Ultimate crate

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  1. Ultimate crate:
  2. 50M           Common
  3. 250M           Uncommon
  4. 600M           Rare
  5. 750M           Very Rare
  6. 5x Custom+ kit      Rare
  7. Looting 25 sword        Rare
  8. Looting 30 sword        Very Rare
  9. 30x30 Trench pick       Rare
  10. 40x40 Trench pickaxe        Ultra Rare
  11. 4.000 MCMMO Credits Uncommon
  12. 6.000 MCMMO Credits Rare
  13. 20.000 MCMMO Credits    Very Rare
  14. +15 f powerboost        Very Rare
  15. +25 f powerboost        Ultra Rare
  16. 5x Slime Spawner       Uncommon
  17. 15x Slime Spawner       Rare
  18. 5x Blaze Spawner       Rare
  19. 15x Blaze Spawner       Very Rare
  20. 5x Iron golem Spawner  Rare
  21. 15x Iron golem Spawner  Very Rare
  22. 5x Creeper Spawner     Very Rare
  23. 15x Creeper Spawner     Ultra Rare
  24. 5x Silverfish Spawner  Very Rare
  25. 15x Silverfish Spawner  Ultra Rare
  26. 5x Villager Spawner        Very Rare
  27. 15x Villager Spawner        Ultra Rare
  28. Rename voucher      Very Rare
  29. Random Donator Rank Voucher Ultra Rare
  30. Nick voucher        Very Rare
  31. Repair  voucher        Rare
  32. 2x Ultimate Key     Very Rare
  33. {other key}
  34. {other key}
  35. {other key}
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