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  1. FT: 6IV Jolly Riolu (all abilities) - beast ball
  2.        6IV Adamant Growlithe (all abilities)
  3.        6IV Timid Rotom - moon ball
  4.        6IV Jolly Infiltrator Dreepy - moon ball
  5.        5IV 0Atk - random Flash Fire Litwick - moon ball
  6.        5IV -atk Timid Infiltrator Noibat
  7.        5IV -spatk Carefull Stamina Mudbray
  8.        3/4 IV -No Good atk Bold Wingull - net ball
  9.        3/4 IV - No good atk/spe Quiet HA Hattena - love ball
  10.        4IV - No good speed Brave Guts Timburr - moon ball
  12. LF:   Other Pokemons in moon balls
  13.       Ability Capsule
  14.       Moon Ball
  15.       Brave, Adamant, Jolly, Timid, Quiet Mints
  17. FT: Shiny Sligoo, Flygon, Bisharp, Drampa, HA Darkloak
  18.        6IV Ditto
  19.  LF: Master Ball or other shinies
  21. FT: 5IV 0spe Ger Ditto LF: Flame Orb
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