Should I Study at Noryangjin? - 02

Jun 16th, 2020
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Should I Study at Noryangjin?

Notable Characters:

Name / Hangul Description
Kang Han-Soo / 강한수 MC
Seo Yeon-Joo / 서연주 FMC
Choi Ji-Yeon / 최지연 MC's Senior / Crush
Jeon Hyo-Jin / 전효진 Big Breasted Blonde Girl
Jung Si-Eun / 정시은 Cutie working at the PC Bang
Kim Ki-Seok / 김기석 Fuckboy


"Would you love me if I become a doctor, politician, lawyer or a journalist..?"
One day, when Han-Soo was wasting his time like always, he heard his first love whom he met by chance joined a study that was notorious for its passing rate of 0,1%. Will Han-Soo be able to obtain both love and pass his public exams at the same time while getting tempted by countless women and their strange studying techniques?*

누와루: Author (Nuwaru)

미나짱: Artist (Cheng Nyang)

Script Information:

Han-Soo H
Yeon-Joo Y
Ji-Yeon J
Hyo-Jin YJ
Si-Eun S
Ki-Seok K
Classmate C1, C2....
Muscular dude M

{Inner talk / Thought}

Chapter - 02

H: !

H: {Crap...}

J: You... What were you trying to do by sneaking under my desk?!

C1: [Shit, Can't you shut up?!!]

C2: **[What happened...??]

H: Ah.... That's...

H: ?!

M: Come here, dude!

(T/N: here we go with the slang fest...)

H: Aaaaah!! Wait a minute!

C1: What the hell (on the right)

C2: My gosh (on the left)

H: What's wrong with you?! Let go of me..!

M: Just shut the fuck up and get out of here!!

smaller size at the end of the bubble: Aren't you ashamed?!

C1: What's wrong with them? So noisy... (On the left)

C2: ...Such a nuisance... (On the right)

C3: You aren't the only one in the library.

H: Ugh!!

M: Fucker, you were peeping at this lady's panties, right?

H: Wh...What?!

H: No..! I wasn't peeping...!!

M: They what were you doing under her desk?

H: That...

M: Oh! You're here, this guy was trying to take a look at your panties, right?

Y: !

Y: Well... I don't really know... Our eyes met when he was under the desk but...

H: You kept shaking your legs under the desk and it was annoying, that's why I was there!!

Y: ...Me?

Y: ..I wasn't shaking my legs what're you saying?

H: {This bitch ~ she's been doing this since our first meeting at the Goshiwon, aren't she tired of lying?}

Y: Even it was me, did you have to check it by sneaking under my desk?

H: Of course since you were in front of me!

M: Shut up! Pervert!

M: Under the article 12 of the ACT ON SPECIAL CASES CONCERNING THE PUNISHMENT OF SEXUAL CRIMES you shall be punished by imprisonment for not more than a year or by a fine not exceeding three million won!!!

T/N: Article 12 (Intrusion upon Public Places with Intent to Satisfy Sexual Urges)
A person who intrudes upon any public place or who refuses to leave such a place upon demand, with intent to satisfy his or her own sexual urges, shall be punished by imprisonment for not more than one year or by a fine not exceeding three million won.

Y: {What?!}

M: Don't worry. I'll take care of this criminal and put him into custody.

H: Hey...!!!

J: Wait a minute!

J: You want to put him into custody?

J: Are you some kind of cop?

H: Uhhh..?

H: {Ji-Yeon... Noona..? (Am I right..?)}

J: Are you a cop?

M: Not really, but...

M: I'm intending to become one in the future thanks to this study.

J: You're not even a cop yet, you're beating people up? Why don't you use this time to study instead?

J: Why are you being so nosy? Do you have any proof that he saw her underwear?

M: No I'am not but...

J: And you the one who started everything.

Y: !

J: I don't think it's a good idea to say anything when you're not sure.

J: Did you hear his side of the story?

J: Just because of a misunderstanding you were ready to ruin an innocent man's life.

H: {She is right!!}

Y: ...When did I say anything?

Y: You're the noisy one right now, making a ruckus over such a thing... Are you by any means his girlfriend?

J: ...Not exactly but..

J: I don't think it has anything to do with you if I'm his girlfriend or not... I'm not a kid anymore so I can date whoever I want.

J: By the way, you won't have time to study anymore if you keep wasting it here, so why not stop this futile quarrel here?

Y: {What an annoying bitch!}

M: Ah, yeah...

M: Don't you think our meeting wasn't a coincidence... Shouldn't we exchange our contact information?

(T/N: In small) My number is....

Y: ...Are you done?!

H: {.....}

J: Hello Han-Soo! Long time no see.

H: Uh... Noona do you know me?

H: Do you remember me?

J: Of course.

Title Drops

(From left to right)

[Chatter] [Chatter] [Chatter] [We're in the same boat...] [Customer A-21!]

H: Has it been two... No maybe three years..?

J: Woow ~ is that so?

H: {Ji-Yeon noona was a major back in my days at Hongmin University...}

H: {She was the idol of countless of junior including me.}

H: {The image of my noona managing by herself the whole department is still vivid in my mind.}

H: {Ji-Yeon noona was so calm, she looked like weather girl.}

(From left to right)
[Relations between the stations in each country] [Veblen effect and wavelengths]

J: The Veblen effect isn't that important its purpose is to show off ~

H: {So cool...}

H: {Overall grade of 4.2, scored 920 points during the TOEIC*,}

H: {Completion of her internship and other side activities in a foreign company..}

T/N: Grading scales evaluation in Korean High Education are starting from 0.0 (F) to 4.5 / (A+); Ji-Yeon scored a 4.2 which is equivalent to have a A.
Test of English for International Communication (TOEIC), if she scored 920 points, she participated to the 'Speaking & Writing Test'. The ranking is made by color: orange (10–219), brown (220–469), green (470–729), blue (730–859), gold (860–990). TOEIC test certificates are optional, unofficial documents that are meant for display only.

H: {I thought everything will go well for her since she isn't lacking in any aspect..}

H: {Completion of her internship and other side activities in a foreign company..}

H: {But strangely even someone as determined as her couldn't find a job and we ended by meeting here at Noryangjin..}

H: {I didn't recognize her right away because her figure is different from when I was still a student..}

H: {But she's as pretty as ever..}

J: How long have you been studying here?

H: It's been 2 years, I failed last year. What about you noona?

J: Not long enough. I joined the academy only recently, it's been a week or so. I'll do my best to succeed.

H: Oh...

J: By the way... Don't you know a study group where we could study together?

H: A study group..?

J: Yeah ~

H: {...}

H: Haha ~ you know. The people joining study group are the ones who don't want to study earnestly and just want to have fun.

H: Men and women are grouped together by pair and once the 'study session' is over they drink and party.

On the left "Hahaha ~" on the right "You never know ~"

J: Really..? I don't think every study group are like this...

H: I was dating a girl and I ended up failing the exam..

H: I was drinking and having a lot of fun.. Once we broke up, I ended depressed.. I saw a lot of people ending like this too..

H: So this year I'll definitely succeed, I won't make the same mistake and join another study group!

J: Huhuhu, my choice of going back to Korea was right. Would a decent man like you do something like steal panties?

H: Stop making fun of me, I was trying to pick up an eraser which was on the floor...

J: Yeah I believe you ~

J: Thinking about it...

J: Ah... It's a bit unfortunate...

H: ...What?

J: Actually, I thought it'd have been nice to study with you, we could have formed a good pair.

H: !

J: It's my first time here, so I don't have enough information

J: I don't know what solution is going to be the most effective..

J: It's hard to get close to other people, everyone are doing their own thing..

J: I feel lonely being alone all the time..

J: But from what you said..

J: What you said makes more sense. I think it's better to study alone...

H: {Haaaa...}

H: {Fuck my life and these loose lips!}

H: {Oh!}

H: Then how about doing a 'rice-tudy'?*

J: A 'rice-tudy'?*

T/N: I don't know an equivalent in English but in Korea '밥터디' or '밥-tudy' is a terms used when you're having a meal with another person or a group of people while studying; this meal is generally constituted of rice since it's cheap.
'밥' is meaning 'rice' when '터디' is the end of the hangul '스터디' meaning 'study'.

H: Yes! We'll just have a meal together.

H: When we eat, we talk about this and that, share information, and ask how we are!

H: I think it'd be nice if we could encourage each other without interrupting our studies!

H: Noona, does that sound good to you..?

J: Let's do it! I'm sure it'll be nice!

H: {Okay!}

YJ: I'm going to drink an 'AA' (Iced Americano), what do you want?

T/N: The author's note is saying '아아: 아이스 아메리카노' => 'AA : Iced Americano'; in Korea the word 'ICED' is pronounced 'aiseu' they call this drink '아아' (AA) because 'aiseu amerikano'.

K: I want to drink a 'Ta-A'(Hot Americano).

T/N: The author's note is saying '따아: 따뜻한 아메리카노' => 'Ta-A : Iced Americano'; in Korea the word 'HOT' is pronounced 'ttatteutan' they call this drink '따아' (Ta-A) because 'ttatteutan amerikano'.

YJ: Hello, I would like to order a cup of 'AA' and a cup of 'Ta-A' please...

Barista: Ah ~ Americano ~

YJ: Kyaaa ~ ♥

B: ?!

K: Now that I think about it ~ I would prefer eating rather than having a drink.

YJ: What're you doing Opppa.. There are many people around us..

K: !

H: I'm the asking you so of course I'm fine!

K: {Wow... Where did Han-Soo find such a beauty?}

J: What time would suit you?

YJ: Eh? This unnie...

K: Do you know her?

YJ: This unnie is taking Basic Korean Course with me, since I'm younger I asked her for some advice, but she didn't help me that much.

YJ: She wasn't really friendly...

YJ: The person she's with is the oppa from yesterday, right?

YJ: No answer..?

YJ: Oppa, don't tell me.. Are you interested in this unnie?

K: Of course not, my only concern is to take good care of you.

YJ: Really ~ Shouldn't we go to my room to learn a bit more about Feng Shui Geomancy?

H: Ji-Yeon noona?

H: Wow, there isn't any vacant chair, so just sit here. I'll let you my place.

J: It's alright, I'll just sit down here.

J: I can sit and eat from here.

H: No..Noona?

H: !

H: It'as a bit difficult for me like this..

J: Why? I thought you said it was a 'Rice-tudy'*

T/N: Eating rice is a term also used when you're having sex

J: Tell me. Do you really just want to enjoy your rice meal? Or are you ready for something else? For examples...

J: Me...

J: Tell me. I'll let you eat everything you want.

H: !

H: Haaa!!!

H: {...!!!}

H: {A dream? What the...}

H: Shit..!

H: {Sigh...}

H: {How can I want to fuck so much..}

H: {I even dreamed of doing something like this with Ji-Yeon noona..}

H: {I'm sorry... Ji-Yeon noona...}

H: Uh?

H: If you do a laundry you shouldn't forget it and come in time to pick up your clothes. Once again it's some basic manners.

H: If this person is going to blame me for touching its stuff, it won't be my fault since I've an excuse. I should hurry up.


H: Eh?

H: {Wow! Isn't it a thong??}

H: It's so sexy (In little)

H: {What kind of woman could wear something like this while studying?}

H: {It's really pretty but how could you wear this kind of stuff?}

H: {Is it really comfortable..? Wearing a thong like this when you're sitting during the whole day?}

H: ?!

H: {Haaaa! Who could come in at such a bad time?}

To be continued...
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