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  1. LofeBot 2.2.0
  2. - Fixed gacha games for TWELVE and Kiyorii
  3. - Pulling 10 cards guarantees a higher rarity card as bonus
  4. - New command `L!gacha idolize` spends 200 gacha points to combine 2 of the same card into an idolized card with new artwork and higher stats
  5. - `L!gacha sell` shows payout for each card rarity
  6. - Idolized cards can be sold for 100% of the price of 1 unidolized card
  7. - Inventories are limited to 50 cards.  Users with more than 50 cards will still keep all of their cards.
  8. - New command `L!gacha expand` spends 100 gacha points to buy 10 more inventory slots
  9. - Large inventories will be split across multiple messages
  11. LofeBot 2.1.9
  12. - Card gacha disabled until I fix it or something
  13. - Emoji gacha only for all servers
  14. - If you think the 9 means that 2.2 is coming soon it doesn't
  15. - If there's another hotfix it'll be named 2.1.10
  17. LofeBot 2.1.1
  18. - I fixed a typo
  20. LofeBot 2.1.0
  21. - Cards for DefoStars, Kiyorii, and TWELVE are loaded from an external file, allowing artwork to be updated at any time.
  22. - All inventories have been cleared to allow artwork to be updated for every card.
  23. - All other servers have emoji gacha by default.
  24. - Pull command is now `L!gacha pull [number] [tier]`
  25. - Individual N/HN/R/SR cards can be sold for 70% of their gacha tier price.
  26. - All N or HN cards in your inventory can be sold at once.
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