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  1. To everyone who's been "worrying" about how I'm doing with Bizarre
  2. I'm doing fine, and happy even, but that's before I've heard this shit going around
  3. I'm here to tell you about everything you want to know, clarify things and to confirm the truth behind all this
  5. How you've been with Bizarre?
  7. I've been very happy with Biz for the past 2 weeks and no, we weren't dating before 11 April 2019, all you guys heard about me dating him before that's a lie. About why it doesn't take long for me to date him after break up has its own story and I'm not happy with you guys saying I'm cheating when I was still with Boofy, not cool at all. I had a toxic relationship with my ex and I don't mean to make him look bad but we just couldn't understand each other and things just won't work out, it's our problems, not yours.
  9. And if you do want to see me happy, I'm now happy with Biz, he really treats me well, despite I don't know what you guys have been hearing about him. I know he could be stubborn sometimes, but that doesn't make him a bad person, neither a complete asshole that ruins people life. If there's anything that he does and it fucking ruins your life, please tell me, if it's wrong I'll talk to him about it.
  12. Why do I draw other stuff before drawing commissions?
  14. I should have made a TOC about this, my bad, but let me tell you why, I'm a moody person when it comes to art and design, and although my arts aren't as good as famous artists out there, I still think a lot about how it would look like, how it would stand out and not the same like any other drawings you usually see. This is why it takes long, not because I draw slow, but because I'm concerned in getting a good result.
  16. Imagine if you have to commission me and all I draw is just a pony standing, lifting one of his hoof. It would be pretty boring. and I'm very self conscious about my arts, so you might think it's not much but once I decide that I have finished an art piece, that art is the best I can do, I do it with all of my heart.
  18. And usually YCHs and other drawings' ideas come first before the ideas for your commissions and what a waste to discard it. Here is something important, I know how hard it is to look for money, that's why I swear that I will never run away with anyone's money, once I get your payment, I will eventually do it, otherwise I will refund. As long you haven't made the payment, you are free to look around for other artist, and if you really want me to do the drawing, payment is a way to secure your commission.
  21. Does Biz keep telling me to do free art for him and using my money?
  23. I draw him because I want to draw him, once I like someone I can draw them a lot, though it's not the best quality. Bizarre did asked for some help but it's some simple stuff. I never draw anything if I don't feel like it and it applies the same to him. And about him not having to pay when I draw him something, well, that's how my relationship works, lucky for him, why no one complained when I did the same to Boofy? Why it has to be different with Biz? And he did used my money, but that's with my consent, and he let me use his money too if I need it.
  27. Is there anything else you want to know? Despite me feeling suspicious whether people do care about me or just bcs they don't like Biz, I will still gonna say thank you for your concern. I'm doing fine so far and I've known Biz long enough to know his patterns. So please stop spreading false rumors, and suggest things easily. You probably want to help but know that it's possible you can ruin a relationship without realizing it just bcs of stupid things. I know how to take care of myself, and even if something bad happens, I will get through it. If you're triggered by this message, it's alright, I understand, I'm not in your shoes and neither you are in mine. I barely want to be involved in anyone's problem not bcs I don't care that you're my friend, but bcs I don't want to hurt you and judging you easily with my perspective.
  29. To this point, there is someone or a group of people that keeps shittalking behind our backs and trying to harm us and our reputation, so after this please if you do spot someone who keeps making these accusations, please let us know, because this is escalating into harassment. If you have a problem with us, please talk directly to us, stop being a coward. Note, that if you keep hiding, the one who's ruining our reputation is actually you.
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