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  1. Welcome to the Flash Banner Ad Archive! This projects goal is to preserve advertising history on the internet. All credit goes to
  2. Nielsen for collecting these ads. All ads belong to their respectful owners and companies. All of these ads are made by ad agencies so credit goes to them as well for making them. This project is non-profit and no money will be made off of these ads.
  3. My discord server for this project is located here:
  4. Currently I am in need of a a complete mirror of the Ad Relevance Site.
  5. Affiliations:
  6. Library of Congress
  8. Vice
  9. Terms of Use:
  10. You may not redistribute any of these ads to any other websites except for private messaging chats, emails, and group chats.
  11. If anyone wants to make blog posts or news articles about my project then please message me privately about it and I will give you permission to do so.
  12. You also may not repost or rearchive or represerve any of these ads to any downloading or uploading sites.
  13. The only links you can redistribute for this are the links below. This means if you are going to do a post about it or video about it please include the original links. No reuploads of the files please.
  14. You may not claim this project as your own and make money off of it. Making money off of this project would be highly illegal.
  15. Making money off of things you don't own the rights to is highly illegal and punishable by law. If I see anyone doing their own project that copies any contents from this I will be forced to tell the appropriate legal teams about the people who are copying this and give any links to the reuploaded content so they can take action against the people that insist on stealing the swfs from this project to use for their own projects. I will do anything in my power to protect the intellectual property of Nielsen and their Ad Relevance Service and any companies the banner ads belong to.
  16. You may not make money off of these ads.
  17. These ads belong to their respectful owners.
  18. By viewing these ads you agree to these terms.
  19.!u8pjUKqZ!qu8YDrg06CGEPINeVY-5hA Banner Ad Collection 2003 Zip File Links
  20.!6wRUlRgS!v4WdtSxMh1aR2GsveBYtYg Banner Ad Collection 2004 Zip File Links
  21.!z4BRhC7Z!GGFw4Kaw3pCU-nWviGRAi3_ILGxYbXNVBD6V3MsE6ko LowerMyBills Banner Ad Collection Updated with May 2004 LowerMyBills Ads
  22. Windows
  23. Linux
  24. Mac OS
  25. Mirror:
  26. In order to view swfs you need to use the Stand Alone Adobe Flash Player SWF Viewer
  27. If you want to get faster download speeds with download any of the download managers below:
  29. Banner Ad Collection Mirrors:
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