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  1. [17:04] <&ibo|away> kg, why cant symph have an assistant?
  2. [17:05] <&Kevin_Garrett> i think he will do fine, i have a lot of trust in him
  3. [17:06] <&ibo|away> he says he wants an assistant
  4. [17:06] <&ibo|away> to help him keep up
  5. [17:06] <&Kevin_Garrett> he told me that too
  6. [17:06] <&ibo|away> so why cant he have oine?
  7. [17:07] <&Kevin_Garrett> the things he wants help with are taken care of by the tds and whatnot
  8. [17:07] <&Kevin_Garrett> we're going to help him with odds and ends things
  9. [17:08] <&aldaron> so uh
  10. [17:08] <&aldaron> where is the answer to
  11. [17:08] <&aldaron> [17:06:37] <&ibo|away> so why cant he have oine?
  12. [17:08] <&aldaron> i must have missed it
  13. [17:09] <&Kevin_Garrett> he said he wanted ditto to do it
  14. [17:09] <&Kevin_Garrett> and i told him thats fine, but based on what he is looking for help in, it's what we'll be doing anyway
  15. [17:11] <&blue> i mean he can have one if he feels he needs one but he's saying it out of nerves based off how he's acting
  16. [17:11] <&blue> he's eased down after we told him what he needs to do
  17. [17:11] <&blue> and he has 5 of us to help him
  18. [17:12] * zebrafk is now known as zeb
  19. [17:12] <&blue> if he still wants one after getting a feel for the job then by all means
  20. [17:12] <&Kevin_Garrett> tbh, bloo and i doing a lot of backseat hosting in a lot of tournaments as is it. i think he is beginning to see we're there to help him
  21. [17:12] <&Kevin_Garrett> it is*
  22. [17:14] <%JabbaTheGriffin> but you guys are all involved with teams
  23. [17:14] <%JabbaTheGriffin> he wants a neutral helper
  24. [17:14] <%JabbaTheGriffin> why can't he have one
  25. [17:15] <&Kevin_Garrett> i didn't know my affiliation with a team makes me biased bolding out completed matches
  26. [17:15] <&chaos> lol
  27. [17:15] <&ibo|away> making calls?
  28. [17:15] <&chaos> does that happen enough for him to need help
  29. [17:16] <&aldaron> spl might be the single biggest drama magnet
  30. [17:16] <&aldaron> on smogon
  31. [17:16] <&aldaron> its by far the best tourny on smogon
  32. [17:16] <&aldaron> but has a ton of baggage
  33. [17:16] <&Kevin_Garrett> Making calls is our realm regardless of affiliation. You can't ask tournament directors to be uninvolved in an entire tournament. We check our biases out at the door when it comes to making a decision.
  34. [17:17] <&Kevin_Garrett> its a collective process
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