20 Questions About.....MusicalKitty #2.

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  1. So, we're now in the home stretch of my repaying my Mega Quiz debts, and before I get this interview started, I owe the interviewee an apology; It would appear that--in assuming stuff I thought was obvious--that MusicalKitty was a guy. Apparently, I was wrong.
  3. Don't believe me? Read our 2nd interview and see for yourself:
  5. Community Q's:
  7. Q1. You have said before you like reading, so, if you had to choose, what is your favorite book? [ThatOneEnderMan]
  8. Music: "Oh my god! Ender why do you do this to me, having a favorite book series is like having a favorite child, and all the other children you neglect whilist pampering the one child you love so much! So, ro make this easier on me, I'll just list my favorites and why. I love the Hunger Games because of the fact that it deals with an unjust governmental system, and the main character defies them, if you don't know what I'm talking about, the Hunger Games is a reality Television Show-like thing where 24 children slaughter each other until one wins. Katniss and Peeta were the winners, as it was the first year two victors was a thing, when only the two remained, BASICALLY President Snow said "You both love each other very much, now this will not end until one of you gets an ax through the face." But Katniss wanted to defy Snow, she gave Peeta poisonous berries and they threatened a double-suicide, which would lead in a Games with no winner, I loved this book because even though everyone was at the mercy of President Snow, Katniss turned the tables and had power over him. Also, I absolutely love A Series of Unfortunate Events, it was something, quite grim, but I read the first book in fourth grade, so, I guess no one bothered to think "Hey, this book is as dark as heck, kids needn't to read this!" but I think that the reason why the library allowed it was because it's not all death. It has its humor, although quite dark at times, the author loves to have conversations with the reader and isn't scared to throw a curve ball and describe things in more uncommon ways. Like, in The Ersatz Elevator, instead of describing darkness with words, the reader would turn the page to see the next two pages, plain black, and to describe a scene, he writes a description with words, but they're flipped! Making you have to either decipher the words or hold your book up to a mirror, he even described how much Violet, a main character, would never do something, and he wrote "Violet would never, ever, ever, ever, ever (two pages filled with "ever") ever, ever do that!" He uses big, uncommon words, then defines it to the viewer politely, he often uses weird analogies, and likes to keep the reader thinking "what will happen next?" I love Unfortunate Events, it has its own spot in my heart, but I've to say, Unfortunate Events would be nothing if Lemony Snicket didn't talk to the reader, explain definitions, give his own opinions and throwing in humour at dark moments, or throwing creative curve balls. This is the only book series that I think successfully got away with its dark undertone, without Lemony's comments in the books, it would just be a 2edgy story no one bothered to touch."
  10. Q2. How do you feel towards your progression on Megabound, and as a writer in general?/What made you want to write some much? [MegaBossMan/ThatOneEnderMan]
  11. Music: "I loved writing Megabound, but now that I've finished Season One, I should say, I despise it! I mean, it was fun to write, I loved it, but I learned a lot of things that I shouldn't do in Season Two from writing the first Season. Firstly, I need to do proofreading more often, many a time have I finished a chapter late into the night, telling myself "Of course I didn't make any mistakes!" then I post it. I read it the day after, noting how I could have phrased things better, and the many little errors I made, like using the wrong there/their/they're, or slipping into present tense, and the times I do proofread, I don't catch the errors, what I did for the Season Two premere was that I proofread it, changing how I phrased some things, then, since I don't get everything, I put my entire chapter through a Spellchecker, then after that, I proofread and get any words that shouldn't have been changed, like some usernames, "MusicalKitty" and "FemaleForte." Also, I learned that being spineless wont get me anywhere. Whenever a user asked me to put them in, I do, if I can't I give them a four paragraph apology and say "Maybe in Season Two?"but now I'm more brutal. Unless if you are going to stick out in the Megabound cast, I'll deny you, if inactive (with only a couple exceptions) I wont even talk to you about it, if I don't know you enough, cut! I learned that I can't be a pushover and accept users just so they'd even bother to read it, like, we all know that Valo and CrashBomber were gonna be in, but after showing inactivity or plainly saying "No" I cut them out. Now I only plan for Serenit- oops, FemaleForte, and TobyJoey to be in as main characters, since I thought lowering the main cast from 5 to 2-3 is better, I say 2-3 because TobyJoey, two dogs. Third, character overflow must be avoided. I had a few chapters i which the main party would be 13 characters! Meaning I'd have to keep track of everyone, the Figures didn't help either, I'd often want Apollo, JUST Apollo, to guide the children, but *oops* there's Mars, *oops* Athena wants to party, *oops* Bingo wants to join, *oops* since Hephaestus and Apollo have a relationship, Hephaestus joins, *oops* Hera is also friends with Apollo, *oops* I want Anubis to have more screentime, etc, then on my hands I have a horrific Amalgamation of characters that all move as one, and I have to actually keep notes that tell me who I'm covering. Lastly, I HATED progression! I wanted to stay more with some things, Allison and Kyle were to be with each other for three chapters and fight Aster BY THEMSELVES, but you can't do that when you can only update once a week and you are too afraid of the readers getting bored with the stories progressing like a snail! I wanted to have Bethany find her Pomeranian family, it would've definitely make me cry, reading her reunite with her family, giving her signifigance, but I couldn't do that, Beth became a nuisance and I wanted to get rid of her as fast as I could. I have a big list of things I should have covered, but couldn't, like: Fusion, Hera and Anubis' fusion, Anubis himself, Helios, Becky, Bethany, Starforce Mine, Hyde, Athena, Mars, half-Figures, Aries, Zeus, Zeus' relationship with Slur, Corrais and Kayla, Julian's family, Alex, Terri, The Unknown, Sunstone, the list goes on and on, all I want for Season Two is for it to make up for Season One. I shall leave this with a question: Will you guys still like Season Two if it has less action in general?"
  13. Q3. Have you or were you ever interested in writing for Prototype? [MegaBossMan]
  14. Music: "Wait, writing FOR the Prototype. As in bios, writing the story, doing dialogue? I'd love that soo very much! There's only a few things discouraging me, 1. I have no idea what, in this department, that this project needs, dialogue is pretty much taken care of, and I'd love to do bios, but I'd likely make up some things, like I wanted to write a Splash Woman bio, saying "Splash Woman was originally programmed to save people stuck at see, but after letting Wily rewire her, she would lure in sailors with her singing, and sink the ship with her Laser Trident" but it was likely 100% made up. 2. If I do lines or a bio for Solo, Trio, Blossom Woman, etc, I'd get unnoticed, those characters don't show up in game, and people don't often view planned RMs in the database, and the fact that Adrian is taking away some PCR bots and replacing them, my work would likely go in vain."
  16. Q4. You've found a gazillion dollars, but you can only keep it on the catch that you've gotta escape to an uninhabited island and you've also got to bring a Prototype user with you; who's it gonna be? [MegaBossMan]
  17. Music: "Oh gee, I'm not a survivalist, I can use a knife... to spread butter on my croissants, and I don't mind making tents, maybe if there was a Market I'd use my gazillion dollars there? Can I say FemaleForte? Going from Megabound, she knows how to use heavy weaponry and could probably make a mace and pwn some crabs or fish with it for food. If not then, erm, SSN or MegaBawss, on an island all day, I'd like someone who would listen to my countless stories, and at least one of you knows how to make a house from wood and the such, right? Also, maybe Rhythm, as a father and loving husband, he must know how to build snares or make throwing knives, hopefully, because I don't want to have to take Mikey and die because I have to carry him while we're being chased down by a tiger or a bee :P"
  19. Q5. What are your feelings towards the creation of the fan-fic section? [MegaBossMan]
  20. Music: "I love it! When I made the Projects thread in the Roleplay section, and like 99.99999% of the time, I get a Notification for a new post in the Roleplay section, thinking "Oh golly someone must've left a comment about Megabound!" and it's Zero and Megaboi fighting about in a tournament about something like "Omg Zero you can't use Zero Saber all the time!" and Zero would say something, and the arguement would last 20 posts, only ending in their relationship with more hatred, and my heart filled with disappointment."
  22. Q6. You were relatively silent when you first came around Prototype, at least compared to your presence now. Any explanation? [MegaBossMan]
  23. Music: "Well, honestly this was the first online community I joined. Sure, Miiverse was a thing, but it's really just a place that children go to and spout nonsense. This community, after I came back, was pretty intimidating, I didn't know exactly where I would fit, and I tried so hard not to be one of those new users that people would look at and think "Ugh, I hope they never come back again." The first time I entered MMRPG chat was the first time I entered a chat room, I tried hard not being "that guy/gal" and always apologized for doing such things like necroposting and making a thread for a single question. It was relatively easy getting used to this community and became more "out there" about February, when I started Megabound. Now I think I should've kept more to mysekf for a couple weeks or so, maybe then the reveal of me being an XX would have been more of a "WWWWHHHHHAAAAAAAA???" and less of a "cool"."
  25. Q7. You seem to quite enjoy writing. Is it just a hobby, or do you plan to use it as an adult? [TobyJoey]
  26. Music: "Well I really hope I can use it as an adult. My parents have been pestering me about being an engineer and playing basketball, I have never shown them what I written because there response would either be "Why haven't you told us about this?" or "Kids like you shouldn't be writing this. When I was your age I wrote about horses!" or something among the lines of that. I am not planning to show Megabound to me friends or family, only refering to it as something like "Oh yeah, I'm also writing a story like Homeward Bound elsewhere" as elsewhere, I am writing a story like Megabound, called Homeward Bound. I despise Wattpad, the website I wrote it on, and I doubt I will ever finish it or write even another story, after getting pounded on by a critic I hired, I cannot bring myself to write another chapter, and my response to being asked to show Megabound is usually "oh **** no!" I also absolutely despise Wattpad, its audience are shallow thirteen year old girls that write awful stories about meeting One Direction or being adopted by One Direction or awful Undertale fics that my friend eats up and "Septiplier" fiics my other friend eats up. Oh wow that got off track, well I should say that I only hope to use my hobby in my adult life, I am going to minor in writing and I will, in no way possible, get a basketball scholarship just because "my body is perfect for it and my father is obsessed with basketball to the point of kissing a photo of LeBron James every night."
  28. Q8. You've mentioned before that you play the piano and sing. As a fellow musician, how long have you played for and how well do you play? [Kirbologist]
  29. Music: "Oh, I guess I sing well in terms of getting the notes. Of course I don't sound very good, the least amount of people I'll sing with is two other people, as I feel more comfortable knowing the focus isn't fully on me and sometimes when singing, my voice will crack worse than a pubescent boy's. And piano, hmm, I haven't played it since like fourth grade? I think I made up that I regularly played piano so I sounded more interesting. Yeah, I know lying is a thing that shouldn't be done but like half the vacations I claimed to have gone to my friends were lies. Anyway I can play enough piano to get the note for singing, but I usually just guess, like one time my choir director asked us something like "what note are you singing?" and I said G or B, and because he is like 60 I think, he heard the one I didn't say, but it was the correct one. So, I have been singing, well, my whole life probably, like sometimes singing a song to myself, but I started actually singing as a thing like 10 months ago."
  31. Q9. Do you ever find your music playing to influence the types of music you listen to? [TobyJoey]
  32. Music: "Oh of course I have! Like, every one hates Country music, usually because they can, but ever since I joined Choir, I cannot even touch it! In choir, usually one thing we have to do in our songs is to never emphasize the "r" in words whilist singing, but that is instantly thrown out the window with Country Music, they rarely take into consideration of the R thing, it annoys me so much."
  34. Q10. Are you more of an indoors or outdoors person? [TobyJoey]
  35. Music: "Oh EWWWWW nature gross blech! I do not like nature, or outdoors, it is hot, uncomfortable, miserable, grim, melancholous, and awful. Gross, dirty animals, weird dirty hobos using pine cones and fox pelts for toilet paper, the list goes on and on and on. In fact, the closest I've ever been to nature was when I stayed in a yurt, it's like a small house with a television and a shower and electricity and air conditioning, the yurt didn't have any air conditioning or any way to connect to the internet, so it was basically like living in a cave!"
  38. Mikey's Q's:
  40. Q11. So, if you're a girl, why Time Man as your avi?
  41. Music: "Well, it's Time Man! The female support bots don't really fit my personality. Well, Roll fits mine best, I guess I could change to her, but Disco is too cocky and Rhythm is, I don't know what's with Rhythm, she is, um, I think she's a mix of Roll and Disco, maybe she likes the color green, I dunno. I mainly chose Time Man though is because he's closest to my personality I guess? I don't know, I think I chose him because he looked cool and I never changed it ever since."
  43. Q12. If it were up to you, the next person you would have me interview is.....?
  44. Music: "Hmmm, definitely SSN, I need to interrogate him about many things, his RPG, the dialogue for his RPG, why he loves SSJ4, etc. Maybe, erm, Rotom? I don't know. Oh wait! I know someone! She uses the prototype, she has a Time Man avi, and is also ME!"
  46. Q13. In our 1st interview, you stated that Mega Man 10 is the official MM game that you've always wanted to play, but, haven't, yet. Have you played it since then?
  47. Music: "No, not at all. And it will likely be that way, I don't even have a Wii or a Wii U anymore, just a Gamecube with no games, so, unless if there's somehow a Mega Man 10 release for the Gamecube, I doubt that I will get to play it."
  49. Q14. So, besides play video games and write, what else do you do in your free time?
  50. Music: "Um, I listen to music, suffer, talk to friends I guess, I also play with my cat, she meows a lot. She's a cute Burmese, looks like she's wearing black socks, meows a lot, got stuck on the toilet once (ask me for the full story in the chat, it makes much more sense I swear). I also update my prized possesion, Megabound! I draw, too, I'm way better at drawing than spriting trust me. I also dabble in the "Messing with people on Omegle and Chatzy" department, if you do not know, Omegle is simply a chat room where you meet up with completely random strangers, and Chatzy is a site where people make....drumroll....Chat Rooms! No, I don't "troll" people, I am a much more advanced mythical creature, like a Centaur or an Elf, possibly a Griffin, I toy with peoples emotions, making them think I am someone else, I am a guy, actually, well if you see me on Omegle I may say I'm a guy. It's lovely how those people will believe anything I say. NYAHYHAHAHAHAHAHA!!"
  52. Q15. What's YOUR opinion on Prototype's Star Force mechanic?
  53. Music: "It's rather unique in my opinion. A way to boost your attacks by a %age permenantly, and all you do is collect these items, not fight some Superboss or get some odd achievement, all you have to do is collect these items. A new player may think "Rad, I'll get all these in a day" but it takes weeks, months, years in my case because I procrastinate. The mechanic itself is, eh, you don't really feel more powerful until you reset or make another account and say "Dang, those stars helped a lot." But I think it could be done way better, or at least tweak it so the stars do more than raise attack and Core selling prices. Maybe for an aestetic tweak, since there's no badges besides the E-tank, W-Tank, and Yashici (I cannot spell that) maybe people that get all stars gets a 1024 Club badge? I don't know, those are my two cents on it."
  55. Q16. How come you used to be SO BAAAAAD at proofreading Megabound?
  56. Music: "Oh gosh dang it Mikey! Well if you need to know, I guess I'll time you people. Even though I find it to be immature for me to blame something like this on a machine, it was kind of the fault of my Wiiu. So, imagine my, February 20th, young starlette, I wanted to stand out, be unique, I wanted attention.So, I wanted to make a thing, obviously I couldn't make a game, making a webcomic was out of the picture, but, there was one thing I could do on Wii U, write. The process of typing on a Wii U is always quite painful, I cannot describe it, but imagine having a computer with only a mouse, every time you clicked on a box thet you could type something in, 2/3 of the screen is consumed by a digital keyboard that you have to type everything by clicking on each individual key using the mouse. Also after that, the written work would be riddled in errors because I'd often click two keys together or click off the text by accident and type a word in the middle of another, like "tygirrafepe" or maybe click space twice. It was a nightmare trying to correct words with this primitive hardware, so most of the time I said "Screw it, it's gonna be published and I don't care about the errors anymore."
  58. Q17. What's your all-time favorite video game [yes, ever] and why?
  59. Music: "Oh Mikey, this is possibly the easiest question for me to answer. Most of you people on the Prototype know that I am obsessed with the Mother series, but none of you know which one is my favorite one in the series. It'll probably be obvious what game I like when I say that the protagonist wore a yellow-blue striped shirt. I know, it's obvious to the point that it hurts, my favorite game is Earthboun- Mother! The game that started it all has to be my favorite, I loved it's music, even though most were also in Earthbound or Mother 3, t was lovely hearing some of the songs in 8-bit form. I also loved the characters and they all stood out despite all being very similar to their Earthbound counterparts. The Eight Melody plot line was different from Earthbound, but it made more sense, the layer had to actually hunt the melodies down instead of fighting eight required bosses. The ways to get these melodies are lovely, but can also make someone have an emotional breakdown if they cry easily (Me). Some of the ways to get these melodies include: Reuniting a chick with its mother. playing an abandoned piano. listening to the melody that EVE, a robot that helps you at the end of the game, "sings" upon her death. And talking to the gravestone of your great grandfather. Also, after getting the eight melodies, a world known as Magicant melts away, along with the spirit of the protagonist's deceased great grandmother. The reason why getting the Eight Melodies is important is because the only way to defeat the final boss is to sing the Eight Melodies to him, a song the protagonist's great grandmother sang to the final boss when he was a child. I, I think I may have already answered answer 19, because I cried multiple times playing that game. Lastly, the game's motto was "No crying 'til the end," but I surely couldn't go that far without crying."
  61. Q18. What's the craziest thing you've ever done?
  62. Music: "Oh gee, let me think for a second. Well, one time, wait, no. I was apparently a mellow child, so I didn't do anything crazy, I did do something odd though, and for a second let's pretend odd and crazy are the same thing. So, I used to live in an area where a lot of cars would pass by, actually, I was four, and in Texas by the time. I knew basic concepts of language, so I easily understood the awfully grim news reports on all the time. One day, a news report came on, telling about a pizza delivery man who kidnapped a child for four years and did, what we can assume, awful things to said child. So I saw that, and was terrified, my dad told me around that time something like "If there's a scary person, scream." so every time a car would pass by our house, I'd scream bloody murder on the top of my lungs, shouting "KIDNAPPER!!!" so loud, birds flew out of nearby trees and the cockroaches would scatter. There was also a fire ant hill in our yard, just adding that because, fire ants are freaking scary as well."
  64. Q19. Do you cry a lot?
  65. Music: "Oh, um, can I just tell you how many times I cried playing the Mother games? I cried, *counting* I cried 5-7 times playing Mother 1. Earthbound at least was more cheerful, I only cried once. And oh Mother 3, the most grim of all, I haven't completed it yet, only getting to the chapter where Lucas was trying to communicate with Hinawa's spirit, I cried, maybe 3 times, more likely 2, for Hinawa's death, and Claus' death as well."
  67. Q20. Why do you meow so much?
  68. Music: "Okay, so, I have a Burmese, and every time she meows, I simply meow back. Of course, Burmese cats are possibly the most talkative cats around the block, so if she wants to go outside, or wants some fancy food, she'd angrily meow at me, and instead of helping her, I'd meow back. This is a very vicious cycle, I often have "conversations" with my Burmese. Her name is Halo, by the by, because I got her when I was five and decided for her to keep her name when we adopted her, because she'd get confused if we called her another name. So, beck to conversations, these would last from a few seconds to as long as ten minutes, it takes a lot out of me too. So that's why I meow so much, my talkative cat likes to have deep, well-thought conversations with me."
  71. Huh. Cats can talk, it seems. Who knew? Anyhow, be sure to take a look at Music's story, "Megabound". You can check it out, here:
  74. Special thanks to MusicalKitty for taking the time out to be a nice subject. Again. :P
  75. Additional thanks go to Kirbologist, MegaBossMan, ThatOneEnderMan and TobyJoey for their great suggestions.
  78. Oh, and uh, my apologies, Music. Again. :P
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