8. Alexander didn’t say a word, but move the blanket under him. Speechless. Your theory was certainly correct. It was…a horn. Place right between his forehead. The orchid spirals that reach to the blunt tip, his recessive gene that gave him blue eyes, turns into green eyes. His emotions totally exposed with the size of those eyes now. The blonde hair turns into a sea of blue. His short hair grew, the bangs over his forehead and down to his neck. His jaw and nose now more prominent; they were starting to form something… a pony's mouth, to be more exact. His hands have officially mended into his arms and became hooves. His pants cover his legs, but were loose on him. Not to mention the fur. The color of orchid is creeping on him every second, strands of fur reaching his skin. Each and every one of them as they continue to grow. Already reaching the ar-I mean hooves, and neck. Slowly reaching his face.
  9. You could tell that he’ll be a pony soon enough. About eighty percent, you were only gone for a few minutes. To change this fast, to become something like this, you could only just stare at it. No words as he just stares at you, unsure of your reaction.
  10. The body continues to morph more; his expression wasn’t in pain, but confusion. This is his second time happening to him. Maybe he really was just accepting it just happen once or… this is a new transformation? You were to ask him, but you were sure he won’t say anything until the transformation was complete, if then. You take the cup of tea, maybe the tea would help “I know you don’t want to say anything, just nod if you want your tea.”
  11. Alexander stares at you, then looks down for a second to give a slight nod. You hold the tea and place it in front of his hooves. As he goes to grab it, he notices his dilemma. His hoofs connect and drop the tea on the bed. Some of the tea pours a bit, but you grab before it got worst.
  12. You scratch your head, “Guess that was my fault.” You place the cup into the bed slowly. Keeping it steady, “Use the straw, instead.” All Alex could do was nod. His mouth now becoming a full pony now.
  13. Just as the tea connects to Alexander’s lips. You notice it.You’re surprise you didn’t notice this until now. The girl voice, the feminine face, the long hair; all of them add up to one thing. Why didn’t you notice this before?!
  14. “You’re a mare?!” You close your mouth, not being subtle today, are we?
  15. Alexander’s hoof was in the air with a giant SMACK! Landing right on your cheek, Alexander didn’t say anything. Just giving you cold eyes. You struck a nerve, but you hit right between the eyes. You should have been more tactful. Something like losing major parts including their sexual organs would screw with anyone. At least you’d assume that’s the case. You really don’t want to look down there to find out if he has some type of pony cock or vagina. You think to yourself that his (or is it her?) Loose pants cover everything under him.
  16. He (or is it she) takes another sip of tea from the straw. The silence in this room was awkward and you want to break it, “So…” trying to find something that involves a hoof on your face. “That would explain the voice now doesn’t it?”
  17. He just nods, taking more sips of the tea. You could tell now, that he went full pony. The transformation wasn’t certainly seamless, but it was subtle underneath the sheets of the blankets. You want to look under to see the whole transformation , instead of just his hooves and his face. The face that never looks like a man before, as if he was always a woman that just turn into a pony, the big round eyes, the long eyelashes, the mane that was long past what you could see under the sheets. Her ears that could make a many brony d’awww for days to come if move a certain direction. The orchid fur that wraps around her face and her entire body. Yep, a pony.
  18. Alexander just continues to sip his tea, no words were said as she stares at the ceiling. You want to clear the air about the whole situation. Though, you knew that your words will go with no response now. Her face full of shock, all you could do is just get up. Your mission was done for now.
  19. “If you don’t want to talk, fine, just use one of your hooves to get my attention. I’ll be in my room.” You walk out of the room, closing the door behind you. You sigh, her face did not help you. As if he was trying to believe this was all a dream, still being a mute ever since that small conversation beforehand. Still, all you can do now is just wait for her to get used to the body. You were unsure of how long it would be, a few hours, maybe a day or two? You were unsure of it, but all you can do is just truck on forward.
  20. Opening the door to your room again, you sit down to the small desk with your laptop stand on. Turning on your laptop, you decide to go watch some videos. You were sure that only a few hours wouldn’t change the situation. I guess what could be better than checking that hard drive to see if you miss any type of content. You look at the folders, seeing the videos you have added into this hard drive. You look and see all of the MLP videos. You dwell in deeper, as you a particular episode gets to you “Lesson Zero.”
  21. Turning the video on as you see Spike and Twilight on the first shot. You thought to yourself about Alexander. His body becoming a mare, a unicorn. A mystical being that could control something would be call…magic. IF that horn can make any magic, what magic could he do? Could he do stuff like Twilight? Maybe he could just levitate stuff? That would still be pretty awesome, and hands wouldn’t be as much of a problem as well.
  22. You sigh, as if it would matter. Alexander is resisting being a pony. I guess a regular person would probably wouldn’t want THIS much change. You would include yourself in this picture as well, but seeing that face of Alexander. You couldn’t tell, but being a mare actually sounds…enticing.
  23. Geez, if it wasn’t bad enough that you love staring a cartoon pony’s butt, but you actually are considering being a magical talking pony, even a goddamn mare! Seriously, maybe you were still drunk or something. You need to really get this mentality out of your mind. You’ll be living with a mare from now on; you can’t be going around and keep having these thoughts. He’s your buddy; you don’t want to fall in the same hole as he is in. You gaze back into the laptop screen as the video still moves on. Twilight is worrying about trying to impress Princess Celestia. You went in and out of watching the show. Your mind continues to move around with thoughts of ponies. You wonder if you would ever see more ponies instead of Alexander and that red pony.
  24. “I am a pony.” You muttered to yourself once more. Just words, just fucking words. Why do these fucking words get to you? You try to really get yourself distracted now, as you continue to watch more ponies. Not realizing that it was more detrimental to your mentality now, more than ever.
  25. As the video was coming to its faithful conclusion. You hear the sound of hooves on the ground. It sounds like Alexander. Clicking off the video, you get up. Trying to hear the disturbance, you get out of the room and hear the noise again. You walk over to Alexander’s room. Walking in, you notices Alexander’s body is shifting toward the opposite side of the bed. One hoof right on the floorboard of the room. Alexander looks at you as her mouth opens up. Pointing right at it. You took the hint, as you roll your eyes. “I get it, what do you want to eat?”
  26. She rose up her hoof and said nothing, considering what to do. She obviously didn’t want to speak unless necessary. She starts waving both her hooves around, revealing more of her upper body. Though you were to “try” to recognize whatever she was pulling, you had no idea. You were more memorizing about seeing more of your…wait…
  27. She a pony…not a human.
  28. Let’s not think about it…
  29. You interrupt whatever thoughts as Alexander mouth was about to open, about to say something…or you thought so, but instead turns away and blushes.
  30. Well, her acting more of a woman than a man now. She really doesn’t want to talk at all, does she? She’s acting like Fluttershy or something. Still she points at her mouth and you start to realize what she wants.
  31. “Oh, you want something to eat.” Alexander nods, you roll your eyes. Having to deal with a mute mare. You turn around and said “I’ll go make something.”
  33. You walk out of the room and back into the kitchen. Ponies probably don’t want to eat meat, least that’s what you’ve always heard. Still, I guess you’ll have to make a salad. Looking at the ingredients inside, guess all you can do right now is to shove lettuce, onion, tomatoes, guess some ranch or something. Maybe it would be better? Who knows, you shove it all in a bowl. You weren’t an expert at making salads, you just think vegetables = salad. Your mind drifts off as you look at the fridge for your own food. You weren’t going to eat just vegetables…maybe some ham or something. Staring at cold cut ham, in a nice plastic package, you take it out with some mayo and cheese as you are going to make a sandwich.
  34. So, we're stuck in this now, aren’t we? Your mind ponders at the situation as you go over to the cabinet and get a loaf of bread.
  35. ‘That was…adorable. Like crazy adorable.’ Spreading the mayo on each bread piece, you place the ham and cheese on the bread. Seeing her blushing face was…cute. You sigh, as you finish it and place it on the table.
  36. You walk back over to Alexander’s room, opening the door to see Alexander back in her head just staring at the wall right when she stares at you. She gets up, her hooves holding the blanket. Real life ponies can be…adorable.
  37. “Um, yeah…food ready. It’s in the kitchen.” Alexander looks at you with those big green eyes as she points at the bed. Tapping the bed.
  38. Rolling your eyes as you knew what she wanted, “No, I’m not going to put the food here.”
  39. Those pony ears, started to drop and her eyes became big…
  40. Oh come on! That isn’t even fair! You groan, as this is tugging your heart strings. “Fine, fine.” You roll your eyes as you walk back to the kitchen getting the plate of vegetables with a fork. You walk right back in and sit on the bed next to Alexander. You place the plate next to Alexander. Taking your sandwich and taking a small bite. She pulls the sheets off and uses her hooves awkwardly to pull it closer. She pulls her face closer to the salad as she sniffs it. She bites off the lettuce, chewing the food and swallowing it. She stops sniffing and starts eating. Seems like your salad was a big hit for her.
  41. You go and take a big bite of your sandwich. Enjoying your protein with this enjoy the simple sandwich. You take another bite as you then see Alexander stare at your sandwich. She starts pulling closer to you. You pull back a little as she sniffs it…she gives a disgusted look and say “Bleh!”
  42. Pulling herself away from it, as if it was some type of rotten food. You sniff the food and smell the ham…wait. Ponies don’t like meat…duh! You take one big bite and finish your sandwich. Hoping not to start some type of displeasure because, you like meat. Still, you stare at the pony as she finishes her salad just around you finish your sandwich. No words were said, as she gave a smile at you and bow her head. You were assuming that it was thank you for the food…without talking. You rub your forehead a little, though her not talking hasn’t been the worst thing. It’s starting to get annoying. She can’t just continue being a mute pony.
  43. Not to mention that she’s been covering up her whole body as if she is disgusted by her body, Did she take it off? Why? Maybe…she was telling me something. You look over to Alexander as you can see her bare chest. Alexander moves her hoof in your line of vision and you see her wave. You turn to her as she shakes her head.
  44. “You can’t keep doing this.” You reply.
  45. Alexander tilts her head, then looks back at you.
  46. God, that looks pretty damn cute. Trying to fight her…seems hard now. You groan and say “Never…mind.” You get up and take the plate from the bed. You sigh as you walk out of the room and back to the kitchen. Placing the plate not empty of leftover you pour the water in the sink. You wonder how long this will be. How long will Alexander be a pony? How long we’ll he be like this? Granted, she’s warming up a bit…she’s willing to show a bit of…fur. God, that sounds weird to say. Nevertheless, she is adjusting to it slowly, but it’s progress. You take the sponge and start rubbing it down the dish. Still, living with a pony…doesn’t sound too bad. At least a magical talking pony that used to be your best friend. Even if doesn’t like it, and refuses to talk because he doesn’t want to sound or be a gi-mare.
  47. That’s when you hear a sudden THUMP from Alexander’s room. The sudden sound gets you to drop the dish into the sink. With a loud clank coming along with it, you take a deep breath and find out once again is going in that damn room. You walk over and see it.
  48. The amount of cuteness in this room is overloading. You almost felt the urge to actually say “d’awwww,” but somehow restrain yourself. What stood in this room was a fallen unicorn. She was on the ground, back on the floor. Her forehooves bent regularly, her eyes staring right at you, pleading for help. The pants on her were covering up her tights and hind legs. The baggy jeans drop on the floor. She is pouting. Pouting!
  49. “I-I need help.” She whispers softly.
  50. There were no words, none. There was nothing that could prepare you for something like this. Something that you gave you word on. Something you can’t just give up on. You were going to push forward. Regardless of whatever happens to you. You want- nay, need to help your best friend through this. The only thing you can do…..
  51. Is to keep on trucking.
  53. End of Chapter 3
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