List of Story Ideas

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  1. List of future story ideas
  3. -MC attracts the attention of an ambitious but kind Tanuki who is posing as an office employee to change work policies for MGs. (Falling Leaves)
  5. -Wizard world where bad wizards want to do wizard things to kill all MGs, but the MC wizard will stop their wizard shenanigans. (Title)
  7. -Aviators spinoffs:
  8.         -Nell's bedroom antics
  9.         -A day in the life of a tiny jinko (Jessie)
  10.         -Sasha and Boo doing yeti things
  11.         -Natalia cracking down on corruption in NYPD
  12.         -Nell actually finding love instead of a one-night stand
  14. -MC, a habitual liar and playboy, gets fired from his job and meets an OCD anubis who just started an extended vacation from her stressful job. They have I-hate-the-world sex that very night, but MC decides to stay instead of leaving the next morning, feeling sort of a kindred spirit in her. (Creatures of Habit)
  16. -Wizard apprentice MC finds a golem while out on a mission given to him by his master. Despite giving her free will and the ability to do whatever she wishes, she stays with him as a trusted companion in wizard school. Wizard school shenanigans ensue. (The Apprentice and the Oasis (temporary title))
  18. -Security guard MC with the past of a regular guy meets his red oni co-worker. They get in trouble when MG TERRORISTS threaten to take over the compound they're guarding. MC finds his inner badass as they are the only two able to stop the terrorists.
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