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Log Twelve: The Legacy of Goricious

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Feb 2nd, 2013
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  1. <CJ> Right, this will be a very unusual session, because we will be awarding xp and doing downtime later. But first...
  3. <Gustbran> (mwahahah)
  4. <Calpurnia> (Ugh this is going to be interesting)
  5. <Makara> (send gustbran in, trip all traps, grog welll used)
  6. <CJ> As you leave the temple Antonius word's float after you. Calpurnia, you had best decide who will be involved in clearing your parens old lab out now he has gone.
  7. <Silas_> (The session where Calpurnia falls to the dice-bot conspiracy)
  8. <Gustbran> (haha)
  9. <Calpurnia> (Damn you)
  10. * Ramon dont leave it as the Redcap he will visit is probably inside
  11. <Calpurnia> (Does anyone have good intellego magic?)
  12. <CJ> Helpax shrugs and wanders off to his tower. He wants to try and work out what will stop the city falling - and helping Calpurnia claim artifacts not really his thing
  13. <Calpurnia> (understandable)
  14. <Silas_> (I have an absolute zero in vim, but some intellego)
  15. <Calpurnia> "Baruch comes with me"
  16. <Baruch> "I can take a look, certainly. I doubt I'll be of much use, but I'll do anything I can."
  17. <Makara> "I wanna come!"
  18. <Ramon> (There is still his cloud at the place)
  19. <CJ> From where you are in the centre of the city the Tower of Flaming Passions towers to the north near the rim of the city. It is twelve stories tall, and appears cut from a single ruby.
  20. <Calpurnia> "Well unfortunately I doubt anyone really has something that can help us, I'm hoping should I fall you can pull me out with your wind magic."
  21. <Baruch> "Yes, well, let us hope that is feasible."
  22. <CJ> The city shudders again, almost imperceptibly. None of the citizens bustling around the Plaza of Serene Wisdom even raise their eyes
  23. * Silas_ looks towards the Tower of Emerald Joys with a certain longing
  24. <Calpurnia> (Oh yeah is Ramon in talking range?)
  25. <Ramon> (No he is still in the Tempel)
  26. <CJ> The Tower of Emerald Joys again seems cut from an impossible emerald. It refracts the light in a million shades of green when it falls between the sun and where you are as the city oh-so-slowly spins round
  27. <Baruch> "I certainly hope we can do something about the city falling. Would be a shame, especially for all the people living here."
  28. * Gustbran starts eating his apple from earlier.
  29. <Calpurnia> "... we will do what we can"
  30. <CJ> Edith looks around, and says "right where am I staying?"
  31. * Calpurnia walking towards tower of passion
  32. <Makara> "Good question."
  33. <Baruch> (CJ: Where do the grogs live again?)
  34. <Gustbran> "mmm... For that matter, where should I go?"
  35. * Silas_ smirks
  36. <CJ> (BAruch: In the city. Mainly in the Hyperborean quarter)
  37. <Silas_> "To the bath house" [smirking]
  38. <Ramon> (CJ send you per Query what Ramon do will change to class now)
  39. =-= Ramon is now known as Class
  40. <Makara> "You and Edith report to to Hyperborean quarter, tell them I send you."
  41. <CJ> (Er dont you need Gustbran for this mission?!!)
  42. <Amaranth> (Wizards trigger traps!)
  43. <Makara> "Or you can stay with me for now""
  44. <Makara> "And investigate the lab!"
  45. <Gustbran> (nice comeback!)
  46. <Silas_> (hehe)
  47. <Class> (Calpurina who do you whant to have assist you with the Lab Class or Ramon. I prefer just to play one)
  48. <Baruch> "I would suggest anyone who is interested come take a look; I doubt this will take long, but should be interesting."
  49. * Silas_ looks at the many people milling about
  50. <CJ> The street that runs fork the Temple to the Tower is called the Avenue of Incandescent Hubris -- but the Locals call it Sell-skin Lane, because there are rumoured to be brothels there.
  51. <Makara> (maybe have ramon fly off to deliver the other mail)
  52. <Class> (No ramon just haved this one)
  53. <CJ> RAmon will be in his quarters, receiving mail from Antonius if Class is in play :)
  54. <Class> (the other Letters where to beliverd by a other Redcap)
  55. <Calpurnia> (There really isn't anyone who can really help, Baruch's wind magic is the only thing I found useful in the group. So you can go do your own thing)
  56. <Silas_> "Should I come along Calpurnia?"
  57. <Gustbran> "I understand. I will help in anyway if I can."
  58. <CJ> (I assume you will all tage along, if only to see how CAlpurnia dies?)
  59. <CJ> (tag even)
  60. <Class> (Class have some capabilitys that go vare beyons first aid but he is tierd)
  61. <Baruch> "Class' healing might be useful, though."
  62. <Gustbran> (Gustbran has a 1 in chirurgery, so..)
  63. <Class> (Trust me thats nothing comparing to what Class can do)
  64. <Silas_> [halfway muttering] "-There is something I would like your and Baruch's... insight on..."
  65. <Makara> (mandane heal stack with magic healing?)
  66. <Calpurnia> "CLASS WAKE UP, your coming with me"
  67. <Baruch> "Yes? What is it, Silas?"
  68. <Silas_> ".. it can wait, it was just a thought"
  69. <Calpurnia> (Baruch and Class will do)
  70. * Class is first dazed by this call then fly up from the cloud to first realise we are at home
  71. <Baruch> "Very well, let us get back to this."
  72. <CJ> The Tower is now burning with ruby fames and a million sparkling lights as the sun catches it. You approach the ramp of Fire, which leads up to the rim. The tower stands astride it -- anyone passing out to the rim must pass through the ground level of one of the four towers.
  73. <Calpurnia> "Yeah we are home, now up, little time I have potential need of your healing"
  74. <Class> "Whats up Calpruina?"
  75. <Calpurnia> "follow"
  76. <Makara> "We all need to clean up goricious
  77. <Class> "For what? Isn't this your tower we are heading to?"
  78. <Makara> 's lab"
  79. <Class> "Ohh I see"
  80. * Silas_ looks back to the tower of emerald joys but follows
  81. <CJ> OK, the tower has no gate, just a vast sheet of flame that covers where the brass double doors once were. Calpurnia walks straight trough and to the Tower's ground level.
  82. <Calpurnia> "Correct however another person use to live here, I am to clean it up with our groups aid. You I want to be there if I should get injured. AND WHY ARE YOU FOLLOWING (talking to makara)
  83. <CJ> through obviously
  84. * Gustbran follows making sure not to touch anything.
  85. * Calpurnia indeed I do
  86. <CJ> Gustbran walks through the flames.
  87. <Makara> "Obviously I am watch over a fellow Craimon"
  88. <Makara> watching*
  89. <CJ> !roll 1d10+175 damage
  90. <Trap_Bot> CJ, damage: 177 :2+175
  91. <Class> (that was a fast end ^^)
  92. <CJ> OK two of them have walked in, the rest of you stand outside the flames?
  93. <Calpurnia> (lolzeez
  94. * Silas_ stops promptly
  95. * Class fly in
  96. <Makara> (flame bird is toasty)
  97. <CJ> OK, who is still outside?
  98. <Silas_> [yelling into the tower] "I am not sure we can enter!"
  99. <Silas_> (is outside)
  100. <Calpurnia> (well first off is there a ritual you should do before entering someone elses tower :P
  101. <Baruch> "We would need an invitation, I suspect."
  102. <CJ> Calpurnia, Class, Gustbran, you stand in the archway that passes through the tower, the flames crackling either side of you, and the door to the upper storeys of the tower to one side. You hear Silas call from outside
  103. <Silas_> (my magic lore is 1, I only know the bare minimum :p )
  104. <Makara> [lie] "The flame is fake, come on in!"
  105. <CJ> Well CLass perches rather than stands.
  106. <Calpurnia> (Does my intuition really do so little)
  107. <Silas_> "..."
  108. <Silas_> "I AM TRUSTING YOU HERE!)
  109. * Silas_ walks though with some trepidation
  110. <Makara> "Yes, trust me with your life!"
  111. <CJ> Silas, the flames caress and tickle you. They are cold, and do not burn you.
  112. <Silas_> (phew)
  113. * Baruch follows
  114. <Makara> "Actually, the flame is real, but it's a magical flame."
  115. * Calpurnia I look to the sky to tell what time it is
  116. <CJ> OK, you stand in the base fo the tower. The door to the left leads up to the labs - the door to the right to the Tower Vizier's office.
  117. <CJ> Four hours till sundown
  118. <Makara> (vizer?)
  119. <Class> (OK then Class probably even haved enough sleep)
  120. <Calpurnia> "hmmm" enters tower
  121. <CJ> Chief admin for the 12 servants who work thsi tower.
  122. * Silas_ shrugs and follows Calpurnia at some distance
  123. * Gustbran is unnerved but is still trying to follow keeping an eye open.
  124. <CJ> CAlpurnia, you walk up the familiar winding stairs, and come to the magnificent Reception area, known as the Ballroom of Unrelenting Fury. A servant is mmopping the magnificent ruby and sapphire tiles with a flaming mop, burning away the dust
  125. <Class> (How much plcae is left to fly?)
  126. <CJ> (Sorry?)
  127. <CJ> Windows look out over the city, and over the edge of the city!
  128. * Calpurnia walks past
  129. <Class> (Can Class still fly?)
  130. <Class> (or is the place to limited by now)
  131. <CJ> Hiram the Servant nods at ypu, and steps nervously round
  132. <Silas_> (I think he meant how much space was there to fly in)
  133. <CJ> next floor up is the antechambers of the Sanctum of the uNknown MAgus
  134. <Calpurnia> (Give a example how much space there is)
  135. <CJ> Goricious told you that when the expedition first came here, they found evidence a magi had been inhabiting the tower - a Sanctum marker was on this door, and there were a few Hermetic books dating to the 1000's
  136. * Calpurnia slows down a bit, but after past the door speeds back up
  137. <Class> (I have a wingspan from left to right wing of 1,58m thats why I ask)
  138. <CJ> Eac floor has 15' high celings. Plentu. Stairs are lower though but you can just about fly, but will need ot be ahead or behind the party, your choice
  139. <Silas_> (swooping through the doors :) )
  140. * Class keep behind
  141. <CJ> STairs are about 1.6m wide and curve, so you had best sit on someone!
  142. <Class> "Baruch you mind if I land on your shoulders?"
  143. <CJ> CAlpurnia, the sanctum level of the Unknown magi. This is where the exedition found half a dozen dead grogs, and triedot summon their spirits. None could be contacted. Like something had given them a Christian burial - or eaten their souls
  144. <CJ> Goricious always hurried past this landing.
  145. <Calpurnia> (already said what I do)
  146. <Baruch> "please do"
  147. <Class> "Thanks"
  148. <CJ> Fourth storey is the Unknown Magi's Lab. Even now it smells of decay, and rot. You pass on up.
  149. <Silas_> "What are we looking for?" [halfway to Baruch]
  150. <Baruch> "Goricious' lab? Or what do you mean?"
  151. <CJ> Fifth story, the Ice Rink. The centre of this floor is filled with ice. Yes ice. Skates are available, hanging in pairs by door.
  152. <Class> "Puhh whats this smell?"
  153. <Makara> "Excuse me."
  154. <CJ> Sixtrh floor - antechanber to an empty lab.
  155. <Silas_> [bends over and pokes the ice with a finger]
  156. <CJ> Seventh floor - Empty sanctum
  157. <CJ> Silas pokes the ice. It feels cold.
  158. <Gustbran> (lol)
  159. <Makara> (calpurnia ice lab here would be perfect)
  160. <Silas_> [hurries to follow the rest] (hehe)
  161. <CJ> Eight fllor - Empty lab. You not go there yet, just letting you know what abouve you!
  162. <CJ> Calpurnia, the ice lrink been here as long as you remeber.
  163. * Calpurnia continues
  164. <Makara> (good, won't want to make a hole through the other floor otherwise)
  165. <CJ> Ninth floor: this one has four grogs sitting in the middle of a huge room that takes up almost whole of the level. They have bows, spears and swords, and are dressed in chain armour.
  166. <Silas_> "I was wondering where the lab was" [in a low voice to Baruch, almost to avoid Calpurnia hearing]
  167. <CJ> The Tower Guard.
  168. * Calpurnia nods and continues pass
  169. <CJ> The room has been outfittd for their use - severla tables, a cask of ale, and four big comfortable beds curtained off in poparts
  170. <CJ> OK, the antechambers to Goricious Lab
  171. <CJ> Floor Ten
  172. <Baruch> "Ah, that. I'm not aware, unfortunately."
  173. <CJ> where Calpurnia slept, and ate and lived
  174. * Calpurnia stops close to the door, but not at it
  175. * Gustbran stops a bit further away.
  176. <Makara> (poor guards getting constantly scared by calpurnia 24/7)
  177. <CJ> Next level - Goricious Sanctum. CAlpurnia has been taught in here a hundred times. The Eleventh floor
  178. <Silas_> (hehe)
  179. <CJ> Going beyond this sign risks death to any magus. Here you are.
  180. <CJ> That's the door.
  181. <CJ> Level 12 above can only be reached through the sanctum, and is the lan itself.
  182. <CJ> lab itself
  183. * Class hop down from baruch should
  184. <CJ> WHat sthe marching order?
  185. <Class> "I wait outside"
  186. * Makara at front with Calpurnia
  187. <Calpurnia> "I suggest you all don't enter. Now Baruch I want you to use your wind magic to manipulate things as I tell you to, and if I should get injured push me out to here."
  188. * Silas_ looks relieved
  189. <Makara> "No way, I must see the lab of a master criamon!"
  190. <Makara> "Espcially one with the same path as mine!"
  191. <CJ> roll Perception + Awareness
  192. <Calpurnia> Gives a disturbing look at makara "...then you first" (everyone?)
  193. <Silas_> (all of us?)
  195. [Everyone made a decent roll]
  197. <Baruch> "Yes, well, I can try, but I must warn you that my magics may not be as subtle as you hope."
  198. <Class> (+1 if Alertness)
  199. <Silas_> (hey, Calpurnia got a decent roll!)
  200. <Makara> (just burning out for luck)
  201. <Silas_> (must mean this wasn't so important)
  202. <Calpurnia> (indeed)
  203. <CJ> CRASH! Ther is the sound of splintering wood and breaking glass form somewhere ABOVE your heads. It's loud enough to sound like might come through ceiling. Actions please!
  204. <Calpurnia> dodge
  205. <Calpurnia> (cancel that)
  206. * Silas_ jumps back towards the stairs we came from
  207. * Gustbran grabs Baruch and gets back.
  208. <CJ> Calpurnia goes to duck and hesiattes, Silas is halfway down the stairs.
  209. <CJ> Baruch is shielded by Gustbran.
  210. * Class hop a bit upwards the stairs
  211. * Makara stand
  212. * Baruch looks startled
  213. <Calpurnia> "well hell we have to go through the sanctuary to go up"
  214. <Class> "Huh?"
  215. <CJ> A weird nose echoes through the sanctum. Calpurnia, that is coming from the lab upstairs, not the sanctum. That was Goriciosu fine collection of experimental glassware breaking you think. Someone is in there!
  216. <CJ> weird noise. A weird nose is amusing though
  217. * Silas_ tiptoes up the stairs again when the noise quiets down
  218. <Makara> "Come, someone is already in there"
  219. <Calpurnia> "Looks like it's your lucky day Makara, you and everyone else are coming in with me. Now copy this hand sign to enter at the door" does a strange hand sign before opening the door
  220. <Silas_> "maybe it was the wind? he could have had a window open..."
  221. <Class> (I thought we have to clean out the lab not the sanctum)
  222. <Makara> (lab is sanctum upstair)
  223. <Calpurnia> (both)
  224. * Silas_ commits the hand sign to memory
  225. <Class> (ahh ok)
  226. <Makara> (stair is in sanctum)
  227. <CJ> You see the sanctum. A neat room, with sand on the floor, and a little stream like the ocean round the walls. Calpurnia's bed, and Goricious bed. There kitchen area. The place where they drank tea and watched the world outside. A small balck altar
  228. * Silas_ does the fancy handsign and follows a few feet behind Calpurnia
  229. <CJ> Calpurnia, describe your and Goricious living quarters t others
  230. * Class makes him self -2 Size to -4 size to fly more easy
  231. * Baruch follows
  232. * Gustbran carefully repeats the said handsign while mumbling about how silly it looks.
  233. * Class follows after the spell
  234. <CJ> CLass, problem: Calpurnia has told you to ma e a hand signal
  235. <Calpurnia> (heheh not much I can say about Goricious' stuff, but Calpurnia's looks like a odd blend of perfectionist placings and extreme messyness, the bed looks like a wolf tore it up)
  236. <CJ> Owls aren't good at hand signals
  237. * Class wait then here for now
  238. <Makara> (do your half human transform thing)
  239. <CJ> you can eneter if you want, but do tell me if you do.
  240. <Gustbran> (uhoh)
  241. <CJ> So everyone making the hands signal to enter?
  242. <Makara> yes
  243. * Calpurnia enter and draw short sword
  244. <Silas_> "it looks,... nice"
  245. <Silas_> (did the gangsign yep)
  246. <Class> (I will transform to human if I hear combat noises or something and then use the Hand Gestures)
  247. <Baruch> (yes)
  248. * Gustbran stands ready to follow the magi after completing the handsign.
  249. <Class> "I still will wait here call me if you need my help"
  250. <CJ> OK, you are in the sanctum. Calpurnia you can put the kettle on. You lived here for 15 years - no danger to you. From upstairs you hear another noise
  251. * Calpurnia heads for the stairs with sword drawn
  252. * Makara follows closely
  253. * Silas_ follows, but at a few meters distance
  254. * Baruch follows with silas
  255. * Gustbran follows with spear at hand.
  256. <CJ> !roll1d10+! for demon lord of hell Asmodeus
  258. [Demon lord make a decent roll]
  260. <Silas_> (we should perhaps be a bit worried that Gustbran_the_mage_gutter follows behind us all...)
  261. <Gustbran> (lol)
  262. <Amaranth> (Dooooomed.)
  263. <Calpurnia> (.....)
  264. <Silas_> (not a bad roll for a demonlord)
  265. <Makara> (This explain everything about Calpurnia's luck)
  266. <Amaranth> (Demonlord is only rolling +1s. You can take him! Go, go!)
  267. <Gustbran> (HAHAHAHHA!!)
  268. <Gustbran> (do we roll initiative here?)
  269. <CJ> OK Calpurnia, lab door.
  270. <Silas_> (It is to lure is in though, I'm betting that he is just baiting us!)
  271. <CJ> Yes actually. Everyone roll initiative.
  272. <Calpurnia> (Do I sense anything wrong, like what that roll was about?)
  274. [Everyone except Calpurnia rolled weakly]
  277. <CJ> !roll 1d10+1 for the dragon
  279. [Dragon make a good roll]
  281. <Silas_> (oh holy crap...)
  282. <Makara> (drake right?)
  283. <Silas_> (RIGHT?! :p )
  284. <Calpurnia> (MAN I really need to write down the rules for initiative, please tell me the formula)
  285. <Silas_> (/me graps hold of the table while shouting at the monitor "RIGHT?!?!")
  286. <Makara> (or with weapon)
  287. * Class takes on his human shape walk in using the gestures and after a few feet inside of the sanctuary become a bird again
  288. <CJ> Class roll. You can still hear the others so can cast on them :)
  290. [Class makes a good roll]
  292. <CJ> OK Calpurnia your action
  293. <Calpurnia> (Do I have line of sight yet? or is the door in the way)
  294. <CJ> door in the way :)
  295. <Gustbran> (blow the door up in it's face!)
  296. * Calpurnia Calpurnia opens the door expecting something bad to happen
  297. <Silas_> (remind me to export my "dragon be gone" spray can to England when I create it in Academagia, cause these guys needs it more urgently)
  298. <Calpurnia> (long waits are very unnerving)
  299. <Silas_> (indeed ^^)
  300. <CJ> OK you see a girl standing by the bookcase (containing many leather bottles but no books) the black ceiling laced with golden stars that you just want to reach up and grab, and a whole load of beautifully set up alchemical glassware smashed all over the floor Oh and a stuffed crocodile, furnace, the usual
  301. <CJ> The woman has just opened the book case by pushing or leaning on it.
  302. <Calpurnia> "WHAT ARE YOU DOING IN HERE (eye twitches at woman leaning on bookcase)
  303. <Class> (Now all use your best ranged attack spells ;) )
  304. <Makara> (I fire my laser)
  305. <Silas_> (hehe)
  306. <CJ> She is a young woman in her mid-twenties, with features from the Balkans- black hair, grey eyes, and a bit more olivey skin then those from Britain. Her blue-black robes are as immaculate as you can get them; dressed very neatly
  307. <Silas_> (kill the crocodile!)
  308. <Amaranth> (Is talking a free action?)
  309. <Makara> (grab the star!)
  310. <CJ> Yoiu have just been asked who you are. Your turn amaranth!
  311. <Calpurnia> (.....)
  312. <Class> (hey where are the attack spells to have the shortest join ever ;) )
  313. <CJ> Yes you can talk for free.
  314. <CJ> CAlss you doing anything?
  315. * Class become a human
  316. <Silas_> (be happy Gust didn't have a chance to stab you :p )
  317. <Amaranth> I quickly raise my hands in the universal I-come-in-peace-so-please-don't-gut-me gesture, and smile as charmingly as I can. "Would you believe I simply landed here?" I'm slightly nervous. This was not what I expected!
  318. <Class> (even if just a small one)
  319. <CJ> BAruch action please
  320. <Amaranth> (Yes, I was afraid of certain people getting high init. >.>)
  321. <CJ> and Silas
  322. <Baruch> "How, exactly, did you land here?"
  323. <Silas_> "- and how did you survive the traps?" [looks impressed]
  324. <CJ> Gutsbarna?
  325. <Gustbran> (COME ON!! this is TWO DIFFERENT SITUATIONS!)
  326. <CJ> Gustbran?
  327. <Class> (where is the attack charge? ^^)
  328. <Gustbran> (I'm tempted, believe me.)
  329. <Calpurnia> (COME ON STABBY STABBY)
  330. <Makara> (spearing a woman? For shame!)
  331. <Silas_> (are you kidding? - there could be traps everywhere... /paranoid much)
  332. * Gustbran gets into a position to attack if it becomes necessary but does not adopt a threatening posture
  333. <CJ> OK, Makara. :)
  334. <Amaranth> (Can I tell if I'm talking to mages?)
  335. <Silas_> ([hefts the spear in the kindest way possible])
  336. <Class> (this sentiment about not attacking woman wasn’t to fare spread at this time if I remember right)
  337. <Class> (if you have your Perma Magica down for sure ^^)
  339. [Makara make a great roll on Enigmatic Wisdom]
  340. [CJ pm Makara the secret of the Stars]
  342. <Silas_> (nice)
  343. * Makara tries to grab the star by jumping
  344. <CJ> OK, that';s a Dex + Athletics roll against difficulty 18.
  345. <CJ> Go for it!
  346. <Calpurnia> (.....)
  347. <Amaranth> "Magic, of course. And I fear I only barely survived the glassware trap. That one seems to get me every time." I edge closer to the cupboard.
  348. <Makara> !roll 1d10
  350. [Makara make a weak roll]
  352. <Silas_> (personally I find the croc suspicious)
  353. <Silas_> (aww)
  354. <Baruch> "Ah. Yes, the glassware trap. Where do you come from?"
  355. <Calpurnia> (wait did we break turn order>?)
  356. <CJ> Ther is the noise of more glassware breaking underfoot as Makara bounces up and down trying to reach one of the 15 golden stars that bob like balloons far overhead
  357. <Silas_> (a bit)
  358. <Amaranth> (Talking is a free action!)
  359. <CJ> OK, no turn order now - AFTER Calpurnia's turn
  360. <Baruch> (Talking was free, right? Or does that only mean you don't lose your action?)
  361. * Calpurnia head slowly turns to face Makara,
  362. <CJ> Calpurnia, you see the bookshelf has been moved, and a room you have never seen before lies beyond.
  363. <Class> (You don’t lose your action)
  364. <CJ> Makara is trying to grab a star
  365. <Calpurnia> "You know this is technically my room as I inherited it currently, it would be a shame if heremetic law came to bite you makara"
  366. <Amaranth> "I usually would answer such a question with another question, but I suppose I should speak truthfully. I am from the Balkans, but I most recently come from my dear Transylvania."
  367. <CJ> OK, and we shall drop initiative order now - fee talk
  368. <Makara> "Can't heard... you... over... the noise... of... wisdom!"
  369. <Calpurnia> "SIT" rolling intimidate
  370. * Class enter the room then with the hand gesture and get back into owl
  371. <Makara> (what's the resist stat?)
  373. [Calpurnia make a strong roll]
  375. <Class> (loll)
  376. <Gustbran> (haha)
  377. <Amaranth> "In return, could you tell me where *we* are? For I fear I have little idea."
  378. <Amaranth> (Doh.)
  379. <CJ> You use a personality trait to resist Makara. Got any appropriate?
  380. <Baruch> "Ah. You are far from home."
  381. <Makara> Enigma +3, Discerning -2, Cheeky +1
  382. <Silas_> "oh, the city of Jade and Ivory"
  383. <Calpurnia> (as always not including any form of bonuses from tainted by evil or blatant)
  384. <Makara> I guess one or two work
  385. <CJ> Cheeky best - roll d10 and try and beat Calpurnia's total
  387. [Makara make a poor roll]
  389. <CJ> Makara sits sown
  390. * Makara Sits down like a puppy
  391. <Silas_> "- a short ways from Stonehenge" (not that he knew where stonehenge was a week ago)
  392. <CJ> Class you entered the room now?
  393. <Class> (the lab only when I'm owl again)
  394. <Calpurnia> "NOW YOU" turns to woman "HOW DID YOU "LAND" HERE!?!"
  395. <Makara> "You are right, jumping is not the way to approach this."
  396. <Class> (but the sanctuary yes as mentioned above)
  397. <Class> (Class enter the room then with the handgesture and get back into owl)
  398. * Makara meditates and let the other handle the situation
  399. <Calpurnia> (this brings up a good point, I need to set personality stats)
  400. <Amaranth> "Oh dear. I really am far from home." I wince a bit at the yelling. "I was teleported. I... expected to land somewhere a bit more... ruinsy, I must admit. Not in such a lovely labratory. Did I hear you say this is yours? You must be very gifted indeed, to have such a lovely space to work in."
  401. <Calpurnia> eye twitches "If I did believe you then WHY did you come"
  402. <Silas_> [grins and mutters under his breath] "- had, at any rate"
  403. * Silas_ looks somewhat amused at the broken glass
  404. * Gustbran considers in his thoughts the pros and cons of giving makara a lift to get that star.
  405. <Calpurnia> (pro Makara thanks you con Calpurnia shows you what a sword and magic can do)
  406. <Amaranth> "Well, why don't we start at the beginning. I am Amaranth of Tremere. I am glad to meet other magi; I did not expect to. Who are you?"
  407. <Baruch> "Baruch of Bonisagus. Glad to meet you, as well, despite the circumstances."
  408. * Silas_ gives a polite bow
  409. <Silas_> "Silas Duerr, of Mercere, a pleasure"
  410. * Class ,a very small eagle owl, fly up to the lab
  411. <Calpurnia> "... your the intruder, but I am not the exact person to be talking to. BARUCH please escorts this Amaranth to (insert head magus name) and please take Makara with you"
  412. <Silas_> (Antonius)
  413. <Calpurnia> (name has been copied)
  414. <Baruch> "Yes, well, I do suspect he is rather busy with the current ... situation ... but on the other hand he would surely be interested in this."
  415. <Baruch> "Do come along, Amaranth. We must announce your presence here."
  416. <Class> "Whats up Calpurina? and who is this person?"
  417. <Calpurnia> "Hell if I know her, but she calls herself Amaranth"
  418. <CJ> CAlpurnia; the space behind the bookshelf - you have never seen it before. Oh and the leather bottles have been moved around
  419. <Silas_> "ah... yes. It might not have been the best time you came here Amaranth..."
  420. <Amaranth> "I would welcome the escort. I do not wish to cause trouble, after all."
  421. <CJ> The building trembles as the city drops a couple of feet suddenly
  422. <Calpurnia> (yeah thats my next course of actioin)
  423. <Amaranth> "Eeek!"
  424. * Silas_ crouches down
  425. * Calpurnia scowls at event
  426. <Baruch> "Yes, that would be the aforementioned situation right there."
  427. <Class> (As I fly do I hit my head on something?)
  428. <CJ> Amaranth steps in to cupboard and pokes it
  429. <Makara> (Do you want to get an injury?)
  430. <Calpurnia> "You OUT~~~~~~~~~~~~~~" (at amaranth)
  431. <CJ> She vanishes. There is an odd smell of hot metal and rotten eggs
  432. <Silas_> "..."
  433. <Silas_> "did you see that?"
  434. <Amaranth> (Ooops.)
  435. <Calpurnia> "...sulfur"
  436. <CJ> yes sulfur.
  437. <Class> "What was this?"
  438. <CJ> and fire
  439. * Calpurnia walks over to bookcase
  440. * Silas_ waves his hands in front of his head
  441. <Calpurnia> casts pedro ignem
  442. <CJ> OK roll then
  443. <Gustbran> "oh.." Waves the smell away..
  444. <Silas_> (brb)
  445. <CJ> Break for 5 or so minutes ok?
  446. <CJ> I need a drink!
  447. <Class> (OK)
  448. <Baruch> Ok
  449. <Class> (if ou have time bevore time in have a look at Querry)
  450. <Class> (but if not no problem)
  451. <Silas_> (back, and 5 min was a good idea ^^)
  452. <Gustbran> (Gustbran has barely said a thing so far.. )
  453. <Silas_> (and poor Amaranth, gone in less than 10 minutes)
  454. <Makara> (I guess that cup is a trap)
  455. <Silas_> (and for a minor diversion: )
  456. <Amaranth> (I've managed to piss someone off really badly, break what was probably a priceless set of glasswear, and disappear in to the ether. This is fun!)
  457. <Class> (Yes could be or something linked to a infernal domain)
  458. <Amaranth> (Demons. Why does it always have to be demons. :()
  459. <Calpurnia> (Also how come you come from translyvania?)
  460. <Silas_> (because God wouldn't lift a finger to save your soul :p )
  461. <Class> (best ask Calpurinas parent if you find him where you are now ^^)
  462. <Gustbran> (thats a tremere place, and she's tremere, so...)
  463. <Amaranth> (Because Tremere, basically. /grin)
  464. <Calpurnia> (yeah I understand that though I find this... being a bit too annoying to be coincedence)
  465. <Silas_> (Transylvania is a pretty decent place too, was playing a CK2 as a transylvanian count some time ago)
  466. <Calpurnia> (but your right next to the Cumans and the Byzantine Empire)
  467. <Gustbran> (was it count dracula? ;))
  468. <Amaranth> (She's not technically raised and born in Transylvania. It's just where she was teleported in from, because, well, that's where the Tremere do things.)
  469. <Silas_> (Byzantium was wrecked by internal strife though, not even of my making)
  470. <Amaranth> (Ooo, CK2. I love that game. Love EUIII a bit more, though.)
  471. <Silas_> (I'll admit, I like Victoria2 more than either :p )
  472. <Amaranth> (I always play Spanish nobles, though.)
  473. <Calpurnia> (true however I have a couple games where the Byzantine Empire actually gets things done)
  474. <Class> (Ohh then you might help me with some background of Ramn as he is from barcelona ^^)
  475. <Amaranth> (I once reconquered everything as the Byzantine Empire in EUIII. Take that, Ottomans!)
  476. <Class> (err Ramon)
  477. <Class> (Ohh your talking about Computer games not P&P RPG)
  478. <Calpurnia> (computer game)
  479. <Silas_> (heh, played as Denmark this one time, and tried to marry into HRE and assassinating my competition - it failed, but holy moly the empire grew friggin HUGE)
  480. <Amaranth> (Hey, I know a pretty fair bit about Spain, anyway. :) It's my place of choice when I need someone to come from somewhere. That's why a certain Academagia student I'm making comes from the equivilent. Spain is cool. Or Aragon, I suppose, as it is right now.)
  481. <Calpurnia> (However you would have most likely been in a zone where there were many battles between Christianity and Islam. Spain was the battle ground of religions)
  482. <Class> (Yes right now its Aragon)
  483. <CJ> OK I'm back
  484. <Class> (Wb)
  485. <Gustbran> (yay)
  486. <Calpurnia> !roll 10+20 (soothe the raging flame)
  488. [Calpurnia Botching]
  490. <Calpurnia> FUCK
  491. <Makara> (yay I can stay)
  492. <Silas_> (you have NO luck what so ever)
  493. <Gustbran> (WOW)
  495. [Calpunia roll and avoided botching]
  497. <Baruch> I'll spont an intellego vim spell that allows me to smell magic.
  499. [Baruch make a good roll]
  501. <Silas_> (thats just a bit sad too)
  502. <Baruch> (So works at sixth magnitude or higher, which is... kind of crap, but who knows.)
  503. <CJ> Baruch, strong magic from that cupboard. Make a finesse roll
  504. <Baruch> (Just finesse?)
  505. <Calpurnia> (oh yeah I didn't even include the 4 from aura)
  506. <Baruch> !roll 1d10+1 (only finesse)
  508. [Baruch make a decent roll]
  510. <CJ> Gustbran, something is really unnerving you. You are not sure what, but your hairs on your arms are standing up on end
  511. <Baruch> "Beware. The cupboard is magical. A trap, perhaps."
  512. <CJ> Baruch. well it's Rego something magic in there.
  513. <Silas_> "did the closet eat her?"
  514. <Baruch> "Transportation magic."
  515. * Calpurnia glances a Baruch "Didin't you leave?"
  516. <Makara> (rego existence D: )
  517. * Gustbran looks around for any sign of danger that might have been overlooked.
  518. <Baruch> "Well, I can't take her anywhere now, can I?"
  519. <Calpurnia> (... this is getting confusing)
  520. <Gustbran> "There's something seriously wrong, here...!"
  521. <Class> "So it was the normal Rego Corpus magic? Why then this smell?"
  522. * Calpurnia Walks over to the bookcase
  523. <Makara> (corpus to sulpur D:)
  524. <Baruch> (Do I know Goricious' sigil? Does Calpurnia?)
  525. <CJ> Class - the cupboard - it smells like your parens lab. In fact it reeks of him.
  526. <Silas_> !roll 1d10+20 (aura and waving included - a spont Intellego/herb spell to see if the closet can say what is inside of it)
  528. [Silas make a great roll]
  530. <Silas_> (that was less than impressive...)
  531. <CJ> Gustbran - those leather bottles on the bookshelf- they feel weird like tombstones or food leftover from a funeral feast
  532. <CJ> Silas - it’s made of ruby I'm afraid not wood - it is set in to the wall
  533. <Calpurnia> "Don't touch the leather bottles"
  534. <Gustbran> (feels weird? I'm not touching them?)
  535. <Silas_> (ah)
  536. <CJ> You could cast on the bookshelf that covered it?
  537. <CJ> Nope not touching. WOuld not want to
  538. <Silas_> (would Terram work then?)
  539. <Class> "I have a suspicion, this smell is kind of familiar, I have to lave you alone for now"
  540. <CJ> A small cat climbs on to Makara and purrs
  541. <Class> "Oh Calpurina do I have to make handsign again when leaving?"
  542. <CJ> You ar enot sure wher eit came from
  543. * Makara continue meditating with his eyes close
  544. <Calpurnia> "Wouldn't hurt!"
  545. <Silas_> "..." "alright Class... take care"
  546. <Class> "Thanks"
  547. <CJ> The cat nuzzles Makara
  548. <Makara> "Sigh, what is it cat?"
  549. * Calpurnia turns around and looks at cat casts demons eternal oblivion
  550. <CJ> Class where you going? There is a window you can open here... quicker than flying back.
  551. * Class fly down, change human, make handsign leave lab get bird again and fly to parent lab!
  552. <CJ> OK roll Calpurnia
  553. <Class> "Is the window save to exit?"
  555. [Calpurnia make a good roll]
  557. * Class want to go to the lab of his parent
  558. <CJ> The spell hits the cat. It looks at you and purrs
  559. <Silas_> !roll 1d10+16 (spont Intellego/terram spell to see if the closet can say what is inside of it)
  560. <Trap_Bot> Silas_, (spont Intellego/terram spell to see if the closet can say what is inside of it) : 20 :4+16
  561. * Calpurnia eye twitches and goes back to inspecting the hole that was covered
  562. <CJ> The cupboard can ammage a single word with that once we take the aura of +4 in ot account.
  563. <CJ> "HELL!" says the cupboard to Silas.
  564. <Amaranth> (....D:)
  565. <Silas_> "..."
  566. * Silas_ coughs
  567. <Gustbran> "What is in those bottles? They feel like death!"
  568. * Class take the save rute even if the window is faster
  569. <CJ> Baruch, what you up to?
  570. <CJ> OK Class flies down th tower at speed
  571. <Makara> (Calpurnia should roll infernal lore or something)
  572. <Silas_> "the closet said 'hell' to me, and with the smell of sulfur... and the teleportation...?"
  573. <Baruch> "Hm."
  574. <CJ> Baruch, where exactly you standing? What you doing? :)
  575. <Calpurnia> (I personally should have already found that out, brimstone is a obvious hint to a demon)
  576. <Baruch> I'd be standing by the door
  577. <Baruch> I never went too close to Amaranth or the cupboard
  578. <Makara> door of death
  579. * Gustbran is trying to back up somewhat.
  580. <Baruch> "This must be something Goricious would have had a use for."
  581. <CJ> OK. CLass flies down the stairs, and you hear voice from below in bad Latin - one of the grogs probably. "You alright sir?"
  582. * Class send 2 of the watchpost down to the lab in chase they will be needed
  583. <Makara> (up)
  584. <CJ> The small cat is wandering around the room, staring at things curiously
  585. <Class> "There was a iintusion of a foreigner in the lab he is gone now but bether look down"
  586. <Silas_> "We can't just let her... vanish into hell! shouldn't we do something?"
  587. <Calpurnia> "You" looks at Gustbran "give me something I can burn"
  588. * Makara is relief that the cat didn't talk back to him so he can goes back to meditation
  589. <CJ> ok two grogs head up to lab Class
  590. <Gustbran> "Take the core from this apple I ate!" passes the core.
  591. <Calpurnia> ".... it's wet"
  592. <Baruch> I'll cast intellego animal at the cast to see if it's a cat
  593. <Makara> (wait! The grog didn't come in with the HANDSIGN!)
  595. [Baruch make a nice roll]
  597. <CJ> There is a suddenly bast of acrid sulphurous smoke from the space behind where the bookshelf was.
  598. <Silas_> (they come pre-handisigned :p )
  599. <CJ> Then screams from downstairs from the Sanctum door
  600. <CJ> It's a cat BAruch :)
  601. <Makara> brb
  602. <CJ> And maranth appears choking in the closet
  603. * Baruch looks astonished
  604. <Calpurnia> "Baruch, Makara, Silas, and Gustbran I suggest you check that out"
  605. <CJ> classs yoiu are out in the city now.
  606. <Class> (Hopefull my parent is at his sanctuary)
  607. <Calpurnia> "what is your name" using piercing gaze
  608. <Class> (But I as player I suspect he is at the meeting but Class don’t know about this)
  609. <Gustbran> "I'm on it!" Rushes down to see what the commotion is.
  610. <CJ> Ok at Amaranth or the cat?
  611. * Silas_ looks around for a stick or something to prize the door to the closet open - ignoring Calpurnia
  612. <Calpurnia> Amaranth
  613. <Amaranth> I continue coughing and choking, holding up my finger in a sign of 'one moment, please' at the question.
  614. <CJ> Gutbran, you enter thje sanctum. Too grogs lie on the floor, eyes rolled back in heads, convulsing. They seem to be filled with magical light that rapidly changes color and makes a weird high pitched hum.
  615. <CJ> Two grogs...
  616. <Class> (oO they tried to enter without asking for allowance first oh mann sorry Calpurina)
  617. * Gustbran yells for a mage to get down here as loud as possible.
  618. * Baruch heads down
  619. <Silas_> "Best come out of there Amaranth! Careful not to touch anything" [steps forward and extends a hand]
  620. <CJ> Baruch make an Int + Magic Theory roll
  621. <Class> (thought the watch grog know best what to do and not to do around here)
  622. <Silas_> (what was the phrase? "not our grogs" ? :p )
  623. <Amaranth> I continue to cough, but take Silas's offered hand and stumble out of the cupboard. I point at him when he says my name, to alert the Transylvanian girl as to my name.
  625. [Baruch make a good roll]
  627. <Class> (oO I want to have Baruchs Magic Theory at some point)
  628. <Calpurnia> casting demons eternal oblivion target amaranth
  629. <Gustbran> "What's wrong with them, Sir Baruch?"
  630. <Baruch> (Bonisagus boni)
  631. <CJ> They have been magically warped by a powerful Creo Vim spell. Not in TWilight: they are mundanes. They will be ok in a moment, just changed. Maybe extra ears, maybe some new compulsion like to drink human blood, maybe a nnew power. Who knows?
  632. <Class> (Ahh right)
  634. [Calpurnia make a strong roll]
  636. <Baruch> "Ah. Luckily for them, this trap was designed for magi. They should be fine shortly. Or close to, at any rate."
  637. <Silas_> (holy shite... remind me not to intrude on a mage)
  638. <Class> (Your a mage now ^^)
  639. <Silas_> (other mages then ^^ )
  640. <CJ> OK Calpurnia what level was the spell?
  641. <Baruch> "Keep an eye on them, Gustbran. They might be unpredictable when they recover."
  642. <Gustbran> "I understand!"
  643. * Baruch heads back up
  644. <CJ> plus Penetration Score?
  645. <Calpurnia> I have none
  646. <Silas_> (Gust stabs them when they recover ^^ )
  647. <Amaranth> (Eeek, what does it do what does it do.)
  648. <CJ> ok Amaranth, what is your demonic Might?
  649. <Calpurnia> LOL
  650. <Calpurnia> Oh this bad for you
  651. <Class> (oO)
  652. <Calpurnia> (HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHHA)
  653. <Silas_> (<- is worried)
  654. <Baruch> (0, I would wager)
  655. <Class> (Anything other then 0 would make me worried)
  656. <CJ> OK, the spell has no effect on Amaranth.
  657. <Calpurnia> (..... oh god)
  658. <CJ> she may well have resisted.
  659. <Amaranth> I blink, and cross my arms. "...May I ask what you are doing?"
  660. <Gustbran> (I'm half expecting it to somehow make Calpurnia's eyes turn red.)
  661. <Calpurnia> "I can always ask the same. You are the intruder."
  662. <CJ> Gustbran, the grogs stagger to their feet, and grab their spears.
  663. <CJ> They lurch crazily around, in a state of confusion
  664. * Silas_ glances between the two, sighing
  665. <Gustbran> "easy! It's All right!"
  666. <CJ> Class, having arrived at Pistrello's sanctum you have learned he is in the meeting in the Temple. Fly there or back to tower or elsewhere?
  667. <Silas_> "Should we just calm down a bit, this place is hardly the best place to talk peacefully."
  668. <Baruch> (Ah, I just realized I should probably be in the meeting as well - it was for senior magi, right? :D)
  669. <Makara> (back)
  670. <CJ> OK Gustbran you can roll Presence + Leadership
  671. <Calpurnia> "Indeed, Silas take her to Antonius."
  672. <Silas_> (yeah.. but you knw what he wants to say)
  673. <CJ> Yes Baruch, you should be there. :)
  674. <Amaranth> "I am on a mission for House Tremere. This mission involved the House teleporting me to this... laboratory. Right now, though, I am simply talking to you."
  675. <Baruch> "I should join the other senior magi in the temple. Please excuse me. Try to find out what is going on here."
  676. <Silas_> ".. Alright, what will you do in the mean time?"
  677. * Baruch heads for the temple
  678. <Calpurnia> "I believe that violates a law, as this is a santuary, not only that you had no permission"
  679. <Baruch> (Is the windows big enough for me to fly out? If so, then I'll do it like that. Maybe I won't be too late, since this was all very quick.)
  680. * Class go to his own lab turn there back to normal size and get clotes bevore return back to the Lab we clean up right now
  681. <Silas_> "You were sent to investigate the laboratory?" [frowns]
  683. [Gustbran make a good roll]
  685. <Silas_> "Maybe she could help you, and afterwards we could all go see Antonius together" [muttering: "when he is in a better mood"]
  686. <CJ> OK Gustbran, remarkably they listen to you
  687. <Amaranth> "No, I was sent to investigate the City itself. It has made a pass over Transylvania. Does this city have any intentions of threatening the House? That was all I was sent to learn. I believe me ending up in this laboratory was simply a quirk of the teleportation magic."
  688. <CJ> Yes it is big enough Baruch
  689. <Class> (This will catapult me out of the story for the time needed but with the smell of a bat Class have the idea to ask his parent if he know something about this cupboard even if this would be illogical)
  690. <Calpurnia> "Help me with what, then you should see the head magus who isn't in this room."
  691. <Class> (but with him not there he now return ^^)
  692. <Baruch> (Ok, I'll fly for the temple then.)
  693. <CJ> Class Perception = ArtesLiberales or Heartbesats please, your choice
  694. <Silas_> "oh! that is right." [straitens] "I can assure you we mean no harm, the city simply goes where it pleases - currently we are over England"
  695. <CJ> BAruch Perception + Artes Liberales as you exit the window
  696. <Gustbran> [to the grogs] "you didn't enter properly, did you? Nevermind that now. Can you fight? We might have trouble soon. Follow me!"
  697. <Calpurnia> (one of my fears is coming true, as people are leaving out of their own wim and not escorted)
  698. <Class> !roll 1d10+6 (Heartbeast)
  699. <Trap_Bot> Class, (Heartbeast): 12 :6+6
  700. <Amaranth> "I see! That is certainly good news. My mission is simply diplomatic: find out the reason for the city's travels so close to the House's... territory. Unfortunately, I fear my teachers may have made an error in judgement."
  701. <Baruch> !roll 1d10+1
  702. <Trap_Bot> Baruch: 10 :9+1
  703. <CJ> BAruch, can you roll Per _+ Artes Liberales please.
  704. <CJ> Cheers
  705. * Calpurnia Irritation level is high (character is wrathful)
  706. * Gustbran runs up to the others *IF* it seems to him the grogs are snapped out of it.
  707. <CJ> OK Class as you fly over the city, and Baruch as you exit - the city is now flying at twice it's normal speed, the fastest you have ever known i tot move - it has abandones its slow stately dance across the skies, and is moving double speed, heading due nrth as if with purpose
  708. <CJ> The grogs are ok, just seem to be intocxiacted. They stagger out of dsanctum moaning
  709. <Silas_> [looks to Calpurnia] "alright, I get it." [to Amaranth] "would you see our Questor Antonius?(sp) I am sure he could bring you something to show to your elders"
  710. <Amaranth> "I would be glad to see your Questor."
  711. <CJ> Baruch, Class - never before has it done this.
  712. <Silas_> (I forgot, how old did Amaranth appear to be?)
  713. <CJ> About 25?
  714. <Class> "Baruch whats up that you in such a hurry?"
  715. <CJ> (Wish I could type fast without ten million typos)
  716. <Silas_> (same as us then, goodie)
  717. <Calpurnia> (please look at the topic of our thing, then look at whats happening.)
  718. <Silas_> "this way then" [beams her a smile and starts going towards the floor level]
  719. <Baruch> "I fear I may be late for the summons of the head mage. Things got so exciting."
  720. * Calpurnia shadows them until they are out
  721. <Amaranth> I follow Silas without problems, but only after gesturing for the cat to follow. "I apologize for asking... I noticed you bow, but I didn't catch your name?"
  722. * Class look confused at baruch leaving him behind
  723. <Makara> (back)
  724. <Silas_> "me? I am Silas" [whispering out of Calpurnia's earshot] "the grumpy one is Calpurnia, don't mind her"
  725. |<-- CJ has left (Ping timeout)
  726. <Gustbran> (mmm. So, I'm lost here)
  727. <Calpurnia> (not good)
  728. <Amaranth> (Oh nosis!)
  729. <Gustbran> (oh boy.)
  730. <Makara> (someone fill me in)
  731. <Silas_> (WB
  732. <Amaranth> (I went to hell, then came back. It was great. Recommend it sometime.)
  733. <Makara> (Meanwhile I learned something from the stars)
  734. <Silas_> Gust is on his way up, with some highly intoxicated grogs, Amaranth, Calpurnia and me on on our way down
  735. <Calpurnia> (we learned out of character amaranth has a demonic might score, as hinted by CJ's comment)
  736. <Makara> (what happen to the dragon thing?)
  737. <Silas_> Baruch is headed to a meeting for senior mages, meeting Class halfway where he was looking for his own master
  738. <Amaranth> (Also, I'm a dragon. Remember the rolling intiative?)
  739. <Makara> (and a vamp?)
  740. <Silas_> (shhh)
  741. <Calpurnia> (then that's magical might score not demonic)
  742. <Makara> (what if he have both!?)
  743. <Calpurnia> (then that explains a 23 didn't zap her)
  744. <Silas_> (wouldn't it only have zapped her if she was a demon?)
  745. <Makara> (Devil Dragon, good title)
  746. <Calpurnia> (thats why he said both, a magical creature can become a demon)
  747. <Silas_> (or did I read it wrong?)
  748. <Calpurnia> (well a faerie can)
  749. <Amaranth> (I'm just awesome like that. /Devil Dragon, ell yeah!)
  750. <Silas_> (*shrug* meh, she wasn't zapped and that is good enough for Silas)
  751. <Calpurnia> CJ back
  752. <Silas_> (WB)
  753. <Class> (But wouldnt the might not then change over to be complet demonic?)
  754. <Class> (WB)
  755. <CJ> (Sorry I had a power cut here, only lasted a few minutes but had to reboot)
  756. <CJ> OK, where were we?
  757. <Silas_> (no worries)
  758. <Calpurnia> (makara came back)
  759. <Calpurnia> "Makara you are no longer needed in here, leave"
  760. <CJ> Oh yeah BAruch and CLass had noticed something odd
  761. <Class> (What was this roll for? : <Trap_Bot> Class, (Heartbeast): 12 :6+6)
  762. <Silas_> (Gust heading up with sick grogs, Calpurnia, Amaranth (makara?) and me are heading down)
  763. <CJ> To notice flying speed
  764. <Amaranth> "Nice to meet you, Silas. And I can understand your friend's... displeasure. I would have hoped to talk to someone from home about our memories, but it is surely sensible to be suspicious of someone landing uninvited in your labratory. It certainly wasn't where I expected to land!"
  766. [Helpax, who had resigned, has logged in for a short participation]
  768. <Baruch> is headed to a meeting for senior mages
  769. * Makara is deciding if he should lie to Calpurnia so he can stay with the stars
  770. <Calpurnia> ... OMG HELPAX
  771. <Gustbran> (!!)
  772. <Silas_> (Hiya Helpax! :) )
  773. <Helpax> (Hi)
  774. <Gustbran> (HEHE!)
  775. <Helpax> (Sorry I'm late)
  776. <Makara> (calpurnia, can I bribe you to let me stay?)
  777. <Amaranth> (Hello!)
  778. <CJ> Hey Helpax, welcome!
  779. <Calpurnia> (You touched something, no)
  780. <Class> (Wow big group today then)
  781. <CJ> OK, Helpax meets tjose going to Temple in Plaza. Let's play that scene.
  782. <Helpax> (Don't think I can make it now but...)
  783. <Silas_> "If you don't mind me asking, where did you expect to land?"
  784. <Makara> (not even with that secret awesome flamebleu book?)
  785. <CJ> BAruch as flying down you see Helpax below
  786. <Helpax> (Wait What? YAY!!!)
  787. <Makara> (and technically I didn't touch anything)
  788. <Helpax> (What's going on?)
  789. <Calpurnia> (You did you smashed a glass container when you failed)
  790. <CJ> OK who is in the plaza on way to Temple, and who is in Goricious LAb?
  791. <Calpurnia> (I shadowed Silas Amaranth and shoved Makara out)
  792. <Amaranth> "Well, I was told that there were no Magi in this city. That it was... in ruins. Thus, I expected to land in a city over grown with greenery and left behind by the world."
  793. <CJ> (hat was already broken on the floor. Amaranth broke everything)
  794. <Class> (i think Goricious Lab get empty right now)
  795. <Gustbran> (I was leading the grogs from the sanctum up to the lab)
  796. <Makara> "Stop the trap might sprung!"
  797. <CJ> OK, you meet Helpax.
  798. <Calpurnia> (WHY?)
  799. <Amaranth> (Makara broke something, I remember.)
  800. <Silas_> (Gust, Makara, Cal, Amaranth, me +2 grogs are in the lab but likely headed down towards the plaza)
  801. <Helpax> "Hi?"
  802. <CJ> BAruch - you got my message about speed of city?
  803. <Baruch> Yeah, I did
  804. <Baruch> I'll tell the senior magi as soon as I get there
  805. <Class> (me not)
  806. <Baruch> I won't stop for Helpax, but the others probably will meet him if they're coming that way
  807. <CJ> Also in the plaza is an old hyperborean scholar, being wheeled by his children across the plaza to the temple in a cart
  808. <CJ> You notice him Baruch
  809. <Baruch> Ok, for him I'll land.
  810. <CJ> OK who is on foot and in pLaza heading out of the tower?
  811. <Silas_> ( <- me )
  812. <CJ> HE smiles and starts to talk about the amazing speed the city is moving.
  813. <CJ> (Care to make some rolls for him?)
  814. * Makara is resisting the pushing out
  815. <Class> (I orginal had intended to get in Human shape with fresh clotes to the plaza but you decided otherwise so fine I'm in the Air)
  816. <Amaranth> (I'm wherever Silas is, following along with kitty.)
  817. <CJ> OK Silas, you see Baruch talking to - Well BAruch can describe. Helpax walks up. Amaranth is also present. I assume Class has seen this and joined
  818. <Silas_> (we dragged Gust along too)
  819. <CJ> Class you have seen this.
  820. <CJ> OK BAruch is talking to TAitale.
  821. <Gustbran> (after filling him in, I hope..)
  822. <Class> (Yes I land next to them then)
  823. <CJ> TAitale, please describe yourself...
  824. <Baruch> "Taitale, it seems the city is going to fall. Right now we are travelling much faster than usual. I must see the head mage, there is much going on here."
  825. <Class> (So my 12 wasn't enough to rewalise this on my own)
  826. * Taitale_ is a little, bearded, crippled man with sharp eyes. Is being pushed forward by a large man in a what would be a wheelchair if there were wheelchairs in this era.
  827. <Silas_> (Hiya Taitale ^^, sorry if it is a bit messy)
  828. <Class> (Wow it get many people today)
  829. <Amaranth> "This city is going to fall?" I repeat, a bit alarmed by the news.
  830. <Helpax> (So the city is about to crash...well at least it is not dragons again.)
  831. <CJ> Taitale nods glumly. " Not fall. By my calculations we will flip over =- upside down. Within four hours... We will turn right way up again later tonmight. Retrograde motion of pluto
  832. * Silas_ heads towards Baruch
  833. <Helpax> "...I don't suppose we have facilities on the underside?"
  834. <Baruch> "Well. That is not much better, is it?"
  835. <CJ> (nope)
  836. <Baruch> "Let us hurry to the senior magi. Perhaps something can be done."
  837. <Silas_> "What is not much better?" [enters the conversation]
  838. <CJ> TAitale knows the buildings will stay attached, and the pin will keep the water in position, but he does no understand why
  839. <Class> "Do I hear right we will turn over thats bad especial for all the humans living on the island. This have to prefented!
  840. <Gustbran> (the magi in this setting know of pluto?)
  841. <Amaranth> "It seems I have arrived at a frightening time..."
  842. <Taitale_> "Well, not as bad as you might think. We will see."
  843. <Calpurnia> (astronomy is loved)
  844. <Makara> (everything of the world is explain by philosophy instead of science)
  845. <CJ> (Gustbran: nope. But Tailten does)
  846. <Class> I think I will keep my Owlshape for a bit longer then
  847. <Silas_> (A wizard discovered pluto, no arguing)
  848. <CJ> Tailten is clearly hyperborean. Please describe yourself to others :)
  849. <Class> (Will Tailten also become a fixed member of our group or is he a temporary player?)
  850. <CJ> Thirty minutes ot session end i think. Then downtime
  851. <Silas_> (there was a short discription a few lines ago)
  852. * Taitale_ getting old, hyperborean. Doesn't have any legs.
  853. <CJ> (Tailten is a companion)
  854. <Taitale_> (Played by Wits)
  855. <Class> (ohhh)
  856. <CJ> His teenage daughter nids, as she pushes him in the cart a little closer.
  857. <CJ> nods even!
  858. <Calpurnia> (one question how do you open another Chatzilla window?)
  859. * Taitale_ talks kind of loudly
  860. <CJ> (Double click on name you want to message)
  861. <Taitale_> (I do it by having Mirc and Chatzilla)
  862. <Makara> (just click the chatzilla iicon again)
  863. =-= Schwarzbart is now known as Ramon
  864. <CJ> (Ah I see!)
  865. <Calpurnia> (doesn't work, my thing doesn't let me have this openned twice)
  866. <Calpurnia> (okay looking up Mirc)
  867. <Amaranth> (My chatzilla doesn't, either. One window for me.)
  868. <Taitale_> "Listen, people. I would suggest everyone get inside the buildings at once. When the city flips, you will fall otherwise. Spread the word as you can. We must go inform the magi."
  869. <Gustbran> (probably not much help for mirc only, though)
  870. <Makara> (oh strange mine doesn't either, wonder how I did it before)
  871. * Ramon was on his way to Sedala when he see this gatering and joining in
  872. <Helpax> "It's better than nothing, I suppose."
  873. * Taitale_ heads for the temple
  874. <CJ> Anyway, the city makes another alarming lurch. People continue to bustle about their business, unconcerned now. They are getting used to it.
  875. <Baruch> "I see. Makes sense."
  876. <Makara> (shouldn't we be used to this too?)
  877. <Silas_> "We better follow..."
  878. <Class> "with so many people living in ruins will we manage to alarm them on time and get them in save buildings?"
  879. <CJ> (no . never happened before in the 15 years you were here)
  880. <Amaranth> "Is your Questor at the temple?"
  881. <Helpax> "What happened to 'Warn Everyone'?"
  882. <Baruch> "Yes, that is the question."
  883. <CJ> (Good question Class! Edith is somewhere out there too)
  884. <Silas_> "Baruch, if possible, could you tell that we have a Tremere from Transylvania here to meet him?"
  885. <CJ> You eneter the Temple - well unless you tell me otherwise
  886. <Helpax> I can create an illusion of a big head, but making it talk..."
  887. * Calpurnia currently mucking around in the Goricious' lab/sanctuary
  888. <CJ> The guards block the way, but fall back on seeing Baruch "You are late for the meeting my Lord!"
  889. <Baruch> Ill spont a creo imaginem loud announcement first
  890. <Gustbran> (Antonius is in the temple?)
  891. <Silas_> (he is)
  892. * Gustbran waits at the entrance.
  893. <Baruch> !roll 1d10+15 (+4 for aura +2 for waving = 21)
  894. <Trap_Bot> Baruch, (+4 for aura +2 for waving = 21): 18 :3+15
  895. <Silas_> (waits outside with Gust)
  896. |<-- Helpax has left (Quit: )
  897. <Amaranth> I stop next to Silas, considering him my guide.
  898. <Silas_> (I'm not risking my neck by heading inside without being summoned :p )
  899. <Class> (Do Class know about any government center in one of the 4 parts?)
  900. <Baruch> "This is senior magus Baruch. The city may soon overturn. Everyone who is outside at that time will fall to their deaths. Inform everyone."
  901. <Gustbran> (I'm not risking my neck entering without having taken a bath.)
  902. <Silas_> (good point Gust ^^)
  903. <CJ> The Temple is the administration centre. The quarters re ruled by the Viziers from the Towers, sho issue the magi's decrees. Ineffectively in the main.
  904. * Class fly over then to some of the gathering centers of the 4 parts
  905. <Baruch> (So that would be at level 10 - with 1 sense that leaves a couple levels for loudness, right?)
  906. <CJ> What language was it in Baruch? Latin I assume?>
  907. <Baruch> Yeah, latin
  908. <CJ> Your voice carries all over the city. :)
  909. <CJ> Sadly only a the most educated 5% understand it
  910. <Baruch> (Well fuck :D)
  911. <Helpax> (What just happened?)
  912. * Class then talk to some of the stationed Latin speaking guards there to get the people inside intact buildings for the next hours
  913. <Taitale_> "I'll offer you a rudimentary translation of that, Baruch."
  914. <Taitale_> (Speaks each of the languages at 2 plus specialization for vocabulary)
  915. <Helpax> "That would be nice. I'd like some lessons in your lanuage too."
  916. <Class> (might for sure irritate some but thats the best class can do for now)
  917. <Helpax> (Lives in hyborean quarter)
  918. <Amaranth> "I can tell you the words in Salvic, if you have a Salvic population in your city," I offer.
  920. [Calpurnia make a tripling good roll]
  922. <CJ> OK, with Tailten's assistance Baruch starts to shout the words.
  923. <CJ> BAruch, make a Presence = Leadership roll please
  924. <Baruch> !roll 1d10-2
  925. <Silas_> "won't this cause.... a huge panic?"
  926. <Trap_Bot> Baruch: 1 :3-2
  927. <Baruch> (well fuck)
  928. <Class> "I fly over to the other gathering center to instruct the guards to bring the people inside of intact buildings for the next hours"
  929. <Silas_> (lol)
  930. <Baruch> (That would be a "yes")
  931. <Makara> (at least it work on 1 out of 100 people)
  932. <Class> (nice done Baruch ^^)
  933. <Gustbran> (that's like the one thing that Gustbran might actually be good at, sadly)
  934. <Helpax> "Meh, so only the best grogs will get inside in time. Can't save everyone."
  935. <Makara> (that will be bad for economy)
  936. <CJ> And the panic begins. Amaranth, all around you there is chaos growing, as people rum amok, try to grab and kiss each other, and tie themselves to anything they can find
  937. * Ramon assist Class with this in taking the other direction
  938. <CJ> Class and RAmon go and start the evacuation to safe building splan
  939. <Makara> (do we have shelter area?)
  940. * Helpax shouts loadly
  941. <Baruch> "Well, not much more to be done. Time to meet the senior magi."
  942. <CJ> Amarath, you seme to be forgotten in the chaos
  943. <Silas_> [mutters, in large part to himself] "... you know, I really wanted to have a party when I came back from the gauntlet, a bit of dancing, some wine..."
  945. <Helpax> "...what is the translation, Taitale? Please?"
  946. <CJ> You enter the magnificent but crumbling Temple, and make your way to the Council CHamber.
  947. * Taitale_ enters as well
  948. <Helpax> "...nevermind."
  949. <CJ> The guards fling open the gate and announce "My Lord Baruch of Bonisagus"
  950. <Gustbran> [to silas] "There's always tomorrow! We just have to live till then."
  951. <Amaranth> "Stop panicking," I call to some of the people in Salvic, wonder if any of them understand me. "Please, calm yourself and take the best route to safety! You will be safe if you follow the instructions!"
  952. <CJ> "and a woman, a cat and a ma in a wheelbarrow..."
  953. <Amaranth> I then quickly slip in the temple.
  954. <CJ> Gistbran, you and Silas suddenly see a couple of vicious looking thugs eyeing you with interest
  955. <Silas_> [me gently takes Amaranth's shoulder] that is us
  956. <Silas_> ""
  957. <Gustbran> "What do you want?"
  958. <Gustbran> (said to the thugs)
  959. <CJ> ANTONIUS, Quesaitor, leader of the Council. "BARUCH! What is the meaning of this?"
  960. <Helpax> "We'll get the old man a chair eventually. I'm thinking with wheels."
  961. <Silas_> (hehe)
  962. <CJ> ANTONIUS: Baruch, you are late. Sit and be silent
  963. <Baruch> "The city will overturn."
  964. <Helpax> "Right now I'm more concerned with the CITY FILPPING OVER!!!"
  965. * Baruch sits.
  966. <CJ> And expel these mundane!
  967. <CJ> Helpax, Prersence = Leadership lease
  968. <CJ> You too Baruch
  969. <Taitale_> "Please, head mage. I believe I have crucial information to this congregation."
  970. <Helpax> "Petty Politics can wait. Then we can tear each other apart, k?"
  971. <CJ> anfd Taitale
  972. <Amaranth> (How do you do the italics talky thing?)
  974. [Baruch make a weak roll]
  976. * Helpax smiles broadly and cheerfully at the last bit
  977. * Amaranth sort of just waits with the cat trying to look Very Respectful.
  979. [Helpax make a decent roll]
  981. <Amaranth> (Thanks!)
  982. <CJ> The city wobbles suddenly]
  983. <Helpax> (Not likely)
  984. <Helpax> "See?"
  985. <CJ> Antonius looks at Taitale
  986. <Class> (Do Ramon and Class need any rolls ... hopefull not)
  987. <CJ> "What are you saying man?"
  988. <CJ> Not yet but will do :)
  989. <Taitale_> "My calculations show that the city will overturn shortly. The buildings will remain intact, but if people are outside, they will fall to their deaths."
  990. <CJ> They are telling the tower viziers the news I assume as they speak latin?
  991. <Taitale_> "Something is wrong with the power that propels the city."
  992. <CJ> "You are certain of this?"
  993. <Helpax> "The City is about to do a 180 degree flip. The ceilings are about to become floors."
  994. <Taitale_> "Yes. As you may know, I have studied the city's movements extensively. Please listen to me."
  995. <Taitale_> "Everyone must be inside when this happens."
  996. <CJ> Helpax of Tytalus, you vouch for this man?
  997. <CJ> Antonius: very well. Sound the warning bells, and send the servants to tell everyone to seek shelter. Helpax, Taitale, will the city return to an upright position?
  998. <Helpax> "Yes, I do. Nyxia had him investigate the movements of the city for some time."
  999. <CJ> looks patiently
  1000. <Taitale_> "I am not certain."
  1001. <Helpax> (My statement was for the vouching...and I may have lied.)
  1002. <CJ> Taitale has performed mental calculations. IT will be upside down for about 6 hours, flipping just after sunset, reverting around midnight.
  1003. <Silas_> (technicalities...)
  1004. * Amaranth looks slightly frightened at the idea of being stuck upside down in an unfamiliar city for all time.
  1005. <Taitale_> (Ok, scratch my previous words)
  1006. <Taitale_> "I believe the city will revert to its original position shortly after midnight."
  1007. <Taitale_> "The first flip will be after sunset."
  1008. <Class> (the Alarm bells would make my actions nearly useless but hey I might still have some time advance before this ^^)
  1009. <CJ> Very well. if the city flips he will be rewarded. if it falls he will suffer the fate of FAll-Liars - those who prophecy the city will fall. When their prophecy proves false, they are flung from the city to their deaths. This man will be flung as such, and so for his inventiveness in claiming it will not fall but turn upside down, will all his children and kin. I have spoken!
  1010. <CJ> Right, I need a few minutes to do something.
  1011. <Helpax> "6 hours? That's going to play havoc with the labs. No one has anything...volatile going on, do they?"
  1012. <Taitale_> "Thank you, head mage."
  1013. * Amaranth ...really doesn't want to talk to these guys, suddenly.
  1014. * Silas_ looks horrified
  1016. <Amaranth> I whisper to Silas, "Are they going to throw me off the edge of the city?"
  1017. <CJ> OK, I'm going to be about 5 to ten minutes macximum. CAn you all work out plans for dealing with the flip. Use your magic, and try to think how ot warn people. And yes Helpax, as it happened you were right, Taitale is a genius when it come sot he cities motion :)
  1018. <Gustbran> (pokes silas with a wake-up stick)
  1019. <Class> (I need a 30 Min break in the next 1-2h but then I'm fine for a other vew hours)
  1020. <Silas_> "I certainly hope not!" [whispering]
  1021. <Helpax> (2:30 am here...I think I have to go, nice hearing from you all again. I'll find some time to go on the fourms tommorrow, k?)
  1022. <Calpurnia> (Well We can go into the catacombs, tyype to you late Helpax)
  1023. <Silas_> (mhm, thanks for coming Helpax :) )
  1024. <CJ> See you Helpax :)
  1025. <Makara> (always welcome)
  1026. <Helpax> No, I thought I was lying about KNOWING Taitale and his relationship to my deceased parens
  1027. <Helpax> ciao all
  1028. <Baruch> Let's take a slightly longer break now, ok? I have to go to the store, so 5-10 isn't enought
  1029. <Makara> (alright, plan)
  1030. <Baruch> So maybe 20-30?
  1031. <Gustbran> (I agree. We break until whenever the rest get back.)
  1032. <Makara> (also, might need to make a deal with Calpurnia to sit in her lab)
  1033. <Class> (fine with me the I cook now)
  1034. <Gustbran> (until then the rest will plan)
  1035. <Amaranth> (Sure, I'll plan/get some food/use the modtools.)
  1036. <Calpurnia> (No, the entire tower is now mine, your not coming in EVER makara)
  1037. <Silas_> (my plan: head to my master, warn him, head to tavern, get drunk, wait till the roof takes me :p )
  1038. <Makara> (nooo the power of the starsssssss)
  1039. <Calpurnia> (are mine, but don't worry I will investigate it)
  1040. <Makara> (I could have tell you what it is)
  1041. <Gustbran> (well, first silas and gustbran have to deal with those thugs cj mentioned)
  1042. <Calpurnia> (.... silas.... don't you first want to visit Edith before you die?)
  1043. <Silas_> ah yes.. the ones waiting outside
  1044. <Silas_> (*sniffle* she doesn't like me anymore...)
  1045. <Amaranth> (My plan: NOT GET THROWN OFF THE ISLAND. If that succeeds, maybe ask if I can go sit in the library. I'd just read poetry or something. Or maybe follow Silas to the tavern, though a lady doesn't drink, I suppose.)
  1046. <Amaranth> (You flirted with another girl in front of her!)
  1047. <Silas_> (I THANKED A WOMAN FOR HER HOSPITALITY - sheesh)
  1048. <Calpurnia> (It's because she was jealous because you gave attention to the witch in CJ's house. All you have to do is throw away your pride and give her entire devoution)
  1049. <Silas_> (We could go dancing if you preferred not to drink.. :p )
  1050. <Amaranth> (Dancing on the ceiling! There's a novel idea.)
  1051. <Makara> (baruch, make the weather rain so people will stay in door)
  1052. <Calpurnia> (first get on you knees a speak how pathetic of a man you are to do such a thing. Also you tried to bribe her with cheese., tsk tsk)
  1053. <Gustbran> (What would be required to keep the damn city from flipping us off?)
  1054. <Gustbran> (pun intended)
  1055. <Calpurnia> (well Taitale mentioned the power source which is under the city)
  1056. <Calpurnia> (in the catacombs)
  1057. <Silas_> (of cause, but I'm not sure if Silas doesn't think she is angry that he cast sleep on her (twice) and maybe the mouse spell damaaged her memory/mind)
  1058. <Makara> (Well maybe makara can talk to the power source :d )
  1059. <Gustbran> (If it's under the city, then even if we fail to fix it we should be safe from the filp)
  1060. <Gustbran> (*flip)
  1061. <Calpurnia> (SOMEONE WHO'S CLOSE TO SILAS"S POSTION GIVE HIM SOME ROMANTIC ADVISE, and dear lord I think you even broke one of the rules of Courtly love Silas)
  1062. <Silas_> (unless we fix it and it snaps back to normal... in which case we are in for a fall)
  1063. <Calpurnia> (yep, but the catacombs are dangerous)
  1064. <Makara> (we are ready!)
  1065. <Gustbran> (It's under the city, not on the absolute bottom!)
  1066. <CJ> OK I'm back now :)
  1067. <Silas_> (what, you don't cast sleep on your girlfriend if she is turning into a mouse?)
  1068. <Makara> (the core usually is at the bottom)
  1069. <Calpurnia> (well 1 thing Ramon where are you?)
  1070. <Silas_> (Scharz is cooking dinner I think)
  1071. <Amaranth> (We have two members away, I think.)
  1072. <Gustbran> (I think we should try to fix it before it flips)
  1073. <Calpurnia> awww
  1074. <Class> (Ramon is on sedala right now to warn the people)
  1075. <Silas_> (Baruch was doing a quick run to the shop)
  1076. <Amaranth> (Can I calculate how likely it will be that I will be thrown over the edge of the city using Order of Hermes powers? :()
  1077. <Makara> (that have nothing to do with... math?)
  1078. <CJ> If you ar standing oustdie and the city flips - you ill fall
  1079. <Silas_> ("Don't tell me the odds!")
  1080. <Makara> (falling 100%)
  1081. <Amaranth> (It's all math! The dice are math!)
  1082. <Silas_> (gravity rolls natural 20ies)
  1083. <Makara> (unless you botched falling :V)
  1084. <Class> (Btw. how much - for her Magic do Amaranth get for be in our Covenant?)
  1085. <Silas_> (or.. ones... I suppose)
  1086. <Gustbran> (bwahaha)
  1087. <Silas_> (ah yes, there was an aegis..)
  1088. <Makara> (aegis give +3)
  1089. <Silas_> (I was thinking the same thing that there was at Liabelles)
  1090. <Silas_> (Libelles...)
  1091. <Silas_> (... meh, sleepy, can't remember names)
  1092. <Calpurnia> (would Ramon happen to be close to the tower of flaming passions?)
  1093. <Silas_> (brb)
  1094. <Calpurnia> (nevermind)
  1095. <Class> (maybe when he warns the Edenic Quarter)
  1096. <Gustbran> (What's dangerous about the catacombs? From the sound of it it's indoors so we wouldn't have any risk of falling when it flips.)
  1097. <Makara> (it's unexplored)
  1098. <Makara> (for thousands of years or hundred)
  1099. <Gustbran> (but it's known that the power device is in there?)
  1100. <CJ> OK, everyopne; you ar ein the plaza outside the Temple now?
  1101. <Silas_> ('nd back)
  1102. <Makara> (something have to fly it)
  1103. <CJ> Anyone not back?
  1104. <Makara> (baruch)
  1105. <Class> (Baruch maybe)
  1106. <Amaranth> (Baurch... foo.)
  1107. <Makara> (he might take like 30 min)
  1108. <CJ> Antonius never even commented on the womena Tremere
  1109. <CJ> No problem, I'll deal with Baruch, he and Taitale are still in the council meeting
  1110. <CJ> Right what you all up to then?
  1111. * Silas_ looks around for the goons
  1112. * Gustbran does too.
  1113. <Amaranth> (I think I may be in the Council Meeting? The Guard announced me, anyway. So I'm hanging around there awkwardly.)
  1114. <Class> (I'm also only partial here to finish cooking but my 2 chars try to get the people indoor)
  1115. * Makara sitting in front of the lab door, facing the ordeal known as Calpurnia.
  1116. <Makara> (Baruch should make some rain so people would stay in door)
  1117. <Calpurnia> (that ordeal is greater than you realize as she has actually claimed the entirety of the Tower of Flaming passions)
  1118. <Silas_> "We should get as many people into safety, I suppose" [sounding slightly defeated]
  1119. <Makara> (then you better deal with the other mage)
  1121. <CJ> A couple of thugs are watching Slias carefully, seemingly wighing their chances
  1122. <CJ> weighing
  1123. <Silas_> (so, just me and Gust outside?)
  1124. <Calpurnia> (ugh can't get mirc to work)
  1125. <CJ> Amaranth, your kitty starts to miaow. Hungry. Wants fish :)
  1126. <CJ> They are now approaching Gustran and you
  1127. <Silas_> (no wonder it liked Makara)
  1128. <CJ> (precisely)
  1130. =-= Calpurnia is now known as Corbenik
  1132. <CJ> And initiative rolls polease from Gustbran, Silas, Corbenix and the thugs!
  1133. <Silas_> "Can we help you?" [loud to the goons]
  1134. * Corbenik a man in metal scale armor move up to the situation, smiling
  1136. [Everyone rolled decently]
  1138. <Amaranth> "Shh, dear one, we'll go get something yummy if we survive this council," I whisper to my cat. "I hope so, anyway."
  1139. <Makara> (so many new character)
  1141. [Thugs rolled weakly]
  1143. <Class> (Lol time for the Companions?)
  1144. -->| Taitale ( has joined #wizardbase
  1145. <CJ> The thugs chareg at Silas and Gustbran
  1146. <Corbenik> (indeed)
  1147. <CJ> charge even
  1148. <CJ> Corbenik, you go first
  1149. <Silas_> (how many are there?)
  1150. <Gustbran> (two I recall)
  1151. <Corbenik> smirks "DIE SCUM" charges at thugs
  1152. <CJ> two.
  1153. <CJ> OK make an attack toll :)
  1154. <Ramon> (There is a loud flapping from above and a cloud appears to be going down nearby)
  1155. <CJ> OK, Ramon arrives too
  1157. [Silas and Corbenik make a great roll]
  1159. <CJ> OK Corbenik swings wildly and misses. Whoever he is is, he jumped in fast!
  1160. <CJ> Gutsbran your action please!
  1161. <Gustbran> (corbenik is one of the punks?)
  1162. <Corbenik> (no)
  1163. <Silas_> (he charged the punks)
  1164. <CJ> (Baruch, yout Taitale and possibly Amarnath ar ein te Council Meeting still)
  1165. <Silas_> (but, meh, he might just be fighting to see who gets to mug us)
  1166. <Gustbran> (are either of the punks armed?)
  1167. <CJ> yes with axes. They don't look local. They are wearing leather amour
  1168. <Amaranth> (Yeah, I'm there. Talking to my cat.)
  1169. <CJ> The cat seems happy, but wants fish :)
  1170. <Gustbran> (It's stabbin' time!)
  1171. <Baruch> (ok)
  1172. <Silas_> (lol)
  1173. <Makara> (Spearing time~)
  1174. * Gustbran goes for the gut!
  1175. * Ramon Load his Crossbow seeing the attack
  1176. <CJ> (The council are developing an emergency plan. They like the idea of a storm being conjured to force people inside. "Baruch" says Antonius "can you do this?")
  1177. <CJ> OK Gustbran, make your attack roll :)
  1178. <CJ> OK Ramon loading.
  1179. <Baruch> "Yes. I will commence with this now, head mage."
  1181. [The grog make a decent defence roll]
  1183. <Baruch> I'll cast the storm from a window
  1184. <CJ> OK Barush, roll your dice
  1185. <Gustbran> (Remind me... That's just a regular die roll?)
  1187. <Baruch> !roll 1d10+37 (without any boni, against 25, so with aura and waving more)
  1189. [Baruch make a powerful roll]
  1191. <Corbenik> dex+ability+roll-(encomberence?)
  1192. <Corbenik> That should be attack roll
  1193. <CJ> Gutsbran should be worked out for your weapon in oyour sheet?
  1194. <Gustbran> (yeah)
  1195. <CJ> Spear, Short & Shield, Round: Init: +0, Attack +9, Defense +7, Damage +7
  1196. <CJ> So roll dice add 9
  1198. [Ramon make a weak roll for initiative]
  1200. <Silas_> (roll a few 1's and then a 10, thus stabbing them all and then we can go get a beer - my treat if you manage to kill them all in one go)
  1202. [Gustbran make a great doubling roll]
  1204. <CJ> (Baruch suceeds)
  1205. <Silas_> (good start ^^)
  1206. * Amaranth is amazed at the growing storm and wants to learn how to do that one day!
  1207. <CJ> A rumble of thunder sounds overhead
  1208. <CJ> OK so 14 +7 damage = 21, minus their armour =2
  1209. <Ramon> (so dead?)
  1210. <CJ> The thug looks amazed as Gustbrans spear goes straight through is chest and emerges out the other side
  1211. <CJ> Silas, your action please :)
  1212. <Silas_> (is not sure he gets attack rolls, but meh, I'm a mage :p )
  1213. <CJ> You can cast a spell :)
  1214. <Silas_> (only one left? right)
  1215. <Corbenik> (probably only incapacitating)
  1216. <Silas_> "I don't want to kill you!"
  1217. <CJ> Gustbran just ran one heavily armed thug straight through with a single thrust of his spear
  1218. <Ramon> (We know his spear is dealy ^^)
  1219. <CJ> The thug looks worried, but prepares to behead Silas with his axe.
  1220. <Gustbran> (lol)
  1221. <Silas_> !roll 1d10+26 (waving and aura added) Re/mentem
  1222. <Trap_Bot> Silas_, (waving and aura added) Re/mentem: 29 :3+26
  1223. <Silas_> (for sleep)
  1224. <CJ> OK what is the spell :)
  1225. <CJ> He raises the axe to strike, and falls snoring to the ground
  1226. <CJ> Fight over.
  1227. <Silas_> (phew)
  1228. <Gustbran> (phew)
  1229. <CJ> And then the heavens open, and lightning and rain begin to pekt the city
  1230. * Corbenik walks over to the sleeping thug
  1231. <CJ> Now normally the city is warded against bad wweather
  1232. * Ramon land nearby and if no more thread present unload the crossbow
  1233. <CJ> bu Bruch summoned this inside the ward
  1234. * Silas_ shivers
  1235. <Corbenik> (are there fellow guards near by as we were tracking them?)
  1236. <Silas_> "that was a bit close..."
  1237. <Makara> (lots of business for the cleaning department later)
  1238. <Gustbran> (good thing we finished that fight fast)
  1239. <CJ> So the first and biggest storm ever to strike hits the City!
  1240. <CJ> The guards ruch forward, and look to Corbenik for instructions
  1241. <Ramon> (how long till dawn?)
  1242. <CJ> Calpurnia, you and Makara still in the tower?
  1243. <Silas_> (wouldn't it be dusk first?)
  1244. <Corbenik> "Take them for questioning"
  1245. <Ramon> (err right dusk ^^)
  1246. <CJ> Sunset is three hours away
  1247. <Gustbran> (yeah, it hasn't flipped yet.)
  1248. <Baruch> (Oh crap. I doubt Baruch can keep that up for 3 hours :D)
  1249. <CJ> The sleeping thug is quickly tied up, but the other one dies as Gustbran pulls out his spear
  1250. <Silas_> "Thank you for the aid, guardsman?" [looking uncertain at Corbenik]
  1251. <Corbenik> "Hmmm?"
  1252. <Ramon> "When the turnover is as dusk thenh I probably have to leave the city till it is over as Sedala wont find a place to stay as it is now"
  1253. <Corbenik> (please state what language you are speaking)
  1254. <Silas_> (right, latin)
  1255. <CJ> Antonius. Quaesitor and Covenant Leader to Amaranth: "Who are you?"
  1256. <Corbenik> "Hmm? (looks at silas)
  1257. <CJ> The streets are wash with rina. Everyone is running for cover, even those who were stil on the streets
  1258. <Ramon> (Sedala is sill size 7)
  1259. <CJ> Makara you about?
  1260. <Makara> yeah
  1261. <CJ> CAlpurnia ditto?
  1262. <Makara> still at the tower
  1263. <Makara> she in her lab
  1264. <Corbenik> (Get the hell away from my tower)
  1265. <CJ> The tower of Famisng Pssions recieves an incredible lightning strike, and the whole structure cglows a deep violet for a moment
  1266. <Makara> (haha)
  1267. <CJ> Calpurnia and Makara are both knocked over by the blast
  1268. <Amaranth> "Amaranth, of House Tremere." I bow properly and percisely, and continue to seem Respectful. "I seem to have arrived in your city at an inopportune time, but I would like to beg your permission to stay in your gorgeous city for the time being."
  1269. <Silas_> "ergh," [does a little bow and gives the man a smile]
  1270. <Makara> (still haha)
  1271. <CJ> Antonius looks at you. Will a senior magus vouch for you?
  1272. <Corbenik> "No thanks is needed only doing my job" in latin
  1273. <Makara> (dammit baruch, can you not add lightning on your rain)
  1274. <Gustbran> to corbenik "Do you know what those two were doing?"
  1275. * Amaranth looks uncomfortable and peers around to see if Baruch looks like he's in a good mood. Or, failing that, that there's a Loyal Tremere somewhere around here.
  1276. <Corbenik> "We've been tracking them for awhile. They certainly are from here. Where from we will soon find out"
  1277. <Baruch> (haha, better to get people inside that way, right?)
  1278. <Ramon> (Can Ramon leave the Aegis without needing a mage? As at last Class cant break trough Sedalas Resitance)
  1279. <Silas_> "ah, well, regardless. We should head inside" [looks to the skies] "when it rains it pours"
  1280. * Gustbran checks to see if the thug he impaled is still breathing.
  1281. * Baruch looks like he's concentrating, doesn't pay much heed to Amaranth
  1282. <Corbenik> "Hmmm... strange" looking at cloads that are rainning
  1283. * Class fly back to his lab
  1284. <CJ> Gustbran - stone dead.
  1285. <Corbenik> (revise the explaining line it's aren't not are)
  1286. <CJ> NO tremere here i am afraid Amaranth
  1287. <Corbenik> "hmm shame we could have needed another speaker"
  1288. <CJ> Antonius glares at you. "Can you find anyone to speak for you girl If not I will see you thrown off our covenant?"
  1289. <Silas_> (Antonius is really fond of the long flight isn't he?)
  1290. <Amaranth> Eeep. "Perhaps... Silas?" I say hopefully. He didn't want to see me thrown over the edge. He'd help! Right? Right!
  1291. <CJ> Antonius; "Send a guard to fetch Silas!"
  1292. <CJ> Silas, make a Perception + Awareness roll
  1293. <Corbenik> "It is wierd however we should head inside"
  1294. <Baruch> *looking out* "Head mage, she said she is a diplomat for the Tremere. I suggest you do not hesitate."
  1295. <Ramon> (CJ can Ramon leave the Aegis without mage help on Sedala?)
  1296. * Corbenik heads towards the cover of the temple (DEAR LORD PEOLE WE ARE RUNNING OUT OF TIME)
  1297. * Gustbran grabs the still living thug and starts dragging him indoors to be bound and interrogated before he wakes up.
  1298. <Makara> (probably, otherwise we won't had needed people to stay in door)
  1299. <Corbenik> (already done Gustbran)
  1300. <Silas_> (I think a guard already did that)
  1301. <Gustbran> (nevermind then)
  1302. <Silas_> (not that I am complaining either way)
  1303. <Amaranth> (Don't hesitate to throw me over the edge? Eeek.)
  1304. <Silas_> "We need to get to some cover"
  1305. <Silas_> "The bazaar perhaps, a tavern?" [looking at Gust]
  1306. <Gustbran> "agreed! And quickly"
  1307. * Class fly up and try to leave the city on Sedala
  1308. <Baruch> (Haha. Yeah, that's what you get for typing fast.)
  1309. <Silas_> "... I forgot, I don't have any money on me.."
  1310. <Gustbran> (do I have any money on me?)
  1311. <Gustbran> (probably not.)
  1312. <Corbenik> ".... don't look at me. i need that beer money for myself"
  1313. <Class> (Probably no money used here ^^)
  1314. <Silas_> (you did steal some, but *cough* :p )
  1315. <Gustbran> (I certainly wasn't allowed to keep that.)
  1316. <Ramon> (ups scrap that with Class ^^)
  1317. * Ramon fly up and try to leave the city on Sedala
  1318. <Gustbran> (and also it only said silver, not coins)
  1319. <Silas_> (ah, darn...)
  1320. <Corbenik> (... how much time do we have before the island flips?)
  1321. <CJ> (Ramon yes Sedala can leave)
  1322. <Silas_> (2 hours I think...)
  1323. <Class> (think 2h +)
  1324. <CJ> I'm back - lost connection
  1325. <Silas_> (WB then)
  1326. <Gustbran> (can I make a per+awareness roll for a good place to bunker down in?)
  1327. * Ramon fly up and leave the city on Sedala
  1328. <CJ> Sedal and Ramon fly high through the storm.
  1329. <CJ> Baruch make a INt + Concentration roll please
  1330. <Silas_> "Well, the Tower of Emerald Joys is some way away, but we could make it there" [seeks some shelter under the Temple]
  1332. [Baruch BOTCHED!]
  1334. <Gustbran> (!)
  1335. <Baruch> Do I need to keep rolling?
  1336. <Class> (Concentration botch oO)
  1337. <Silas_> (ah well, looks like the storm will clear any minute now)
  1338. <Corbenik> "... anyway you" points at silas "what is going on here, you are a mgus are you not?"
  1339. <CJ> Nope. As Baruch spoke he lost concentration, and his spell goes out of control. It will end, but first as he botches he directs his attention to the tower of Flaming Passions
  1340. <Baruch> (Haha)
  1341. <CJ> The storm takes on hurricane force, and lashes the tower, whish sways insanely from side to saide
  1342. <Amaranth> (Ohhhh dear.)
  1343. <Baruch> (This happens every time I cast that spell, doesn't it)
  1344. <Silas_> "I am, the city might be... flipping - eveyone should head inside"
  1345. <Silas_> "Didn't you hear the commotion earlier? - the bells?"
  1346. <CJ> Makara and Calpurnia, the tower is in imminent danger of collapse under Baruch's out of control spell
  1347. <CJ> Thought you might like to know
  1348. <Corbenik> (You know the island may flip not because of the power core, but because of Baruch)
  1349. <Gustbran> "And quickly" Gustbran adds.
  1350. <Gustbran> (lol)
  1351. * Makara knock on the lab door to tell Calpurnia to get out.
  1352. * Amaranth forgets about worrying for the guard to fetch Silus, and watches the tower out the window in horror. Hopes the girl from Transylvania is out of there.
  1353. * Corbenik slowly turns to silas "and what are you going to do"
  1354. * Ramon look at his 2 task books if there is anything writen in as soon he is outside the Aegis and the Storm
  1355. <Corbenik> "AND SERIOUSLY WHAT THE HELL IS THAT" points to hurricane
  1356. <Silas_> "Find a place to wait it out. It should return back to norm---"
  1357. <CJ> Taitale, what skill do you have useful for working out city movements? Whatever it is roll iyt now :)
  1358. * Silas_ turns to see the tower getting struck by lightning
  1359. <CJ> The Ruby Tower shakes, as it begind ot come apaprt under the hurricane winds and repeated lightning blasts
  1360. <Makara> (baruch need to make a rain-only spell)
  1361. <CJ> Everyone outside is absolutely soaked
  1362. <CJ> Amarnat's kitty is scared by the thunder
  1363. <Gustbran> (nice going, oneshot pony! lol)
  1364. <Corbenik> (agreed)
  1365. <Silas_> "that..." [to Gust] "we have to get Calpurnia and the grogs out!"
  1366. <Makara> (Never use baruch for non-combat stuff ever)
  1367. <Silas_> (no one is getting those stars now!)
  1369. [Taitale make a great roll]
  1371. <Silas_> (ouch)
  1372. <Makara> (bigger lost for Calpurnia)
  1373. <Silas_> (I swear, Trap bot is going to kill us all)
  1374. <Taitale> (No, that's a 9, so good)
  1375. <Silas_> (oh wait)
  1376. <Corbenik> (Baruch you best hope nothing is damaged severely)
  1377. <Silas_> (yes, silly me, I read it as a 10)
  1378. <Gustbran> [to silas] "If we're going to help them, we'd better go now, before the whole thing collapses!"
  1379. <Silas_> [despite the rain runs towards the Tower of Flaming passions]
  1380. <Amaranth> "Aww, shh, it's going to be okay," I whisper, picking up kitty. Where is Silus? Why is the tower about to be knocked over? This is bad. I'm beginning to Not Like this city.
  1381. * Gustbran follows silas quickly
  1382. * Makara tries to open the door and rescue Calpurnia since she's not responding
  1383. <Amaranth> (...Silas. Silus. Bah.)
  1384. <Silas_> ("potato potarto" :) )
  1385. <Corbenik> "... I'm getting the hell away from this" goes into the temple
  1386. <Silas_> (clever man)
  1387. <Gustbran> (hehe)
  1388. <Gustbran> (que the destruction of the temple in 3...2....1....)
  1389. <Silas_> (how are the streets by the way, abandoned or are people milling about?)
  1390. <Amaranth> (There is a kitty in the temple! The temple cannot be hurt! Kitties are sacred beasts!)
  1391. <CJ> Makara you enter Calpurnia's sanctum, and run up to the lab. She is not in here
  1392. <Corbenik> Umm he didn't make the sign
  1393. <CJ> Silas and Gustbran you reahc the tower.
  1394. <Makara> ehh...
  1395. <CJ> Good point Makara what s your Vim Score?
  1396. <Makara> "Calpurnia! Calpurnia!" Makara yell
  1397. * Silas_ takes a deep breath, gathering his resolve
  1398. <Corbenik> (Seriously Baruch you made things a lot worse for Calpurnia)
  1399. <Makara> vim =0
  1400. <Corbenik> LOL
  1401. <Baruch> (Can I try to rego auram the botcher storm?)
  1402. <CJ> OK Makara, take 3 warping points unless you can make an Int roll of 9+ to remember to make the sign :)
  1403. <CJ> (Baruch yes of course)
  1404. <Silas_> (Can I do a quick muto/corpus spell to increase my voice like I did at Liabelles? ^^)
  1405. <Makara> bah I actually remember to do that but didn't have time to rp it
  1406. <CJ> Oh ok, assume you did it then :)
  1407. <Corbenik> (tsk tsk)
  1408. <Makara> was actually waiting to see if the door is lock or not
  1409. <Silas_> (hehe)
  1410. <Makara> yeah, also looking at my spell to see what can break it down :p
  1411. <CJ> The lab is empty. There is a strong smell of sulphur, and a weird looking bat flying around, but the room is empty...
  1412. <CJ> Door not locked
  1413. <Baruch> (Is this "create or control winds?)
  1414. <CJ> Silas you and Gustbran reach botttoom of tower.
  1415. <Corbenik> (Calpurnia : Fuck this place)
  1416. <CJ> Control yep
  1418. [Baruch makes a powerful roll]
  1420. <CJ> Ok, as suddenly as it began, the storm subsides.
  1421. <Silas_> !roll 1d10+13 (muto/corpus for increase shouting, added aura shouting and waving)
  1423. [Silas make a decent roll]
  1425. <CJ> Cast Silas
  1426. <Baruch> (phew)
  1427. <Silas_> [watches as the storm is subsiding, suddenly feeling quite dumb]
  1428. * Corbenik inside Temple looking around
  1429. * Gustbran inside the bottom of the tower looking around.
  1430. <Baruch> (Haha, better not whisper dirty secrets into anyone's ear for a while, Silas)
  1431. <Silas_> "Let us go see if they are alright" [goes up to see if the help and grogs are still good]
  1432. * Baruch looking relieved in the temple
  1433. <Silas_> (Haha indeed)
  1434. <Baruch> "Sodales, I suggest we send out the grogs to maintain order."
  1435. <Baruch> "The storm has done its part, I suspect."
  1436. * Gustbran follows silas.
  1437. <Baruch> "If Taitale's calculations are correct, the city won't flip for a while yet"
  1438. <CJ> OK, let's move towards wrapping up.
  1439. <Silas_> (are the mundanes that we meet in the Tower doing alright?)
  1440. <Silas_> (kk)
  1441. * Makara decide to leave the lab, close the door and rejoin the group to inform them about Calpurnia missing
  1442. <CJ> In the antechamber of the temple, everyone but Makara and Calpurnia can gather?
  1443. <Class> (OK so we have to collect what we do for the next saison till next game)
  1444. <CJ> Everyone but CAlpurnia then
  1445. <CJ> (Yes will do in a moment)
  1446. <Baruch> Ok
  1447. <Silas_> (would think so)
  1448. <CJ> Taitale seems terrified for some reason
  1449. <CJ> His children aren’t happy either
  1450. <Taitale> (Whaat.)
  1451. <Silas_> (you are sitting in a wheelbarrow and the city is about to flip, of cause you are terrified)
  1452. <Taitale> (:D)
  1453. <Silas_> ( :p )
  1454. <CJ> Remeber what Antonius said would happen if the city did not flip?
  1455. <Silas_> (and that is best case scenario, you'll be thrown off if you are wrong)
  1456. <Taitale> (Well, he did mention that it would only flip at sundown, though)
  1457. <CJ> (BAruchs spell has prevented it flipping)
  1458. <Taitale> (Well fuck)
  1459. <Silas_> (lol)
  1460. <Silas_> (snap son)
  1461. <Class> (No way)
  1462. <Amaranth> (Oh shiv.)
  1463. <Gustbran> (nice job breaking it, hero!)
  1464. <Class> (So next Companion for Wits)
  1465. <CJ> It puished down on the lead quarter, preventing the flip as it circled the Tower fo Falming Passions
  1466. <Amaranth> (Antonious is *mean*.)
  1467. <CJ> Baruch notices Taitale seems alarmed.
  1468. <Silas_> (<- can hardly control the grin on his face)
  1469. <Baruch> "What seems to be the matter, Taitale? Everything seems in order, yes?"
  1470. <Amaranth> (Come and speak for me, Silas! Baruch told them to throw me off the edge, I think.)
  1471. <Makara> (baruch, cast another spell to flip the city again! :D)
  1472. <Taitale> "The order is too good! The city is not going to flip, your spell stabilized it!"
  1473. <CJ> Ah yes, the guards march Amaranth past you a this point...
  1474. <Silas_> (seems we are all gathering at the temple, so should be possible for a guard to find me - I hope!)
  1475. <Baruch> "I see. We should inform the head mage, perhaps."
  1476. <CJ> A guard finds you at this point
  1477. <Makara> (Hope you have mathematical proof at least)
  1478. <Taitale> "I presume we must. Let us hope I can make him understand what happened."
  1479. * Silas_ is drenched from being out in the storm
  1480. <Corbenik> (currently trying to figure out where the hell I am)
  1481. <Baruch> "Guards, where are you taking the lady?"
  1482. <Silas_> (was Amaranth pushed past me or Baruch?)
  1483. <Silas_> (guess that answered that ^^)
  1484. <Baruch> (We are all in the temple's antechamber, yes?)
  1485. <CJ> "er, to thropw out of the covennat sir!"
  1486. <Silas_> (oh, thought you and the seniors were in the main room)
  1487. <Makara> (yes, after makara asks around for your location)
  1488. <Amaranth> "House Tremere will not forget the killing of a diplomat," I warn, secretly terrified out of my wits.
  1489. <Baruch> "Please hold on for a bit, will you?"
  1490. <Silas_> "Surely Antonius can't mean to throw her off!"
  1491. * Class will stay in his lab unless called out
  1492. <Baruch> "It seems he would want someone to vouch for her."
  1493. <Makara> (someone catch him when he get throw off would be good)
  1494. <Baruch> "He can be so harsh sometimes."
  1495. * Silas_ looks puzzled at first
  1496. <Corbenik> !roll 1d10+1 (+1 if interpreting sign)
  1498. [Corbenik make the weakest roll]
  1500. <Baruch> "Perhaps we can join forces on this, Silas?"
  1501. <Corbenik> (F you bot)
  1502. <Silas_> "um.. can't we vouch for her?"
  1503. <Silas_> (lol, just lol)
  1504. * Amaranth wonders if they're going to throw kitty off, too. :(
  1505. <Silas_> "Sounds like a good idea..."
  1506. <Makara> (oh now I remember how to get another char in)
  1507. <Baruch> "Well, yes. Let us do that. Whether she is a spy or not, we cannot let this happen."
  1508. <Baruch> "On another note. We must also defend Taitale, for he will be subject to the same travesty."
  1509. <Silas_> "Taitale? the man in the wheelbarrow?"
  1510. <Baruch> "I am not a man of words, Silas. Can you help me with this? He is a dear friend."
  1511. <Baruch> "Yes."
  1512. <Silas_> ".. I can try"
  1513. <Baruch> "The matter is as follows"
  1514. =-= Corbenik is now known as Calpurnia
  1515. <CJ> (kitties land on their feet! Tremere don't!)
  1516. <Baruch> "My haywire spell has stabilized the city for the time being."
  1517. <Silas_> (still, a kitty falling from a city lord knows how high in the air... feet or no feet... I'm not sure it'll do much)
  1518. <Class> (Lol you now go open against direct orders of the Head mage ^^ Wonder how long we all survive that)
  1519. <Baruch> "Taitale could not have predicted this, yes?"
  1520. <Silas_> (the 9 lives though...)
  1521. <CJ> The grogs pause. "Our oirders sir were to throw her out of the covenant!"
  1522. <Baruch> "Let us discuss this with the head mage, please?"
  1523. <CJ> They look around for Corbenik
  1524. <Gustbran> (kitties have 9 lives, tremere's don't)
  1525. <Silas_> "Just wait till we had a chance to talk to Antonius, I am sure we can make him see reason!"
  1526. <Makara> (Kitty actually proven scientifically can survive failling from high place)
  1527. =-= Calpurnia is now known as Corbenik
  1528. * Baruch heads for the council chamber
  1529. * Taitale likewise
  1530. <Amaranth> "Listen to the magi," I snap at the grogs, with full force of 'I am a Tremere and you are a Grog and I am Authoritarian and you are not.'
  1531. <CJ> Antonius looks up from emergency planning as BAruch enters
  1532. <Silas_> "Don't do anything you will regret" [to the grog, before heading in with Baruch]
  1533. <Taitale> "Head mage, if we may address you?"
  1534. <CJ> The grogs look at Amaranth is surprise
  1535. * Corbenik walking about (where I don't know I've lost my location due to Calpurnia's adventure)
  1536. * Gustbran keeps an eye on the grogs for the magi.
  1537. <CJ> Antonius "I am busy. The city is about to flip over!"
  1538. <Silas_> (if he still thinks that then Taitale is not in danger,...)
  1539. <CJ> (Corbeni finds the grogs with the tremere prisoner)
  1540. <CJ> Class flies in tired.
  1541. <Taitale> "It seems, sir, that Baruch's spell has stabilized the city."
  1542. <Corbenik> "...." walks over due to yeah
  1543. <Taitale> "It will not flip over."
  1544. <Class> (Huh OK)
  1545. <Taitale> "For the time being, at least."
  1546. <CJ> OK, make a Pre+Etiquette roll versus ease factor 9 (or die)
  1547. <Makara> (better use confident if low)
  1548. <CJ> Class, what you been up to?
  1549. * Silas_ is somewhat relieved to hear that
  1550. <Corbenik> watch as he gets a 10
  1551. <Amaranth> (Don't die, old man!)
  1553. [Taitale make a decent roll]
  1555. <Taitale> (Confidence!)
  1556. <Corbenik> confidence
  1557. <Amaranth> (If you die, I will be subject to the same fate, I am sure.)
  1558. <Class> (Sorry CJ I don't even know why I want to be in the Temple right now)
  1559. <Makara> (Owl are dumb like that)
  1560. <Class> (As mentioned I wanted to stay in the Lab till it is over)
  1561. <CJ> (Ok no probs, be where you want Class)
  1562. <Silas_> (may be the safest place ^^)
  1563. <Taitale> "The positive here is, I would emphasize, that now that we have this knowledge, we may be able to prevent this from happening in the future."
  1564. <Taitale> "By properly exerting force on the city should a similar scenario repeat itself."
  1565. <Makara> (I was gonna cast my influence spell to boost him though)
  1566. <CJ> Antonius looks at Taitale. He looks at Baruch "SO you are saying Baruch's spell stopped the tilt?" Suddenly he laughs out loud, and continues laughing
  1567. <Silas_> [is not sure if he should be glad or worried for Antonius]
  1568. <CJ> "Very well. You are either a rogue and a fool, or a scholar and sage. Either way you and your kin - can live - today"
  1569. <Taitale> *relieved* "Thank you, head mage."
  1570. <Gustbran> (yay)
  1571. <CJ> Sound the "all clear" shouts Antonius
  1572. <Silas_> [smiles] "I am glad to hear, there was also the matter of the Tremere mage..."
  1573. <CJ> Antonius: Any other business before I dismiss the Council?
  1574. <CJ> Looks ta Silas
  1575. <Baruch> (Silas, you're up :D)
  1576. <CJ> "Oh yes. Did the grogs throw her out?"
  1577. <Silas_> "I would take responsibility for her actions, should it be asked..."
  1578. <Silas_> "no, sir, I stopped them"
  1579. * Class leave his lab in human shape with normal cloths on when the all clear Bells ringing
  1580. * Corbenik doing crunches as he watches amaranth being about to be thrown off.
  1581. <CJ> "Ah, very well. Take her to you tower and give her quarters. So long as someone vouches for her"
  1582. <Silas_> "She is in the antechamber"
  1583. <Silas_> [smiles and bows] "thank you, sir"
  1584. <Gustbran> (hoooh boy. Antonius is bipolar, isn't he?)
  1585. <Silas_> (indeed!)
  1586. <CJ> Actually Cobenik and the grogs have taken her to throw her off, unless Gustbran interceded?
  1587. <Silas_> (lol)
  1588. <Amaranth> (You guys need a rational Tremere in charge of things.)
  1589. <Silas_> (those blasted grogs....)
  1590. <Gustbran> (I was keeping an eye on them)
  1591. <Makara> (better spon for a fly/landing spell while you fall :D ))
  1592. * Corbenik shadowing the grogs as the take Amaranth and the dead grog to the edge
  1593. <Makara> (getting into twilight also works)
  1594. * Amaranth is mumbling in Slavic about how House Tremere will come and turn this city in to a crater, just you wait, which is sort of just wishful thinking, but it's nice wishful thinking when you're about to die.
  1595. <Class> (A Teleport spell might also work)
  1596. <Corbenik> "What was that?'
  1597. <Gustbran> (Hey, I WAS keeping an eye on the grogs!)
  1598. <Makara> (so who charging out there to save her?)
  1599. <Corbenik> (talking to amaranth)
  1600. <Silas_> (fuu--- brb)
  1601. <Baruch> (Gus, what do you do to stop them, though?)
  1602. <Makara> (I don't think he planning to)
  1603. <Makara> (someone use loud voice again to tell gust to stop them)
  1604. <Amaranth> "I am prepared to meet my end with dignity and grace," I say in Latin. "I only hope your people will show the same virtues, when House Tremere learns of this."
  1605. <Gustbran> (the second they attempt to take her again I tell them to stop.)
  1606. <Baruch> As soon as I realize she's not in the lobby, I'll fly out to seek them
  1607. * Class walk over to the temple
  1608. <Corbenik> "well" (in slavic)
  1609. <CJ> OK, the grogs are still rguing with Gustbran when you come out
  1610. <Baruch> "The head mage has conceded. She will be spared."
  1611. <CJ> They are approaching the edge of the city, near the Emerald Tower
  1612. <Silas_> (sorry, back)
  1613. <Baruch> "Silas is now responsible for the maga."
  1614. <Amaranth> (So I piss off another player character completely, fall in to hell, break an irreplaceable set of glasswear, and get possibly thrown off the edge of a city in one session. This is somewhat unique.)
  1615. <CJ> Right time ot wrap story for today
  1616. <Baruch> (:D)
  1617. <Ramon> (kk so Ramon still outside and Class near the tempel)
  1618. <Corbenik> (You're not the only one who went ot hell)
  1619. <CJ> OK, everyone is able to get back ot their labs. First though, experience points for th stiry so far
  1620. <Amaranth> (Was it fun? Did you get to see the carving? :D)
  1621. <Ramon> (or so ^^)
  1622. <CJ> Firstly, eevryone who feature din todays story add one confidence point, except Gustbran who is a grog.
  1623. <Corbenik> (Oh yeah would I have gotten any nice infernal lore stuff from stuff :P)
  1624. <CJ> Secondly, how many sessions for far?
  1625. <Silas_> (ahh the life of a grog)
  1626. <Gustbran> :(
  1627. <Silas_> this is the 12th I think
  1628. <Amaranth> (Now you're the demonic dragon!)
  1629. |<-- Ramon has left (Quit: )
  1630. <Corbenik> (hey no one saw it so yeah no proof)
  1631. <Makara> this is the 12th
  1632. <Silas_> yep, the 12th
  1633. <Makara> and when will calpurnia be back?
  1634. <Class> log say its the 12th
  1635. <Corbenik> she actually is back
  1636. <Makara> darn can't use her lab
  1637. <CJ> OK, so all the magi who wer ein from the fist session get 16 experience points - a LOT
  1638. <CJ> You may not spend more than 5 on any one art of aability
  1639. <Gustbran> unlucky 13 next session, eh?
  1640. <Class> (So ramon was part of half of the adventure time so fare)
  1641. <CJ> Art or Ability
  1642. <Amaranth> Is her lab the covenant's lab? (Obviously, some of us don't have permission to be there.) Or is that a different lab?
  1643. <CJ> Ramon gets 8xp
  1644. <CJ> Amaranth gets 4xp
  1645. <CJ> Gustbran gets 8xp
  1646. <Corbenik> uhhh you need more than 5 to get a ability
  1647. <Class> (Already modivied by his Virtue)
  1648. <CJ> Corbenik and Tailtale get 4xp
  1649. <CJ> OK, you can only get General Abilities without teaching.
  1650. <CJ> Ask me if unsure.
  1651. <CJ> A score of 1 costs 5xp
  1652. <CJ> now does everyone know how arts and abilities advance?
  1653. <CJ> I can explain.
  1654. <Silas_> (do you give the exp to stuff you've used or just 'as you see fit' ?)
  1655. <CJ> A score of 2 costs 15xp
  1656. <Amaranth> Not really, though I don't have to worry about advancing yet.
  1657. <CJ> 3 is 30xp
  1658. <Silas_> (please do, if you got time, I'm not sure I know)
  1659. <CJ> Taht si for abilities
  1660. <Corbenik> Okay so we can get the 1st level of only normal abilities
  1661. <CJ> Yes with no more than 5xp in any one thing yes
  1662. <CJ> Arts however work differently
  1663. <Baruch> (What if I already have a score in a non-general ability; can I advance it without teaching)
  1664. <CJ> Say you have zero in an art and add 5xp. level 1 costs one, level 2 is two more so 3 total, and level 3 would cost 3 more but you have not got those so you would get to level 2 with 2xp in that art
  1665. <CJ> BAruch, yes you can.
  1666. <Class> 3 to Source Quality of Adventure means Ramon get 11exp instead of 8?
  1667. <CJ> Ye sthat si correct Class
  1668. <Corbenik> So I can't buy something at level 6
  1669. <Makara> those need book or teacher I think
  1670. <CJ> So imagine you have Vim 4. For 5 xp it can go up to 5
  1671. <CJ> Like what Corbenix, an Art? No but you can put 5xp towards it
  1672. <Silas_> (ah, ok)
  1673. <Baruch> (What is the source quality thing? Is it then 3 per session? Then we should get even more?)
  1674. <Makara> 5xp per session?
  1675. <Makara> or per adventure
  1676. <CJ> Everyone has Parma Magica 1 right? The cost to go up is NExt Level times 2. So ten xp. That si how abilities work.
  1677. <Corbenik> Well it's for calpurnia and its to increase vim to 6
  1678. <CJ> What si Calpurnia Vim at moment?
  1679. <Corbenik> 5
  1680. <Class> (I think per Adventure)
  1681. <CJ> (source quality = number of xp. You got 16xp for the story)
  1682. <Baruch> (Ok)
  1683. <Class> (Ranmon have the Independent Study Virtue thats why I haved to ask)
  1684. <Makara> raising stuff with book doesn't cost xp?
  1685. <Baruch> (Ah, I understand)
  1686. <CJ> Adventures are not goow ay to advance in Ars MAgica. Studying in lab is.
  1687. <CJ> Correct Makara.
  1688. <Amaranth> So like, with 4 XP, I could boost my Vim from 3 to 4. I can't buy any abilities though, as even General Ability 1 costs 5xp. If I want, though, I could 'bank' those 4 XP in a General Ability 1 so I only need one more XP to raise it next time I get XP. Am I right?
  1689. <CJ> xp ofr adventures are just a free gift ot refect what you learned in the season you were not studying
  1690. <CJ> Yes all Correct Amaranth
  1691. <CJ> For Arts, the cost is next level in xp
  1692. <CJ> For Abilities, the cost si next level x 5 in xp
  1693. <Class> The next saison study time will we this also do now or next session?
  1694. <Baruch> Makara: You get xp for studying from books, but you only get it toward the thing you are studying
  1695. <Corbenik> alright time to put some points to things
  1696. <CJ> OK, so have a go and if you get stuck ask. Then we will work out the next season for anyone still here. But I need to go answer the phone. :)
  1697. <Silas_> (just making sure, I can't use any of this exp to aid my magic theory can I?)
  1698. <Class> then go to your phone :)
  1699. <Silas_> (phone > this, go ahead :p )
  1700. <Makara> so.. read book or spend xp on it... hmm...
  1701. <Amaranth> Hm... do I want to raise my Vim to 4? Or start picking up Imaginem? Or bank some points in a social skill, because I like social skills?
  1702. <Silas_> you may also only spend 5xp on any one skill or ability Makara)
  1703. <Silas_> :)
  1704. <Makara> yeah
  1705. <Baruch> What year and what season is it again? Just want to put my metacreator up to speed
  1706. <Makara> I plan to get them to 5 for now
  1707. <Makara> Winter 1214. To be precise, November 23rd 1214.
  1708. <Makara> or maybe 24 or 25 now
  1709. <Silas_> neato
  1710. <Corbenik> (Also Amaranth, how do you know Calpurnia is from Translyvania
  1711. <Baruch> Thanks
  1712. <Amaranth> CJ, when you get back, what are my familiar cord skills? I like, don't have a lab.
  1713. <Amaranth> GM told me. You still have the accent. :)
  1714. <Silas_> (the accent :) )
  1715. <Class> So I can spend once 8 exp and the rext just 5 exp in a skill from this exp with ramon?
  1716. <Gustbran> I wonder if Gustbran's spear needs some extra stabbing skills....?
  1717. <Corbenik> funny as I have no points in slavic
  1718. <Amaranth> Slavic isn't the language of Transylvania.
  1719. <Silas_> (no one said it was good slavic :p )
  1720. <CJ> OK Amaranth: depends wher ein transylvinai you from
  1721. <Corbenik> Well any language other than latin
  1722. <CJ> (I just put slkvic for now - we cna discuss what should be by email)
  1723. <CJ> OK sorry back, I'm exhauseted
  1724. <CJ> Any questions/
  1725. <Amaranth> Well, I suppose that's true. It's not the official language, anyway.
  1726. <Amaranth> What are my familiar Cord skills? As, um, I don't have a lab, so I don't know how that works.
  1727. <CJ> Te Language groups of Transylvvaia are - grabs my book
  1728. <Class> @Cj Ramon can spend once 8 exp and the rest of the exp I have a mox of 5 exp per skill?
  1729. <CJ> Hungarian (Magyar), Cuman (Bulagaria) and Slavic
  1730. <CJ> Ye sthat is fine Ramon. You have a Virtue that lllows that
  1731. <CJ> OK I'm utterly exhausted.
  1732. <CJ> Pleas email me your characters once spent the xp and add a not on hwo you spent them
  1733. <CJ> I can check this
  1734. <Corbenik> Type to you later CJ get some sleep.
  1735. <Class> Ok will break my mind over this tomorrow then :)
  1736. <Baruch> Ok, Thanks for this CJ
  1737. <CJ> Also: Iwas going to be at a conference next Saturday, but lookinbg very doubtful as housemat lost job abd I have ot pay rent
  1738. <Silas_> (oh, minor update, particularly to you Schwarzbart, I actually do have magical theory, just in mentem)
  1739. <CJ> Will et you all know what plan is on forum
  1740. <Amaranth> I have no idea what to spend. Hm. Thanks, CJ.
  1741. <Silas_> (so no need to save the book for my sake)
  1742. <CJ> Sorry gutys but I'm wiped out.
  1743. <Class> (You need 3 to set up Lab thats why I sayed you have priority)
  1744. <Baruch> Ok. Too bad about the job and stuff.
  1745. <Silas_> Thanks for hosting CJ :)
  1746. <CJ> My email is
  1747. <Gustbran> Get some rest, CJ.
  1748. <Class> Thanks for today’s game CJ. Please write As soon as possible in the Forum when you can do next session
  1749. <CJ> If any of you have landed noble or Very Wealthy Virtue in real life feel free to send cash, lol!
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