WeepingMan's Conflict resolution system/idea

Apr 6th, 2015
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  1. Generic Conflict Resolution
  2. Uses ORE System.
  4. FIRST: Declare the conflict started. Pick a target. Declare what do you want from the target "I want to beat you up!", "I want to seduce you!", etcetera.
  5. SECOND: Pick two stats to act as a pool for the combat. It must be appropriate
  6. THIRD: Roll ORE pools. Assign Initiative, Offensive, Defensive.
  7. FOURTH: Compare Initiative. The higher one get Resolved first.
  8. FIFTH: Compare Offensive of the winner of Initiative against the loser's Defensive. If the value is Higher, Loser gained Stress equal to the difference. If the the value is lower, Winner doesn't take Stress track.
  9. SIXTH: Compare Offensive of loser against the winner's Defensive. It is otherwise identical.
  10. SEVEN: Round ends, new round start. Roll ORE Pools, Assign Initiative, Offensive, Defensive.
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