how2plat guide: combos 2.0

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  1. How2plat guide
  3. Basic part:
  4. Teams
  6. Combos
  7. Platinum's basic combo theory is the following
  8. at short ranges, where 5AA5B connects, it is possible to do various meterless solo combos
  9. any longer at that, you will need to expend resources (either an assist or meter) to get a full combo
  11. Starting first off, meterless solo combos:
  12. Easiest combo to learn is called the "standing j.b loop". This combo is nice because it fully consists out of jump cancelable moves, so you have plenty of leeway to bait a burst.
  13. Damage: 5967.
  14. Inputs: (basically hold forward during all of this) 5AA5BBB>jc>delay>j.b>5A5BBB>delay>5AAA>236A
  15. Video:
  17. For a slight bit more corner carry and damage in exchange for worse midscreen oki you can replace the modify the last part of the combo, ending up with
  18. Damage: 6004
  19. Inputs: 5AA5BBB>jc>delay>j.b>5AA5BBB>jc>delay>j.b>5AA>236A
  20. Video:
  22. For more damage there is the "bomb loop" combo. beware that the opponent gets the burst for free the moment they see the bomb come out so have an assist ready.
  23. Damage: 6427
  24. Inputs:5AA5B>slight delay>jc>delay>j.b(3 hits)>j.a>j.214A>microdash>5AA5B>slight delay>jc>delay>j.b(4 hits)>5AA>236A
  25. Combo troubleshooting: if the 5A after the first j.b whiffs, your j.b only did 2 hits or you did your microdash wrong. if the 5AA after the first j.b whiffs, you probably did 4 hits with the j.b)
  26. Video:
  28. For better midscreen oki its better to only do one loop of the bomb loop, its also easier to do.
  29. Damage: 6165
  30. Inputs: 5AA5B>slight delay>jc>delay>j.b(4 hits)>j.a>j.214A>5AAA>236A
  31. Video:
  33. If you start in the corner you will need to adjust the route a bit:
  34. Damage: 6425
  35. Inputs: 5AA5B>slight delay>jc>delay>j.b(4 hits)>j.a>j.214A>microdash>5BBB>delay>5AAA>236A
  36. Video:
  37. 1 bar combos:
  39. Using ex mami you can get a ton of corner carry and a full combo off max range 5AAA:
  40. Damage:6532.
  41. Inputs:5AAA>236C>5A5BBB>2B>5AAA>236A
  42. Video:
  44. In the corner you can use EX missile instead for a bit more damage and more red health damage (ex mami is currently bugged and does not do full red health dmg)
  45. Damage: 6853
  46. 5AAA>delay (wait for platinum to "sink" into the ground)>214C>5AA5BBB>jc>delay>j.b>5AA>236A
  47. Video:
  49. If you have nothing better to do with the meter you can keep dumping meter into more missiles and get more damage (generally not worth it)
  50. Max damage: 8472
  51. Video:
  53. Assist combos:
  55. Pretty similar to the EX mami combos.
  56. Note that by delaying the assist call till the last moment after 236A it becomes impossible to react burst to the assist call without platinum being able to block it
  57. For better oki midscreen you can do the following.
  58. Damage: varies
  59. Inputs: 5AAA>236A>delay>suitable assist call>runup>5BBB>delay>5AAA>236A
  60. Video:
  62. As with the other situations, you can trade midscreen oki for damage.
  63. Note that this wont work if you start too close to the corner
  64. Damage: varies + 300
  65. Inputs: 5AAA>236A>delay>suitable assist call>runup>5AA5B>slight delay>jc>delay>j.b(4 hits)>5AA>236A
  66. Video:
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