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Jul 9th, 2013
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  1. Hey Etsu
  3. While I agree that you can't force a horse to drink, you can lead it to the water. It would be a mistake in management to think that you can't assign responsibilities to priviledges. Because those are the exact counterweights. At the moments these are unsupported and unenforced. How often have you complained to me that there is nothing to do for a kage? Ask Yuge, you can't be further from the truth.
  5. Yes, in an ideal world all these things I mentioned would be actively done by kage's and leadership such as jounin and counil members. In an ideal world you would organise your village AS IF its an obligation. Unfortunatly, this is not an ideal world. So I came up with a way to make it easier for you to do these things!
  7. I'm trying to hand you the tools to rp what you're supposed to be rp'ing with. The only responded are: Oh cool thanks, and: I don't want to rp what I'm supposed to be rp'ing dus to my position which is both an ic and ooc priviledge. If number two is the case, the position should seriously be reconsidered.
  9. So with that said, your position stating that obligating players to do certain things is taboo, I don't agree with. Make a pc and stick my her then. But if you want the position of Kage? You better be prepared to put more than a decent amount of effort in. And that extends way beyond what's currently been done by any leader really. with a few exceptions such as Yuge and Itami.
  11. Sorry for sounding so harsh, but I'm hoping that staff agrees. With great power comes great responsibility! So is it fair to by this system punish those who put 0 effort in by having ic bite their ass? In my opinion: HELL YEA. Ofcourse, we are reasonable human beings. Ofcourse if you fall ill, or if you somehow can't be on we can work with it! But if you're a kage, I think we can all agree that you should show initiative. And be online initiating scenes at least 2 times per week, or at least make 1 board post per week.
  13. Next, reluctance to take ooc things that should be ic, back ic. While I agree it CAN be stressfull, you have ooc to make sure that doesn't happend. For example, I was shocked... SHOCKED that Hashi never invited Satomi up for a scene after getting the jounin reccomendations by others. She OOC'ly acted like it wasn't even her job! It IS her job and I'm still waiting on a scene where the Hokage shows some genuine ic interest in what goes on with this chuunin who apparently has so much support for jounin. Instead, handle promotions ic'ly, but tie it in with npcroll rollranges. And GM strength. So an early jounin would have a tough time, and a jounin too early might need to be demoted over repeated failure! This is an OOC safeguard over a system that should be ic. Now its just: staff I have the xp? Promo plx. The promotion has NO value and NO responsibities tied into it. And people think its strange the average leader doesn't do anything except for taking every opportunity to show off their personal badass?
  15. While the actual promotion IS an ooc affair and not up to you, rp'ly its most definitely up to you, why wouldn't we rp accordingly? This is a minor example but it stretches to huge things. An example is the Kumo alliance. The Kumo team tried, but got 0 initiative from Hashi and at some point it just died. Did someone expect it to be handled ooc'ly? This is the exact rp Kage's should be persuing. In fact, without securing this alliance Konoha is in great danger, and Hashi doesn't even seem to care. If Kumo allies with Kiri they could wipe us off the map. Hashi didn't figure this out?
  17. The ratings I suggested will help with this. It would make the threats tangible and real. If Satomi would be more powerful I would have staged a coup by now to get that alliance in. I think many people would if Hashi remains passive with the ratings available, showing we're in deep trouble! This is just one example of how it'll motivate you to rp.
  19. If you still don't do it, others will have the IC means to call you out on it! Now, nobody knows who's what and where. So you can't accuse the Hokage of anything, since if Konoha is doing good or bad is not neutrally decided. But by invested individuals, all profitting from their view on the current state of affairs, which is this abmyssal and supreme at the exact same time. This IS a problem!
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