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  1. [01:39] Lucilius Grauhimmel says, "... Your silence will be taken as a yes."
  2. [01:40] Fynis Nobright says, "I wouldn't want to waste your time with needless words, after all."
  3. [01:41] Livia Rolan says, "<...munch, munch...>"
  4. [01:41] Livia better hurry up she's gonna finish it.
  5. (Livia Rolan)
  6. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  8. [01:42] -- Deafening, was what came next.
  10. Illusions so quickly flooding outwards from the body of this man that had stood without a single noise escaping him. Forcibly, they found themselves dug into the minds of each that had so chosen to witness this conflict. There was not a sound, the ground beneath them reduced to silence as even this spear coming drawn could not be allowed to make a noise.
  12. "... Do keep this silent." His voice spoken in a gentle whisper, though still those words found themselves digging into the mind of Fynis. Flames, all the very same unable to even roar with power as they erupted around his form like an inferno of absolute power without even so much as a single noise to escape them.
  14. Not a word more now.
  16. Simply slamming forwards, spear aiming for this man before him.
  17. (Lucilius Grauhimmel)
  18. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  20. [01:49] Fynis - depite his gaudy attire and indulgent mannerisms - quickly became the polar opposite. He even unbuttoned his vest - that's how you know shit is getting serious.
  22. With Lucilius' magic dampening the sound, it became rather unnerving when the earth began to shift and churn. Rather than the grinding of stone there was just eerie silence, vibrations shuddering up their feet as a perfectly level field was laid out for the spar.
  24. The whisper was met with a nod, and a gentle sigh. Fighting was so... unncecessary - but practice was not. It had been years since he needed to use the staff, and there was no doubt in his mind how this particular bout would go.
  26. But it would be educational nonetheless.
  28. A slow, gentle exhale... and when he began to draw breath once more, Lucilius would feel a sharp tug on his circuits as they began - lethargy pricked at his extremities as the very stuff of life was reaved from his body, a thin chisel wedging between body and soul.
  29. (Fynis Nobright)
  30. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  32. [01:52] Ithaca walks out into the field and notes the guy with the spear was the one who threatened her in Eidolon. Something about her and Windsor being ignorant, something about silence.
  34. Rage wells up within her and she shouts at the fight,
  36. "Hey FUCK you spear guy!"
  38. That'd get 'em.
  39. (Ithaca Blackwater)
  40. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  42. [01:52] Lucilius Grauhimmel says, "--"
  43. [01:52] Lucilius Grauhimmel says, "..."
  44. [01:52] Lucilius Grauhimmel says, "... One moment."
  45. [01:52] Fynis Nobright says, "...Please don't beat my students."
  46. [01:52] Lucilius Grauhimmel says, "One."
  47. [01:52] Lucilius Grauhimmel says, "Moment."
  48. [01:52] Fynis groans, stepping back.
  49. (Fynis Nobright)
  50. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  52. [01:52] Zaruel says, "Damn."
  53. [01:52] Mina says, "I was going to ask to go next, but uh... She probably just pissed him off..."
  54. [01:56] -- Slamming forwards.
  56. Pulsating outwards such a powerful sensation could be felt moving throughout these lands. Fingers, still curled around this weapon as in a single moment it had slammed forwards all the very same aiming for this Ookami. Hopefully, she knew how to block. Rage, swelled in his gaze as though such a powerful sensation of chaos from beneath the surface could be seen slowly manifesting in such a gaze.
  58. "You have... One single chance to be silent. I have little care for the... Noise which Valmasia allows to fester. That does not mean I will not cull it when such a figure presents itself to me." His voice ringing in the mind of this woman, as slowly but surely that manifestation of his own rage had begun to pulsate outwards. Threatening, to strike fear into the hearts of those around as his glare lingered upon Ithaca alone.
  60. "Be silent, noise of Valmasia."
  62. His singular demand.
  63. (Lucilius Grauhimmel)
  64. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  66. [01:57] Her head rested on the shoulder unoccupied, eyes locking onto his own. No matter how down she looked, an innate determination was set in them. Failure was something to be expected, something you learn from. Jin was right.
  68. Her eyes glistened and made it almost look as if she was holding back tears. Tears of joy? ..Sadness?
  70. Avery nodded at Jin, his words reaching to ignite a flame in her once more. Nobody ever got anywhere without learning from their mistakes.
  72. "Y-You'd do that?"
  73. (Avery M. Emberstone)
  74. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  76. [01:57] Lauren Raynor says, "What th' heck, good lord."
  77. [01:58] Zaruel says, "Fun times."
  78. [02:00] It seems Ithaca is handy with a spear herself. Because indeed as the strike comes towards her, it's deftly parried with the same sort of polearm style. She spins her lance around, and rests it on her shoulders. But it leaves her hands numb from the force, and her teeth gritted.
  80. Her ears lie flat on her head.
  82. But she doesn't back down. Oh no. For some reason this Ookami is angry. Far angrier than really makes sense in context. Despite the fact the sound is projected right into her mind she fires back with,
  85. (Ithaca Blackwater)
  86. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  88. [02:01] Lauren Raynor says, "Fer' th' love o'Azrael."
  89. [02:02] Lauren turns a shade of white as Ithaca seemingly provoked Lucilius; to Lauren, this guy was bad news and just gave off all kinds of awful, sickening vibes. Something she wanted to stay clear of, for now at the very least.
  90. (Lauren Raynor)
  91. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  93. [02:02] Rising to his feet, a warm smile would find its way onto his face, as a scarred hand waves over the field to their right.
  95. "Of course I would.
  97. First, you're gonna have to master the Ifrit style. There's no shortcuts for this part, and it's not something I can teach you with words alone. Practice, gain experience. Let your body become accustomed to the strain."
  99. Bringing that same hand around, two fingers would be held up for her.
  101. "Now, part two of your training.. We'll start now."
  103. Lips curl into a smirk, this was his favorite part.
  104. (Jin Wvelven)
  105. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  107. [02:04] Noise. Noise. Noise. Noise. Noise. Noise. Noise.
  109. In his mind he could only hear nothing more than this constant push outwards looming in the back of his mind. Chaos, pushing outwards from his very figure as though pulsating such a powerful vile taint which refused to falter. Illusions still forcibly digging into the minds of those around, silencing any noise this man could make as his own rage had manifested.
  111. "I see..." His voice a gentle whisper even as her words continued to ring outwards in a scream. Flames, slamming upwards into the skies above as he knew not of how to handle these emotions running throughout him. Instinctual in every movement taken, followed only by his spear pulling back in silence as though disengaging for a moment.
  113. "I must... Silence you then, I must... Your chance having been... So carelessly discarded. How expected...
  115. Of noise."
  117. With such, hisblade slamming forwards once more.
  118. (Lucilius Grauhimmel)
  119. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  121. [02:04] Elren Norric whispers something.
  122. [02:06] Lauren Raynor whispers something.
  123. [02:06] Lauren Raynor whispers something.
  124. [02:06] A little late to whatever was happening here, surprise parted Elren's lips and rounded his eyes. The drakan's focus was on the crimson Lucilius and Ithaca, of course.
  125. (Elren Norric)
  126. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  128. [02:06] Lauren Raynor whispers something.
  129. [02:08] To say the air around Ithaca was cold would be an understatement. The temperature plummets as both the curse upon her body and the star that empowers her flare to life. It leaves her glowing a brutal blue. And in her hand, a small sphere of the same color forms.
  131. It's tossed almost casually into the air, where it bursts. Then suddenly it begins to snow. Hard. "You know. I've never used that before. I think... I think trying it on scum like you is the perfect chance to see if it works."
  133. Elren would recognize the move, surly. Even if the results are ice rather than fire. Soon the ground is blanketed in snow as she gestures her spear out at Lucilius.
  136. (Ithaca Blackwater)
  137. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  139. [02:08] Avery did the same, lifting herself to find an unsteady shake in her legs. Hesitant to stand. She got up, though and looked to the east where quite a bit of noise was coming from. She strained her ears to block out most of it.
  141. "I don't think there's any mastery over that style.
  143. No matter how hard I see people use it, how hard I use it.. I don't believe I can. Everyone always speaks about masters of something.
  145. ..And now I have to become one?"
  147. She gulped, listening to his words.
  149. "Part two?"
  150. (Avery M. Emberstone)
  151. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  153. [02:09] Whilst Lauren had heard of Ithaca's abilities through rumours spread out through the student body, she hadn't actually seen the Ookami battle first hand. That being said, the individual she had chosen to provoke as it were, appeared experienced --yet that was not the aspect that frightened Lauren on a subconscious level.
  155. "Gah… He just don't feel right, a bit overwhelmin', if y'ask me.", she lets out, huffing and puffing in a stressed manner, the trainee engineer even went so far as to grasp her left arm's sleeve.
  157. "She looks like she is holding her own, yeah.", this did not prevent her from responding to Elren, whispering as she nodded.
  158. (Lauren Raynor)
  159. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  161. [02:10] Elren Norric says, "...I see. That's good."
  162. [02:17] ** Lucilius Grauhimmel has inflicted an injury upon Ithaca Blackwater. ("Temporary Injury", "Temporary Injury", "Temporary", "Duration: Medium (4 days)") **
  163. [02:29] "Be silent."
  165. His voice ringing in the minds of those that stood close to this figure as Ithaca had continued to strike against him. Slamming his spear forwards, crashing against the blade of this woman his anger only continued to rise. These flames, all around his figure billowing into the skies consistently slamming down from above upon this woman as a form of judgement. Absolute were his strikes, never-ending as this manifestation of rage surrounding him only continued to swell.
  167. "You won't... Be silent?"
  169. Once more these words ringing in the depths of her mind as a sudden explosion of flames from all around had sent her toppling to the ground. This sound of nothingness making its approach as not a single noise even spilled from his pyre, towering above Ithaca as those piercing blue eyes only continued to stare back from behind this inferno which had acted as his veil. Such a question, still so clearly allowed to ring in his mind as that murmur was constantly repeated.
  171. "I will make you silent... No longer will you exist as noise..."
  173. Swelling around her figure these flames only continued to burn. There came a sudden spark from behind such, past her lips these flames had charred and work themselves down her throat for a single moment. Lucilius' will flowing throughout such a potent magic, scarred and burning at her vocal chords with that familiar holy energy as from above he could only stare in silence. Halted only, by the approach of others.
  175. "You will be able to witness a still Agartha... Think this a gift. The promise for such a future."
  177. The eyes around forced his very gaze to raise. These flames, once swelling inside her now nothing more than a puff of smoke as he stared outwards.
  179. Lingering, almost waiting for a response.
  180. (Lucilius Grauhimmel)
  181. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  183. [02:30] Lucilius Grauhimmel whispers: uwu
  184. [02:38] Lucilius will find a small mercy in Ithaca's magic. She summons all the fury of winter, and the cold silence that accompanies those kind of still, starlit nights. The only sounds in the cacophony of their fight are the clanging of spears and the rush of wind from her blizzard and Lucilius' heat.
  186. Her noisy act, it seems, was merely to provoke this man. Why that might be though remains a mystery to all but herself.
  188. She's able to put up quite a fight, her body glowing a brilliant blue as the force of her star pours through her and into battle. But as her opponent's rage grows, it's clear that the Ookami is simply a student. Not the hardened warrior she'd need to be to tackle someone like this.
  190. Only for a second her ice fails her, but it's long enough for the flames to melt it and overtake her. She gasps, inhaling that holy heat.
  192. A final thought consumes her as she's overpowered and collapses: So thisis what I'd have to beat, huh...? Sorry Chioni...
  194. She's left on the ground and would probably be screaming if her throat wasn't terribly burnt. Instead she has the sense to keep quiet for now, and instead look up at this man with cold blue fury in her eyes. That lasts just a second before she totally passes out.
  195. (Ithaca Blackwater)
  196. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  198. [02:42] As soon as Ithaca was felled, Elren didn't hesitate to rush forward, forcing his exhausted, wobbly legs into motion, beats of wind batted against him as he slipped inbetween Lucillius and Ithaca with a skidding slide. Metal-clad fingers pushed out immediately, forcing the man back in aa forceful, fumbled strike.
  200. "Get away. Now. Or every single person present here will strike and tear you apart, piece by piece." Elren said coldly, in something that was more than a threat--it was an order.
  202. Then, he picked up the Ookami after a moment of initial hesitance, and immediately headed to the academy grounds. Someone was ready for a trip to the nurse's office...
  203. (Elren Norric)
  204. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  206. [02:43] Ithaca is not great to touch right now. Parts of her are burning, while the other bits are like sticking a hand in a snowbank.
  207. (Ithaca Blackwater)
  208. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  210. [02:43] it's okay look at these metal fingers, baby
  211. (Elren Norric)
  212. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  214. [02:44] Lauren grits her teeth together as she takes a good long look at the man who had injured one of the students; Ithaca on school grounds.
  215. (Lauren Raynor)
  216. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  218. [02:44] Lauren Raynor says, "Damnit."
  219. [02:45] 'Be still... You have culled... You have overpowered... You have brought destruction to noise.'
  221. For a single moment he found his glare locked upon those that had stood before him. This very manifestation of his own anger continuing to push him forwards, like a disease that only sought to spread itself further. The voice of Elren, being but one to ring in his mind as a sense of reason.
  223. "... I see. I must... Return to Eidolon. My goal here has been completed." His words nothing more than a murmur as now his trudge back had only forced him away from this gathering that now looked upon Lucilius with disdain in their hearts. Folded once more were his arms behind his back, this spear having since found itself home upon his shoulders once more.
  225. How exciting...
  227. It seemed these students of Valmasia held potential afterall.
  228. (Lucilius Grauhimmel)
  229. -
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