Aug 27th, 2012
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  1. [18:25:15] <Natalie> Little girls make smalltalk back to their room to admire their earnings and whatnoNOPE ACTUALLY NAT PLEASANT-SMALLTALKS LENORE INTO THEIR ROOM AND LOCKS THE DOOR.
  2. [18:25:32] <Natalie> "... I'm actually not ticklish."
  3. [18:25:34] <Celina> (oh god what's going on here)
  4. [18:25:46] <@Lenore> "I don't believe you!"
  5. [18:25:59] <Natalie> "O-Oh yeah? Try it and find out!"
  6. [18:26:06] * Celina decides to go for a nice long cliffjumping session because it's still nice out and >dealing with Nat
  7. [8:26:07] * Natalie closes her eyes and stands upright.
  8. [18:26:57] * @Lenore pulls out the feather from before and tickletickletickles Nat's back where she THINKS Nat doesn't wrap Ribbons, from what she observed.
  9. [18:27:20] <Natalie> Yeah, with the way her outfit's designed that's possible.
  10. [18:27:20] <@Lenore> Actually oh hell she goes for the back of the neck.
  11. [18:27:27] * Natalie stays perfectly still.
  12. [18:27:31] <Natalie> Peeeeeerfectly still...
  13. [18:27:33] <Natalie> Peeeeee... pff.
  14. [18:27:40] <Natalie> Pfffffffffffffffffffff.
  15. [18:27:43] * @Lenore continues in earnest~
  16. [18:27:56] * Natalie is straining really hard to stay perfectly still.
  17. [18:27:59] <Natalie> REALLY REALLY REALLY HARD.
  18. [18:28:14] * @Lenore tickletickletickle. "You can't resist it~"
  19. [18:28:27] <Natalie> "Pffff..... fffhahahahaOKAY! It's jus- hahahah- only a little!"
  20. [18:28:37] * Natalie wiggles out!
  21. [18:28:43] * @Lenore stops. "Knew it~"
  22. [18:28:46] <Celina> (gaaaaaaaaay)
  23. [18:29:13] <Natalie> "But you SO have me beat!"
  24. [18:29:19] * Natalie grins evilly and makes clawed hands.
  25. [18:29:21] <@Lenore> (Lenore would be happy to oblige anyone who volunteers to be tickled~)
  26. [18:29:37] <@Lenore> "E-eh?"
  27. [18:29:45] <Natalie> "Nnnnnnn! Let's see how long you actually CAN hold it!"
  28. [18:29:59] <zoofman> (I tried to make a joke w/ tickle and Mr. Prickles but it was too lewd.)
  29. [18:30:17] * Natalie tackledives the two-inch-taller girl onto one of the beds and GOES TO WORK.
  30. [18:30:30] <Natalie> ... Tickling frantically that is.
  31. [18:30:32] <Natalie> You lewd, lewd people.
  32. [18:31:11] <Celina> (gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay)
  33. [18:31:21] * @Lenore can't resist the tickling AT ALL but Nat does find that she gets shocked with static electricity upon touching Lenore's soft ticklish skin!
  34. [18:31:25] <zoofman> (Shit just got rated M for Mature.)
  35. [18:31:29] <Natalie> "Hehehe! I bet I can find your spot! I'm guessing it's... right here."
  36. [18:31:32] * Natalie goes for the sides.
  37. [18:32:06] <Natalie> Of course Natty reels back at the static. But then goes for it again and ENDURES THROUGH for the sake of being silly as hell.
  38. [18:32:14] <@Lenore> "Eeee~ Aaaaaa, stopstopstopheeeheeheestooooop!"
  39. [18:32:22] <Natalie> "Nnnnnnnnever! Not after that!"
  40. [18:32:46] * Natalie LAUGHS A WICKED LAUGH and tries the most typical ticklespots! Even the feet!
  41. [18:32:49] <Natalie> ESPECIALLY THE FEET.
  43. [18:33:16] <Natalie> "Nnnnnyahahahaha~!"
  44. [18:33:48] * @Lenore does her best to give Natty a jolt, to at least make her flinch!
  45. [18:34:14] <Natalie> ... And needless to say this continues. Nat finally gives up after a while of that and lies on her back on the bed, laughing playfully.
  46. [18:34:31] <Natalie> But her eyes aren't all cheery.
  47. [18:34:35] <Natalie> "It's fun, huh?"
  48. [18:35:19] <@Lenore> "Yeah, I never really had a friend I could tickle with before."
  49. [18:36:23] <Natalie> "Nnn, me neither," she says and then pauses, clutching her forehead with a hand like she has a migraine or something. And then a little mumble afterward.
  50. [18:36:44] <castfromhp> (w-what...what did I just read?)
  51. [18:36:49] <Natalie> "Ammy isn't ticklish either."
  52. [18:36:52] <Celina> (lesbian fetish fic)
  53. [18:37:00] <castfromhp> (sure seems like it)
  54. [18:37:03] <Natalie> (I wanted to do it solely for the reactions)
  55. [18:37:10] <Natalie> (and it was worth it)
  56. [18:37:44] <@Lenore> (Tree had his sights set on making everyone groan by molesting Lenore SOMEHOW)
  57. [18:38:16] <Natalie> (IT SO WORKS)
  58. [18:38:32] <zoofman> (how charming)
  59. [18:38:41] <zoofman> (Someone forward this to BB and show him what he's missing out on.)
  60. [18:39:17] <Kain> (fuck what am I doing)
  61. [18:39:32] <Kain> (Guys, have an exp and a destiny, the destiny is because I feel like it)
  62. [18:39:34] <Natalie> (actually I was going to give it to plut and have him make a fic out of it)
  63. [18:39:37] <@Lenore> "So, what WAS bothering you about the food?"
  64. [18:39:54] <@Lenore> (I)
  65. [18:40:03] <@Lenore> (Have no choice but to condone this.)
  66. [18:40:03] <Natalie> "Sh... h.... IT said there was no 'heart' in it. Even though Ammy made it."
  67. [18:40:14] * Natalie rolls a little. "Nnnn, that made me really mad."
  68. [18:40:44] <Kain> (Everyone, if that wasn't clear)
  69. [18:41:22] <Kain> (And Ammy wasn't the main chef)
  70. [18:41:26] <Kain> (More like an assistant)
  71. [18:41:42] <@Lenore> "But...Ammy didn't do the main cooking...I understand, though..."
  72. [18:42:23] <Natalie> (yeah I know- or we knew, rather)
  73. [18:42:24] <Celina> (zoof god yes do it)
  74. [18:42:42] <Celina> (also are we getting exp for lesbians)
  75. [18:42:43] <Natalie> "But she helped with it. Even some heart is still heart, nnnn?"
  76. [18:43:02] <Natalie> (balls aren't touching)
  77. [18:43:07] <Natalie> (no homo)
  78. [18:43:23] <Natalie> (... yet)
  79. [18:43:34] <@Lenore> "It was Quoda who Quina was critiquing, not Ammy."
  80. [18:44:06] <Celina> (so uh what exp are we at)
  81. [18:44:14] <Natalie> "But it felt like it was against all of us! All the work we did, how much we cared about it - (all the magic I secretly used to help with it) - that was heart."
  82. [18:45:05] <Natalie> "Someone who'd say something like that so bluntly has to be a PHONY." :<
  83. [18:46:14] <@Lenore> "Criticism like that isn't supposed to hurt people, it's supposed to help them get better. I'm sure Ammy still has room to get better, even though I think she's great." :/
  84. [18:47:08] <Natalie> "Nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn." Nacchan rolls over to the other side. "W-Well that was all it was."
  85. [18:47:32] <Natalie> "She'll probably say the same thing, but I don't like it. That's all."
  86. [18:47:35] <Natalie> "Nnn."
  87. [18:49:24] <@Lenore> "Quina said we could get strong with time, right? I'm sure that extends to cooking, too!"
  88. [18:50:37] <Natalie> "Oh, but we're already strong! That was just a nice gesture so that we don't get ourselves into trouble. Or maybe there's a 13~*~conspiracy~*~!"
  89. [18:50:51] <@Lenore> "...a what?"
  90. [18:50:57] * Natalie rolls back over and jolts off to say the last word with a totally srs face.
  91. [18:51:25] <Natalie> "Like, that last part! All the Qu are actually involved with that shady business in secret and just don't want us to find out."
  92. [18:51:36] <Natalie> "And if they realize we're catching onto them..."
  93. [18:51:37] <@Lenore> "Azure, you're really silly, you know that?"
  94. [18:51:41] * Natalie runs an index finger across her neck.
  95. [18:51:56] <@Lenore> "...I don't have any room to talk, though~"
  96. [18:51:57] <Natalie> "Nnnnnn," with a laugh. "It could be true though!"
  97. [18:52:51] <Natalie> "So," she turns to the side again with some shuffling noises. "It's the feet. 'Kay."
  98. [18:53:50] <zoofman> (>foot fetish.)
  99. [18:54:23] <Natalie> (SHUT UP, EVERYONE HAS TICKLISH FEET)
  100. [18:54:26] <Natalie> (I'LL CUT YOU)
  101. [18:54:30] <@Lenore> "I'll keep that in mind. Revenge comes when you least expect it!"
  102. [18:55:01] <Natalie> "Nnnn! I just said that's YOURS." More shuffling. "My feet are a deadly weapon!"
  103. [18:55:30] <@Lenore> "...but I'm ticklish all over, doesn't really matter."
  104. [18:56:28] <Natalie> "Nnnnnn! That's why you're really silly too, Lenny." Nat hops up and unlocks the door. Locking it in the first place was just for the sake of silly.
  105. [18:57:18] * @Lenore gets off the coooomfy bed and heads for the door. "I hope we'll be properly prepared for nomagic, I'm kind of scared."
  106. [18:57:23] <Natalie> Oh, for clarification the shuffling sounds included scribbling too.
  107. [18:58:02] * @Lenore blinks,and leans in on Natty to see what she's doing.
  108. [18:58:05] <Natalie> "We can rely on the others for that, right? The crystal is important. We can't not get it."
  109. [18:58:31] <Natalie> Well, by THIS point she's going back to putting the tiny little diary-looking-thing in its resting spot!
  110. [18:58:40] <Natalie> The location in particular can be left to the imagination.
  111. [19:00:10] <@Lenore> "You keep a diary~?"
  112. [19:00:50] <Natalie> "Uh! I..." Swinging the door open her eyes dart side-to-side. "Nnn. Just for little things."
  113. [19:01:07] <Natalie> "I-I mean!" AHEM. "What kind of noble WOULDN'T record their adventures? It's only to be expected!"
  114. [19:01:20] <@Lenore> "Hmmm~. I see."
  115. [19:01:45] * Natalie emphasizes, at this point, that when casual and when trying to sound like a haughty princess her voice is totally different, with the former being more lazy and loopy-sounding.
  116. [19:03:24] <Natalie> Whilst the latter is... aaagh who was Jelanda's VA again? Rachel Lillis or something? Whatever, her.
  117. [19:03:41] <@Lenore> (Oh I figured it was Jelanda)
  118. [19:03:52] <Celina> (rachel lillis was jessie, someone else was misty/jelanda I think)
  119. [19:04:04] <Natalie> (no I swear it was her, I remember it in the credits)
  120. [19:04:12] <Natalie> (the same VA was Jelanda AND Lyseria)
  121. [19:04:17] <Natalie> (I remembered it was rachel something)
  122. [19:04:31] <Natalie> (because I totally shitflipped and was like "WHAT THEY SOUND NOTHING ALIKE")
  123. [19:05:22] <@Lenore> "I'll leave you to do your noble duties then." She puts in a mockserious voice on the bolded words.
  124. [19:06:24] <Natalie> "Oho! Do take care. I'll have important things to tend to."
  125. [19:06:39] * Natalie waits a few seconds, then curls up on the bed and takes a nap.
  126. [19:06:43] <Natalie> No delay.
  127. [19:06:54] <Natalie> Between the curling up and the falling asleep that is.
  128. [19:08:49] * @Lenore considers sneaking a peak on the diary, but decides to wait for that diary to ripen a bit~
  129. [19:09:20] <Natalie> ...
  130. [19:09:28] <Natalie> Well it's set on like, a drawer or something.
  131. [19:09:37] <Natalie> Just... just for clarification.
  132. [19:09:38] * @Lenore staaares.
  133. [19:09:42] * Natalie zzzzzzz.
  134. [19:09:43] * @Lenore ...
  135. [19:10:00] * @Lenore closes the door behind her and....oh god dammit
  136. [19:10:16] * @Lenore slooowly opens the door and tiptoes to it. Just one page! Just one!
  137. [19:10:28] <Natalie> JUST ONE?
  138. [19:10:45] * @Lenore has her fingers slowly approach it...
  139. [19:11:12] * @Lenore smacks the hand grabbing for it with her other hand. No. Azure trusts her, she'd do well not to betray that trust.
  140. [19:11:19] <Natalie> The page it was most recently opened to is just a big drawing of feet. Or an outline that's supposed to look like feet. But the pages before that are peeeeeeeeeled over a bit, to where it looks like there's a lot of scrawling...
  141. [19:11:23] * @Lenore walks out and shuts the door. There.
  142. [19:11:43] <Natalie> Taunting.
  143. [19:12:04] <Natalie> It's just sitting there, nobody to stop it from being looked at!
  144. [19:12:08] * @Lenore nononono get out of my head.
  145. [19:12:25] <Natalie> Is that... is that snoring coming from in there?
  146. [19:12:55] * @Lenore goes to her room and locks it behind her. She should tkae a nap! A nap! She approaches the bed nervously...that diary still fresh in her mind.
  147. [19:13:35] * @Lenore can'tdoitnononononononono
  148. [19:13:40] * Natalie also took a nap! And in doing so left all her precious secrets totally unguarded.
  149. [19:13:53] * @Lenore hits her head on the wall. Stoooop.
  150. [19:14:17] * @Lenore should...she should tell Ammy to guard it! Yes. Ammy!
  151. [19:14:34] <@Lenore> Ammy is a responsible adult who doesn't peak at the things of others!
  152. [19:14:39] <Natalie> But what if it was actually a secret from Ammy all along?
  153. [19:16:57] * @Lenore pauses. Ammy mustn't know the secret!
  154. 19:17:18] * @Lenore unlocks her door and walks back to Nat's, opening the door quietly...
  155. [19:18:17] * @Lenore walks over to the diary, picks it up and...she'll put it under Nat's bed! That's a good place for safekeeping! If Nat has trouble finding it later she'll tell her where it is!
  156. [19:19:39] <Natalie> It starts slowly flipping open...
  157. [19:19:50] * @Lenore nononono! She shuts it!
  158. [19:20:03] <Natalie> WHOMP!
  159. [19:20:08] <Natalie> Just kidding it's really tiny.
  160. [19:20:12] * Natalie stirs...
  161. [19:20:17] <Natalie> Nnnn....
  162. [19:20:22] <Natalie> Nnnnnnnzzzzzz.
  163. [19:20:32] * @Lenore walks towards Nat's bed, intent on storing it! She walks toward it, trying to be silent so as not to wake Natty up...
  164. [19:21:00] * Natalie stops.
  165. [19:21:01] * @Lenore TRIPS AND FACEPLANTS, the book flipping open in midair and her face landing perfectly on it. She'd get an olympic medal in klutzfalling for that!
  166. [19:21:13] <Natalie> Rustle rustle...
  167. [19:22:12] <Natalie> Rustle shuffle...
  168. [19:22:17] <Natalie> .... Zzzzzzz.
  169. [19:22:41] * @Lenore gets up...oh man her face hurts...
  170. [19:23:17] * @Lenore 's vision slowly clears up Oh godnohernoseisbleeding ohgodithurts and ohgodnononononononono it's on Natty's diary! ;_;
  171. [19:23:34] <Natalie> (BEAUTIFUL)
  172. [19:23:58] * @Lenore SOBSOBSOB
  173. [19:24:04] * Natalie rolls over and sleeps on her left side instead.
  174. [19:24:10] <Natalie> ARE YOU REALLY GETTING TEARS ON IT TOO
  175. [19:24:48] * @Lenore oh god I'mruiningitmore and I can't even oh god it's just making me cry more and aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah
  176. [19:25:58] * Natalie rolls over again. To the right.
  177. [19:26:27] * @Lenore tries with all her might to not cry loudly and wake up Natty but oh god she's just sniffling so loudly and the blood and the pain and aaaaaaaaaaaaaa
  178. [19:26:38] <Natalie> One eye FWIPs open.
  179. [19:26:56] <Natalie> "Boo."
  180. [19:28:02] * @Lenore can't see past her tears and pain, but then she hears it and "OhnoAzureI'msosorryIruinedyourdiaryandmynoseandit'sallovertheplaceandI'msosorryIwasgoingtohideitsootherpeoplewouldn'tseeitbutImessedup and...and..." She starts bawling her eyes out.
  181. [19:28:39] * Natalie cracks the other eye open and uncurls, yaaaaaaaaaawning a big yawn.
  182. [19:29:28] <Natalie> Then steps out of bed, picks it up off the ground as it is and tucks it into her clothes without a word.
  183. [19:29:47] <Natalie> "Nnnn. that was a good nap. Wanna go shopping?"
  184. [19:30:17] <@Lenore> "I-I'" A choked sob. "Sorry. C-can you do something about m-my" sob again "nose?" ;_______________________________;
  185. [19:30:36] * Natalie whips out a tissue. All nobles have tissues.
  186. [19:30:39] <Natalie> Always.
  187. [19:31:41] * @Lenore puts it to her nose to keep blood from going all over the place. ;___;
  188. [19:32:44] * Natalie extends a hand, with kinda glazed-over eyes. "'Kay, let's go."
  189. [19:33:35] * @Lenore gets up, saying some incoherent gibberish about how she ruinedthe nice white pages and Ifrit was going to make her burn. ;_;
  190. [19:35:29] * Natalie leads happily out of the room, with many a question following. Is that smile she's wearing a genuine one or an 'I'm going to kill you in your sleep?' Will she ever get a new ribbon? Why the fuck would a rich person sleep with all their clothes on?
  191. [19:35:33] <Natalie> Find out next time on...
  192. [19:35:34] <Natalie> KAIN BALL Z
  193. [19:35:42] <Natalie> holy shit I feel terrible for that
  194. [19:35:45] <zoofman> (wtf is this shit.)
  195. [19:35:50] <zoofman> (you're all fired.)
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