The Denial [F4M]

May 19th, 2016
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  1. Fdom Denial JOI
  2. [F4M]
  3. Title:The Denial
  4. (Note: It is up to the performer whether to tage this one [Denial], as the actual denial of an O was meant to come as a surprise to the listener)
  6. So.
  7. You're back for more are you?
  8. You're a horny little boy, needy. And you want me...
  9. To make you cum... Again.
  10. Am I understanding this correctly?
  11. (Pause)
  12. I thought so. (sigh)...
  13. But baby, I'm not really in the m...
  14. (Pause)... Oh. begging? Already?
  15. But I'm telling you I...(sigh)
  16. (Giggle)
  17. Well OK then. Tell me, will you stroke
  18. Your cock for me?
  19. (Short pause)
  20. Tell me you are ready to do exactly as I tell you to.
  21. (Short pause)
  22. Now. Tell me you're a good boy.
  23. My, good boy.
  24. (Giggle)
  25. OK. Let's begin. Take your cock out for me.
  26. No, leave your pants, or your boxers,
  27. Or whatever it is that you have on...
  28. Leave them on.
  29. Just take your cock out for me.
  30. Aww what's this? You said you were ready, that you
  31. Want to cum for me?... But this cock isn't ready for me is it?
  32. No,... So let's get it ready.
  33. Close your eyes. Picture yourself. On your knees.
  34. Hands bound above your head.
  35. Now, picture me. On my knees. In front of you. My face inches from yours.
  36. You feel my breath on your lips, on your neck.
  37. Feel my breasts, grazing lightly over your chest.
  38. And you feel my hand, reach into your pants, and free your cock.
  39. You like that?...Mmmm, now there's that hard cock that I was looking for!
  40. Good. now you're ready.
  41. On your knees,... In your mind, your hands are tied, but in reality, they aren't.
  42. Take your cock in your hand. Grip it.
  43. That's my hand on you.
  44. Holding your cock, owning it. My body behind you, reaching around...
  45. Grasping you. My mouth near your ear, whispering these words to you.
  46. My tongue dragging along your earlobe,
  47. As I tell you...“Fuck... My hand.”
  48. Do it. Rock your hips... And fuck your hand baby.
  49. Mmm, that's it. Feels good doesn’t it?
  50. My hand wrapped around your dick, squeezing it as you push it
  51. Through my fingers?....
  52. Take your other hand... lick your fingers.
  53. Imagine licking my fingers... Wet, and slick.
  54. Now rub those wet fingers
  55. Over the head of your cock...
  56. Swirl it. Circle it. (Giggle)
  57. I love how your body jerks and shudders...
  58. Good boy. Cup your balls... play with them.
  59. And start to fuck your hand faster, harder.
  60. Now.
  61. Do it. I want you on that edge... And riding it.
  62. Come on baby, I know you want to...
  63. You told me you do
  64. Harder my good boy, that's it.
  65. Yessss... Faster. You're close aren't you?
  66. Get there baby...
  67. Get there... It's where you want to be, ready to explode.
  68. Shooting all of that hot cum all over me...
  69. Isn't that right baby?
  70. (Heavy breaths/moans)
  71. Oh fuck yes... I want.... I want...
  72. You to stop.
  73. (Giggle), that's right. stop. hands off.
  74. Lay back... Breathe.
  75. (Laughs) I'm just teasing you baby!... Don't worry.
  76. Let me climb on top of you...
  77. Dangle my tits in your face...
  78. No, don't touch them sweetie... No touching.
  79. Feel me reach down...
  80. Take your cock in my hands again...
  81. Go ahead... Take your cock in your hands.
  82. And stroke it. Firm, but slow. Close your eyes...
  83. Imagine my body on yours... Grinding, riding. Sliding my pussy...
  84. Up and down your cock... My whole body, sliding against yours.
  85. Oh god yes... I love being atop you...
  86. Feeling in control...
  87. And what I really like, is to feel you thrust that cock up... Into me.
  88. So do it baby... Rock your hips up into me...
  89. Into your hands...
  90. I want to hear you grunt... To moan...
  91. As you fuck me...
  92. Yes baby.. Like that....
  93. You know baby? You know id love to feel...
  94. Your hot cum...
  95. Shoot up into me.... Fill me.
  96. Watch it drip from my pussy...
  97. Onto your drenched cock...
  98. Do it. Fuck your hand.... Fuck me... And get close again...
  99. Oh yes... Get close... On that fucking edge...
  100. (Moans)
  101. Oh fuck.... Tell me.... Tell me when you're ready... Baby...
  102. (Moaning intensifies)
  103. Oh fuck... you ready to cum baby?....
  104. You ready?
  105. STOP!
  106. Hands off baby. Stop....
  107. Aww you poor boy... So desperate. I know sweetie... I know.
  108. But today.... Right now? You're not going to cum. Not for me...
  109. No.
  110. You see, I tried to tell you,
  111. I wasn't in the mood...
  112. But you begged... And pleaded....
  113. You must learn to respect what I say baby... You see how important that is?
  114. Now. zip yourself up. and think about it.
  115. And when you think you're ready?...
  116. Come back, and ask again.
  117. We'll see how it goes then... OK?
  118. (Giggle)... That's my good boy.
  119. Oh, and sweetie?....
  120. That was fun....
  121. For me....(giggle).
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