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  1. <color=#00ff55>Hello! We are a small community with a few gameservers. We hope you enjoy your time! Before you play, we ask that you read the rules.</color>
  3. <color=#7289da>We have a Discord! Join to chat with your fellow players, report, and give feedback. <u><b><link=></link></b></u>
  4. Need to appeal a ban or mute? Please click on or goto <u><link=><b></b></link></u> and fill out the appeal form.
  5. We have a Steam Group! To join, click here: <b><u><link=></link></u></b></color>
  8. <size=30><color=#59b300><u>THE RULES</u></size>
  9. 1. No mic-spamming in SCP or spectator chat. Anywhere else is fair game.
  10. 2. Killing detained players that are cooperating and not running away is not allowed. Please find an admin or mod if you have been killed while detained.
  11. 3. Staff say is final.
  12. 4. Using slurs, being annoying, or being a general ass will not be tolerated here.
  13. <b>To appeal any bans/mutes, please fill out an appeal. Link above.</b>
  14. </color>
  16. <size=30><color=#CD3110><u>CHANGES FROM DEFAULT</u></size>
  17. - 914 now affects items held in hand and dropped, so those pesky d-class don't steal your cards!
  18. - Sinkholes are enabled.
  19. - SCP-106 can "stalk" players, which lets him teleport to random players after a cooldown.
  20. - You no longer have to hold your keycard out to open doors. This does not include generators.
  21. - The more people stare at 173, the more often you blink.
  22. - You have the chance to auto-spawn in to replace disconnected players.
  23. - All people spawn with larger amounts of ammo.
  24. - Escaping from the Pocket Dimension randomly teleports you somewhere in the facility.
  25. - Warhead now has a timer of 120 seconds.
  26. - Intercom has a 30 second use time, 90 second cooldown.
  27. - D-Class start with painkillers and a coin - the coin can be upgraded in 914 on this server!</color>
  29. <color=#e69900>We hope you enjoy your time on The Scout Space!</color>
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