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  2. You are Donald J Trump, the current president, you've been president for the past 4 years, but after your recent mistakes, a holy figure known as "Barrack Obama" arrives to strike you down and end your reign of terror, you are both heavily armed with guns and bullet proof vests and you meet at the border between America and Mexico, as you start fighting you notice how strong Obama really is. Your first shot hits him in the head and he falls backwards, but then you realize that it's not just his strength that has made him so tough, it's also his speed, you have no chance against this man who can move like lightning.
  4. > use defensive spell
  6. The next thing you do is cast a protective shield around yourself, which protects you from bullets and other weapons. The barrier lasts about 5 seconds before it disappears completely. You feel very safe now.
  8. > keep holding up the defensive spell until obama retreats
  10. After a few minutes of shooting and running, you finally get out of range of the gunfire and into more open areas where you see a lot less people. You take cover behind some rocks and wait for obama to come back again.
  12. > cast long-ranged spell
  14. You quickly cast a powerful long-range spell, which hits obama directly in the chest. He doesn't even fall over, but instead goes flying through the air and lands on a nearby rock. You don't know what happened to him, but you know he will be back soon!
  16. > run away
  18. You quickly run away from the battlefield and hide behind a large rock, while you hear gunshots and explosions all around you. You see several soldiers chasing obama, but they seem to be having problems. You also see a helicopter hovering above them firing its machinegun.
  20. > attack Obama with second long-ranged spell
  22. You quickly cast another long-range spell, which hits obama right in the face. He drops to the ground and begins coughing blood. You think he might die from that one too.
  24. > kill Obama
  26. You quickly shoot an arrow at obama's throat, which kills him instantly. You look around and see a huge crowd cheering your actions.
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