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Autobuy website service

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  1. Wanting your own autobuy website to sell mods, kvs or stealth server related products?
  2. come to me! cheap fast and reliable setups.
  3. you just need to buy a domain, any its your choice! I would recommend godaddy!
  5. How will this website work? you'll be hosting your products on rocketr or selly (I personally prefer rocketr)
  6. The website source will be the same as mine, your website will also come with DDoS protection.
  8. Contact me on either Facebook or discord.
  9. Discord: Zylonkvs#8830
  10. Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/martin.paul.39545464
  12. I only take the following payments
  13. BTC
  14. Circle Pay
  15. UK bank transfer
  16. UK CashApp
  18. this will charge you $50 to setup, I take USD , AUD and GBP , obviously it'll cost different hence to the different currency's.
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