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Dec 6th, 2019
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  1. Say he want the smoke, who is he, I'm like who is you
  2. Get my Choppa, blow him down, bullets stick to him like glue
  3. Imma put diamonds on my shoes, bought em from jimmy choo
  4. I cant keep the dollars, lil thot, if they ain't blue
  5. I ain't rappin I'm preaching, yeah that's true
  6. AR got an extended clip, with the 7.62s
  7. (Young DC)
  8. Straight ballin in this Jeremy lin; 'melo.
  9. Tell me one thing you won't do, settle.
  10. Give me one word for each chain: Yellow.
  11. Pocket full of money, black cars; ghetto.
  12. Critics say I ain't in the game, A.I.
  13. This is how you deal with the fame: stay high.
  14. stay putting in for the town; may I?
  15. what you call a crib in the sky? Play high.
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