lilligant skeleton

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  1. [Overview]
  3. - didn't change a lot in bw2
  4. - good special attack & speed to make use of quiver dance
  5. - sleep powder lets it disable counters or provide more setup opportunities
  6. - okay bulk so it can setup easier, complimented by qd
  7. - dangerous after a turn of boosting
  8. - mono grass typing leaves it with bad stab coverage
  9. - has to rely on hidden power, still has only two move coverage which limits ability to sweep
  10. - still v. threatening once checks/counters are removed
  12. [SET]
  13. name: Offensive Quiver Dance
  14. move 1: Quiver Dance
  15. move 2: Sleep Powder
  16. move 3: Giga Drain
  17. move 4: Hidden Power Fire / Hidden Power Rock
  18. item: Life Orb / Lum Berry
  19. ability: Chlorophyll
  20. nature: Timid
  21. evs: 4 HP / 252 SpA / 252 Spe
  25. - stats make her a perfect user of qd, raising spa, spd and speed one stage
  26. - sleep powder serves to remove a check or counter
  27. - also creates free turns so you're able to set up more
  28. - giga drain is a reliable stab move, heals you in the process and doesn't lock you in
  29. - hp fire nets pretty good coverage along with it, hitting grass, bug and steel types super effectively, but leaves you vulnerable to fire types
  30. - alternatively, hp rock hits these fire types while also nailing bug types. but leaves you vulnerable to steel and grass types
  34. - straightforward evs
  35. - timid necessary to outrun scarf rotom-f, pinsir, and other things around that speed tier at +1
  36. - life orb helps you to gain kos which is nice as lilligant can't really take a hit
  37. - lum berry is a nice one-time save from crippling status, such as druddigon's glare or slowking's toxic
  38. - chlorophyll is preferred to take on weather sweepers like sawsbuck
  39. - generally lilligant fits well in fwg cores as these teammates can take on pokemon that trouble her
  40. - with hp fire, opposing fire types like entei and moltres wall you. a strong water type such as kabutops
  41. - if running hp rock, grass and steel types easily come in so the aforementioned fire types pair well with lilli; can break down walls with their strong stab attacks
  42. - hp rock also makes it escavalier bait so a pokemon to tank its hits, like qwilfish, is a nice teammate
  43. - substitute over sleep powder; turns pokemon like slowking into setup fodder, by dodging status and obtaining multiple boosts, however you have to ditch sleep powder :(
  44. - petal dance is worth a shot along with own tempo, but grass is a bad type to be locked into and makes you very easily revenge killed. that said, the power boost is fantastic, 2hkoing resists like entei at +1
  46. [Other Options]
  48. - hp ice on both sets hits dragon types like druddigon, but otherwise poor coverage as you're helpless against fire and steel types
  49. - leftovers are an option, trades an immediate power boost for passive healing that lets lilli set up more consistently
  50. - sunny day to abuse chlorophyll, but without dedicated sun it's outclassed by qd, and with it a more dangerous sweeper like
  51. - lilligant has various support options such as aromatherapy, healing wish, stun spore, leech seed and synthesis
  52. - sadly its bulk is rather subpar for a purely defensive set and is prone to being outclassed by pokemon like tangrowth and ferroseed
  54. [Checks and Counters]
  56. - emboar tanks any hit and ohkos lilligant with stab flare blitz
  57. - fire types (moltres entei typhlosion) if not running hp rock
  58. - steel / grass types (tangrowth sceptile rotom-c) if not running hp fire
  59. - especially roselia and amoonguss, bulky enough to take hp fire and hits it with sludge bomb
  60. - escavalier can use sleep talk, walls non-hp fire and ohko it
  61. - druddigon takes nothing from it and can ohko with a stab move; fraxure is in a similar boat
  62. - sap sippers such as bouffalant and miltank
  63. - cryogonal can haze and ice beam
  64. - drapion has the bulk to take its moves and deals heavy damage
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