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  1. Two men haj the house of Allah haram and while returning to their homes they sat in the waiting room at Jeddah International Airport and the man said, " I am a contractor, and God has blessed me with Hajj this year for the tenth time, and what the other man was named Happy with his head and said, "Haj Mbrwrạ, and in pursuit of thanks, and the man smiled and said," all.. and you have been ḥjjt before that?
  2. Said said after hesitation:
  3. I swear to God, brother, this is a long story and I don't want to get your head
  4. The man laughed, and he said, " come on, tell me, as you see, we do nothing but wait.
  5. He smiled happy and said:
  6. Yes, wait, which is what my story begins with, I've waited so many years to get married, after thirty years of working as a physical therapist at a private hospital, I could collect the cost of Hajj, and the same day I went to get my account from the hospital, I ran into one of the mothers who The crippled has as her face and spite and said to me, " I entrust God, brother Saeed, this is our last visit to this hospital
  7. I was surprised by her words and thought that she was not satisfied with my treatment for her son and thinking about moving him to another place and she said to me, " No, happy brother, God witness that you were for my son I yearn for the father and your treatment has helped him a lot after we have lost Hope and a sad walk!!! Surprised the man and said happy saying: strange ok if she is satisfied with your performance, and her son is improving why did you leave the treatment? Happy answer:
  8. That's what I thought about, and I went to the administration and I asked him that the boy's father lost his job and he couldn't afford the treatment anymore.
  9. The man sadness and said:
  10. To turn and there is no power except by God, poor this woman.
  11. And how did you behave?
  12. Said said:
  13. I went to the director and asked him to continue treating the boy at the expense of the hospital but he categorically refused and said to me: this is a private institution and not a charity.
  14. I came out of the manager sad broken mind on the woman,
  15. And suddenly I put my hand in my pocket with the hajj money
  16. So I stood in my place for a moment and then I raised my head to the sky and addressed my
  17. O Allah, you know what I am and know that nothing i love to my heart from your Hajj, and visit the mosque of your prophet, and I have sought for it all my life but I have affected this poor and her son on myself let me please,
  18. She went to the accountant and paid all his fees for the treatment of the boy for six months in advance, and begged him to tell the woman that the hospital had a special budget for similar cases.
  19. The man was affected and his eyes teary and said:
  20. - God bless you, and the likes of you,
  21. Then he said, " if you have donated all your money, then how do you pay He replied: I came back to my house sad for the loss of the opportunity of my life in Hajj, but joy filled my heart because I was asunder as a woman and her son, I died her night and I listened to my cheek and I saw in a dream that I around around the kaaba, and people surrender Ali and they say to me: Haj mbrwrạ winds happy lost ḥjjt in
  22. The sky before you block the earth, your prayers for us happy winds,
  23. So I woke up from sleep feeling abnormal,
  24. God bless you for everything and I took care of him.
  25. And as soon as I got up from sleep until the phone rang, and if the hospital manager who said to me: help me the the hospital wants to go to hajj this year and he doesn't go without his treatment,
  26. But the wife of his therapist in her last pregnancy days and he can't leave her, don't do me a favor.. and I accompanied him in an alibi.. So I found god thank you.. and as you see
  27. God has blessed me with his hajj without paying anything, thank god and above that the man insisted on giving me a rewarding reward
  28. For his satisfaction of serving him, and told him about the story of the poor woman, he ordered that her son be treated at the hospital at his own expense.
  29. The hospital had a special fund for the treatment of the poor and, moreover, her husband had been assigned a job in one of his companies. And back to my money that I paid.. have you seen the best of my God greater than my favorite....?)
  31. The man got up and kissed said:
  32. - I swear to God I have never felt as ashamed as I am now I have been book time and again and I think I have accomplished something great, and that my place in God is rising after every argument but I now realize that I have a thousand arguments like me; I have
  33. I went to the house of God, and you, God invited you to his house,
  34. And he went on and he echoes may Allah accept our prayers
  35. May Allah grant us your haram hajj
  36. My brother. My beloved sister if you read comment
  37. There is no God but you glory that I was one of the unjust..
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